Unique Bodyweight exercises (part 3)

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As i mentioned in part 2, i will soon put together an E-book regarding all bodyweight exercises that you can do, common and unique. But before i prepare that, I’ll leave you with 2 more exercises that you can try out.

Full planche push ups

You all know how to do normal push ups right? If not, then you can wait for the E-book. But if you know how normal push ups work, you’ll realize that what you see here is not the norm. What you see here is pretty hard to perform while doing many reps and will you need to have mastered ordinary push ups to pull this one off.

How do you do them?

Do as you see in the video and keep your whole body tensed.

Why should you do them?

Because they will give your whole body a workout

  • Wrists
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Traps
  • Chest
  • Abdominals
  • Legs

You probably won’t be good at this exercise straight away, but take your time and work on your strength endurance.

Advanced Push ups


I’m going to end unique bodyweight exercises with advanced push ups. This exercise is quite unique as it is a combination of dumbbell fly’s and a push up, and is great for working on your chest on the cheap.

How to do them

1) Grab a pair of dumbbells and loosen the collars until they can roll.

2) Place them in front of you (vertically).

3) Get into the press up position.

4) Now instead of placing your hands on the floor, hold onto the dumbbells in front you, close together, and use them as push up stands.

5) Now slowly roll and extend both dumbbells outwards as you press down. Hold for a second and bring them in close again to the starting position. Also be sure to watch your balance.

6) As you go up and down try to keep your elbows bent a little, as this will make the exercise easier to perform.

As i mentioned, you will all get an in-depth version on how to do these unique and common bodyweight exercises. I will announce it via the site, but also via the newsletter, so sign up by clicking on the current E-book on the right side of this post to receive an automatic update for when i do announce it.

See you in the comments.

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BSN Cellmass

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[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″ region=”us” tracking_id=”stayfbug-20″]B000JWHWCS[/amazon-product]

Through out this site have often stated my dislike for supplements and steroids as i believe you can achieve great results with what nature has to offer. But that same former body builder i told you about in this post (Forearms) is the one who introduced this to me.

At first i was very hesitant to even try it, but i have always lived by the rule ‘try anything once’, so i gave it a shot. I already knew what creatine does to the body, but i can say that trying this for a short while was great. I didn’t suffer any side effects that everyone usually goes on about and i think as long as you currently eat healthy and train regularly you’ll be just fine. There is no one great life changing product out there, not even this does that, but you will notice an increase in strength and muscle mass when you use it.

I guess this is good for all of those readers here that are like me and usually do not touch this stuff. If that is you, I’d try it once at least. And for any body building types reading this then you already know what to do. Have fun with it but be moderate,.

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Unique Bodyweight exercises (part 2)

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After yesterdays post i am still quite enthusiastic to share some of the most unique bodyweight exercises that you can perform to build and maintain super strength . And supreme strength is the very thing that I am quite certain of that most gym buffs lack. But after reading this continuation of unique bodyweight exercises, a strength less gym buff you will be not!

I have talked about abs quite a lot over the weeks. Why? Well, it’s what everyone asks for and it was and still is one of the muscle groups that i am passionate about building. But this next exercise will be a true test of your strength as well as building up your abdominal muscles .

Flying human flag: Oblique ab crunch (Vertical)

  • Difficulty: 8 /10
  • Time to master: 6-8 months

As you can see, this exercise does look pretty insane, and it can take some time to master. The heavier you are the harder it will be to do. Before attempting this, I would advise that you get really good at performing chin ups and handstand exercises. Once you do that you should then have enough strength to attempt this exercise.

To perform this, you will need very good core strength. Start by keeping your knees tucked in close to reduce leverage. Each week you should gradually be able to hold the form for about one split second longer. When you do, you must begin to gradually extend just one leg outwards… and then so on.

When you do nail this exercise you can show off as much as you like, and best of all, you will have super strength.

Now… you may have been able to master pull ups. You may have been able to master the dips exercise. You might have even mastered doing them with a dipping belt. But could you imagine performing both exercises in one whole movement? Well… if you are up for the challenge then such an exercise does exist. It is called the

Muscle up

  • Difficulty: 10/10
  • Time to master:10-12 months

What is a muscle up? It is a pull up exercise followed immediately by a dips exercise. In general you will need rings to perform this (like in gymnastics), but you can use a chin up bar. However, using a chin up bar will make the exercise harder to perform.

This exercise is truly a sacred hidden gem for sure. You may possibly have heard of them before, but i bet you don’t hear about many people performing them. The guy in the video is simply a beast! He makes this exercise look really easy to do. But i can assure you… this exercise is tough and you will need brute Tarzan strength to perform it.



  • 15 pull ups
  • 15 dips

One arm chin up


  • Difficulty : 10 / 10
  • Time to master: 6 months to several years!

This is actually one of my favorite exercises. It’s not the fact that it will increase my muscle mass or strength, it’s just that i was always really bad at trying to do these exercises, and to progress and be able to do them fluently is quite a good feeling.

But enough about me. Once you have mastered ordinary chin ups, this exercise is the one that will truly challenge your strength. If you do manage to master it, it will prove that you are one of very few who possess this raw human strength and you can be proud to wear that trophy too.

After seeing part’s one and two of unique bodyweight exercises, it is quite possible that you are lost on how to actually perform each one. Because of that, i will be posting an in depth guide over the next few days on how to actually perform them in the correct way, the do’ s and don’ts and how to really prepare for them. So stay tuned.

See you in the comments.

The unique bodyweight exercises ebook

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The Best Exercises To Work Lower Abs

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work lower abs

In an earlier post I described methods on how you can build a 6 pack. That was some weeks ago, and if you have worked hard since then, it is quite possible that you have developed a nice set of abs. If that is the case then it is possible that you may have developed the upper abs, done the same for the middle abs, but then thought to yourself

‘Ok, that wasn’t too hard, but how do I get these lower abs to show, I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work?’

Well, after I had built my 6 packs within 12 weeks or so, doing just sit ups, I had faced the same problem. The reason why it bothered me so much is that even though I had a 6 pack, the lack of muscles on the lower abs makes you feel like you still have a ‘pop belly’. Or it makes you feel that if you don’t work the lower abs, then your ‘pop belly’ will come back you if stop working on your lower abs one day.

You may be thinking similar things, or quite simply you are just a perfectionist that just wants it all, and half hearted efforts are far from acceptable. Never the less, I am going to show you the lower abs exercises that worked for me. They are more painful than your average sit up or leg raises, but hey, no pain no gain!

The diet exercise

‘Diet… that’s not an exercise’

Well you are right, it’s not an exercise, but maintaining and keeping to a good diet is critical when trying do bring out the lower abs from that annoying layer of fat. So focus on a low calorie meal plan when doing the exercises below.

In al of these exercises, perform 3- 6 sets/ 15-25 reps depending on your fitness level

Decline Reverse crunches
Decline Reverse Crunch

  • Lie down on a bench (decline) with your knees bent and your upper legs at a 90° angle
  • Grab the bench above your head to keep yourself stable.
  • Start with your legs horizontal to the ground.
  • Use your abs muscles to pull your knees towards your chest until they reach your elbows.
  • Hold the crunch position for three seconds and return to the starting position.

When I first began to do this exercise I was doing it completely wrong. But one day somebody in the gym that I was in kindly alerted me on how to do the exercise correctly, and when I did… man, did I feel the burn!

Exercise Ball Rollout

exercise ball rollout

  • Start with the ball in front of you and place your hands on the ball.
  • Lower your body by rolling the ball out (forward).
  • Keep your abs tight. Doing this allows you to maintain stability and to keep your balance so that you don’t fall.
  • When you come to a full stretch, return to the starting position by contracting your abs.

When I first saw this, I just thought it was a pointless exercise. But I was wrong! Do this exercise as described and you will feel the burn, and it will work your lower abs.

Reverse exercise ball crunches

Reverse exercise ball crunches
This one is similar to the decline reverse crunches except you use a ball instead of a bench. Again, perform this exercise and you will feel the burn.

  • Find a bench, wall, or stationary apparatus that you can hold onto (full fist)
  • Place the ball beside it.
  • Sit on the ball and roll down until the ball is resting under the mid-back, knees bent.
  • Place your hands behind you and hold onto the apparatus for stability.
  • Use your abs muscles to pull your knees towards your chest until they reach your elbows.
  • Hold the crunch position for three seconds and return to the starting position.

Perform these exercises, as a lower abs workout routine and when doing these exercises make sure you take short rest periods. Taking short rest periods will cause more sweating and force a lot of oxygen debt.

Don’t count like a robot

Now what I mean by this, is that you shouldn’t make counting during your sets a priority, you don’t need to be a robot. Yes you should count so that you can monitor your progress, but don’t make it a priority, instead focus on

  • Intensity
  • Sweating
  • Pumping your blood flow
  • Increasing your heart rate

Performing all of these lower abs exercises is what will get you your ‘real 6 pack’. Not doing thousands of sit-ups like I did. Focus on the procedure laid out here and those lower abs will rise through that annoying layer of fat.

See you in the comments

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Please Tell Me Why My Calves Won’t Grow?

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If this is you, then I feel your pain, as I too have struggled with building up my calves over the years. Out of all of the guys that I have met who train (Mostly high metabolism types), this is the one muscle over any other that they struggled to build. Although they all had excuses to why it was so hard, I believe there are other factors that contributed to the lack of muscle growth in their calves. Some factors are within their control, while there are some factors that aren’t, and today we will reveal some of the key reasons why your living human pair of drumsticks won’t pump any muscle like the rest of your body.

Calve training is your last exercise

Go on, admit it… you step into the gym, work your upper body to the max, get to the end of your workout and think to yourself ‘ooh, better work the calves… don’t wanna be top heavy now’!

Well if that isn’t you, then good on you, but that has been me and I’m sure it would be the same for many of you. Without a doubt, this mind set is unacceptable and I can guarantee that this is a key reason why your calves are lacking in ‘pump’.

No drive to build them

What you need to do is stop thinking about the raw power that you will use on that bench press and migrate it to your calf raises. But to do that you have to have a real desire to build your calves, and if you don’t, then you won’t succeed and you’ll just have to hit the beach and hurt the crowds eyes with your drumsticks.

But if you do have the desire then there are two things you will have to do.

1) Set a goal and a time frame on when you want to start seeing results (be realistic)

2) In that goal you MUST make calve training a priority in your workout. Even dedicate a whole day just for calve training if you have to!

Alternate, Alternate, and Alternate your exercises

Rubiks_Cube exercise
If you are working your calve muscles religiously, yet still aren’t getting results, then not alternating your exercises could be a key reason why. I’ve definitely fallen into this trap before, and have often gotten wildly frustrated with the lack of results. I would do,

1) 3 sets of calf raises/ 15 reps

2) 3 sets of seated calf raises/ 15 reps

Not realizing that all of this repetition was killing my muscles. Your muscles have a memory and once that sets in, your muscles will get comfortable with the movements, so you have to switch it up.

Here’s the switch

I’ve talked about muscle memory before and your muscles will adapt to most routines that you do and stick to within 3-4 weeks. This is when you will usually start seeing a decrease in strength and this is when you have to change it up.

Standing Calf Raises
1 set 20 reps (warm up) 110kg
2 sets 10-15 reps 130kg
2 sets 10-15 reps 110kg with 5 second hold in top position

Seated Calf Raise
Set 1 – 40kg at 20-25 reps, slow, non-stop, continuous tension
Set 2: 60kg at 15 reps, 3 second hold at top, 3 seconds eccentric, 3 seconds concentric, then drop weight down to 40kg and do 15-20 more fast reps
Set 3: 80kg at 10-15 reps (slight “bounce” at bottom)
Set 4: 20kg as many reps as possible (up to 100)

Changing up your routine like this is when you will start to see the biggest changes in muscle mass growth.

If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting!

Damn these weak calve giving genetics

Ok, now if you suffer from weak calve muscles that have simply been handed down to you from a previous generation, then there isn’t really much you can do about that. But you are not allowed to use this as an excuse! You must work with what your mother (or father) gave you. Take myself for example. I have high calf muscles like these,

calve muscles
Which leave the bottom of my legs flapping about in the wind. But like the legs in the picture, I build them up with what I’ve got, and when they look strong like this, complaints are a few.

Do more calf exercises

Most of us all know the importance of giving recovery time to our muscles, but this mainly applies to our bigger muscle groups like the chest, back and quad muscles. Because the calves are so small they don’t really need much recovery time and you can work them more often through out the week. Do,

1) 3-4 calve workouts a week

2) Alternate the workouts doing half heavy and half lightweights

3) Heavy workouts = Heavy weights at 8-15 reps

4) Light workouts = Light weights at 20 to 100! reps

These are the main things to consider when you face a decrease or lack of growth when trying to build calve muscles. Follow these tips through when you next hit the gym, and you will start to see some real results. Also, don’t forget to keep a high carb diet, food that is high in carbs is what will give your muscles pump.

See you in the comments

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How To Build Muscle Mass With A High Metabolism?

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gain muscle on skinny man

It’s been a ride so far here at stayfitbug.com and I have covered many topics, many of which have been suggested by readers like yourselves and those in other online communities. One of the biggest topics has been ‘how to build muscle mass with a high metabolism’. I have covered this topic through out various posts in the last few weeks, but the information is scattered across the site, so I intend to make this a bible post for all of you skinny men out there. I will help you get that muscle and I will make it my duty that you achieve from the information you pick up from stayfitbug.com!

You are what you eat

This we all know, but when you suffer, or should I say, when you are ‘blessed’ with a high metabolism, you just have to eat more. And these are the foods you will want to include in your diet.

  • Spinach – This is muscle fuel and will help repair muscles after working out (but you have to eat loads of it)
  • Pineapple and papaya – Will help speed up muscle recovery and will help breakdown and digest protein.
  • Salmon – Or any other type of fish will help you (Especially for cardio training).
  • Pasta and meat sauce – Is good for building and repairing muscle.
  • Pork tenderloin – Will help reduce fat around your waist.
  • Cold water – Will help with endurance.
  • Chocolate milk – Helps with hydration. Chocolate milk gives the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fat for a speedy muscle recovery.
  • Coffee – Good for pain relief after workouts.
  • Green tea – Good for muscle recovery.

Other great additions

  • Peanuts
  • Turkey
  • Porridge
  • Brown bread
  • Brown rice
  • Black beans
  • Potatoes
  • Eggs

If you are lost for what meals to include, have a read of killer foods for fitness (one and two).  That is still in it’s early stages and you will see more of killer foods for fitness, but in the mean time see my verdict on this book ‘Gourmet Nutrition’.

The high metabolism meal plan
Good male nutrition

In one of my very early posts I described how to eat in the early days of building muscle for mass, and this is how you should structure your daily meals.

  • Meal 1. A GOOD breakfast like porridge with bread mixed in.
  • Meal 2. Drink a gainer meal
  • Meal 3. Lunch with a lot of carbs 2/3 and 1/3 proteins
  • Meal 4. Drink a Gainer meal
  • Meal 5. Dinner with 1/3 protein and 2/3 carbs
  • Meal 6. Drink a gainer meal
  • Meal 7. Eat a dish with 2/3 proteins and 1/3 carbs

Realistically this can be hard to keep up, as I have tried doing this on a number of occasions to fit around my daily schedule. But if you keep it to at least 5 meals on the busy days and 7 meals on your free days, you will put on weight for sure. If you really do struggle, like most people do nowadays, then you can always take a supplement and add that to your diet. Whey protein is my personal favourite as of now, but take a look at my personal view on how to use these supplements.

Note: Also make sure you have a healthy bank account; all this food can be costly, depending on how and where you eat. Again give the Gourmet nutrition book a read for some tips.

Resistance Training

Resistance traing

How much and how often?

I have frequently talked about the importance of setting goals when training for results, and you will have to do this here too. But because we are talking about training to build muscle on a high metabolism/ ectomorph body type, the goal (no matter who you are) will be mostly the same.

1) Resistance training 3-4 times a week (1 hour a day)

2) One cardio training session a week. Depending on how skinny you are it could be a case of doing no cardio training at all in the early stages.

To see how to set your own personal goal, see my guest post on Dieselcrew.com

Lift Weights at Moderate Speed

Now, there has always been this myth that,

Lifting weights slowly = Bigger muscles

You can agree to disagree with me here, but I no longer believe this to be the case. For years I use to perform slow movement weightlifting and I would usually always achieve slow results… compared with now. With 2 years of power lifting and ‘explosive movements’ I would see results every 3-6 weeks!

The reason why lifting slow is bad is because,

1) It puts stress on the muscle from taking to long.

2) Allows pressure to build up in the joints… from taking to long.

3) Oxygen and energy run out before the muscle is even worked.

In general, changes will occur in your muscles when the muscles contract ‘intensely’. And this is why your weight lifting should not focus on slow movement. Yes… it may possibly give you an increase in strength, but you may lose muscle mass and you will only then be a strong, but still… skinny man!

The Ultimate Solution

There will be arguments on which is better,

Lift fast, or lift slowly? Why and for which type of goals?

But the key thing to remember is that weight training whether fast or slow is better than no weight training at all. But for you high metabolism types, the best thing to do is,

1) Start with lightweights – This will allow you to understand how to lift the weights properly regardless of the exercise.

2) Do the exercise properly – Once you have mastered how to do it, focus on control and execution.

3) Lift at moderate speed – Explosive yes! But not fast and not slow.

4) Increase the weight – Do the above 3, but always aim to increase the weight.

Structuring your weight lifting techniques like this will allow for the blood in your body to flow properly when lifting, and will give you the ‘pump’ that your muscles need. Do this and your muscles will grow!

build muscle from skinny to gain muscle

You and the previous You!

See you in the comments.

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