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For those of you that have been following for a while, you will know that I have been training since I was a fresh out of school athlete. Those days only lasted until 17-18 years old, but since then, I have met and learnt many new things from some very interesting people. One of those people was a security guard that I use to work with part time as when I was a university student.

I don’t have any pictures of this guy, but he was a worst case scenario hardgainer. I’ll repeat… a worst case scenario hardgainer! Which means he was skinny as shit!

But you would never have thought it by looking at him when I met him. He was HUGE!

At first I thought,

Ah, he’s taken something to get that big.

But one lunch time he invited me to the gym he worked at and showed me just how he worked out.

What did I find?

Complete surprise and utter shock!

That is,

Complete surprise and utter ‘muscular’ shock

You see, the workout regime he introduced to me at this time was where I really picked up the mantra,

The only way to train, is to train insane.


Because this workout was BRUTAL! I could have swore blind that this guy was ex-army or something of the sort after being shown this way of working out. Also known as,

The 15 minute Workout

You see, I know that most of you won’t train insane in most of your workouts (Losers!)

I was like that once too. But for you serious types, you may want to start thinking about performing the 15 minute workout every so often.

It really is that intense!

It didn’t take long for me to realize why that security guard got as big as he did, starting off from a frame that was much smaller than mine. It was because he was training insane… literally! No drugs or no other funny business. Just pure HARD WORK!

So when you think you are training hard, stop and pull this workout routine out of the hat.

If you pull it off without fainting… good! That means you’ve been training quite well. However, if this workout knocks you for six, start thinking about stepping out of 2nd gear for a change and go full throttle on your own ass.

Enough talk from the Bugmeister.

The 15 minute workout (Consists of exercises that produce the quickest results)

Exercise Reps

Bench press         10
Chin-ups               10

One minute rest

Bench press          8
Chin-ups                8

One minute rest

Bench press           6
Chin-ups                 6

One minute rest

Shoulder press      12
Rows                         12

One minute rest

Shoulder press     10
Rows                        10

One minute rest

Shoulder press      8
Row                            8

Now get a move on, you only have 15 minutes to go.

P.S The few hours pump part of the title is for those of you who feel like showing off on a hot summers day, but don’t have the time for a full 45-60 minute workout. Go get pumped!

See you in the comments.

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