4 reasons why you’re failing to see S-curve (body/mindset) results [Especially reason #4!]

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It’s been another interesting week of working from ‘anywhere’… Like this…

Meeting 1-5 people near daily
Meeting 1-5 people near daily
And meeting people who come up to me, curious about what I’m doing.
New stories are going to emerge from these meet ups soon. So watch this space.
Right now though… The following topic. Which has been triggered by the topics that are going on in the chat app chats.

#1 Following random things, trying to compile a solution on your own

– Some people end up doing this, due to lack of knowledge.
– Some… Due to information overload.
– Some… Due to being a ‘know it all’ (Stubbornness).
If there’s ANYTHING that you want in this world. There is someone/thing out there, that has already achieved it.
You just need to find the most qualified person/business. That you know and eventually trust… To help you achieve that.
Of course… Our goal is to ensure that you choose us. Which we only want to happen. Once you’re familiar with the > S-curve Xperience as a whole.
But seriously. Don’t waste time in this area. Because for most folks. It’s time that they can’t afford to waste.
Also… Know what you want and ‘shoot straight’…
Meaning… When you ask us about stuff inside > Messenger chats. Get straight to the point. And we’ll give  you a a straight answer. EVERY TIME!

#2 Being cheap

This kinda relates to reason #1. And for this reason. I’m going to dig into my own ‘rise from the ashes’ story. As I started the stayfitbug.com journey.
Picture this…
The year 2009. I had just come out of a start up company. The 2008 recession was over. Some of our operations scaled back a little, because of that crisis.
We pushed through. But when it came to crunch time. We created a perfect service that no one wanted.
Or… Maybe they did. And we just sucked at marketing it to the masses.
Either way… My health took a downwards spiral. And starting this website was a cure for myself, to get back on track.
In 2010… I used the entire fall season, to increase my body strength, via home workouts.
Using the > pull up bar in this door way…
The 2009 pic from the ‘about’ page – Also added a link to a current day pull up bar
(Gosh… I am ageing well aren’t I 😀 – See current day pic in the side bar on the right).
And in January 2011. I had enough re-found confidence, to get a gym membership and step it up a gear.
Of course… The rest is history. And here we are today, all evolved into this ‘now’ S-curve Xperience.
The point of this story?
Is that it’s OK to start ‘cheap’. Which is why the masses will see a $10 start for the > ‘Skin in the game’ program.
But make it a concrete goal… To spend money on a proven process, at some point, not too far from your starting ‘cheap’ point.
Working with us. That means, paying $50-$300 a month, on whatever program we end up creating for you.
Just don’t be like some past S-curve members, who kicked themselves for not starting earlier.
Which is about 25% of the people that you can see on > this page.

#3 Social media

Today… Social media is slowly beginning to mimic real life. As people are starting to see right through BS/Fake lifestyles.
And a lot of us reacting to that. By posting real life daily shenanigans (Which WE have been doing since, forever!).
Yet… Depending on who you follow. What you may end up seeing. Are posts that don’t mimic reality.
Quite simply.. A highlight reel.
You see. YOU… Are after improved results. And we’ll tell you this now…
Heck… The ‘Skin in the game’ program is built to embrace the mess that’s about to commence, the moment you start.
As we only create plans, based on on-going daily feedback that we receive from…
– The way your body reacts to food types.
– The way your body reacts to workouts and exercises.
So… It may be a good idea to do what many people have done in 2019. Which is to detox from social media itself. And to instead…
Go deeper than social media and talk to a business that can help you…
Through chat apps. Like Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp.
You see these videos…
They exist to draw you into the S-curve Xperience. And the descriptions educate you on it.
But YOUR life will end up looking like some variation of that. Only when you get to work and solve problems 1st.
Which can ONLY be done. By starting an official program.
Take notes from reason #1. And don’t even think about creating your own plan. Let someone else with A LOT of success winning in this area… Take care of that for you.
121 coaching chats daily…
These videos… (Which I recorded for YOU).
This is where we go specific. This is how everyone who has come before you, has won. So follow suit.

#4 Simply not starting

I’ve spoken about this, all throughout the launch of the ‘Skin in the game’ program.
Let’s eliminate all of the above. Forgetting all things ‘internet’. And to focus on real daily life.
– Stuck in a rut (Usually ‘work life’ routine).
– Not surrounded by anyone that can motivate you to change.
Those are the two main reasons that we see, that cause people to not start ANYTHING new/positive, that will change their life for the better.
Both aren’t easy situations to snap out of either. Especially as a working adult. Or a person with a family to look after.
We know this is true. As we’ve seen it 1st hand. With A LOT of people. Many of whom I personally met, throughout my ‘Meet 1-5 people near daily’ shenanigans.
The solution?
Baby steps… And a real plan of action.
For these people. ‘Body goals’ is far from a goal. It’s all about the lifestyle fix (Which is the most popular goal in 2019).
The current day responsibilities… Means that we can’t rush these people into 7-28 day results.
It’s all about being a supportive person in their corner. Because that’s the 1st thing they’ll need.
There is no timeline for this. Like we have within the main > S-curve formula.
So if you’ve had problems actually starting to take action, in any way, shape or form. Then for you.. You need to connect with ME. Shaun Sinclair. On MY Facebook Messenger.
And we’ll ‘connect’ there, as much as we need to. Until you are deeply involved in the S-curve Xperience.

To conclude

It’s a hot season for starting a new program. As we have all of the major events of the year ahead of us.
– Halloween
– Thanksgiving
– Christmas
– New years
– Everything that kicks off between February and April
And it’s our goal to eventually never to have to create posts like this, ever again. For the S-curve Xperience shenanigans to be well enough known. For what we do here, to become the norm.

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