Don’t let swine flu upset your workout routine

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How to stay fit and healthy with swine flu

With the recent news about the huge increase of swine flue cases, it’s natural for everyone to feel a bit edgy right now. Sit on a train in the city and dare to sneeze…WITHOUT covering your face :o!. The reactions you will get won’t be nice to say the least! I wouldn’t be surprised if it caused fights.

In general, trains are one of the worst places to travel in regards to catching flu or other things from people. Previous studies  show that one sneeze can spread through 6 train carriages. That’s


That has to be swine flu breeding ground central.

AVOID (if you can)

But for people reading this, you have probably already thought,

‘ I really don’t wanna get ill right now, it will set me right back in my workout program‘

…’And i really don’t think i’m ready for death yet either!’

I know i thought this. Infact, i always think like this, as set backs really do P*** me off. You know…all those months of hard work, gone in a matter of weeks (6). But this swine flu thing seems a bit more severe. People really are dying from it, even the healthiest of the healthy! YIKES!

So how can we fight against this TODAY?

If you are already working out, or have started to follow my recent posts :). Stick to it!

But heres what you should do:

Train: 45 minutes a day, 3 days per week.

Do: Any Cardio exercises (weights or running). That will push your heart rate to 70-75% of its maximum (subtract your age from 220 to find yours).

Eat: Foods with vitamin C (will boost your immune system).

Run: Outside. Exposure from the sun will increase your levels of vitamin D which is good for your respiratory system.

Drink: 2 litres of water a day and add a litre for every hour of exercise.


Try and sweat it out ‘possible flu symptoms’ if you begin to feel ill. This will cause further dehydration and stress the immune system.

I am currently following and sticking to this plan, so do follow and implement this into your routines also. If you do have anything to add, drop your ideas in the comments section.


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