The Secret Butt Exercise

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It was only after I wrote the post ‘The art of building a bigger butt‘ that I found out that you all are looking for ways to increase or define your butt, better known as the glutes. And in some cases some of you are actually trying decrease the size of your butt. (Lucky Big butt b*****ds)

But today I am going to continue the saga of ways that you can increase the size of and strength of your butt muscles.

Why is it so important to focus on this so much?

Unless you are happy with having chicken leg syndrome, you will definitely want to make building your butt a priority in your weightlifting workouts. This is because,

  1. When your butt muscles gets lazy, it will be just like hitting a weightlifting plateau and your muscles will just get used to not being very active. This bad, because having a weak non-active butt will make you weaker in all of your lower body exercises that you perform.
  2. A weak butt will also push your pelvis forward and make your lower abs stick out. This will give you that dreaded pop belly look that we tried to get rid of back in lower ab exercises.

Introducing The Hip Raise

The reason why this exercise is called a secret is because most guys will ignore it because they see it as a ‘girls’ exercise. But don’t be as ignorant as those guys. This is an exercise that will put the burning desire back into your butt muscles. And this is how you do them.

  • Lie on your back on the floor
  • Bend your knees up and keep your feet flat and parallel with the floor
  • Tense the core of your body and squeeze your butt
  • Raise your hips up so that your body forms a straight line from your knees to your shoulders
  • Hold for 5 seconds, then lower back down to the starting position

Make sure that you are moving your Torso and hips at the same time when you do this exercise. You will know that you are doing it the correct way if you are keeping the arch in your back at the same level throughout the exercise. Start of with a gym partner to make sure that you are doing as follows. Once you get used to it, go ahead and perform this exercise solo.

How do I include this exercise in my weightlifting Routine?

Perform it right at the start of your weightlifting routine. Doing so will warm your glutes up and get you ready for exercise such as squats, lunges and dead lifts.

Now get off of your arse and go and build that butt already.

See you in the comments.

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Bodybuilding Ammunition For ‘UBER’ Productive Workouts (Part 2)

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Welcome to part 2 buggers!

As you know from yesterdays post, it really is about being productive in your workouts, otherwise everything from working out consistently and intensely to sticking to the right meal plan will just go to waste. So again, the devil is in the detail.

One question that I always seem to silently ask myself, which is constantly on my mind is,

‘ Am I actually getting fit. Am I actually improving my health’

In the early days it was all about ‘not trying to grow to much muscle mass, otherwise it may turn into fat’. A statement which in itself makes absoultely no sense at all, as both muscle and fat are both completly different. But hey, I was younger and dumber. With time, I realised that what I really wanted to avoid was growing to a size which would place me in the unfit club.

The only way to avoid this is by doing more cardio based exercises in your workouts. But as this article explains, it’s all about finding a balance. And the balance that you (the stayfitbug reader) will want is to do the right amount of cardio without jeopardizing your muscle gaining efforts. One way that you can gauge this is by using a…

Heart Rate Monitor

This is the perfect tool for this scenario for quite a few reasons

  1. It will allow you to monitor the level of intensity you are putting out
  2. It will show you how ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’ you really are
  3. It will allow you to pace yourself towards your set goal and within the time frame that you have set. This prevents you from doing too much, or from doing too little.
  4. In terms of actual health and your heart (which I have always been concerned with), it will let you know how hard you are pushing and will tell you when to increase, stay put or decrease your level of output. So not only will you be maintaining a healthy heart, you will be doing just the right amount of cardio for your weightlifting workout.

Write Down What You Do In Your Workout

Again? Didn’t you tell us to do that in this post?

Yes I did. But now you are going to take it one step further. Now that you have got into the habit of writing things down, you will now use this data to workout what it is that you have to do next to progress effectively. Kind of like a prequel to being a visualizing bodybuilder. You will use this to construct your game plan. ‘This’ is the game plan that you will visualize!

But to do this effectively you will do two things.

1. Have your game plan written down, visualize doing it and then perform it.

2. Write down what you did that day and compare the two.

You will need to do this because you won’t perform your game plan to perfection every single time. Perfection simply does not exist. But there is no harm in aiming for ‘near’ perfection… it will just take time. And this is one effective way of doing that. You will be able to see in plain site where you are going wrong and how you can go about correcting it. But best of all, you will be able to workout how you can be more productive.

The key things to monitor will be your rest periods between sets. I can bet that if your workouts are currently an hour long on average, you probably aren’t working out with the level of intensity that you have seen me describe here.

Workout Like A Barbarian

And if that is the case, then you aren’t being productive in your workouts. If you do manage to trim that time down to 30 minutes, then I know you will be doing something right… becasue you won’t have the energy to leave a comment at the end of this post. But if you are a real barbarian, then I’ll see you in the comments!

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Shock Body Exercise Variations (Part 3)

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Well, I did promise you all a part 3, and both of the techniques I am about to describe will shock your body for sure. However, you are going to have to wait until part 4 until I show you the real body shockers. All good things come to those who wait. Muahahahaaaa 😉

And now for the body shockers.

Drop Sets

What is a drop set?

The formula

1. Start with (X amount) of weight

2. Perform as many reps as you can (Till failure)

3. Strip off some of the weight, then perform another set (Till failure)

4. Continue until your muscle dies… literally

‘Damn Shaun, that looks painful’

Well, that’s the whole point. It’s supposed to be painful… and it is!

I do have to warn you though, if you don’t have the mental or physical strength to perform the above, then this exercise WILL send you crying home to mommy. If you are up for the challenge, then make sure you find yourself a spotter before even trying to attempt this.

Here are some exercises which I have performed using drop sets.

  • Bench Press
  • Squats
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Curls
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Dips

Forced Reps

This is basically the principal that I have been preaching to everyone who asks the question,

‘How can I build muscle faster’

We all know there is no quick magic solution and for the most part your routines will consist of a lot of trial and error. But if you use the following technique, a few months from now you will find yourself in the ‘awesome gains’ territory.

What you need

  • A spotter
  • Supreme dedication

How to force rep

Exercise for examples sake: bench press

  • You can lift 100kg at 6 reps to failure
  • Get your spotter ready and push that to 8-10 reps to failure.
  • If you are able to manage that, then it’s time to increase the weight a little. Lets say 110kg
  • You’ll probably manage to lift 6-8 reps at this weight (Still using your spotter)
  • Now if you manage to keep this up, you may soon find that you are able to lift up to 125kg at 6 reps.

At this point you would have achieved the goal of the forced rep. Which is to increase your strength AND to be able to lift heavier weights quicker… WITHOUT a spotter. But more importantly you will no longer be asking the question,

‘How can I build muscle faster’

Because you will already be on your way to doing so.

See you in the comments.

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Build Muscle With White Powder

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In the winter months you will probably workout less… unless you are a barbarian of course. Some of you are dedicated and you will probably stick it out during these months. But the real test is if you will still go to the gym when it snows.

Are you going to be a coward and run inside like a little girl?

Or are you going to stick it out like a barbarian ice warrior?

If your answer is the later, then read on.  I’ll share with you some innovative ways that you can build muscle when it snows while having fun at the same time. 🙂

Grab a Shovel

When you wake up in the morning and see that the white cold powder has covered your entire local world, you will probably have to grab a shovel.  In general this is mundane and boring. But today it is not.

When you grab that shovel you will now change your mind set, put your barbarian hat on and speak out loud.

‘It is now time to workout out’

Get a friend or family member to join you too.  There’s nothing like the feeling you get from completing a task to satisfaction from great team work.

This will help you build great functional strength for your wrists, forearms and most other parts of your body. But don’t get too excited though. Make sure you shovel and lift properly; otherwise you might just cause an injury.

If you are trying loose fat then this is great for burning calories too.  Shovelling snow can help you burn up to a massive 300-500 calories within an hour, as long as you go at it like a barbarian. 🙂

During all of this, feel free to break the rules a little.  Take a break and have a…

Snow fight

Some people might say that snow fights are for kids. Well I say that you should never grow up, be a kid at heart and start building and throwing those snow balls.  Build some huge balls and build some snow men too. Those balls will eventually get heavy and you will start to feel the exhaustion after a while.

This will prove to be a great strength workout for both you and your family. Although it will tire you out, you will definitely feel the fun factor.

To end a good session get back indoors, relax your feet and sip on some hot chocolate, which also acts as a great antioxidant.

Skiing and Snowboarding

I am a HUGE fan of snowboarding and have always followed winter X games since my pre-teens. Although both snowboarding and skiing can be great fun for yourself and/or family, the sport can also provide a great whole body workout.

As you speed down the hill, your core will be worked from trying to balance your body as you shift from side to side.

Your arms and legs will be worked when you increase your speed.

So if you are spending any time away from the gym and decide to go on one of these ski trips, just know that your body won’t be missing a thing. In fact, such a trip could help you awaken some muscles that you never know you had.

Go for a walk

Walking is a low intensity workout, but walking in thick snow will be even more strenuous.  But this is more about taking a stroll and enjoying the scenery. Admiring the view and feel of the atmosphere after it has snowed is always something to behold.

This is all about innovative ‘fun’ ways to build muscle. So do not force yourself to do these activities in any specific order. Just do as you please. Either way, they will all be a great way to keep your body active while you take a day off from the gym, which will probably be closed due to the snow any how.

Will you playing in the snow this winter?

See you in the comments.

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5 Things To Request From Your Gym For Inspiration

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Today I am continuing with the bodybuilding environment theme, in which we find ways to keep your workouts inspiring and engaging. All in aid of making your bodybuilding life a lot more ‘Fun’. Especially for those days where you feel like sh*t!

If you want to have a fun and memorable time working out, then you might as well fix the place where you will be spending most of your time…

At the gym that you attend!

You probably won’t stand a chance in requesting big changes if you attend a top class and flashy gym (Unless you have a large following behind you). But if you attend a smaller and more local type of gym, you can get the word out to the owner to make changes around the gym. Changes that will be beneficial to all that attend.

If you do manage to persuade the head honcho, then these are some of the things that you should request.


Because the local gym that I have been attending for the past 4 years has implemented these things. And they work like a charm!

#1 Posters

Not just any old posters. Posters of successful bodybuilders! (Men AND Women!)

And here’s a preview…

There really is something special about working out and having these posters to look at. They really do work on the inspiration side of things. I tend to just stare at them in-between sets and let my mind just wonder off.

The next time you go to the gym, show these posters to the gyms head honcho. He won’t turn you away!

I’ll probably send out an email to all subscribers soon, with a stack load of posters which you can use as desktop wallpapers or print off as A3 sized sheets as a poster. So be sure to sign up if you haven’t done so already, by clicking on that orange and white ebook… THERE >>>

#2 Bodybuilding Mantras

These aren’t really bodybuilding mantras per se. But some of the classic mantras from past successors work well for a bodybuilder. These are very similar to the effects that posters give in the gym. However, reading some of these mantras while you workout really does give you that ‘eye of the tiger’ drive, especially when you begin to fatigue. Fatigue can sometimes be laziness in disguise. Reading the same ‘good’ mantras over and over again will reveal which one you are suffering from… fatigue… or laziness.

Check out the bodybuilding mantras post HERE for those that missed it.

#3 Music

Yesterday I talked about surveys. Today I’m going to share some survey results.

What music do you prefer to listen to when you workout answered question?

Response Percentage

  • Rock 56.3%
  • Hip hop 31.3%
  • Pop 25.0%
  • Dance 50.0%
  • House 12.5%
  • Electronic 0.0%
  • Techno 0.0%

These are the results of the stayfitbuggers that took the survey upon visiting this site. These results show that you are all very similar to myself, in terms of what I like my eardrums to feel when I workout. Rock or Hip Hop. Either Will do!

Most gyms will usually stick the radio on. Nothing wrong with that. But the radio does play some trash music at times, and you’ll probably hear the same songs over and over, especially if you attend the gym 3-4 times a week.

Get at the head honcho again. You probably won’t need a DJ on this occasion, but a decent custom made playlist can do wonders for a bodybuilding gym community.

That could actually be a good though Shaun… DJ’s in a gym? Hmmmm…..

#4 Before and After Photos of Successful Gym Goers

This is what I call ‘making those earlier bodybuilding posters personal!’


Well… most of the guys and girls in those posters are usually bodybuilding pros. They’ve probably made a career out of bodybuilding and worked 24/7 to get their bodies to look the way they do.


But not great for your average joe.

Starring at those posters are great, and present a fine display of what can be achieved with the human body. But you’ll be mostly rubbing those folks ego, because you’ll never build a body like theirs.



Put up posters of those who came before you, in that same gym, who worked their asses off and built supreme bodies. That will be solid proof of what can really be achieved by the everyday working man or woman. You can develop a true solid connection as many of those folks will still visit on occasion. At that point you can get talking to them and find out some of the things that worked for them. They could probably work for you too, but just remember that you’ll need to find your own bodybuilding map.

#5 Find Hot Female Gym Members (Or males – For you lady readers :-))

Meeting highly attractive members of the opposite sex at the gym can be a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’, depending on who you are. I personally like to just stay focused on my workout. Having an attractive lady around will just knock my focus. But that’s just me.

For the rest of you, working out in the presence of a ‘hotty’ might be the ONLY thing that keeps you coming back week after week. Nothing wrong with that! After all, it’s about making this bodybuilding game as fun as we can. ‘Fun’ is the only thing that will keep us engaged for the long term.

Since that is the case, get that head honcho to start advertising his gym services to the sexy elite beings of this human race. Tell him to get more females first.


Because the guys will go where the girls are at. Simple.

You can tell him that it will be good for business. Because it will be.

There probably are other things that may aspire you in your prime bodybuilding location, but these are the things that have worked well in the gyms that I have attended. Some of the gyms you attend might already be doing some f the above, if so, good! But if not, you better get knocking on the head honchos door, because inspiration is a must in this game.

See you in the comments.

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Don’t Count Like A Robot In Your Workouts

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One of the key rules about training insane and working out with TRUE and REAL Stay-Fit Bug intensity is that you should break the rules!

And one rule you should definitely be breaking is your rep numbers in your sets.


It is important that you set goals and perform the exercises as desired. But what you shouldn’t be doing is…

  • Set 1: 5 Reps, done, stop, rest
  • Set 2: 7 Reps, done, stop, rest
  • Set 3: 9 Reps, done, stop, rest

That is robotic, and working out like that won’t get you results, especially if your goal is endurance or weight loss.

What you need to do is change your focus to the workout experience. Get connected with the feel of the execise and push your body if you feel that you can. That will get your blood pumping and make you sweat. At this point your body will have no choice but to start speaking out loud.

”Damn dude… what’s going on here? I was having a good time sleeping in comfort!”

If your body is saying that to you every other workout, then you really are going to have to step your game up. Plenty of articles for you to read (check the archives).

Any how, once your body starts to speak, your body will be going through the much needed shock (shock body exercises). And that is when the results game will really begin. So when you workout from now on, focus on the intensity and getting that heart rate going. You might feel absolutely busted the first few times that you do this, but that is the only way to get real results I’m afraid. You really do have to break out of your comfort zone. Easier said then done I know. But practice on getting used to pushing yourself.

If you find that you struggle, then make sure you take some supplements, as most peoples lifestyles don’t allow for a 5-7 meal day everyday. What will probably happen is that you will manage this kind of workout technique quite well the first time, as long as you put the effort in. But then you find yourself fatigued come the 2nd workout. To solve this take the Glutamine supplement mix that I described. Check the post out to see how and why it will help in this scenario.

If you follow all of the above, there is no way that you cannot build the body that you desire, for strength, size or endurance. There are plenty more rule breaking tips to come. Just know that this is an important one to take note of for your workouts.

See you in the comments.

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Build Equal Size Biceps And Triceps… PLEASE!!!

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Today I’m going to have an official ‘RANT’ ( A big complaint about something)

Today I am blasting all of one dimensional armed freaks out there who have decided to go to the gym to get ripped (good) but have failed to build equal sized, well rounded arms (bad). Meaning,

A) Has biceps/ No triceps

B) Has triceps/ No biceps

How does this happen?

1. Obsessive use of the tricep extension machine

2. Obsessive amount of bicep curls

In a nutshell…

Too much focus on isolation exercises!

Unless you have arms that are bigger than 15 inches, your entire focus should be on compound exercises ( exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time). That is when you will get the best results. When you hit a plateau, you just switch things up a little (Something which I constantly throw in your face). After a little time your arms will grow… equal in size!


When you focus on isolation exercises, you may think that doing endless bicep curls and tricep extensions will make them grow.


What’s actually happening is that you are damaging and shrinking them. So if you do end up with,

A) Big biceps/ No triceps

B) Big triceps/ No biceps

It’s because you are doing something right with your compound exercises, but something wrong with your forced efforts with isolation exercises. Which in turn hampers your growth. The only time you should be focusing on isolation exercises is when you are a seasoned bodybuilder and you know exactly what your muscles need at that current point in time (You find this out after you have your bodybuilding map and route in gear – Grab the 6 pac ebook to see how you can do this ).

Now that we have that cleared up, FIX IT!

Being a fitness freak, it’s hard not to notice these imbalances when you are out and about, as people start to strip off in the sun. But not having equal sized arms just isn’t sexy. In some ways it makes you look like a freak.

Just do yourself a favour and build some proper looking arms dammit. You’re hurting my eyes out here.

You have the correction and instructions now, so like Nike,


See you in the comments.

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Succeed In Bodybuilding With ‘Overdrive’

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Back in this post, I talked about HIT. Running up hills to be specific, which is great for fat loss. But I’m here to talk about building muscle (Especially for all you hard gainers out there). And today I’m going to share with you the one dominating factor that will allow you to succeed in your weightlifting and muscle mass building efforts.

If you’ve ever read any books by Roger Hamilton, you will know that he speaks strongly about ‘critical moments’. These are moments where you make a deal make or a deal breaker decision which in turn will have a serious impact on your life from that moment on.

The overdrive concept is similar in nature to that. Overdrive is when you reach that critical moment in which you either break down and quit, or where you,

Stop thinking about ‘just giving enough’ to succeed and start thinking about giving it your ALL!

The outcome in both scenarios is controlled by your mindset. As the classic saying goes…

‘Your body is a temple’

However, your body is still a puppet to the puppet master, which is your mindset and how you think. It is a similar mindset that allows those in martial arts to break bricks with their bare hands. Once you enable the overdrive mindset, you will start to succeed at those tough fitness challenges you are facing and begin to succeed at many other things in your life, such as work or raising kids.

I’ve had many personal encounters with the overdrive mindset and 99% of the time that I’ve succeeded with it, I’ve realized that ALL of us humans are actually quite lazy. We tend to want to do ‘just enough’ to obtain what we wish to achieve.

This is the same reason why P90x isn’t for every one, because almost everyone will not have the overdrive mindset, hence the reason why they won’t achieve.

Controlling The Overdrive Mindset

Aka Grow With Baby Steps

Like I mentioned above, I’ve faced quite a few examples of when I used overdrive.

The First

  1. Age 13 – Cross country races.
  2. Always came 3rd or 2nd place.
  3. I stepped out of my lazy comfort zone used overdrive and gave it my all in the last few 100 meters.

The result = First place.

That example will stick with me for life, because I just remember always coming 2nd to those guys. Then one day I just said ‘f**k it… I’m going all out’. And in an instant I beat those guys at the last hurdle. And the reaction from the crowd, the trainer, and the two guys that would usually kick my ass was…


I think I actually shocked myself at the time too.

That’s overdrive!

However, as the years went on and as I began to get a little more life experience under my belt I found that overdrive certainly has its pros. But it certainly has its cons too.

The Second

  1. Age 17
  2. 100m Sprint Training
  3. 6 weeks of training (from nothing) – Increased my time from 12. 8secs to 11.1secs

Wow. Now time to up the ante

I begin to do press up position sprint starts (Great for increasing your explosive block speed), then a few sessions later I became too fast for my own good. My left shoulder pops out (partial dislocation) and then it slips back in (I had never felt anything like that before). A few moments later, I raise my hands over my head.


Full dislocation = worst day ever!

My left shoulder was dislocated and out of it’s socket for at least 15 minutes before finding a way to get in back in (read this post to learn how).

That right there is a life lesson to all who are reading this. Introduce some overdrive into your bodybuilding life… yes! But make sure that you take baby steps. Move with the pace of a tortoise but at the speed of a hare.


When you find rapid success or just a technique that works really well for you, test and tweak it for a while before storming off onto the next thing. By doing so you’ll be able to avoid injury unlike I did.

However, I am a bit of a ‘flash kinda dude’ that may get excited from time to time. Hence the reason I dislocated both shoulders, the 2nd time from jet skiing (No more overdrive for me there I’m afraid).

That about wraps it up for my blabber-talk on overdrive, lazy people and mindsets, and I’ll probably touch on this again sometime soon. But for now here is a nice overdrive example.

See you in the comments.

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The Only Way To Train Is To Train Insane

April 5, 2010 by  
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Today’s Theme…


We all know that a lack of motivation is what kills your enthusiasm in order to stay fit for the long term, and I know that this is something that many of you suffer from too. What tends to happen is that you’ll suffer from lack of motivation during certain times of the day, or year (Winter). When you do, just make sure you jump online and read this.


I’ll say it again,


I know you’ve heard me state similar quotes in the past, like in the barbarian workout post. But today I’m cementing this statement too your forehead.

The fact is, the reason you come to websites like or other similar websites is because you are probably looking for some kind of fix for your lack of achievements in building that hot muscular body. You’ll probably find some great stuff on websites like this and I’m sure you’ve learnt something new since finding this site. But nothing you read here will make a difference to your goals the way in which YOU can… personally.

The two core reasons you are failing.

1)    Bad nutritional diet


That’s right… if you are lacking and failing in your workouts, it’s from your own doing.


You either GO HARD or GO HOME!

If you are not going to go hard at it with your cardio and weight training efforts, you might as well jump on that loser’s bus and go home, because you simply will not develop any meaningful results. ‘You’ll actually save yourself a lot of time, energy, grief and $$$.


Well, other then the usual stuff you already know about, it’s inevitable that you are going to face challenges on your quest to build muscle, and overcoming these challenges is what will separate the boys from the men and the girls from the ladies.

  • Plateaus
  • Injuries
  • Distraction
  • And others



Better yet, they will cease to exist. Not even the might of adversity can beat you if you go hard.

The Solution

How to go hard.

How to stay hard.


Get Pissed Off!

I personally find that when my attitude is too relaxed, I don’t tend to perform as well. That’s with anything that I’m trying to achieve in life, especially in my workouts. But not all of us can be or would even want to be pissed off ALL of the time.

Like this guy,

So how can you get pissed off so that you can go hard and perform to your maximum potential?

Hire A ‘Bastard’ Personal Trainer

We’ve all heard about the stories of personal trainers getting slagged off for literally insulting and making an example of their pupils and those same pupils going home crying to mommy because of it. But here’s the part of the story that most people will miss.

The reason that those people go crying home is because they couldn’t stand the heat. They had to get out of the kitchen when it all steamed up.

They didn’t go hard… so they had to go home!

(Well, they at least did the smart thing.)

Their Personal trainers Already Predicted The Outcome

Those personal trainers already knew what the end result would be. Those personal trainers know that the only way to train is to train insane. After a while it’s quite easy to see who the tamed beasts are in a room packed with wild animals. Those crying babies got caught out (for their own good really) and simply cannot, or maybe will not ever agree to the sacred mantra of training insane.

They will never achieve the great results that you will achieve, because you now know that the only way to train is to train insane, and you know that is the only way you are going to get any meaningful results.

You will soon see live examples of this sacred mantra soon, from yours truly ;). You are just going to have to wait and see what surprise I hit you with in the coming months 😉

The following articles should help you out till then.

Shock body

Shock Body Exercise Variations

Not Happy With Your Muscle Building Results? Then Workout Like A Barbarian!

To Conclude

There is no conclusion!

Get out of your lazy slump of a mindset, go hard and train insane.


See you in the comments.

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I Succeeded In Just ‘X’ Months! The Before And After Scam | BodyBuilding

March 23, 2010 by  
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‘I built monster sized muscle in just 3 months!’

‘I lost ‘X’ number of pounds in just 4 weeks!’

These are phrases that you hear often, in almost every industry. Especially in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. You’ll often hear some state quotes such as,

I succeeded in ‘this’ many months, ‘that’ many months.. blah, blah, blah…

Yea, it would be cool to get great results quickly, and sometimes that can happen. But the real success lies in how to keep building on that success. The phrase ‘I Succeeded In Just ‘X’ Months!’ is usually just a show off or marketing phrase to lure people in. Heck, I may even use it in certain situations. But if I ever do, you can be damn sure that I’ll be providing long term value at the end of the tunnel.

So in reality, those statements that you hear people quote are often false positives. Don’t fall for them. Always make sure you are that devil that is looking ever so closely at the detail. And just know that there is NO magical way to get real, meaningful fitness or bodybuilding results without some hard work and gut wreching graft.

Let me show you what I mean. Here is an example of EXACTLY the thing I am talking about.

Natalie Cassidy

This is Natralie Cassidy, an actor in the UK who shot to fame on the popular TV soap Eastenders, and the picture above is how she used to look. Then, she left the show, disappeared for a while, and re-appeared on the scene, slimmer, sexier and magically even prettier than before. All by using her secret formula of a weight loss program.

And within no time at all, her program sold like hot cakes

$$$ Chi-Chingggggg $$$


But Then…

She gained it all back! (Ohh Nooo)

I was actually disappointed when I saw that she had let her self go and put all that weight back on again. Maybe I should have created Stay-Fit Bug a few years earlier. That would have helped her ‘KEEP’ the body that she built. Either way, her fans must have been disappointed some what. Their new weight loss idol had fallen from the helm. Who are they to look up to now?

This scenario right here is why I have banished Natalie Cassidy into the,

‘I Succeeded In Just ‘X’ Months! The Before And After Scam’

There are other examples out there. This is just one of them.

Shaun’s Point Is?

My point is this…

If you are going to brag, boast and market yourself using the phrase ‘ I succeeded In Just ‘X’ Months’, then make sure you provide some long term value to the audience that you have converted. These are the people that were most likely in the exact same situation as you were, yet you managed to achieve where they continued to fail. Because of that they will always look up to you, and anything that comes out of your mouth will be taken at face value and executed without question.  If you are going to be a role model, then be one. The moment your audience see you slip up, you automatically incorparate the ‘He/She’s fake’ tag, and they might just move on.


They might understand that you are human, and that very same audience could possibly be the cause of raising you up from the pits of demise to a once again glorious rise… to the top!

Success and Money can be a great thing. But as always, it comes with increased responsibility for your actions.

The Bodybuilding Culprits

This is one of the most prolific scam products that circulates the internet using a similar mantra from ‘I Succeeded in just ‘X’ Months’ in the Bodybuilding world.

The Acai Berry Supplement

Not the acai berry itself. That is a very nutritional fruit full of antioxidants. What I’m talking about here is the actual supplements some of these companies are putting on on the market.

The Oprah Winfrey Endorsed Acai Berry Supplement

We all know that when Oprah speaks and endorses something, it becomes an instant impulse purchase for those who listen to what she has to say. There are companies all around the internet that claim Oprah has endorsed their product, when in fact, all she done was give the actual acai berry the thumbs up after a recommendation from Dr. Oz !

These guys are all fakes and there are just too many to name. But the fact is, none of their supplements work. They are all ineffective.

Shame on them!

I will probably do what they do at times and post quotes like ‘I Succeeded In Just ‘X’ Months!’ But I will always follow it up by providing long term value and raising my game when my decline starts to kick in. Because everything that goes up has only one way to go after that point… Back down!

See you in the comments.

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