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– Innovative Ways To Build Muscle
– Overcome weightlifting Plateaus
– Take Muscles To The Next Level

Stayfitbug.com is now accepting purchasing of advertisements via in-content advertising (Advertising within the text content of articles on the site)
Our advertising is structured in the format of developing an advertising partnership with advertisers.


”A fixed annual upfront fee for such advertisements”

– 6 months
– 12 months

The advert will be a text ad space. I do encourage advertisers to pursue with in-content advertising, as this is much more effective and provides great SEO benefits.

Prices can be arranged upon contact that suit your current budget.

Current Site Stats

(45,000 monthly visitors/ 180,000 monthly page views ) (As of 27th October)

As I mentioned earlier, I am interested in treating all advertising deals as partnerships. Because of this, I place a high priority on conversions.

That’s the basics of how I would like all advertising partnership to operate.

If you have any questions or queries what so ever regarding all of the above, please do ask.

Contact: [email protected]

Shaun Sinclair

Author/ Founder

Stay-Fit Bug

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