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People of S-curve world… Tuesday…

As usual… These newsletters are based on…
– Topics discussed that happen in the chats
– Real world events (Offline)
These days… People who enquire about products and services that are on offer. Do so… Via chat (Just hit the chat button on the bottom right corner of this page).
And I’m always creating newsletters on topics… That deserve their own newsletter.
Today is no exception.
The following facts… Highlight some answers to questions that come up in the chats. But answers… That haven’t been posted publicly.
They just sit inside my head (And in the heads of those who ask). lol.
The title says 20 facts.
But I’ve actually stopped at no.14…
Because I want the following facts, to answer more questions that come in daily.
Let’s go…
#1 We started all of this @fitbuzz ish in 2009.
#2 Our focus was to help men. Because the website (Stayfitbug.com), was started by a man (Of course ME… Shaun Sinclair).
Loads of ‘life’ experience at that point. So was qualified to do so. And within the realm of ‘fitness’.
#3 Switched the focus to women. Because that’s the energy that was floating towards us the most.
Today… It’s about both women AND men.
For reasons, that have been explained in detail, on this website. 
But in general… It’s because Xperience = A lifestyle to be lived.
Which involves both women and men.
The inclusion of both, was instigated by the couples that I would meet in person.
– Men who wanted their ladies to look like this…
Standing #allblackeverything bikini-curvishly @helainebsb
Standing #allblackeverything bikini-curvishly @helainebsb
– Women who planned the Travel-curvish 2.0 trips… Dragging their S/O along with them.
#4 We’ve always had a strong relationship with people who live in Brazil, India, Colombia and Amsterdam.
Naturally, the UK (Our home). And the US.
#5 We’ve been navigating the developing regions of the world, over the past 5 years.
Most of which, you’ll see throughout newsletters and the Shaun Sinclair FB profiles.
A lot of the time, throughout Asia.
#6 We have 2 main programs at present.
A) S-curve member program (Est. 2012. Instigated by the ‘then’ Instagram – 20 x less people on it).
B) The S-curve partner program (Est. 2019).
#7  We don’t publish every little thing that we do throughout the day.
It’s quite impossible to do so. Because we’re actually doing real work.
We will however…
– Have strong periods where we do. Like in the FB stories. Or when a LIVE event is happening. Like when we created this LIVE update S-curve member page.
– We will… And have been… Posting everything that YOU should be doing, at every key moment of the day. At that time of the day.
Aka… Our daily social media posts. So make sure you’re following along.
#8 The public Facebook timeline… 
Is quite dead.
The real activity and conversations, are happening inside the DM’s  and on messaging apps (Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat/Text…).
Which is why this FB group was created. As there’s zero noise inside there. So that those of you who are actually working with us, can see what’s going on.
#9 We do still embrace Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
The past year however… Has us developing a lot of new things in our world. So that happens a little less for ‘us’.
Our job is to help fix you. So those trips can and should indeed, continue for YOU!
#10 Me Shaun Sinclair…
Dude... What the fudge ARE you looking at like that?
Dude… What the fudge ARE you looking at like that?
I’m born British.
I’m not American, Not from California. Not Australian @ the accent (Lol).
This website is the best place to learn everything about me, if you are new here.
#11 @fitbuzz started with ME back in 2009.
But as time has gone on. I’ve become an active persona. Within the brand that is, The S-curve Xperience (Via stayfitbg.com).
#12 I have never dated any one that is present within S-curve world (Contrary to popular belief).
S-curve members, partners, associates (Nope).
I keep it strictly business :D.
Look for dirt on me, please. You won’t find any. Because I keep it clean. :D.
I also don’t post relationship pictures publicly either.
So if you see me in a picture with a female. She is not ‘with me’. Ha.
#13 If for some reason you struggle to see what you can buy into on this website.
Just go here…
It’s the shop. An e-commerce website for stayfitbug.com.
This is still technically a newsletter. And so…

The latest

– Becoming S-curvish…
– Living up part 2/3 of the S-curve Xperience (Where you spend 
70-80% of your time)
– In comfy attire that compliments your-curvish…
#allblackeverything @torriesbrown - Born Tough women
#allblackeverything @torriesbrown
@wbffpro_junior_ammar - Travel-curvish 2.0 desination - The Great Pyramids Of Egypt
@wbffpro_junior_ammar – Travel-curvish 2.0 desination – The Great Pyramids Of Egypt
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