A day in the life of an S-curve Xperience follower (Who lives it to the MAX!)

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It’s a lifestyle that I personally started living… All the way back in 2005. 
I was a college student at that time. And my teachers and fellow students were left in awe, at how I was able to travel the world so frequently.
Especially as most students are perceived as ‘broke’ (Not poor… They are in learning mode… Hopefully to become rich ‘in the mind’ :D).
However… I wasn’t living it to the max. Not how I’m living it today. And the way that it can be lived today. Because of the advancements in technology.
> Growth and adoption of > wifi and wifi enabled devices
> Social media 
> Video and audio quality
Back then… I was an Ebay seller. And after making my first several thousand dollars. I fought hard to make this way of earning and living, a career for myself.
‘I love this shit… If I can do this for the rest of my day’s, I’ll be happy’.
That was my exact thoughts.
I remember where I was when that thought entered my mind too.
I was walking back from the post office, after post run from shipping sold items off to my Ebay store customers.
Fast forward to 2019
Let’s get into it. What daily life looks like when living the S-curve Xperience to the max.
Before we begin
2019 has been a year, where we have put our foot on the gas with the S-curv partner program.
It’s what allows individuals to earn an income from…
– Products that we’ve set up over the years (Like the now ‘Skin in the game’ program).
– Products that we introduce you to… (Like what you see on the recommended products page or even the supplements – although that’s ‘body’ related)
And of course… It can almost all be done remotely (Anywhere you want).
The big picture goal. Is for all of us to collectively grow the S-curve Xperience into a platform, FULL of people… All of whom seek to live one universal lifestyle. Or some variation of it.
Which is what you’ll see, when you scan our entire Instagram feed…
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On that note. Let’s begin with the first thing that happens during a week day. From morning until night.

1. Checking income streams

This is pretty standard practice, for anyone that earns an income from receiving payments via the internet.
And since we don’t have that many successful S-curve partner program members (Yet). I’ll use myself as an example of what this looks like.
So… I stated that it’s standard practice to do this. But when you get out into the offline world and meet people. You start to see how rare of a thing this way of living is.
Which means that the following, is new news to a lot of people. Especially to those I’ve met offline and added to social media.
The following info will also evolve. Based on the size of your business operations.
S-curve members
Items sold from our association with Amazon
Advertising on this website
Sales of Merchandise
Each one is checked. And each one is measured…. So that we can improve the number of sales over time.
There’s also research into finding other products and services that can help you. Along with improvements to our own.
That’s the basics. And I’ll keep it basic. As this will start to look different for you, over time.
All of this happens within 1-2 hours, right after waking up.
Some thoughts…
You currently work a 9-5 work day (Or similar)?
If so… Think about what your mornings look like right now.
I’ve met a lot of people who fit that avatar. So I’ll share what there’s looks like.
– No breakfast… Due to lack of time
– 1-2 hours of getting ready and getting to a physical work location
That =
– Lack of energy
– Decreased productivity
– Decreased stamina
In short… For a lot of people. They’re running on fumes. And I’ve seen this first hand. So I know it’s all real!
Especially with females. As that’s who I still target to start the ‘Skin in the game’ program.
– They become sick
– They start to look tired and less physically attractive
I have real conversations with them. Like I do with every person that decides to get deeply involved within the Xperience.
Because of that. They tell me their real feelings.
These individuals are simply stuck in a rut. They are grown adults. Some of whom have kids. So they can’t just quit. And they shouldn’t.
Because the whole point of getting involved. Is to improve your current daily life operations.
An individual with a daily work routine, might not be able to wake up, roll over to their laptop and instantly put in 1-2 hours of work.
But what they can do… Is start implementing the processes.
In my case. That could be something like…
– Invest (Comfortable $$ amount) into this cryptocurrency platform… Every week.
– Create X amount of merchandise designs every week.
– Sticking to a social media posting schedule

2. The morning food

Feeding the monster with wine @deboramirtes
The first meal of the day is the most important. It’s the only meal that contains all nutrient types.
– Fast/Slow digesting carbs
– Fast/Slow digesting protein
– Mono/Poly-saturated fats
– Fibrous carbs (Veggies)
And this is something you MUST nail correctly, when living the S-curve Xprience to the max. Because…
– You’ll need the extra energy to get you through longer working hours. Because for the most part, you will be.
Living the Xperience to the max, usually means becoming 100% self employed. A business that you own/run, that earns $10000, $1000000 to $1 million dollars a year.
– You’ll need the extra calories and energy, in order to perform S-curve workouts efficiently. And to feed those much desired S-curvish results.
It’s a very tight formula. 
You can skip food types, calorie amounts, reps on exercises.
But you CANNOT skip the formula. Which has evolved into the S-curve formula.
In regards to Becoming S-curvish. We’ve been doing THAT for a while (8-9 years).
So people always message us about starting as an official S-curve member.
The reason why, is almost always the same. That is…
There’s something that they’re not doing. And usually… They’re skipping some part of the S-curve formula we’ve built.
It’s a formula that’ I’ve now followed for half a decade (5 years). And it’s why I’m…
– Consistently happy (People tell me so every other day)…
– Consistently S-curvish – I only do S-curve Short Splits Routines. And this year… I took 3 months off from working out. Because you can.
All of this ‘eating’, happens around 8.00-9.00am. Either before, during or after the checking of income streams.
This part of the day is particularly important. Because most of what makes an S-curvish person S-curvish… Is due to all things related to nutrition.
Which is where most people are screwing up. Which is why there’s such a strong focus on 121 nutrition coaching chats.
Of course… The chats aren’t just about ‘nutrition’. We talk about everything.
But we don’t need to talk much about workouts. Since all you have to do is follow videos and report back with feedback.
But with food… You’re always eating. Which means there’s more room for error.
Which is almost the only reason why the price of an S-curve members plan goes up. Due to being more present in the chats.
With that… Comes improved results. Because of the extra attention received.
Which you can see from S-curve members of the past (Most of whom were after improved physical results).

3. The S-curve workout

What this looks like, will vary from person to person. And will change over time, as you move through the S-curve formula (Approx 1 year time period).
For me… It’s about the S-curve Short Splits Routines.
I get to do a 15-25 minute workout. Up to 3 times a week only.
Because I am working remotely. Travel time to get to a workout location is almost zero minutes.
1. Because S-curve workouts can be done anywhere
2. They can be done at any gym
Most people who live the S-curve Xperience, will usually be located within the city, in whatever country they’re in.
So they’re always be a gym close by.
Some thoughts…
The no.1 complaint that I hear from people…
1. Who want to improve their lifestyle
2. Want to improve their body
Is that they don’t have the time to make the changes happen. And a lot of the time… They’re not wrong.
That’s why the ‘Skin in the game’ program exists. To help these individuals re-structure their daily activities and processes. 
The extra time and mind space that they re-gain. Turns the ‘no time’ issue into an after thought.

Let’s calculate so far…

– 2 hours of eating 100% correctly and the first ‘work’ hours of the day.
– 30 minutes dedicated to a lunch break S-curve workout.
A lot of the time… There’s a TV show or some favorite videos/podcasts that get streamed. All from the same laptop.
Sooo… As you can see so far. To live, earn, workout, work and travel wherever/whenever you want…. Saves you A LOT of time.
Do note. That this is the S-curve Xperience being lived to the max. Where a lot of processes have been built up and established over time.
But that’s OK. Because that’s why you’re here. To live some variation of this lifestyle.

4. Working remotely

For me… This must happen, for a few reasons.
1. I get to network ‘naturally’
2. Sitting within 4 walls kills creativity and is torture for human beings that are not introverts.
3. I am a real life example of the ‘service/product’ that is… The S-curve Xperience.
All of the above tends to happen, once the work day is in full swing. And I’ll usual be outdoors for a total of 5-6 hours a day.
For many living and working this way. It means working from coffee shops or work spaces.
Tis the S-curve Xperience. Which means everything that we do… Is more fun than the norm.
S-curve workouts 
Sometimes done by a swimming pool…
We make an effort to look good, in everything that we wear.
S-curve belfie + fashion is a 'thing @thalitanascimento_
S-curve belfie + fashion is a ‘thing @thalitanascimento_
Working remotely
I sit in public areas. When you do this… People are more open to approach you.
Of course… My goal is to meet people. So I do this on purpose. But for me… Working from coffee shops still feels like working within 4 walls.
Of course… Many places have outdoor seating areas. Which is great when I have private company.
But for meeting new people? Not so great. You’re sitting in a private seating area. So people are less likely to approach you.
5. From Friday to Monday morning
The following will differ from person to person. But on a protocol S-curve Xperience week. 
> Take Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
> ‘Come up for air’
It truly is better to dig into those posts. As they explain what goes on there, in much more detail.
To conclude
It’s a wonderful lifestyle. And today… With the increasing popularity of the internet. The masses are starting to see that ‘lifestyle design’ is a real thing.
It’s been 10 years since the creation of this website. Which is a long time. And we’ve evolved into the lifestyle that you can see here.
What’s more important. Is that we are VERY qualified to teach you how to live it with us.
It can be lived to the max. But it doesn’t have to be. You can embrace parts of it and still be happier than you are now.
Get some > ‘Skin in the game’.

The latest (Since this is technically a newsletter)

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