10 Traits of A Confident BodyBuilder

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Are you not getting the results you want so far in your weightlifting workouts? Prior to and up to reading articles on stayfitbug.com?

Maybe you are a soft touch… a nice guy.

You might be giving your body an easy ride.

Maybe you need to join the army or hire a brute force personal trainer.

Or If you don’t want to do any of those Maybe you need to have another read the barbarian workout!

Whether you are a brutal tough guy who is getting the results he wants or a nice guy who has been a good boy from birth and follows all the rules and struggles, here are some tips to keep at the forefront of your brain.

These are all traits of those uber successful fitness gurus, and traits that you too can adapt to become an uber muscle building bodybuilder.

1) Walks in a slow and controlled rhythm

2) Always operates  on HIS own timetable when walking

3) Walking strides are long—not short and  choppy

4)  Torso is always straight up

5)  Shoulders are upright, back, and relaxed

6)  Neck  is strong and powerful—yet loose—and is stretched as high as possible

7)  Head is always held high

8)  Head will always following the eyes. Eyes are level or higher (never looking down)

9)  Head points straight ahead—and is never swiveling around

10) Eyes are looking forward and are focused on the destination (and are never darting around) and chin is always ‘up’.

If you wish, take a look at your favorite successful men, and see if any of these traits match up to what they are like. never the less, these are traits that you should try to adopt if you want a slice of success pie in your weightlifting workouts.

See you in the comments.

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