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Before I talk about what this concept is, let’s clear up a few things regarding lifting goals.

Warm up your muscles (Read this post to learn how)

You choose a weight

  1. Make sure that you can lift and perform a single rep of that exercise WITH GOOD FORM.
  2. Use the same technique to determine your one rep max (Mainly for powerlifters)
  3. If you are training for strength or mass then yes, you should be training till failure. Although there are routines that do not require this, yet can give similar results. (Read the latest newsletter).
  4. The goal is to choose a weight where you will fail after performing a certain number of reps.
  5. Training for strength = 2 – 4 reps
  6. Training for strength and mass = 8 – 10 reps
  7. Training for endurance = 16 – 20 reps
  8. If the weight is too much, regardless of what the weight is… lower it! You probably aren’t ready for it yet. The change won’t come over night, so do yourself a favour and work towards consistency while steadily increasing the weight.
  9. Consume plenty of glutamine and green veggies

That’s the basics of how to lift, based on what your goal is.

Now, back to the concept of ‘3 Done and Out’.

In sentence format = Perform 3 exercises only (Done). That’s the end of your workout. Leave the gym (Out).

This is the reason why all of the workout routines over at bugs workout routines consist of 3 exercises only.

But why only 3 exercises, why so short?

Well, you see. The human brain or maybe even society has been brain washed or conditioned to think that to get more you have to ‘do’ more. When in fact ‘less’ = more.

Now, you need to correct your thinking before you read on.

I’m not saying that you need to work less harder. NO! What you need to do is work harder in regards to what will help you build more muscle mass. And in this case, you need to work harder on your intensity.

So what you do is, cut your workout in half and double up.

  1. 1 hour now = 30 minutes
  2. Moderate intensity now = Brutal intensity (I’m talking real brutal… bust your A** like never before brutal! In fact, new readers.. read this post)
  3. High volume now = low volume (Note: This is where many people get it wrong)
  4. 6 exercises now = 3 exercises



Because muscle growth occurs with explosive activity. So if you want your guns (arms) to explode, then you better start pulling hard on those intensity triggers.

If you want a better understanding of what I’m telling you to do here, then read this post. (Point #1)

7 Reasons Why Gym Workouts Beat Home Workouts (Building Muscle Mass)

Exercise Execution

Now, there are quite a few ‘tweaks’ that you can make when performing exercises to increase performance. In fact, tweaks make up for a large part of the Stay-Fit Bug concept, which is evident in posts such as…

Find Hardgainer Bodybuilding Success with: Tweak and Repeat

How To Spark Growth In Your Chest Muscles

And throughout the Unique Bodyweight Exercise ebook

And one way to execute exercises in order to produce better gains is by increasing the weight you lift after each set. Again, which is what you will notice in many of the Bugs workout routines.

Another core element of the Stayfitbug concept is to help you build the ultimate strength AND mass physique. Because you don’t want to be a Mr or Miss ‘big’ for nothing. And the workout routine below will help you do just that.

Target area: Chest Muscles

Flat Dumbbell Press or Bench Press

3 warm up sets (not to failure), progressively adding weight on each set. Then 1 heavy set of 6-10 reps to complete failure.
Smith machine Inclined Bench Press

Perform 1 warm up set (not to failure), Then do 1 heavy set of 3-6 reps to complete failure + 10 second rest pause, drop weight 10-20%, push to failure, + 10 second rest pause, drop weight 10-20%, then push to complete failure.

Cable Cross-Over or Fly machine

Warm up set (not to failure), then 1 set of 8-12 reps to complete failure. Hold weight statically as long as you can on last rep!
Now, again. You might say to me…

‘Shaun.. is that it?’

Yes. You just need to focus your mind set on the concept of ‘3 Done and Out’.

In fact keep repeating that to yourself every time you workout, at home or in the gym. After a while it will be conditioned into your being, because you will become what you think about.

‘3 done and out!’
‘3 done and out!’
‘3 done and out!’

See, I bet you can feel it working already 🙂

Life after ‘3 Done and Out’

When you workout with this much intensity, it’s a no brainer that you will have lost a great stack of calories throughout the workout. So along side increasing intensity, you will have to place an increased focus on nutrition as follows.

#1 The foundation


Protein based foods ‘are’ protein (almost). You need to be eating lean meats and not that corn-fed stuff. That is filled with fat. You also need to understand that protein is made up of (approx) 20 different amino acids which have to be consumed via the food we eat. The best way to ensure that your body gets those required protein fills is by following the ‘varitey’ rule (Eat a variety of protein based foods). But again, this is the 21st century, so if you are going to supplement then all you need is the RIGHT protein supplements.

Whey protein (Fast digesting – take right after a workout)

Casein protein (Slow digesting – take before bed time)


Eat your veggies (The low glycemic kind)


Eat your egg whites


Yay – Low fat meats such as chicken and fish

Nay – Fat’s that contain salts like bacon and salted nuts

You can read the detailed version here…

The Caveman (No supplements) vs The 21st Century Man (Takes supplements)

#2 Supplementation

These are supplements that you actually ‘need’.

Whey Protein (Protein intake boost – ON Whey Protein, Muscleology Nitro Pro)

Glutamine (Scivation Xtend)

Helps with muscle recovery

Multivitamin (Animal Pak)

Fish Oil (Helps get rid of muscle soreness – Optimum Fish Oil)

I have a detailed version of this over on the bodybuilding resources page.

#3 Your daily structure

Read this post…

The ‘DONE-FOR-YOU’ Hardgainers Workout Routine Plan/ Meal Plan

Follow those 3 points in that order and you can’t go wrong.

  1. ‘3 Done and Out’
  2. Good nutrition

Win, win, win!

I’ll probably talk more about the concept of ‘3 Done and Out’ in future posts, emails, programs, or where ever I just happen to put a voice to audience. But for now, use the workout routine above, visit the bugs workout routines and get to work.

3… Done… And OUT!

I’ll see you in the comments below.

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