11 ‘Lockdown’ toys to get into in the ‘new normal’ S-curve world

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People of S-curve world…
The world is gradually re-opening.
We can see that… Via the activity on all of our communication channels.
And one area we’re happy to see getting love again… Is the 2-4 Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
Of course… Limited activity. As there aren’t many flights available yet. And… Because it’s now more hassle to do so (Like more security checks).
But… It’s happening.
Because like we said in the > previous newsletter. TC2.0/2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips…. Are the no.1 motivators in S-curve world.
Daily life outdoors isn’t quite the same (At least at present).
– Less people around
– More people working from home
– More people ordering things from home
Of course… We’ve been living this lifestyle since 2010.
The difference compared to then and now is… That we weren’t at home THIS much. It’s a total mind f*ck. And we will be encouraging working from ‘anywhere’ again, as the world starts to re-open up.
But as many of you are new to this way of living. Today…. We’ll get into some items that you should own.
Stuff that we’ve been using to make our daily lives more awesome.
Note: Most items that you see here are a ‘first choice’ pick from us. 
We either own, know someone who owns… Or have used them before.
You’re still encouraged to focus on ‘item types’.
To browse around for similar items.
Because there’s a good chance that you may stumble upon an upgraded version of the items you see listed here.
In fact… WE are constantly on the hunt, for those upgrades.
So if YOU find an interesting product variation to what you see below… Let us know too. And we’ll share that knowledge with everyone else within S-curve world!

Lectrofan/Lectrofan mobile

You’ve started to work from home.
And if you haven’t been used to that. Then you for sure… Have encountered some challenges from doing so.
One of those challenges… Is the fact that you now work within 4 walls.
– No outdoor atmosphere
– No office vibes
– No coffee shop vibes (Most are still closed… Have limited capacity/opening times)
So you now have to find a way to create an ideal environment, indoors.
Let’s focus on work, home life and sleep. Since those are the areas folks are having challenges balancing.
Hello Lectrofan
LectroFan Classic White Noise and Fan Sound Machine for Adults & Kids
LectroFan Classic White Noise and Fan Sound Machine for Adults & Kids
I highlighted this product a few times, throughout 2019.
In short… It’s a device that creates sounds… That sets the mood, for whatever you’re doing. All done with a fan.
Work – It kills dead silence and/or blocks out outdoor noise.
Sleep – Keeps you in deep sleep… After your first 2-4 hours of nodding off (Which is important for achieving/maintaining S-curvish results).

Lectrofan mobile

Adaptive Sound Technologies Lectrofan Micro2 Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker with Fan Sounds
Adaptive Sound Technologies Lectrofan Micro2 Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker with Fan Sounds
One way to keep yourself from going crazy… When working at home/remotely. Is to consistently change the locations you work in.
I was doing this daily… Pre-Coronavirus.
In fact… It was the no.1 thing I was known for.
Shaun Sinclair 'Anywhere and everywhere'
Shaun Sinclair ‘Anywhere and everywhere’
”Who is that guy around town… Working from anywhere/everywhere”?
– At home
– On 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips
The mobile version of Lectrofan is tiny, egg sized and wireless. Which means you can carry it around with you.
There’s another item to add to that list too. Which you’ll see later on in this list.
A chair like this…
Ahhhh… The perfect desk chair.
Let me start… With the reasons why I became a fan of NOT using a desk or a chair.
– Productivity – I can get a lot more work done… For longer periods of time… When working on a sofa type of chair…
– A lot of desk chairs are too bulky. And you feel like throwing the chair out of the room, because of all the space it takes up.

Enter: The Hbada desk chair

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair Swivel
Hbada Office Task Desk Chair Swivel
It’s all about owning a chair… That ends up getting used outside of the desk.
And the reason why that happens… Is because it’s versatile, compact, mobile and rolls around easily.
This chair does that.
A chair like this…

Chill Sack bean bag chair

Chill Sack bean bag chair
Chill Sack bean bag chair
Yup… This is MY kinda ‘chair’. For the reasons I stated above.
A cool thing to do. Is to switch between work mode and play mode, simultaneously.
Using a ‘chair’ like this, puts you in the right mood for that.
It’s all about switching between this… And the chair above.
Having both chairs in the same room… Is a ‘work from home’ dream.
A screen like this…

LG Ultrawide CB99 34″ LED LCD Monitor

LG Ultrawide CB99 34" LED LCD Monitor
LG Ultrawide CB99 34″ LED LCD Monitor
Whether you know about wide screens or not. Working from home…. Means you’ll need a good one.
One solid reason…
Is the ability to start combining different ideas… From the different things you have opened up on the screen.
Couple that… With all of the above items. And you’ll quickly find yourself in > S-curve Partner Program territory.

Pleasant air at home

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser
URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser
I’ve been a huge fan of these in recent years.
But in regards to being at home.
It’s important that you ensure your environment smells great… Now that you are at home more.
This thing will make that happen.

Raisin bread

Oregon Trail Raisin Bread
Oregon Trail Raisin Bread
Brown bread with raisins inside…
This tastes so good… That you don’t even need to use a spread. Everything you put in your mouth is A-rated (Organic). And it makes for one of the best S-curve cheat snacks EVER!
Snacking on this kind of bread, keeps you hitting your carb intake levels with ease. And keeps you energised, because of the tiny insulin level spikes from the raisins.
And the high fiber aiding digestion.
A big personal fave.
It stops you from getting hunger pains between main meals… Which will happen, during your time on the Survive and Thrive program.

Subscription boxes

We’re always on the hunt to add more.
Two that are currently present inside the S-curve Partner Program…
Universal Yums
Cellars wine club
Everyone is ordering things from home, a lot more now.
The great thing with subscription boxes like these… Is that you get to experience ‘variety’.
I’m currently doing this with food delivery services.
A lot of fun indeed!

The CBD-infused weighted blanket

Curfew – The CBD-infused blanket
Curfew – The CBD-infused blanket
I highlighted this… As a booster to aid you in the Survive and Thrive program shenanigans.

> Inserts FREE 7 day trial here.

And of course… For those of you who aren’t on the program.
I’ve personally been networking in person again.
Mostly seeing the people I already knew, before the lockdowns kicked into gear.
And I’ll tell you this…
People are scared!
2020 has been a sh*t show. And people don’t know what to do next.
– Fear is up
– Anxiety levels are up
– Insomnia levels are up
You kill all of those things… By jumping on Survive and Thrive.
The blanket…
In short… It helps you relax and fall asleep.
Be sure to read this post too…
So THIS is who you are sleeping with every night…!!! 
As I break down the process of sleeping. And how those mattress related products help with that process.

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp
Miroco Light Therapy Lamp
It’s the perfect item to bring with you on 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips.
But of course… First and foremost. A light to keep nearby, as you work at home more.
And I know for sure that everyone is at home more. Because the streets are still dead.
This was the item I was referring to… In addition to your mobile Lectrofan.

A premium yoga mat

Yogi Bare Paws - Extreme Grip Yoga Exercise Mat
 Yogi Bare Paws – Extreme Grip Yoga Exercise Mat
Which you might need… After watching videos like these…

To conclude

Well… That was fun.
Especially since I’ve personally been living with these item types daily, for years now.
The big thing right now… Are the items that you use/take with you, when working remotely.
Because the S-curve Xperience isn’t about JUST working from home.
‘Travel’ will be rocking and rolling again soon. And once it is… We want to make sure that you possess awesome toys, that enhance YOUR S-curve Xperience to the max!

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1. – CV Sciences, Inc.

2. – Cupshe

3. – Born Tough

4. – Bear Mattress

5. – Cellars Wine Club

6. – VaporFi

7. – Military Muscle

8. –  Binance

9. – Universal yums

10. – Curfew

11. – Dreamhost

12. – Post Affiliate Pro

13. – Ivacy

14. – Silver Fern Brand

15. – Top chef home delivery

16. – Manychat

17. – Raw Generation

18. – Sub Zero Masks

19. – Free Breaths

20. – Lean bean

1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
But for some… Advertising on this website might be a better alternative option. So email about that too.
Copy the code below to your web site.


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