The @fitbuzz back story (How it all began – Circa 2009)

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It’s almost inevitable that I end up spending more personal time with S-curve members that have become success stories (Ya… I can guarantee a success story for every one that starts now. And if for some reason it doesn’t happen. You can decide the punishment).

Especially those whose families and friends have been impacted the most.

It truly is the best thing in the world.

And like I said in yesterday’s Q & A. It’s now protocol that you enjoy your free time and whatever you do with it.

That’s is… Living the lifestyle. And it’s what I did with S-curve members yesterday, along with some potential new FitBuzzers. Aka friends of new successful members who tagged along because they too, saw their friends results from postings on Facebook.

> This was the result of one person who came through via those postings.

This happens with both online and offline members. It’s all the same now, in this super connected world.

This happened with Yanis family some time back (Hall of fame). I use her as an example from time to time, because of the level of impact it had. Basically, her mum saw her results and went crazy in order to find out how she did it.

Anyway… It’s a great feeling. It’s great to repeat the feeling. So if you like to make your folks happy or simply want to reconnect with some old ones. Then start.

Your results will boost their ‘happiness’ levels in ways that you wouldn’t even imagine.

Picture this…


I had just come out of creating an ‘internet start up’ company. But the experience totally screwed up my physical and mental health.

I felt like I was a shadow of my former self. The way that I got back to my old self, was by starting

> this site.

And it worked.

7 years later, it’s still the most popular @fitbuzz ‘public’ website.

But before I started the site. I sat in a room and wrote down some big long term goals.

Here’s some of them…


– Create a product/service that people can’t afford to live without.

– For ‘members’ to become the face of @fitbuzz. Not me… Although it will start with me.

– A long term view


I wish I had taken a picture of those notes. I wrote it down with a big black pen and stuck it on the wall so that I could see it everyday.

It stayed on that wall for 5 years. And those goals, have all started to form.


– The main S-curve program improving year after year.

– For the focus to turn from ‘me’ to ‘we’. You the FitBuzzer, becoming the face of all things @fitbuzz.


Which is what the hall of fame is.

– The 1-5 year long term view, to become a reality. And then to encourage you to have a 1-5 year time frame on your own plans.

You’ve read all of the recent newsletters. So you can see what the outcome is.

To conclude

The focus was on training men in the beginning (We still do via some parts of > More buzz).

The women (You), the S-curve, epic butt/tiny waist. All of that I did not predict. Everything just evolved into that.

But hey, here we are. A specialized winning formula for women.

Happy Sunday (Literally).




One other goal was to ensure that my own personal life became the S-curve lifestyle that you see.

Because a lot of what you’re getting taught is what allowed me to succeed in the pre- @fitbuzz years.

The mental and spiritual stuff. Which is arguably more important than the physical stuff.

Add me on Facebook below to see it all in action.


– The progress pics
– The travel-curvish shenanigans
– The ‘enjoying the lifestyle’ moments

P.P.S Starting a 30 day S-curve trial takes preparation. You might not be ready for that.

And that’s why we have a zero intensive > tailored e-doc starter program that’s $10.

It was a big hit just before the summer months kicked in. So now that we’re back into season.

That might be the start you need right now.
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Staying Fit Without a Gym Membership – A How to Guide

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Have you been neglecting your workout? Can’t afford a gym membership? Don’t have access to one in your local area? Maybe you just hate weights, mats and standing in line at the water fountain.Whatever the reason, the experts at Train Fitness Birmingham say “you don’t have to let a lack of equipment get in the way of your health or fitness goals.” Jot down a few of Bugs’ Quick Tips, and slip on those short shorts, because here are four ways to help you stay fit wherever you are.


The Park, the Running Shoes

Wide green spaces, autumn leaves, dogs running about. Your local park is the perfect opportunity for fresh air and a good bout of exercise. Forget the treadmill. Pound those feet down the running track and nod hello to your fellow joggers whizzing by. Cardio is great for you, and logging one or two hours every couple of days can be the first one of the first steps towards a stronger, healthier body. Calorie lab breaks down just how much you can expect to burn if numbers are your thing, with input for weight and speed/activity to personalise your count. 5mph for 30 minutes? That’s an easy 238 calories, thanks very much. Runnersworld has a whole list of good podcasts if you find yourself bored while working up a sweat, and there’s no need to be self-conscious while you do so, even if you recently took a break from working out. In 2018, an estimated 64 million people of all fitness levels and sizes popped out for a jog.

Sit Down. Rest. Watch a Game, or Two

The park, the home, the morning commute – they’re all good ways to stay fit without access to a gym. But what can you do when motivation fails you? When one break day turns into three, and three into a week? Willpower is just as important a part of building and maintaining fitness as the actual exercise itself, after all. Well, something that might help is simply sitting your butt down and watching a bit more sport. It sounds strange, I know, but trust me. According to The Guardian, over 750,000 Brits took up sport following the 2012 London Olympics, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. When you’re surrounded by idols, competition and passion for exercise, it’ll start to rub off on you. Who do you look up to? Follow their progress if you’re in need of inspiration. Take Anthony Joshua, for example. He’s on the line to win Sporting Personality of the Year in 2019, following the likes of Andy Murray, Paula Radcliffe and Brad Wiggins, as Betway reports. This 249 lbs heavyweight star’s victories over Klitschko in the ring and endearing personality are enough to make anybody keen on sport and exercise again! If Joshua won’t do it for you, how about Serena Williams or Kevin Durant, whose defensive prowess was recently praised on ESPN?

A Quick Home Workout

There’s no excuse for failing to move, not really. A 2×2 meter space is all it takes. Just clear that coffee table and get ready to squat. A whole host of home workouts are available online, so finding one that suits you best is easy, and with enough experience, you’ll be able to pick, choose and personalise the exercises that suit you best, whether that’s working your core or building muscle. Click here to see a comprehensive calisthenics guide from AthleticMuscle.

Make sure you’re getting enough water, while you’re at it. 2 litres a day should do the trick. Added bonuses of the home workout include easy access to the shower and the ability to strip down if you start to overheat, so don’t hold back! A high intensity home circuit will get those muscles moving and burn up to 500 calories depending on weight and effort.


Tight on time? Not a problem. Consider swapping out the morning drive for a morning cycle ride. Have confidence in those spandex leggings while you crack out the old bicycle from the garage. It doesn’t have to be the world’s greatest model to do you some good, you know. All you need is a helmet, working brakes and basic knowledge of cycle safety. If one mile of cycling burns 60 calories an hour, a daily eight-mile commute home and back again could have you burning up to 1000 a day. That’s on the extreme end of things, obviously, but if you’re willing to commit a little extra time and effort around sunrise, this could be a quick and killer way to maintain fitness. Make sure to fuel up and replace that lost energy with a good breakfast beforehand, perhaps one that’s tailored to increase your metabolism, then get out and join the masses. According to Bikeleague, an estimated 4 billion journeys were made on the back of a bicycle in the US in 2014.

There you have it. Three ways to stay physically fit, and one to help your mental motivation. Stay strong. Stay on target, and your body will follow. Say bye-bye gym fees and hello health!

Fat burners – The top 5 best of… For Women in 2029

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Believe me when I say that carving out the body of an athlete can be a hard road, I can tell you that from personal experience. You should be aware that the first three quarters of the job is down to you making the right lifestyle decisions, by eating and training right you will set your body on the path to S-Curve perfection, plain and simple.

However other factors such as stress, poor sleep and deficiencies in the body can cause us to store fat even when we think we’ve got everything figured out.

There’s been a few times when I’ve turned to supplements to help boost my own performance and overcome certain obstacles in my training.  I’ve written about them here on this blog.

More recently I’ve been saving all my advice for you female Fitbuzzers, with that in mind I thought it would be useful to profile some of the best fat burning supplements available for women.

Key elements of a fat burners

Now there’s plenty of people out there that have never used fat burners and probably don’t have the first clue when it comes to choosing the right one.

Personally I’ve always looked for ingredients that offer a good metabolism spike as well as improved energy for training. The best fat burners are the ones that support reduced body fat but also supplement your body with healthy ingredients at the same time. For all you ladies a good appetite suppressor can also work well as it’s now a scientific fact that women struggle more with cravings than men.

Here are some of the main things to look for in a fat burner;

Natural stimulants – Natural stimulants like Green Coffee and Green tea have a powerful thermogenic effect on your body, raising your metabolism and helping you burn more calories even after you’ve finished in the gym.

Dietary Fibre/Appetite Suppressants – A good fat burner will include a healthy amount of a dietary fibre. Dietary fibre is known to help with bowel health and certain types like Glucomannan are very effective in filling you up and stopping you from consuming too much food.

Vitamins – Vitamins are also important for optimising that s-curve body. In many cases vitamins or minerals will switch on enzymes to help break down fat. In particular, B vitamins are involved in unlocking and using energy from the body’s stored fat reserves.

Spices – Some of the best include super spices like Cayenne Pepper and Turmeric which have been shown to combat fat by boosting your metabolism and stopping the production of fat cells. 

What to expect from a top fat burner

When on the hunt for a top fat burner you should be looking for one to compliment your training and diet. The key thing to be aware of is that natural ingredients can and do work but only alongside hard work and discipline.

Choosing a fat burner can involve quite a lot of research but choose the right one and you should enjoy some of the following benefits;

    • Powerful fitness ally for accelerated fat burning   
    • Better appetite control
    • Toned, Sexy S-Curve physique (not bulky)
  • Confidence to wear a bikini

Which Fat burner should I choose?

When you’ve been involved with fitness for a long time you start to get a good feel for what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to choosing a top fat burner I do usually favour the more premium options. These are the ones that include the most thorough formulas and effective ingredients however there’s also few cheaper options here for those on a tighter budget.

Check them out…

#1 Leanbean – The Female Fat burner

The lowdown?

Made by the specialist supplement firm Ultimate Life, Leanbean is one of the best reviewed and top rated fat burners available for women. And whilst it’s quite a new product it nonetheless has impressive reviews and comments from customers online.

One of the biggest attractions of this supplement is that it really does tick all the right boxes for a product in this category.

Leanbean was originally produced for fitness models meaning it includes the appropriate amount of natural stimulants to keep you energised whilst training, the main ones being Green Coffee and Green Tea.

It also has an extremely effective approach to appetite suppression by including a solid amount of the dietary fibre Glucomannan as well as another proven hunger buster Cayenne Pepper.

Leanbean is also different from other fat burners in that it includes Turmeric, Turmeric aids healthy weight loss as well as proper hormonal balance.

Key points

Turmeric – Powerful spice that helps block excess Estrogen in order to prevent fat accumulation

Glucomannan – Fibrous plant extract that swells once ingested and fills you up
Cayenne Pepper – Hot spice that gets your metabolism firing but also helps suppress appetite
Green Coffee/Green Tea – Natural sources of caffeine that help you burn fat without giving  you the jitters.

Vitamin B – Helps convert fat into fuel and aids sleep.

In a nutshell

Leanbean is number one on the list as it’s a high-grade fat burner that includes the best all round combination of fat burning ingredients. As with most of my favourite products in this category Leanbean has a premium price tag.   

To buy:

#2 Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout has been around for quite a few years now and has really stood the test of time. In all honesty there’s not much in it between this one and my number one pick Leanbean.

Instant knockout is a high-quality fat burner that’s used by cage fighters looking to cut down for an upcoming bout. It has one of the best combinations of fat burning ingredients making it a really good choice for both men and women.

Like Leanbean Instant Knockout’s pedigree is backed up by positive customer reviews online and a solid ingredient profile.

First and foremost, it includes a large quantity of stimulants like caffeine to get your metabolism surging and core temperature rising during workouts, something that can be really effective if you’re wanting to cut down quick.

Instant knockout also has good appetite suppressors like Cayenne Pepper and Konjac Fibre so great for ladies looking to fight off the cravings.

Key Points

Caffeine/Green Tea/Green Coffee – Boosted metabolism for quicker fat loss

Cayenne Pepper – To raise core temperature and supperss cravings

Konjac fibre – To reduce cravings

Black Pepper – Improves absorption

In a nutshell

Instant Knockout is one of my favourite supplements period. A great formulation that’s used by the pros. Again, be prepared to stump up more cash for this one.  

To buy:

#3 Shredz burner for women


The Lowdown?

Shredz Burner for Women was created by supplement firm Beyond Genetics Supplements, it’s number three on the list and one of the best fat burners on the market for Women at the moment.

It uses only natural ingredients meaning side effects should be kept to a minimum. This product is designed to lift your core temperature and help your body to erase fat naturally.

Shredz Burner contains a number of different ingredients to support weight loss as well as greater energy and motivation.

The best of these includes Cayenne Pepper which aids metabolic rate as well as appetite control. I also like the inclusion of Caffeine and Green Tea to support increased energy and metabolic function.

Key points

Cayenne Pepper – Great ingredient that helps with both appetite and metabolic rate.

Green Tea – Includes antioxidants and stimulates fat burning through thermogenesis.

Caffeine – Well known fat burner that also aids energy and aerobic ability.

In a nutshell

Another quality fat burner, Shredz packs a punch when it comes to natural stimulants. One slight drawback is that it doesn’t include dietary fibre like Glucomanan, so take this into consideration if cravings are a particular problem for you. Shredz is one of the most expensive picks but it’s also a favourite too.

To buy:

#4 Grenade Killer Keytones

Fat burners

The Lowdown?

Grenade is a sports supplements brand based in the UK.

Grenade Killer Ketones was designed to be promote fat oxidation in women and uses ingredients designed to isolate excess dietary carbohydrates.

Grenade Killer Keytones includes Caffeine as well as Green Coffee Extract, two ingredients which I always like to see in a good fat burner. It also includes African Mango which has been linked to decreased bodyweight and waist circumference.

There’s also a decent amount of Vitamin B in this fat burner which helps convert dietary fats into energy.

In a nutshell

One of the more budget options on the list, it includes good fat burning ingredients like Caffeine and Green Coffee. However I don’t think it includes anywhere near enough Green Coffee Extract as this is one of the most effective fat burning ingredients around. It’s also missing  top appetite suppressor Glucomannan.

To buy:

#5 Leanmode

Fat burners

The Lowdown?

Leanmode is produced by a company called Evlution Nutrition.

The product is marketed around a low stimulant content meaning it may well be attractive to female customers.

Leanmode includes good amounts of Green Coffee Extract and Green Tea, two of the best ingredients for speeding metabolism and losing weight.

However it is missing some quality ingredients that I would typically associate with a top fat burner. There’s no dietary fibre for appetite control nor does it include fat burning spices like Cayenne Pepper or Turmeric.

In a nutshell

Leanmode is decent budget option for women looking to lose weight, it’s low on stimulants which can sometimes be viewed as positive thing. It’s important to point out that it is missing some key fat burning ingredients, which is what puts it number five on the list.

To buy:

* #6 Hunter (Burn) – 2019 ‘high-end’ supplements update

Hunter focus

You all know about the higher-end supplements. After reading > this page

Well…The team behind the scenes… Has been working on new formulas for you. For months now.

Again… You’ll follow the rules laid out on the supplements page above @ usage (A common question actually).

Anyway. Here’s the > new page.

Dig through. It’s a solid read. Which of course… Is one of the rules laid out, on the supps page.

And as you’ll see, once you do read through @ the above… No reviews are needed.

Conclusion on Fat burners

So S-Curve enthusiasts I’ve tried to put together some great fat burning supplements that will help you whilst you get your ‘Fitbuzz’ on. I’ve also tried to tailor the list towards genuine sports supplements, those that help to optimise and reward your efforts in the gym. Whilst I don’t subscribe to the magic pill theory I’ve found from personal experience that a good fat burner is definitely worth adding to your supplement stack  

For the best all round formula and most effective fat burning ingredients our top pick is Leanbean.

Note: Check this post too…

A Story About Food And Supplements (Within the S-curve Xperience) 

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The ultimate dream booty (Very important actually)

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Buzzers… Weekend > day #1

Earlier in the week I said that you was lying whenever you ‘say’ you are busy. You probably first read that… Wanting to punch me in the virtual gut :P. Because you ARE busy.But I of course followed that up, by saying that we spend a lot of time @ managing your emotions and day to day shenanigans. And its true…100%.

Because in day to day life… You truly are busy.

Busy with ‘work life’.

And I know 100%, that it’s super hard to make this lifestyle happen without outside help.

In all areas…

– With hands on 121 coaching
– With the physical stuff (Workouts @ ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’)
– With what to eat (Almost everyone is screwing up here… And will continue to do so, without help)

I ‘see’ (In person) AND speak with people like YOU… Daily.

And I’m one of ‘those people’ (I AM you) too @ everything on > More buzz takes work.

It just happens…. That I’ve helped create the formula (With your help) that solves the above problem. So I too… Can personally feel the benefits of the S-curve formula (Especially since I still test some of the stuff on myself). Which is why you’re constantly being pushed into the formula, with this daily newsletter.


After all of the many convos with folks… The key word = ‘Balance’

It is slightly easier to achieve in today’s world. With today’s tech opportunities. But what WE do here… Isn’t about teaching you that. It’s about turning your current daily routine, into an S-curve lifestyle.


– When working in the city… You follow the S-curve meal structure (End of day meal reports).

– When in the city… You find > ‘come up for air’ moments.

– The roof top bar/cafe is a common area of interest amongst members/Fitbuzzers in the chats.

– At the weekend… The true ‘balancer’ = Travel-curvish 2.0. This can be any 2-3 day break that you have. Not just a weekend. Since a lot of us work on the weekends.

All of the above… Is the reason why we have now evolved into an ‘S-curve experience’. It’s been heading that way, ever since August 2016, when he had that ‘big rush’.

It’s that 65% ‘life’ stuff and 35% nutrition/workout stuff.

I said at the start of the year, that things are heading that way. And just like I predicted that stage 4 (Via More buzz) for older members would be needed.

This S-curve experience is now here too.

And the face to face chats I have with folks, confirms that this is the right current day approach.

That is… Managing the elements of your daily life shenanigans. Which just happens to include premium level nutrition and workout help.



It’s been a while since we just cooled off (We used to call this ‘the cooler’) and just talked things out.

But it’s needed.

And I indeed came up for air, prior to creating today’s newsletter, in order to get into the right mind space to talk about it.

Now reply and tell me what your current daily life looks like (Not you S-curve members. Ha. @ You know who you are and what WE do together).



FB messenger app:
Skype: chamileon857
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

Impact of Erectile Dysfunction on a Couples Life

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How many times have you felt embarrassed or ashamed in front of your partner, when you had to refuse her need to get sexually intimate? Your partner may not realize what you might be going through and can confuse your disinterest with your lack of interest in her or even suspect you of having an affair. This is a major consequence of a man’s inability to get or sustain an erection, also called erectile dysfunction. This male health issue is more common than you might imagine and can wreak havoc on your psyche and your relationships.

The problem arises only when after the withdrawal of the man from the sexual act, the woman too withdraws, without communicating her feelings. This lack of communication is not restricted to the bedroom alone, but can spread to other aspects of the relationship, where the partners avoid even looking at each other, stop talking and even start avoiding touching each other. However, there is good news for men suffering from ED. According to trusted review site, Leading Male Enhancement, the use of natural enhancement pills can not only lead to permanent male enhancement but also work as a cure for ED. This is because these pills work to relax the blood vessels and muscles, allowing greater blood flow into the penile chamber, a prerequisite for erection.


Effect of ED on the Man


According to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education, age is a strong variable in increasing the chances of a man suffering from ED, where 40% of the individuals affected by ED tend to be 40 years of age or older, while this rate increases to 70% by the time men cross the age of 70.

The immediate impact on the man is that with the loss of the ability to hold an erection, he begins to feel less like a man or feels that he has lost his manhood, which is severe pressure they put themselves under. This feeling also affects their thinking in other aspects of life, causing them to feel inadequate in various roles.

The man could start escaping various life and social events, especially when they need to get intimate with their partner or approach someone for the first time. A sense of insecurity takes over and they begin to experience low self-esteem, feeling ashamed of themselves for not being able to satisfy the sexual needs of their partner. What is important to know is that male enhancement supplements are effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, if consumed as recommended.

Effect on the Woman


Things get worse when the man starts blaming his female partner for not being able to have an erection. Even if he doesn’t, his lack of erection could make the woman believe that they are to blame. They feel that they might have done something wrong or are failing to do something that could have helped stimulate their partner. Women could also start believing that their partner no longer finds them attractive, which is why they are not stimulated enough to achieve an erection. As a result, she could also end up with increasing levels of stress and depression that then severely affects her overall health and her relationships. In worst case, the woman could start suspecting her partner of having an affair.

Couples need to act quickly if the male partner has been experiencing ED, checking for natural cures, one of which could be men’s male enhancement pills. In fact, the effectiveness of these natural male enhancement supplements are not limited to ED, but they also aim to enhance sexual performance, stamina, libido and penis size in men, while also benefiting overall health.

How to increase your metabolism – The Exercises

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It’s been a while since I posted about how to increase your metabolism, and since then I have had conversations with many. It seems to be one of the hottest on going topics in health and fitness, and there doesn’t seem to be one killer answer to the question either. So for the sake of those who ask and for anyone else who is facing this problem, these are a few exercises you can include into your fitness program along with the 13 ways to increase your metabolism.


Complete as many exercises as you can of each one within 15 minutes. Take a 1-2 minute break in-between each set

Dumbbell Split Squat

Dumbbell Split Squat

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells with your arms hanging at your sides.
  • Stand in a staggered stance.
  • Put your right foot in front of your left.
  • Keep your torso upright and lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Raise yourself back up into the staggered stance.
  • Max out to 8-10 reps
  • Switch legs and repeat.

Allow the heel of your rear foot to raise off floor during descent so that the weight is transferred to your forefoot. Your knees should also point in the same direction as your feet throughout movement.

Cross-Body Mountain Climber

This exercise will work your abs muscles and should be performed at high speeds for maximum results.

  • Assume a push up position.
  • Your body should form a straight line from your head to your heels.
  • Tense your abs! You will have to hold them that way throughout the entire exercise.
  • Pull your left knee as close as you can to your right shoulder, without allowing your hips to sag.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat, this time raising your right knee toward your left shoulder.
  • Do 10 reps

If that gets a bit easy, do it on higher ground. That should test you.

Chin-up with Knee up

Pull up Knee upChinup-Kneeup

This exercise can be quite brutal at first, but once your strength increases you will be on your way to staying eternally ripped.

  • Grab a chin-up bar with your palms facing your body.
  • Do a pull-up so your chest reaches the bar, while also raising your knees to your chest. Slowly lower your body and return to the start.
  • If you can’t complete a chin-up, simply raise your knees while hanging from the bar.
  • Do 10 reps (or to failure)

All three of these exercises are bodyweight exercises and will work every part of your body. Working all parts of your body with compound exercises is an essential ingredient to maintaining overall fitness, but this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exercises and techniques that will boost your metabolism even further.

Just a quick tip: make sure you wear the right athletic footwear like New Balance shoes for better performance on your exercise routine.

What metabolism boosting techniques have worked for you so far?

See you in the comments.

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How to keep fit while making money online

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Gain health and wealth while you make money onlineIf there is one thing that affects us all that no one has universally solved, it is how to manage our time effectively. Every one does have personal preferences on their approach to this and some manage their time better than others, and there are plenty of online tools that help us to do so, but that’s all they are, tools. We still have to put those tools into action.

In the Adult world it seems that everyone is BUSY, regardless of the profession they are in. This often leaves us with less time to spend with families, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends or any other things we may deem important to us. The real problem is not that we are busy, just that we are bad at managing our time.

Even with the rise of the Internet and the mobile web, the problem still seems to exist and it affects a group of individuals that I myself am a part of.

Those who make money online and like to keep fit!

Without a doubt, making money online is easier than making money from an offline business (in general), but you will still face similar hurdles. I also know that there are those of you out there (new and old) that do 17-hour days and don’t have time to fit anything else in. This usually happens with the online newbie’s more than anyone else, but at times, that’s just how it is. But believe me when I tell you this.


You can keep this up for 3 –6 months max, but after that you will need to have systems in place to begin to work effectively, give you more time and for the people reading this, time to keep fit!

As that famous quote states:


And this can’t be any truer for this group of people, myself included.

So what systems should you have in place?

no excuses, you must manage your timeNo smoking, stay fit and healthy

The keyword here is ‘Autopilot’. The tools and methods outlined below will allow you to eventually free up more time and find time to workout… while still making money online.

Get organized

To do list software

Whether you use them on your phone, laptop or PC, be sure to use one of these. Sure you will plan things and on some day’s things won’t go according to plan. But by doing this it gives you structure, and whenever there are changes to your schedule, the time overlap into your other tasks will only be give and take.


Apple iphone
– Remember the milk
– To do’s
– Things

– Remember the milk

Time stamp posts

If you are like myself and part of your day consists of writing and/or publishing content, then set aside a time of day to do this. Once you have done so, and if you use online software such as WordPress, you can edit the time that the content is to be published. I set mine up either the night before or before midday the next day. This allows me to focus my time on other things that I do on the web, or time to schedule a workout at the gym.

Portfolio of potential guest writers, staff or partners

Join online communities of your niche. You will meet great people and possibly start a few new friendships. This is also a great way to meet other great writers, potential staff to help you out and possibly some strategic partners.

TweetLater and Tweetfeed

If you use Twitter for your business operations, then both of these services will allow you to post items to Twitter at a specific time during the day (such as new blog posts). This again will save you loads of time and allow you to get on with other tasks, or time to work out at the gym.

Social book-marking tools

Posting content to social book-marking sites can prove to be very valuable to your business operations, but it can also be a huge time sap. There are tools out there that allow you to post items to many social book-marking sites at once. By doing this you save A LOT of time, and again, more time for the gym.


There probably are other methods out there to help you organize your time, but these are essential methods that I use daily and it seems to work well. Of course, do keep in mind that there will be times where full commitment is required, but when it’s not, you have yourself a winning plan. Implement these methods in a way that suits you best and you will save A LOT of time, have great health and wealth, while making money online.

What time management methods do you use?

See you in the comments.

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Chicken Legs Syndrome (part 2) How to beat it?

August 2, 2009 by  
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Now that you know what chicken leg syndrome is from the previous post, I’ll outline the ways to ACTUALLY get rid of them. The exercises described here are ones that started to work for myself (6′ 2” sky scraper – long legs are hard work) so if you are shorter than that, i am sure your results will start to show a lot quicker than mine did. Just remember, like i’ve said before, it won’t be easy unless you already have a relatively good foundation to already build on. So follow the below and keep at it.

Note: I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but please…STRETCH before you do these exercises. If you don’t, feel free to let me know the outcome. 🙂



  • Quadriceps (the front of the thigh)
  • Hamstrings (the back of the thigh)
  • Abductors (the butt muscles)
  • Adductors (the inner thigh)

Leg extensions

leg extensions workout tips

This exercise helped me go from a size 34 to 36 in trouser size (not wearing a belt). This exercise works the quads and can be done using a machine in the gym.


Select an appropriate weight and load the machine. If you have not used this machine before, you may have to experiment with the amount of weight selected.


  1. Extend your legs as far as possible, without locking your knees.
  2. Keep your ankles and lower leg muscles relaxed (don’t point your toes) when lifting the weight to avoid straining the muscles on the back of the leg. Each leg can also be exercised separately.

Lunges (with dumb bells)

dumb bell lunges to gain leg muscles

This was a classic ‘give me pain for days’ exercise back in the early training days. I would do lunges (without weights) up to 30-40 metres down a track and by the last 10 metres my legs would seize up. You don’t need a track and you can do these in the gym. This exercise is great for building your butt.


Finding some dumb bells. (start with light weights)


  1. Lock the dumb bells to your side (straight armed)
  2. Now step forward with one foot with your feet being around 2 feet apart.
  3. Make sure to have your front leg flat on the floor with both your set of toes pointing forward.
  4. Proceed by bending your legs until both your knees are at 90 degree angles.
  5. Now push back up to starting position.
  6. Repeat

Barbell Squats

squat to gain big leg muscles

I call this the all rounder ‘trademark’ exercise, as it works most of the muscles in your legs (especially the butt). This exercise used to scare me when i first started out and still does to an extent. I would recommend having some one spot or support you for this (or start with dumb bell squats) because if you fall, it could be real nasty!


Lay the bar in front of you.


  1. Lift the bar
  2. Rest a barbell on your shoulders (behind your head) with your feet ‘shoulder width’ apart
  3. Keep your back straight, bend your knees and lower your body towards the floor. You should go as low as you can without lifting your heels off the floor and without bending forward at the waist.

Leg curls (laying down)

leg curls to buld quadracept muscles

I might have joked about the ‘not stretching’ situation earlier. But no playing with this exercise… STRETCH.  If you’ve watched any form of performance sport over the years you may have seen how a hamstring injury has put those individuals out of action for some time. I’ve luckily only suffered from cramp from not stretching. Decrease the levels of salt in your diet. Never the less this is a great exercise for building the back of your legs.


Find a machine and lay on your front.


  1. Bend your leg at the knee and curl the weight towards your butt.
  2. Keep the upper portion of your leg still and your butt muscles relaxed.
  3. Lower your legs to the starting position
  4. Repeat



  • Gastrocnemius (The top part of the lower leg. Known to most as ‘The calf ‘)
  • Soleus (Building this makes the back of your lower leg wider)

There are a few calf raise exercises out there and different people will see different results from each type. But out of all the calf raise exercises these are the ones that i saw the best results from.

Standing dumb bell Calf Raise


  1. Hold dumbbells in one in each hand or one at a time.
  2. Position toes and balls of feet on calf block with arches and heels extending off.
  3. Place hand on support for balance. Lift other leg to rear by bending knee.


  1. Raise heels by extending ankles as high as possible.
  2. Lower heels by bending ankles until calves are stretched. Repeat.
  3. Continue with opposite leg.

Machine Calf Raise (standing or seated)


  1. Select an appropriate weight and load the machine. If you have not used this machine before, you may have to experiment with the amount of weight selected.
  2. Understand how the release mechanism works before loading the weights.


  1. Sit on the calf raise machine with feet resting on the foot support.
  2. Adjust the bench so that the knees are snug under the pad.
  3. Brace the abdominals and remember to breathe out on execution and in on recovery.

All of the above exercises have given me desired results at some point or another, but i would suggest that you mix up the exercises a little week by week/ day by day or which ever suits you best (will leave that till another post). If in doubt when you are at the gym….ASK!

For those that workout at home, I’m not going to bother outline home workout methods for legs. Quite simply because you’re not going to get any real significant body changing results. Now go get that gym membership, follow the above and put some meat on those bones!

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The Chicken Legs Syndrome

August 1, 2009 by  
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How to build leg muscles

This is a thing that affects most men (myself included). You know, legs as wide as your ankles 😮 . I may have been blessed in the high metabolism department, but because of that, i grew up suffering from what i call ‘ The chicken legs syndrome‘.

What is the chicken legs syndrome?

It may not be as drastic as having legs as wide as your ankles (well it is for him >>), but it is legs that are skinny enough to drive that nagging fear of not wanting to wear shorts in the months leading up to summer, or fear of wearing lycra if you’re an upcoming athlete. Of course some athletes like 100/200m runners get away with it, as a ‘model’ 100/200m runner would have skinny lower legs muscles, but very high and powerful calf muscles (which gives them the very much needed short bursts of energy).

Most guys that do go to the gym won’t have too many problems building their upper body muscles. But the leg muscles are a much larger muscle group than those up above, and they require much more work if you want to increase their size. The majority of people tend to turn away when faced with difficulty in anything that we may face in life, and it’s no different here. Guys would beef up their upper body muscles, forget to work on there legs and end up looking top heavy. Being top heavy is bad because it affects and can cause:

1) Imbalance

2) Unnatural look

3) Performance (especially in a sport)

And it’s very noticeable. Working this muscle group is also essential for developing and maintaining a high metabolism.

So how can we beat chicken leg syndrome?

As i stated, it won’t be easy, but with some persistence, perseverance and by following the basic guidelines below, it won’t be long until you find yourself joining the Fat legged brigade.

Start as you mean to go on

You must start working on your legs from day one. If you fail to do this the results of your upper body workouts will start to surpass the efforts of your lower body workouts. When imbalance does start to occur, it will be hard to catch back up and will start to turn into a game of cat and mouse.


Your leg workouts. By doing this you will be working all of the necessary muscles so that none get left behind. So be sure to implement that into your plan.

Keep up the cardio

Cardio exercise and other sports do stimulate your muscles to a certain degree. This usually isn’t enough to result in muscle growth, but it is essential for maintaining muscle activity.

ACT NOW! ….well not just yet. This is just a starter on the menu. Stay tuned for the next post. I’ll be outlining some of the key exercises that started to work for myself.

Fix your legs... Wear it right... Born Tiugh

Fix your legs… Wear it right…

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