7 Stress Beating Foods (A Day In The Life At Work)

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In last weeks post, I went into detail of how you can overcome the things that can cause delays during your life as a bodybuilder. One of the things I covered was how you can overcome stress from work, and how not to let work interrupt your weightlifting routine by ‘Identifying the office athlete’.

But today, I’m going to take things one-step further. I’m going to take you through

‘A day in a life at work’

And I’m going to share with you 7 foods that you can eat at 7 key points of the working day that will help ease stress.

7.00am – The Morning Rush/ Gridlock

Regardless of which city you are in (London, New York, Tokyo, Beijing), that morning commute may often come to a halt because of some ‘signal failure’ on the train and add an extra half hour to your commute ‘time to call the office’. That would have just given you extra unnecessary worry. Since you are already running late, you might as well take a pit stop and drink something to calm you down.

Agony Antidote

I do like Starbucks and I have my favorite picks every time I go there. But when you find yourself stressed first thing in the morning, try this for starters.

Skim-milk chai latte and half a bagel with cream cheese

The bagel = Carbs = Energy

The Milk = Protein = Alertness

That should get you back on track for the next few hours ahead.

10.00am – Your Time to Shine… Gets Screwed Up

You have a big presentation in your department meeting and for some reason, the IT support guy forgot to reserve the projector for you the day before, leaving you running around like a headless chicken looking for alternatives. That will stress you out for sure, especially if you have a point to prove to the head honchos.

Agony Antidote

Serotonin = one of your bodies stay calm chemicals

Tryptophan = this helps build up levels of serotonin

When you are stressed, the levels of serotonin in your body may drop considerably. When this happens you will want to quickly build up your levels of Tryptophan. All you need to do here is drink Milk!

12.00pm – Unexpected Invite to Lunch by the Boss

Because this is an unexpected invite, you have no idea what the Boss man has on his agenda for the next hour or so.

Agony Antidote

When it comes to food, go for a ‘manly’ salad. Add chicken and fish to the meal. Those foods will tickle his taste buds and appetite.

But why a salad?

Leafy greens – Arugula, chard, spinach

All are rich sources of vitamin B, which are known for activating your feel good hormones. Lack of vitamin B can actually leave you feeling quite nervous or even sometimes stressed. If you both have the feel good factor running in your veins for the next couple of hours, good things may just swing in your direction.

4.00pm – You F**k up a Pitch to a Client

When a pitch to a client goes smooth and well, you will feel like running into the men’s room, taking a look at yourself in the mirror and kissing it. But when a pitch goes horribly wrong ‘ironically on one of your biggest clients’, it will feel like death has just warmed up. Stress!

Agony Antidote

M & M’s (Peanut flavor)


The chocolate = Triggers the release of ‘instant’ relax endorphins

The nuts = Refills your protein stores and helps you regain focus

7.00 pm – Your lady is Angry (At You)

Your Lady ‘ What time do you call this! It’s like the second week that you have worked late now. I think you are prioritizing work over ME!’

Very hostile! This probably means no sex too. 🙁

Agony Antidote

Grilled salmon

I’ve talked about the benefits of eating fish before back in Brain Foods for Working Out with salmon, mackerel and trout containing the highest level of fatty acids (Omega 3) of them all. But serving up a meal for two of this stuff will help reduce hostility in her by up to 20-25%

Your favorite (Baseball/ Football/ Basketball) Team is About to Lose

If you are a fan of sport and a devoted fan of a team, then I know you will be feeling edgy at this crucial time in the game. Stress!

Agony Antidote

Grab an Orange

You will probably be quite fixated at this time, and what you will need is a little sugar rush for a short burst of energy. Grabbing an orange will help keep your hands and mouth busy.

11.30pm – Can’t Sleep?

Your team won the match, you called on your friends to gloat, it’s time to hit the sack but realize you are wide awake from that sugar rush.

Agony Antidote

What you need to do is re-active your sleeping hormone, melatonin. And this is what you need to guzzle down to do so

That is oatmeal and bananas.

Everyone’s day in a life at work will be different for sure, but all of you will face similar situations as the ones mentioned above. When you do, you now know what actions you need to take.

Stress? I don’t even know the meaning of the word! 😉

See you in the comments.

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5 Water ‘Alternatives’ For Your Bodybuilding Routines

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When you were young, your mummy probably taught you that you must always drink 8 glasses of water a day so that you stay fit and healthy (And to have clear coloured pee). 😉

As you got older, that would have naturally changed and drinks such as these would have poisoned your body.

  • McDonalds – Milk shakes
  • Coca Cola – Fizzy drinks
  • Alkopops
  • Beer

If you managed to avoid all of those things, you either had pushy parents that trained you vigorously from a young age, or you have just lived in a cage all of your life and are quite simply an uncharismatic bore!

None of the above drinks are completely bad, as your body does need to be exposed to some ‘bad’ at times and there’s nothing wrong with breaking the rules.

You Enter the World of Bodybuilding

You decide that you want to build muscle and become fit and buff. Like magic, time starts to rewind itself and you start listening to mummy again and start guzzling your 8 glasses a day… again. Time passes and you find that drinking water is boring, yet you don’t want to compromise your weightlifting diet plan.

Well, now you don’t have to, as I have listed 5 tasty alternatives that will give you the same benefits of water with some extras to add.

Iced (Caffeine free) Herbal Tea

Decaf tea ‘in general’ is a great source of the fluid you need to look and feel great. Try my favorites,

  • Peppermint (Morning)
  • Chamomile (At night)

And you will find that they will hydrate you the same way that water does. If you get bored, just change the flavours. Simple!

Lemon Juice and Water

When life gives you a lemon… squeeze it, mix it with six ounces of distilled water and drink twice daily. Well, you don’t have to drink it twice daily, but it is a great alternative to drinking water. Lemon Juice does have some extra magic up its sleeve too.

  • Prevents disease and assists in cleansing your system of impurities
  • Get’s rid of indigestion, heartburn, bloating and burping.
  • Helps you S**t more efficiently.

Fill a pitcher with –
Sliced cucumber, lemon slices and fresh mint. Let it steep overnight.

You can mix any variation of fresh fruits and vegetables for this and your drink will be packed with vitamins and nutrients that promote health. But this is a mix that I drink often. And as you might have guessed (knowing me)… it sure is a tasty alternative.

Chocolate milk

I covered this back Killer foods for fitness and this is still a favorite today. It is both healthy and tasty and is even better than water for hydrating your body. Chocolate milk also provides your body with the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fat for speedy muscle recovery. But most importantly, it is a great alternative for a drink when you find yourself getting bored of drinking water.


Why soup?

The broth in soup is mostly made up of water, and since water is ‘very hydrating’ why should you not guzzle down a bowl of soup?

Although soup is a great alternative, you must make sure you drink low-sodium soup, so check the labels before hand.

Note: High-sodium soup will dehydrate you rather than hydrate you


Although these all taste great and are cool alternatives to drinking water, the main benefit for doing this is to keep your diet plan fun and exciting. Keeping it fun and exciting is what will prevent you from cheating too much during your weightlifting workouts.

What water alternatives do you drink?

See you in the comments.

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