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Welcome to the related products page. I get various questions from people visiting this site and from other online/offline communities that i am a part of. Some questions are about fitness and exercise, while some others aren’t. Yet those that aren’t do have some relevance. Because of that i decided to dedicate a page just for both.


Note: This is not a page for marketing or advertising. Only for products i have personally used that i recommend for all readers and visitors!

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One way that we can start using the concept of blockchain. Is…

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It’s a very fast moving industry. But still early days. So… Watch this space.


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Post affilate pro

Post affilate pro

Post affilate pro

This one is directed at our S-curve member partners. Most of who, have started a new business within the past 2 years.

This is the platform you will use, once your product is ready, beyond the testing phase. So that related businesses can sign up and act as your sales team.

However… Follow OUR lead!

Meaning… Treat everyone involved as family. And when things start rocking and rolling. Share goodies with everyone.

For us… We treat our S-curve members and partners to Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. And for our S-curve member partners (You), to do the same with their people.


They’ve been around for 19 years. We’ve been using them on stayfitbug and the other websites under our umbrella for 9 of those years.

And they just keep ramping up the quality of their service year after year. Just like we do on > Morebuzz, year after year. Seriously.

The most stand out thing today, is their customer support. I don’t think I’ve experienced anything of this quality, that made me want to talk about it. Ah… Yes. Krispy Kreme delivery. They’re the only other company who raise the bar in that area @ recent personal experiences.

Anyway… ‘Email’ is still an important part of running an online operation. There are other options. But these guys work well for us. But again… The big takeaway is the customer support. Which is very useful if you’re technically challenged, or aren’t well equipped, in regards to hiring technically savvy people that you can trust!


Although i am passionate about fitness along with everyone else visiting and commenting here, i do get questions about the tech industry as i have been utilizing the web for some time now. Heck, I’m using it to communicate fitness tips with you on this site and through this page!

A question i get asked a lot about is hosting, and who to sign up with. These questions mainly come from gym buddies, people into property, non technical or casual bloggers as starting a blog for themselves can be beneficial to these type of people. Just like the theme of this site, i only like to recommend products or services from actually using and experiencing them myself. There are many hosting companies to go with out there, and there are plenty of review places you can go to, to decide and choose from, but i recommend Dreamhost.


After a few years i began to learn that no matter how good a hosting company maybe, you can always fall victim to having service problems with them, such as downtime, customer service, support and other technical issues. There simply is no one company out there that is perfect. But i have been with the Dreamhost guys for some 5 years or so now, and to my disbelief they have been great THE WHOLE WAY! (touch wood :)). I’ve hosted multiple sites over this period, spiked out traffic and all other things that you would expect to cause errors. But nope, smooth 99% of the way (come on now, no ones perfect)

That is a rare thing for sure, and i am quite a serious individual when it comes to customer service and support as i know what it is like being on the receiving end when it’s BAD. Which usually leads to some extreme use of profanity from your vocal chords.

I’m not going to say much else. But that is the answer for all those questions that i get asked and for the future questions I’m sure will get asked. Feel free to drop me a line once you have used them. Bugs out!

The Good Stuff!

Key features

97 day money back guarantee

$8.95 a month

$75 Google Adwords credit (use this to test things early on, don’t waste it!)

For Discounts and more!

Get a Promo code: BUGM3I5TER (gives you 30% discount)

Here’s a video on how to install WordPress with One-click install


Ivacy-vpn-stayfitbug-S-curve Partner Program

Ivacy VPN

This one is important.

As we have experienced first hand… How your details can get swiped. By browsing on un-secure connections.

Which will be a lot (During regular times… Unlike this 2020 pandemic).

As you’ll be traveling around a lot. Using many different internet connections

– Mobile banking

– Trading and investing (Cryptocurrency and stocks)

– Managing websites

You DO NOT want to be doing any of that stuff… On an un-secure connection.

We haven’t been using Ivacy for 5-10 years, like the other tools. And we did used to use a service in the first 2 years of starting

But they’re good. And now a part of the S-curve Partner Program, because of that reason.


Scrawny to Brawny:

The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way

(paper back)

[amazon-product alink=”2929EF” bgcolor=”#ffffff” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″ region=”us” tracking_id=”stayfbug-20″ width=”120″]1594860882[/amazon-product]Since starting this site i have talked quite a bit about going from ectomorph to a daddy mammoth. If my advice to you so far hasn’t been enough, then this is a gem you can stash away and retrieve when ever you don’t have an encouraging voice to turn to. I’m not much of a book reader myself, but this one held my attention as i was reading excerpts from a friends copy, so i got my own and started to read it from the beginning.
My number one problem with the book… is the meal plans outlined get a bit vague when it comes to your own caloric needs. Plus, the author constantly pushes his website in the book.

The other issue I have with the book, is lack of organization. He uses terms like “the above table”….when the table is on another page. There is a lot of flipping around in the book too. Grrrr!

I like the style of writing this author has. It’s comical while still keeping to the point. It is very “Men’s health” like in style.

Other than those small issues, Scrawny to Brawny isn’t just a book… as i said, it is a book you can turn to when ever that encouraging voice isn’t present.

If what i have outlined above relates to you and if you still love the ‘physical’ book, give it a shot.

Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook

Fitness books

As i have stated before, I’m not really much of a book reader. What i tend to do is take excerpts from books and save them on to my laptop or iphone for reference to read later on. On the home page i have a rule:

BUGS RULES: #5 It’s OK to pig out on food sometimes, you are human after all. What’s the point of it all without a little rule breaking!

This i do believe. But one must still remain fit and focused. A solution to those visiting this site would be this book. Before i picked this book up, i did do a lot of searching around as there are a lot of ‘bad’ books out there and this wasn’t a usual recommendation from a friend. The first thing i noticed is that the books format is like a ‘cookbook’ and a ‘manual’ and if you are a single guy/girl or not a good cook like myself… I’d say, get this book! The authors are the main reason i like this book. They go out of their way to give step by step guidance on how to actually process the meals outlined properly. Some highlights:

  • Building your Gourmet Nutrition – Everything you need to know about putting together a solid kitchen.
  • Gourmet Recipes – 101 recipes that taste great and anyone can make (no previous cooking skills required).
  • Cooking Tips – 18 cooking tips to make meal preparation a lot easier.
  • Nutritional Facts and Strategies -25 hints, tips, and bits of nutritional information to enhance your nutritional knowledge.

There really aren’t any stand out negatives that i think i need to warn you about here, so that is a good and rare thing for sure. The last thing I’ll say which is good is that it comes in and e-book format, so you can put it on your iphone/ Sony reader/ Kindle for reading on the move or if you travel.

Feel free to get back to me once you have it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Workout Accessories & Equipment

TRX Door Anchor

Home workout_Fitness at homeHome workout_fitness at home

In a previous post (Hotel Workout) I talked about the importance of keeping fit while on vacation, without letting your workout routine disrupt your ‘holiday time’. For my home workouts, i use a chin up bar placed between a door frame. This allows me to maintain my muscle mass while I’m not at the gym. But while I’m away i use a door anchor instead, as i know most hotels don’t build there rooms around fitness and workout needs. My first reaction when i first got introduced to this tool was, ‘Is this thing even safe…what if it slips off the top when I’m using it?’. You are probably thinking that right now, but rest assured, it really is safe to use. I personally use it for building and maintaining my triceps, forearms and back shoulders. But the versatility of this thing is great so you can use it in a variety of ways for different muscle groups and it will work those muscles you may usually miss doing normal exercises. If you:

  1. Workout at home
  2. Travel a lot
  3. Have no time for the gym

Then add this to your collection of home gym accessories if you haven’t already done so.

Dipping belt

I can’t actually believe i have left it so late to share my favorite toy with you all. For those who don’t know what this is, a dipping belt is something you wear to add extra weight to your body while doing bodyweight exercises such as chin ups and pull ups (see ‘ How to build lats (wings) like these‘ ). This is what you need to have when certain exercises become very easy, which means you have gained strength and have gotten used to lifting your own body weight. exercises such as

  • Chin ups
  • Pull ups
  • Dips

The reason I recommend the leather one is because it is more durable than material belts (lasts longer). if this product looks alien to you it could be becasue you don’t see many guys doing chin ups/ pull ups in the gym. If that is so, i can tell you this…. they do not know the secret to build functional raw strength! But if you have seen people using this and you have wondered what it is… now you know! For more understanding on how it works,

check it out here

And again, read that post to get an idea of how i used it.

Nutrition and Supplements

Through out this site have often stated my dislike for supplements and steroids as i believe you can achieve great results with what nature has to offer. But that same former body builder i told you about in this post (Forearms) is the one who introduced this to me.

At first i was very hesitant to even try it, but i have always lived by the rule ‘try anything once’, so i gave it a shot. I already knew what creatine does to the body, but i can say that trying this for a short while was great. I didn’t suffer any side effects that everyone usually goes on about and i think as long as you currently eat healthy and train regularly you’ll be just fine. There is no one great life changing product out there, not even this does that, but you will notice an increase in strength and muscle mass when you use it.

I guess this is good for all of those readers here that are like me and usually do not touch this stuff. If that is you, I’d try it once at least. And for any body building types reading this then you already know what to do. Have fun with it but be moderate.

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