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People of S-curve world…
The following information doesn’t really apply to the S-curve formula. As the S-curve formula is based on ‘science’/First hand experience.
You follow the rules… And you’re guaranteed to look like this…
90-100% 'soft lean' S-curvish @eujessicadourado
90-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @eujessicadourado
What today’s post does apply to though… Is…
– Daily life shenanigans
– Earning an income
All of which… Have been the focus of the queries coming in via the DM’s.
So today… I’ll talk about what I say in the replies, inside those direct messages.
This is almost all ‘mental work’.
Seriously. People have been taught one way (Ways that keep them ‘losing’ in life). And there’s a lot of unlearning to do for some people.
It’s 2020. The world has gone digital/hybrid. 
And people are desperate to adapt. As the jobs that they had… Aren’t coming back.
And if they have come back…
Folks are realising they need to establish an online presence and a vehicle for wealth creation.
Especially when living an S-curve Xperience lifestyle is the goal.
So… Let’s get started @ This is how you ‘win’…

#1 Fu*k what people think 

In life… There are people that you care about.
– People who raised you
– People you grew with
– People you are raising
And it’s natural to have a strong emotional connection with these people.
There are also people in your life that don’t even fall into those categories.
Either way… You will value the opinions of these people, to some degree.
When you decide to start winning at a higher level, than you already are. It usually means that you’re improving the state of the world at some level.
If YOU know that’s the case. Then any opinion that comes your way (From those people above), can ONLY be positive opinions.
If they’re not. Then there’s a high chance that the bond that you had with the ‘naysayers’, wasn’t as authentic as you thought.
Just remember this…
**No one knows you… Better than you know yourself.**
Deep down in your gut… You’ll know when something is right for YOU.
Failed romantic relationships are a good example of this.
Think of the kids whose parents ‘had’ to split up.
That’s a negative outcome, for the families sake. But think how worse things would be, for the happiness of each individual parent.
Of course… That’s a very deep topic, that we won’t dig into further here.
But the bottom line is…
If there’s something you want to do… You really have to fu*k what people think.
I personally ‘Fu*k what people think’ all of the time.
If I didn’t… There would be a stayfitbug.com… And everything that has grown out of it.
So again….Fu*k what people think!

#2 Work closely with those who are ‘winning’

Personal story…
So… This website, stayfitbug.com… Started in July 2009.
At that time… I was just experimenting. Like what you have been advised to do in this post…
THIS… Is why you need to become an S-curve Partner Program (Individual) 
And I was doing so… After all the things I learned from reading this book…
The lean start up - Eric Reis
The lean start up – Eric Reis
And at that time… I still had a consulting business operating. Which kept us alive as we were creating our previous start up business. 
And in May 2009… I attended a business start up conference. I of course… Met many people.
Fast forward to October 2009… I got a phone call from a potential client (We helped build websites for brick and mortar businesses).
I remembered him too.
He invited me to the office of the business he was a part of. But it was myself and the business owner who hit it off.
I’ll admit. I was a little less ‘polished’ than I am today. And he became a mentor/business partner.
The major thing I learned from being around him. Was seeing that he effectively ran his business. While I… At the time… Was simply ‘hustling’. Aka… No method to the madness, of all the things I was operating.
And so… It was a very solid experience of what it’s like, to work with someone who is winning.
I was lucky too. As most people in that position charge a lot of money to let someone sit and watch how they operate the empire they have built.
It’s very easy for ME to see why you’re failing to Become S-curvish.
It’s old news (For me).
But for you. If you’re failing… You’ll pick up a lot of ah-ha moments. Just from being present in a 121 chat. And even more so, in person.
So if you want to win, in any part of your life. Find at least one person, who is already winning in that department.
And don’t think you’re too old to learn either. Which is a common excuse.

#3 Get your routine in check – And prepare for it to change… Regularly 

Do you follow along on social media?
If you do… What you’re actually seeing on a daily basis, is a structured routine.
It’s a protocol routine.
Having a routine in place, allows you to function efficiently, in all parts of your life.
Monday – Thursday = Work, daily life, workout shenanigans.
Friday – Sunday = Travel-curvish 2.0, ‘Air time’, Nutrition focused ONLY weekends.
And once active in the S-curve Partner Program… You’ll end up having even more free time. As we help create part of your income for you.
Prepare for the routine to change
I can tell you this from first hand experience.
You won’t always know when it will change. But it will.
Fortunately… Everything that we have built within the S-curve formula…. Allows you to be dynamic.
Just like when Coronavirus hit us with an instant lockdown, back in March.
It didn’t affect us too much, as we had a lot of systems in place, that backed us up…
– Online income streams.
– Activity from partners within the S-curve Partner Program (Who also benefited from our continued activity… As many of them could no longer train clients in their gyms).
But yes…
If you want to win… Your daily routine must be solid. Which is the backbone of the Survive and Thrive program (> Enters 7 day FREE trial here).

#4 Get used to failing 

So… A lot of people have been sending in DM’s, saying that they researched a lot of new things during the lockdown (In regards to starting a business online/Online income streams).
However… Most of them have yet to take any action. With the first thing being…
> Getting s simple hosting plan
Seriously… Money is NOT an issue at that stage.
The problem… In regards to why they haven’t taken any action. Is to do with how they currently function in the jobs they have.
They are in (Were in) jobs… Where the activities they do, are ‘safe’
Operational activities, where for the most part… It’s hard to fail. Unless you drastically break something.
But when it comes to winning at a higher level…
A level that allows you to live an S-curve Xperience lifestyle to the max.
You’ll have to get used to failing.
Testing different things every week. Where a lot of the time, the result is zero.
People are scared of failure. It cripples them.
But if this is you. You need to start viewing your actions as a test.
Perform many different tests. And don’t stop conducting them.
I’ll admit. It can be a brutal process (Mentally). I’ve been at it for 11 years, inside stayfitbug.com.
11 years later… And we have now built up an entity that has seen A LOT of successful tests.
We know a lot of what works (And doesn’t).
YOU… Jumping into the S-curve Partner Program, will benefit from that knowledge.
Meaning… You’ll succeed quicker.
– You’ll know exactly what plugins to use on your website(s).
– You’ll know causes you to make sales… Quicker.
And much more.
This is the thing that is causing the most problems for people.
In fact…Many people HAVE been ‘testing’.
– One has been very active on Tiktok since March.
– Another… Has been sharing awesome ‘chef related’ posts on Instagram.
And I KNOW that they feel like failures, from a lack of results.
That right there is ‘the game’. All of that… Is a part of a much longer test.
But again… The S-curve Partner Program exists, to GREATLY shorten the time it takes to succeed.

#5 Stop focusing on making money for the sake of making money 

Yes… That’s the end goal. 
But by making it your initial goal. You lose focus on what matters the most. 
That is… Serving people with the best solution.
Yes… It’s hard not to focus on money, as an adult with expenses/lack of time.
But that’s also the reason why we have the S-curve Partner Program.
You join it… You gain the trust of our audience… And you start to earn quicker.
I personally had this issue when I started stayfitbug.com.
However… I KNEW that money couldn’t be the focus.
I mean… How could I not know. I had just come out of a start-up operation.
I was already an adult… What did I do?
Well… The consulting business above, helped (Although it was on it’s way out).
But I looked at other ways that I couldn’t instantly help people, who were already paying for the help.
Also… This was 2009. It was much easier to launch products (Like ebooks) to much success… Fast.
Either way… ‘Money’ shouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind.
Money is just an exchange of value.
Focus on what that value is, that you end up offering. Because receiving money for that offering is pretty easy, when the offering is good/great.

To conclude

All of the above, relates to…
– Being able to live an S-curve Xperience lifestyle to the max
– The S-curve Partner Program
It’s the area where we receive the most questions at present.
Just make sure you follow through on all the above.
And if you have problems doing that on your own. Then the programs mentioned will help you.

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