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Mens workout tips

So far on i have mainly talked about what the site title states, ‘Fitness tips from real experiences’ and muscle building/maintaining techniques. Every several posts i would talk about weight loss methods with posts such as, (increase metabolism). Weight loss methods is not my key expertise, but this week i found a site that covers this pretty well.

Fatman Unleashed

The owner ‘Israel Lagares‘ is fighting the battle of losing weight, unlike myself, who is fighting the battle of gaining weight. He definitely presents what i value the most, ‘real life experience’ in regards to losing weight, and he has a great looking site to go with it. One of the great things on the site is the how-to videos. The videos are real, performed in real environments and average around 7-8 minutes per watch. That’s a short enough time to give the Wii Fit a break.. surely 🙂 . Video is always a great medium to get a message across to an audience, and it is much easier to communicate than a written article, especially for how-to articles.

Achieving results whether you are losing or gaining weight is never easy. But from my own experience, losing weight does seem to be slightly harder than gaining it, which is something i talked about in a previous post (Thin boned, Big boned).

If you are trying to lose weight and are looking for a source that covers the topic well, then give a visit as there are plenty of articles to follow that will help you achieve your results such as:

Burpee challenges

Michael Vick workout routines

Weight loss charts to use

Product and Food reviews

and more.

So go and give them a visit. Bugs out!

Note: This is a sponsored review. If you wish to order a review you may do so here and contact me at [email protected]

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Don’t let swine flu upset your workout routine

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How to stay fit and healthy with swine flu

With the recent news about the huge increase of swine flue cases, it’s natural for everyone to feel a bit edgy right now. Sit on a train in the city and dare to sneeze…WITHOUT covering your face :o!. The reactions you will get won’t be nice to say the least! I wouldn’t be surprised if it caused fights.

In general, trains are one of the worst places to travel in regards to catching flu or other things from people. Previous studies  show that one sneeze can spread through 6 train carriages. That’s


That has to be swine flu breeding ground central.

AVOID (if you can)

But for people reading this, you have probably already thought,

‘ I really don’t wanna get ill right now, it will set me right back in my workout program‘

…’And i really don’t think i’m ready for death yet either!’

I know i thought this. Infact, i always think like this, as set backs really do P*** me off. You know…all those months of hard work, gone in a matter of weeks (6). But this swine flu thing seems a bit more severe. People really are dying from it, even the healthiest of the healthy! YIKES!

So how can we fight against this TODAY?

If you are already working out, or have started to follow my recent posts :). Stick to it!

But heres what you should do:

Train: 45 minutes a day, 3 days per week.

Do: Any Cardio exercises (weights or running). That will push your heart rate to 70-75% of its maximum (subtract your age from 220 to find yours).

Eat: Foods with vitamin C (will boost your immune system).

Run: Outside. Exposure from the sun will increase your levels of vitamin D which is good for your respiratory system.

Drink: 2 litres of water a day and add a litre for every hour of exercise.


Try and sweat it out ‘possible flu symptoms’ if you begin to feel ill. This will cause further dehydration and stress the immune system.

I am currently following and sticking to this plan, so do follow and implement this into your routines also. If you do have anything to add, drop your ideas in the comments section.


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Working Out is Boring! Lets Just Dance (part 1)

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You guessed it! I am back on my quest to find the most entertaining ways to exercise, and why not? You get to kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Exercise/ keep fit
  2. And have fun

Hopefully some of you have tried playing Rockband or Guitar hero after reading last weeks post. But it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and this is a new post!

It’s time to start dancing to keep fit!

One of the reasons that dancing for fitness works so well is because traditional cardio training can get boring, and when you get bored, you lose motivation. Motivation is the very thing that you need to successfully maintain a good level of fitness.

Because dancing has so many variations and forms, it will be impossible to cover them all in one post. So welcome to part one of,

‘Working out is boring! Lets just dance’

Salsa for fitness

Salsa is great for both men at women, and for all of the men reading this, if you have not yet tried Salsa then I suggest that you should. The first time I saw guys dancing to salsa, I suddenly felt that something was missing from my ‘lady magnet-attracting’ arsenal, because all of the moves involving salsa dancing scream pure class and elegance… something that will get you the best of ladies on and off the dance floor.

The moves are sexy, yet they don’t need to be sexual, unlike some other forms of dancing (which usually promote a vertical representation of a horizontal desire).

This Latin dance is also popular in nightclubs and health clubs and all types of salsa dance are being taught as ‘dance fitness’. Salsa also has a strong global presence too, from the far-east (India, New Delhi) to the wild wild west (US, New York). So no excuses here… get Googling.

The Benefits

  • Practice good form
  • Looks graceful and elegant
  • Attractive to the opposite sex
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Learn to dance in rhythm (with it’s ‘have to move’ feel)

Cardio training comparison = Moderate intensity training (Do 2-3 salsa sessions a week)

The extras

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Use inhaler less (if you have asthma)
  • Eases stress and tension
  • Great for mind and soul

Ballroom Dancing

Ball room dancing for fitnessball room dancing for fitness

I mentioned that salsa dancing can be elegant and graceful. But ballroom dancing steals the crown on that front. I personally would never have been seen dead doing this dance, but after seeing how some entertainment moguls have brought this to the media mainstream and how good it can be, I began to think twice.


  • Posture – Good for back muscles, spine and spinal chord
  • Balance – Strength in ankles
  • Flexibility – Increase Range of Motion

Cardio training comparison = Moderate intensity training

Pole Dancing
pole dancing for fitness
Ladies, this one is for you, and you shouldn’t feel offended or uneasy by taking this up for fitness. In some parts of the world, Pole dancing has a bad stigma against it and is often perceived as just another form of stripping, while in some countries like Japan (how ironic), it is fully embraced and highly recommended as a fitness and sport activity.

Cardio comparison = Moderate to high intensity (3 -4 times a week with weight/ strength training)

Unless you have already been working out or have a natural strong upper body and core, taking up pole dancing will be a struggle to begin with as it requires brute upper body strength.

Think about it: One arm is supporting most of your weight as you try to propel yourself into a move or two.

pole dancing for fitness

So prepare to approach this form of dancing with some ‘here’s what I prepared earlier’ upper body strength. But again, this is not traditional cardio training, so not only will you be keeping yourself fighting fit, you’ll get to have fun, entertain and party with it.

As you can see so far, all of these dances are great alternatives to your everyday cardio or weight training routines. When you perform in these activities you won’t feel like you are exercising, will definitely not get bored, and you get to throw in some extra health benefits too. But stay tuned for part 2 of,

‘Working out is boring! Lets just dance’

See you in the comments

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Build Your Scrawny Ankles – Don’t Forget To! (Muscles around them)

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It’s that time again! It’s only been a few days since posting about ‘ building those neglected body parts‘, but I guess I am passionate about getting you to look your best and to look that little bit better than your peers. Anyhow, today is all about how to build stronger and better-looking ankles. I wouldn’t necessarily put scrawny ankles in the same category as chicken legs, as the exercises involved to build both do differ.

On most people (mainly guys), the ankles simply are not seen as a glamorous body part. You don’t hear people saying,

‘Ooh, flex those hot ankles for me’


‘Take off those socks and let me see those lovely ankles’

It just doesn’t happen. However, I think this is not the case when women are concerned. Women ankles are naturally more feminine than a man’s set of ankles, and because of this, I find that ankles are one of the sexiest body parts there are (on a woman). This is why there is a market for ankle bracelets.

Why build a stronger and sexier set of ankles?

This is mainly targeted at guys, but if you are a lady and you have bony, unsightly and weak ankles, then this is for you too. So lets begin our journey to building strong and sexier looking ankles.

Strong ankles prevent injury

Injury is the number one reason why people take timeout from exercise and training, whether for sport or fitness training, but by having strong ankles you can prevent this. I have personally faced the benefits of this in previous sporting activities, especially in sprint training. There was many a time where I would literally not realize how fast I was running. I would suddenly stop running, yet my body would keep moving. When ever this happened early on in training it would lead to a sure injury, but as I began to build my ankle strength, my ankles would take the pressure and I would carry on as normal.

Improves balance

Having strong ankles will definitely improve your balance and not just for training, exercise or sporting activities either.

If you are,

  • On the beach having a fight in the sand.
  • On a very unstable train ride.
  • Take long walks regularly.
  • Take a serious blow to the body in a ‘real’ fight.

Stronger ankles will help you in all of these types of situations.

Building for a stronger and sexier set of ankles

Standing and balancing on one foot

Balance on one foot
Yes, I all know we done this in the playground as kids, but this is actually a very effective way to train your ankles to be stronger. What we didn’t realize as kids doing this, is that all that struggling and shifting around to keep balance is actually working the key muscles in our ankles. You can do this exercise anywhere, but only do it in a public place if you don’t mind that people might think that you are a bit loopy!

If you are already a highly balanced ballerina type, then try it with your eyes closed. Taking away one of your senses will make for harder work on your muscles.

Standing and balancing on one foot (with weights)

balance on one fit with dumbbells

This is basically weight training for ankles. This is where you will really begin to build up muscle and strength. What you do is grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them in each hand. All of the rocking from side to side will be the movements that will work the ankle muscles. If you wish, you can also use a barbell and place it behind your neck and balance with that.

Standing and balancing on one foot with weights (on an unstable surface)

build your scrawny ankles

Warning! Only do this once you have mastered the above methods.

This is a real challenge and definitely a step up from the two previous methods, but will again… strengthen and grow your ankle muscles. My favourite for this is to grab a set of towels and role them up together, stand on and balance.

Balance and coordination

Build your scrawny ankles

  • Put the weights down
  • Balance on one foot (or on an uneven surface)
  • Get some one to throw a ball at you
  • Or throw a ball at the wall (if you are alone)

This one is actually funny, as I used to do this all the time as a kid. But doing this will improve your balance and coordination while working your ankle muscles.

All of these techniques will do wonders for your chicken stick meatless ankles. The great thing about them is that they are simple to do and promote functional movements (and are unique, which most exercises like this are – forearms, neck). Start doing these today and in a few months time it would be great if you could post some before and after shots of your ankles for everyone to see :-).

Feeding the monster S-curvishly will help @vitoriagomes

Feeding the monster S-curvishly will help @vitoriagomes

Then you wear it right... Born Tough

Then you wear it right…

How do you work your ankle muscles? Have you tried any of the above?

See you in the comments.

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Killer Foods for Fitness (part 2) – Super Food Combinations

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Top fitness foodWelcome back to ‘part 2’ of Killer Foods for Fitness. As you may already know, Killer Foods for Fitness is all about combining already ‘good’ food to make for an even better meal. I have already stated that choosing single good foods for fitness would be a boring way to go about this, but I didn’t choose this direction only because I thought it was boring. I chose this because there simply isn’t one super food out there that one can benefit from in order to maintain a good diet. Obtaining maximum health is about finding foods that are good for group dynamics with other foods, and that is what I am aiming for.

So we have,

1) Identify foods that go well together
2) Super food combination’s

But this week I want to include how to find the best quality foods for those super combination’s.

Cantaloupe wedge and yogurt

cantaloupe for fitnessEat yogurt for fitmess


The vitamin A in cantaloupe helps ward off viruses, but “enjoying it with foods that are high in zinc, like yogurt, ensures that your body can utilize almost 100 percent of the nutrients.

Choosing the best cantaloupe

You should be able to ‘smell’ a good quality cantaloupe. When selecting them in the store, look for round, creamy-coloured rinds covered with webbed or a netted texture. Ripe cantaloupes should give a little when pressure is applied.

Choosing the best yogurt

Plain non-fat organic yogurt is the best out there for your diet. Look for yogurt with the “Live and Active Cultures” seal, such as Dannon Activia. Yogurt brands like DanActive are rich in vitamin D and contain helpful bacteria that keep the digestive system healthy and help boost the immune system.

Stonefield Farm yogurts

These yogurts are organic/ natural and don’t contain any artificial colours or dyes/

Black Beans and brown rice

black beansbrown rice


  • Heart help
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Fights obesity

Black beans are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fibre. When combined with whole grains such as brown rice, black beans provide virtually fat-free high quality protein.

Choosing the best beans

Dried black beans are the best to go for and are generally available in pre-packaged containers as well as in bulk bins. Just as with any other food that you may purchase in the bulk section, make sure that the bins containing the black beans are covered and that the store has a good product turnover to ensure that the beans they stock keep maximum freshness. Whether purchasing black beans in bulk or in packaged containers, make sure that there is no evidence of moisture or insect damage and that they have no cracks in them.

You can also go for canned beans. Many canned products like vegetables would usually lose their nutritional value being in a can, but this is not the case with canned beans as there is little difference between the two.

Choosing the best brown rice

Rice is available pre-packaged as well as in bulk containers. If purchasing brown rice in a packaged container, check to see if there is a “use-by” date on the package since brown rice, owing to its natural oils, has the potential to become rancid if kept too long.

Spinach, Carrots, Tomato, Tablespoon Olive Oil and Marjoram

Spinach, carrots, tomatoes

This super combination will give you natural glowing skin that will make your toned muscles look extra spicy. It’s also pretty good for your skin and heart too.

Choosing the best spinach

Choose spinach that has vibrant deep green leaves and stems with no signs of yellowing. The leaves should look fresh and tender, and not be bruised. Avoid those that have a slimy coating, as this is an indication of decay.

Store fresh spinach loosely packed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. By doing this it will stay crispy for about five days longer. Do not wash it before storing, as the moisture will cause it to spoil, and avoid storing cooked spinach, as it will not keep very well.

Choosing the best carrots

Carrot roots should be firm, smooth, relatively straight and bright in colour. The deeper the orange-colour, the more beta-carotene is present in the carrot. Avoid carrots that are excessively cracked or forked.

Choosing the best tomatoes

For best quality, select tomatoes that are plump, heavy for their size, and free from bruises. Ripe tomatoes are completely red or reddish-orange, depending on the variety, and give slightly to gentle palm pressure. Avoid tomatoes that are overly ripe and soft.

Green Tea and Lemon

Green tea and lemon

Squeezing a lemon into green tea makes five times more catechin (dye), a heart-healthy antioxidant and your body can use it if you  have sipped sans citrus (Vitamin C slows the breakdown of catechins in the digestive system.)

Choosing the best green tea

To get the best can be pretty hard as the best is usually made in Japan, and usually ends up staying there.

You will find that single-estate green tea is better quality and healthier than other variations of green tea.  This means that the green tea leaves would have been picked from the same estate and harvest.

If you do have troubles finding the best, there is still good quality green tea available on the west side of the world. In general you will pay more for quality, but the best thing is that you can find good prices online. If you do find a quality one, just make sure you actually like the stuff; there is no point in drinking it otherwise.

I recommend
Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

It smells like just like Jasmine flowers (… mmmm).  Jasmine Green Tea goes down very well.  The premium Jasmine Green Tea lies with Jasmine Flowers, with new flowers being brought in 7 or 8 times a season. Watch out for the knock offs though. You can tell if it’s a knock off because it will be sprayed with a Jasmine scent or include some small flower petals in the bag. Fake!

That’s it for this week. For all those that have been asking me about foods to take for a weight loss diet, this was dedicated to you. However, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for part 3, where I’ll cover more Killer foods for fitness.

See you in the comments.

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Gym Etiquette: Follow These Rules or Else

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Up until this present day, I have always considered myself to be a calm, cool and collective type of guy, and it would take something really ‘out there’ to piss me off and provoke me to cause harm to anyone. But if there is one place where I have almost been lead to cause harm to anyone, it is in the gym.

Below I’ll list some key do’s and don’ts and the gym etiquette that you should all follow in order to prevent anyone from being provoked at the gym. Once you do follow, we can all get along just fine at our favourite gyms.

Keep your distance

effective squats

Whether I’m doing squats, barbell curls, lateral raises or standing shoulder press, stay out of the way dammit!

Every now and again there would be some idiot that would walk right in front of me to get to the weights rack or close enough to cause a distraction.


First off this is potentially dangerous to both the individual and myself. Secondly, a mirror is needed to keep good form. Walking in front of it and breaking up my form is the ultimate way to provoke me and guarantee a beat down.

One machine at a time, please!

We all have to use the equipment fairly at the gym, but every now and again you’ll find some lounger messing about and bouncing around the machines. Usually it would be beginners or old people trying to get fit.


Use one machine at a time. Use it until you are completely finished with it then move onto the next and do the same. If we all follow that rule we will all be happy.

Put the weights back on the rack

Rack your weights

If you are in a good gym then you’ll often get one of the staff members re-racking the weights when things get messy. But in-between that time there needs to be rules. There is nothing more annoying than being ‘in the zone’, moving to another exercise, then finding the weights that you want are scattered around on different machines.


Put the weights back as you use them (unless someone requests to leave them on). Be bold at times. If you see the culprit causing the crime, confront them! Politely ask them to put them back.

I don’t want your sweat on my clothes

Sweat on weights machine
It’s the gym and most people will sweat, stinky sweat or not, sweat is sweat! Sweat carries bacteria and it’s an easy way for infections and diseases to spread. If you leave the machines sweaty, clean it up, PLEASE!


Always bring a towel.  I’m known to sweat a lot, buckets in fact, so I always bring a towel. If you are in a good gym then they may keep disinfectant around.

Slow ballads is not gym music, wear head phones

Music and exercise
You are probably thinking ‘who the hell listens to slow music when exercising’? I don’t know these people personally, but I have seen them in action. Running on the treadmill blurting out country music or pop ballads. This is highly non-motivating music. The gym usually has the TV or radio on, but when there isn’t you can hear others music.


To end all arguments with this, just wear headphones!

Don’t hit on all the girls (They all think we do anyway)

Most ladies at the gym are there to workout. Hitting on them with brute force will piss them off more than anything else. But if you are a natural smoothie and get yourself a date then you may want to consider changing gyms. If things don’t workout then I’m pretty certain she’ll be telling every one what a jerk you are, even worse, how crap you might have been in bed. (Her word against yours)


Hot girls at the gym

I have talked about this before. If you really want a date just go to a bar. Most people there are looking for the same thing. One-night stands or what ever.

You talk so loud, please lower your tone


Depending on what type of gym you are in, this could be acceptable… or not.  If your gym is like a barbershop, then loud debates are sometimes acceptable. If so it’s probably the culture of that gym.

If not the gym you are will be more conservative, and you have to lower your tone. Pushing weights and trying to concentrate while someone is shouting in their conversation is highly distractive.


When you are pushing weights you  sometimes have to scream. This is especially the case when doing bench press. Every rep counts and quite often requires a scream. But every now and again you will get extreme screamers.


Just cut it out, you really don’t need to. If you want to scream get a sex change and take yourself to Wimbledon, theirs no screaming rules in tennis… yet!

Wash your stinking pits!

Body odour at the gym

As I said, we will sweat. But keep your sweating till after your workout and not before please! There is nothing worse than finishing a heavy run on a treadmill, gasping for air and then swallowing a waft of someone’s deadly body odor! Now I am nice, but when ever this happens, I won’t hesitate to tell you that you STINK!


Do not fear the soap! This is not prison and you will not be anal raped.

Heavy lifters are ready to pounce
bodybuilder workout
Most bodybuilders are pretty cool guys, but every single one I have met seems to have uber amounts of testosterone in them. Because of this it seems they are ever ready to squeeze you into a pulp at any given opportunity should you annoy them.


Keep away!

Talk to me after i finish my set

I may have developed a nice set of pectorals and bulging biceps, and that may have impressed you. But if you are going to ask me a question, at least wait till after my set. Talking to me during will make me want to halt my set, catch my breath and provoke me to giving you a beat down!


1) Don’t ask questions during my set
2) Don’t ask questions during my break (I’m out of breath)
3) Make sure your questions require a yes or no answer

That’s that. Its not often I get things off of my chest but that about wraps it up. Follow these gym etiquette rules, and pass them on to your gym buddies, and then I think we will all live happily ever after while exercising at the gym.

See you in the comments.

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Now that i’m ripped, should i try modelling?’

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How to build a lean body like a modelOk, so you’ve been following fitness and workout tips on, have got your body ‘ripped’, you maintain a fantastic physical and mental being, look in the mirror and think to yourself ‘damn I look good!’ Maybe I should try my hand at modeling?

When I first began to start developing muscle, this was the first thing that I thought of as well. I even went to visit a scouting agent at one point who spotted my picture on a social networking site, so I had a taster of what the process is like first hand.

I probably could still go for it, as I am still far off the ‘gone pass your sell by date’ age, which tends to be mid-late 40’s. The main reason I don’t is because I simply didn’t start training to get attention from others, I started training for personal satisfaction (but that may change):-). Every one has their preferences, but if you have looked in the mirror and got that ‘wannabe model’ feeling, then here are some things to consider.

Build for an athletic body

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on why your training doesn’t result in an athletic body. The fault comes from the reason that most workouts are designed as body builder workouts, but there was a resolution; give it a read if you haven’t yet done so already. So what you must do is build a fit, healthy and ‘toned’ body. That’s what they’re after.

Build muscle and tone like this

One person who done this a few years ago was LL cool J. He went from slim, to huge, to toned, and he’s now in his 40’s maintaining the same appearance! It seems people don’t seem to age like they used to. But ideally this is the look you may want.

Ryan Reynolds

Ideal lean body build
Move to a big city

If you live in the US, then move to New York City. It is deemed as the heart of the modeling world. If you don’t, then still try to go. If both are not an option then look around in other big cities in your country. The Internet is bigger than ever these days, so start Googling.

Start to build a portfolio

Get in front of the camera and start to get some photos taken. That’s headshots and body shots in both formal and casual wear.

Find an Agent

If you are serious about being a model, then you are going to need one of these. Some times they’ll even come to you, as they may scout around smaller cities, or on the internet as I mentioned earlier, so be sure to be social. But the best time to find one is when there is ‘open call’. This is when an individual can be informed of their potential of making it in the modeling industry. But before you do anything, it is important to check that the agent you go with is legit, the scammers are out there! So do your research.

Hint: If they demand money upfront, then don’t be scared to ring some bells!

The importance of Persistence

This applies to almost everything in life, which I’m sure most of you already know (Always easier said then done). You will probably face a few rejections, but within every negative situation lays a positive. So when one turns you down, you’ll probably find a better one soon after.

Have a flexible schedule

This actually applies to all models, male and female. Once your agent starts booking photo shoots for you, you have to be ready to drop everything and go, so you might want to stay away from fixed hour jobs. Maybe you could even start making money online, which will free up your time, and I’d be glad to assist :).

Let me know your experiences with your approach to becoming a model.

See you in the comments

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Benefits of boxing training for fitness

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Boxing training for fitness
When people think of fitness, they tend to think of free weights, machines and running (I use to think this to). But building for fitness really is more diverse than that, and there are many other sporting activities you can take up to build a diverse range of fitness abilities, Boxing being one of them.

Boxing is generally seen as a male activity, but I can assure you, it certainly isn’t, and it has definitely given my body a boost and allowed me to be more diverse in my attitude towards fitness.

In the sporting world, Boxing is known as “the noble art of self-defense”. It is a classic fistfight with gloves. But to box doesn’t necessarily mean to enter the ring and knock each other down. There are different ways to work on this art of self-defense, and if you are open to try out boxing, you will find that you will gain a lot more than just a toned body.

Boxing is an intricate way of working out, that incorporates all of the important aspects of fitness, including strength, endurance, speed, and coordination. During training, every movement will be worked on properly and systematically and you will build stronger and more defined arms, legs and abs.

Classical workout methods in boxing include running, jogging, intervals, jump ropes, and sparring, in addition to sit-ups, push ups, and star jumps. If you prefer to keep to yourself, boxing is very versatile and you can use heavy bags, focus mitts or shadow boxing to practice your fighting skills.

Calories burned per 30 minutes of boxing:

50 kg 240 kcal
65 kg 270 kcal
75 kg 300 kcal
85 kg 330 kcal
100 kg 390 kcal

In addition to working on your physical strength, boxing will improve your mental strength, leaving you with a sense of emotional balance. It is a great platform to develop your self-motivation, as it leaves you wanting to push yourself to the limit each and every time. With help from your opponents, you will practice determination, patience, and focus.

Boxing classes will let you push yourself to the limit, in a motivating and safe environment. Different levels in classes will let you work out on the level that you are comfortable with. You will learn self-defense skills that can turn out to be very valuable in many ‘unwanted’ real life situations. But most importantly, you will get an energy boost that will enable you to keep on top of your game in your day-to-day life.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get the body and self-confidence you have always wanted!

See you in the comments.

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How to keep fit while making money online

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Gain health and wealth while you make money onlineIf there is one thing that affects us all that no one has universally solved, it is how to manage our time effectively. Every one does have personal preferences on their approach to this and some manage their time better than others, and there are plenty of online tools that help us to do so, but that’s all they are, tools. We still have to put those tools into action.

In the Adult world it seems that everyone is BUSY, regardless of the profession they are in. This often leaves us with less time to spend with families, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends or any other things we may deem important to us. The real problem is not that we are busy, just that we are bad at managing our time.

Even with the rise of the Internet and the mobile web, the problem still seems to exist and it affects a group of individuals that I myself am a part of.

Those who make money online and like to keep fit!

Without a doubt, making money online is easier than making money from an offline business (in general), but you will still face similar hurdles. I also know that there are those of you out there (new and old) that do 17-hour days and don’t have time to fit anything else in. This usually happens with the online newbie’s more than anyone else, but at times, that’s just how it is. But believe me when I tell you this.


You can keep this up for 3 –6 months max, but after that you will need to have systems in place to begin to work effectively, give you more time and for the people reading this, time to keep fit!

As that famous quote states:


And this can’t be any truer for this group of people, myself included.

So what systems should you have in place?

no excuses, you must manage your timeNo smoking, stay fit and healthy

The keyword here is ‘Autopilot’. The tools and methods outlined below will allow you to eventually free up more time and find time to workout… while still making money online.

Get organized

To do list software

Whether you use them on your phone, laptop or PC, be sure to use one of these. Sure you will plan things and on some day’s things won’t go according to plan. But by doing this it gives you structure, and whenever there are changes to your schedule, the time overlap into your other tasks will only be give and take.


Apple iphone
– Remember the milk
– To do’s
– Things

– Remember the milk

Time stamp posts

If you are like myself and part of your day consists of writing and/or publishing content, then set aside a time of day to do this. Once you have done so, and if you use online software such as WordPress, you can edit the time that the content is to be published. I set mine up either the night before or before midday the next day. This allows me to focus my time on other things that I do on the web, or time to schedule a workout at the gym.

Portfolio of potential guest writers, staff or partners

Join online communities of your niche. You will meet great people and possibly start a few new friendships. This is also a great way to meet other great writers, potential staff to help you out and possibly some strategic partners.

TweetLater and Tweetfeed

If you use Twitter for your business operations, then both of these services will allow you to post items to Twitter at a specific time during the day (such as new blog posts). This again will save you loads of time and allow you to get on with other tasks, or time to work out at the gym.

Social book-marking tools

Posting content to social book-marking sites can prove to be very valuable to your business operations, but it can also be a huge time sap. There are tools out there that allow you to post items to many social book-marking sites at once. By doing this you save A LOT of time, and again, more time for the gym.


There probably are other methods out there to help you organize your time, but these are essential methods that I use daily and it seems to work well. Of course, do keep in mind that there will be times where full commitment is required, but when it’s not, you have yourself a winning plan. Implement these methods in a way that suits you best and you will save A LOT of time, have great health and wealth, while making money online.

What time management methods do you use?

See you in the comments.

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Should you smoke Marijuana if you workout?

August 13, 2009 by  
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muscle building while working outMuscle building while smoking

If you are a current smoker of tobacco and are deciding to get really serious about working out and keeping fit, then the best thing to do would be to quit it all together. Most of us know the dangers of smoking, as the ads do a pretty good job of not hiding it. Unless you have been living under a rock and don’t know then here are the dangers of smoking tobacco:

  • Reduced oxygen to the muscles
  • Can cause lung cancer
  • Heart disease and strokes
  • Smoking causes fat deposits to narrow and block blood vessels, which leads to heart attack.
  • And others

Throughout all of my life I never have been a smoker so most of the above never did apply to me directly. But one thing that has always intrigued me over the years was what the affect of smoking marijuana has on people who work out, as there never has been a solid answer. I guess the reason why there is no solid answer could be the same reasons to why we don’t know why drinking alcohol affects some while not affecting others. Quite simply it affects different people in different ways.

Below I’ll outline two scenarios that I have become familiar with from meeting those who smoke marijuana and workout.

Scenario 1
I workout, smoke marijuana and I feel great!

This group of people tend to have very well developed bodies, are pretty sure of themselves and would smoke every other day of the week. They state that smoking:

Before a workout – Helps them to keep better form and concentrate on specific muscles more effectively.

After a work – They get a epinephrine high from the workout plus the high from the marijuana smoke, which leads to an overall better performance.

– Running or biking after smoking marijuana allows them to keep up excellent rhythm and push their selves harder than usual.

Scenario 2
I can’t workout and smoke marijuana. It makes me feel awful!

This group of people tend to be of slim to average build and would make statements such as:

– I wouldn’t recommend smoking while, before, or after working out, as I’ve done that twice and thrown up both times. It really is not a pleasant experience.

– If I smoke before I work out I get really lazy and cannot get motivated. Besides, smoking marijuana produces estrogen and by having that in your system you cannot get that solid muscle feel from working out that the non-smokers get.

After looking at both scenarios I guess we can conclude that smoking marijuana is just the same as working out and drinking alcohol (Alcohol and Exercising). If you smoke it and it makes you feel good with no ‘currently known’ side effects… STICK TO IT! If you smoke it and it makes you feel like crap, give up working out or QUIT IT!

And if you have other ‘issues’, then you could check out the best luxury drug treatment centers.

What are your experiences from smoking Marijuana while exercising or from those you know that have?

See you in the comments.

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