5 S-curve Xperience items that I use every week (No.5 is a MUST have)

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Our goal… Is to get you, living a variation of the S-curve Xperience. 
Work and earn from anywhere
Workout from anywhere

Embrace Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Just like with the > ‘Skin in the game’ program. Everyone will Become S-curvish. But everyone is going to apply the S-curve formula differently. Simply because we all live different lives.
And so… It’s going to be a tailored lifestyle.
However… I do still lead the charge in S-curve world. And people know me as the S-curve Xperience guy.
I of course help grow the S-curve Xperience too. And so… I’m going to share the item types that I use/have used on a daily basis… For the past few years.
Item ‘types’… As It may not be possible for you to purchase the items that I actually possess. 
In fact… Some of the following items are great upgrades to the items I currently use.
So it’s a win for you.

1. The laptop powerbank

This is something that doesn’t used a lot. But is a great item to have, when going on ‘adventurous’ Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Where you may be away from electrical items for extended periods of time.
And it will happen.
Because the entire concept behind Travel-curvish 2.0. Is to end up in awesome, yet less popular destinations.
Which often times… Are 1-2 hours away (By car). From more ‘touristy’ TC2.0 spots.
This happened to me, during my travels through the islands in the Philippines.
The powerbank types that do get used more often. Are highlighted in > this post.

2. A water resistance laptop sleeve with a shoulder strap

I am KNOWN for walking around, carrying a laptop in a sleeve like this.
I currently own two.
One is water resistant. One is not. And I can tell you from A LOT of experience. You NEED to own a water resistance laptop sleeve.
Also… One with a shoulder strap.
Fortunately, the water resistance sleeve I do have, can accommodate an external strap.
But for you…
Enter: The MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag
Remember… It’s a variation of an item. Which I have chosen, based on research. So it’s OK to opt for another variation you may find.
But I make my choices, based on my experience from owning these item types.

3. That running belt again

Yup… But to actually use it as a place to store a phone, this power bank (Which is a type that is used in the city, on a daily basis), cables, or any other small items.
And to wear it under your clothes, or to your rear (Not at the front).
This maybe more of a ‘man thing’. As women tend use a bag as a mandatory accessory.
The whole point of this item. Is to aid the hands free scenario.

4. LectroFan 2 (Again)

I heard about the > original LectroFan a long time ago. Used it and liked it. However… Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans kicked into full swing around 2016 (Which some of you might remember).
So I wasn’t around enough to use it frequently.
But I came across this ‘mobile’ LectroFan more recently. And have since used it…
– In hotels
– Condos booked via Airbnb
– Roof top spots (See > this post)

5. Mobile wifi device

This item type is definitely the most specific one on the list. But like it says in the title. It’s a ‘must have’ when living the S-curve Xperience.
– Working remotely
– Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans
It was easily the no.1 tool that I had in my arsenal in 2017. Which is the year where I travelled around the most.
And for me… I’ve been using devices that have been developed for use, in the country that I’m in.
But for you. I’m putting forth an upgrade for you to use. Which I will too switch to, in the not to distant future.
Enter: The Huawei E5577Cs-321 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot
Of course… This is just a variation of the item you’ll need.
So I don’t have to have previously used it. Because just like me. That product ended up here, because of the research I did on it.
Either way. If you don’t already have something like this. And are interested in the lifestyle you see, via newsletters and social media posts. Then make it your no.1 priority. If you’re following my lead with this list of 5 items.
Because it’s often best, to start with the best of the best… When buying items.

To conclude

Yes… I could include more items. But honestly. These are the ONLY items I ALWAYS use.
60-80% of them daily.
Now make sure you hit the blue Messenger button on this page and strike up a chat.
Because what we talk about will…
1. End up on these newsletters. Which helps everyone else.
2. Will help solve YOUR problems. Which is better than following a newsletter that helps ‘everyone’.

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Because of that… We only share and highlight items that have been of great use to us. Or to others within the S-curve Xperience.
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