8 things that make S-curve workouts ‘work’ (No.5 is a fave)

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People of S-curve world…
So… In this newsletter…
Explaining the S-curve Xperience 
I highlighted the fact that COVID-19 has shown us that S-curve workouts are indeed, equally as important as nutrition.
Yes… We valued the workout above all else, in decades past. And the attention on the post-workout pump.
But in recent years… The world started to focus on nutrition.
Rightly so of course… As it feeds results. And I still favor the focus on nutrition.
We still need effective workout shenanigans in order to trigger the changes in our bodies… That get us looking S-curvish.
To look like this…
'Soft lean' S-curvish @vicky__way
‘Soft lean’ S-curvish @vicky__way
And so…
Today… It’s time to get back into the things that I KNOW are triggering the changes in our bodies… To look like that.
You too guys…
 ‘Soft lean’… But with epic lats and traps to match (Like me) :D.
Yup… My earlier years. And as you can see. I’m a shining example of what was highlighted in this post…
Look 10-15 years younger… Live longer…
@ barely ageing… #Foreveryoung :D.
We’re 11 years into this. So everything mentioned here, is all based on first hand experience, from changing 1000’s of bodies during that time period.
And of course… What I’ve recently been testing myself. As a part of the new > Survive and Thrive program (You should ABSOLUTELY start this… If you’re struggling with functioning at your best ‘today’).
All of which, has inspired this post.
Because once again… I’m seeing that it only takes 3-4 weeks to guarantee a noticeable change in your body.
As long as you are not overly fat or skinny.
It’s the S-curve formula at play.
It worked in mass numbers in 2016.
And still works today. And always will. Because it’s all ‘science’.
Now.. Let’s get into it…

#1 Isolation holds

Which is what I quickly demonstrated in this video…
They can be applied to various exercises.
But in S-curve workouts… They’re mostly used on tricep extension exercise variations and squats.
It’s a tiny tweak… That hits your body hard. Even with light or even zero resistance added!
Which of course… Boosts the effectiveness of exercises that you perform in your ‘anywhere’ workouts.
For most of us… That will be S-curve workouts that we’ve been doing at home. Where 90% of people have access to light/medium weights only.
You know it’s a great tweak… When you don’t look forward to executing them.
So expect to see them listed throughout your Survive and Thrive program plans at various points.

#2 Full range of motion focus

This… And the next ‘thing’… Are embraced… To kill laziness in S-curve workouts.
You see… Part of the reason for why you see lackluster results. Is because you fail to consistently and completely follow through on the actions that have been set out to do for you (Either by you or us).
And this thing right here… Is all about following through on executing full range of motion reps.
Of course… People fail to do them. Because it’s hard.
But going full range of motion, on each rep and set… Will ensure that your muscles are get hit to the max.
Just that extra little effort… Will help push your results over the edge.
And… Will make it easier to maintain the results you build.
So fully contract… And fully extend… On each rep, set and exercise.
And if you’ve been failing to successfully do that on your own. Then it’s all about the ‘Zoom’ S-curve workout sessions on Survive and Thrive, to help drill that into you.

#3 Max sets (No tapping out)

You list your reps and set ranges. And you follow through on them.
But… People don’t do it.. Because it’s hard.
I would say that this is the no.1 thing that has pushed our peoples results over the edge.
Our help works… Because you have that real life voice, pushing you to follow through.
And you know… It’s just very easy to cheat, quit and tap out, when that voice disappears.
This is why we say to stay on a program for at least one month.
Because at that point… The habits kick in. And you’ll find yourself following through on your own, from that point.

#4 Super reps

It’s when you countdown 5 seconds throughout a rep.
This mostly happens on bicep curls and squats. But can be executed on most other exercises too.
Doing this… Causes the rep to flesh out the growth of your muscles… In a more concentrated manner.
It’s the kinda of thing we do, in the early workouts of the week.
Which on a typical plan… Is the hardest workouts of the week.
And boy… Is it worth it… Once you embrace the super rep!

#5 Single limb focus

Doing this… Causes the rep to flesh out the growth of your muscles… In a more concentrated manner.
Yup… That’s what’s going on here too.
– Single leg squats
– One arm lateral raises
Which is VERY helpful… When you have access to light/moderate weights only.
Like… You might only have a max weight of 50kg at home.
But that 50kg suddenly becomes quite heavy, when you execute a single leg squat.
Doing this… Allows you to focus on your form. More so, compared to when you do two limbed exercises.

#6 High tension reps

High tension standing lunges
This is when you hold onto the built up tension that accumulates, as you increase your rep count during an exercise.
So… Instead of going full range of motion… At the top and bottom of an exercise. You simply go 80-90% of the way at each end… Until the end of the set.
This helps to shock your muscles.
Which is a topic I talked about years ago, in these posts…
Shock Body Exercise Variations
Shock Body Exercise Variations (Part 2)
In short… Doing that, forces your muscles to change shape… Quicker.
And of course… Is great for ‘anywhere’ S-curve workouts…

#7 The exercise variation

There are 10-20 different exercise variations, for the main compound exercises.
– Squats
– Deadlifts
– Bench press
– Push press
And it’s within those exercise variations, where we find exercises that can be magical for YOU.
Because not every exercise that you do, will be.
It varies from person to person. And again… Based on what goals people have.
Which is what I briefly highlighted, when this video went live….

#8  Effective pre/post workout nutrition

Note: You can get into our complete guide to S-curve nutrition > here
But right here… On this post. It’s all about nutrition, during the S-curve workout time period.
Eat pineapple for fast digesting carbs
– It tastes good.
– It spikes your insulin levels high.
– It gives you a supreme energy boost, compared to other fruits.
– It helps you poop… Especially when you’ve been loading up on the heavy carbs. Which can sometimes lead to constipation.
An ingredient focused whey protein formula
I talked about the importance of supplement formulas, in this post…
The S-curve formula adds Military Muscle (Vegan-friendly) supplement into the mix 
The right ones… Will create magical returns in your results.
We find what’s right for YOU… By embracing ‘buy and try’.
Where we buy a small portion of a supplement, that we think has an interesting formula.
Gauge the results. Try the next. And re-buy what works best.
Here’s a favorite, in the whey protein department…
Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder
Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder
Eat 2 post workout meals
– A mini one… 30 minutes after your fast digesting carbs/protein foods.
– A full one, 90 minutes after that.
You should indeed be forced to ‘sleep hard’ after all of that S-curve workout activity.
But since we’re talking about making everything more effective. We must highlight the Bear Mattress, from our S-curve Partner Program.
Their mattresses and other related products… Make for a better sleeping experience.
An uninterrupted sleeping experience. Which is 100% what you’ll need, when the goal is to achieve fast and effective results.
I talk about it all in detail… In this post…
So THIS is who you are sleeping with every night…!!! 

To conclude

Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
That is my favorite post right now. For me and for you.
Because this 3 month quarantine… Has showed us that we need a foundation for working out… That allows us to keep doing that effectively. Regardless of where we are.
A perfect simple mobile gym.
All of the items listed in that post, make that a possibility.
– The foldable light weight bench
– The foldable light weight pull bar
– The solar powered bluetooth speaker
And more…
And I’ll keep on adding to that list… Whenever I stumble upon awesome items, that I feel add value to that list.
We’re entering a new economy now.
And from what I can see… A public gym is the last place people want to be… Frequently.
Even when they start re-opening again…
Because of videos like this…
So that ‘perfect simple mobile gym’ post, makes perfect sense to almost everyone in S-curve world… For those who don’t have a home gym set up like this…
2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips…
We anticipate those… Becoming a ‘thing’.
And those trips are the no.1 place where you’d utilise your simple mobile gym.
Like this…
All of the above exists… So that you remain S-curvish, in this new world we have entered.
Because when you’re S-curvish… You function at your best.
– Work
– Play
– Sex
Just… Everything you do day to day… You end up doing it better.
And if you feel you need a deeper level of help, in order to achieve that. Then jump into the Survive and Thrive program.
It’s guaranteed to fix you… 1000%! (Yes… 1000… With the extra zero).

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