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People of S-curve world… Thursday newsletter…
Every single day seems to be eventful in 2020… Within S-curve world.
And it makes sense as to ‘why’ too…
– There’s more people active on the internet, more than ever before… Globally!
– We’re now an S-curve Xperience… Which means we’ve opened ourselves up, in regards to being exposed in more (Relevant) markets.
Which means it’s more important than ever to make sure you catch these newsletters when they arrive. So that you don’t miss anything.
More on that later.
We’re kick starting this day, with a Q & A

#1 Why don’t you have/When will you build an app

Well… Building an app without purpose….Won’t boost your results. Physically, mentally or spiritually.
Unless the app is a virtual human being. That acts like a real human being. Similar to what we saw in the movie ‘Her’ (2013).
Why is that so?
– 121 chats
– Daily nutrition coaching
– Having real conversations
– A consistent 6-8 hours of sleep… Which is what the S-curve workouts will force you to get… Especially when you possess a great mattress via our S-curve Partner Program members over at > Bear Mattress.
– Everything that was highlighted in the previous newsletter.
That’s what has.. And still is… Causing results you’ve seen over time….
S-curve member Amy... Still 'active', since starting in 2013!
S-curve member Amy… Still ‘active’, since starting in 2013!
And so… Instead of an ‘app’. We simply give you the offline (Coaching/training) experience, using today’s technology.
The big focus in 2020… Is to spend more time AWAY from technology.
You see 1-3 months to results that we spoke of in the previous newsletter…?
The more fun that’s to be had after THAT time period… Exists in offline activities.
As you can see via us and our S-curve partners, members, associates and peers…
– Process
– Consistency
– People with experience succeeding
That’s what you need in your life, in order to start/continue ‘winning’. And not just in regards to Becoming S-curvish to look like this…
'Soft lean' bikini-curvish moments on the rocks @ S-curve Partner Program (Individuals) member @zareth_tarud
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments on the rocks @ S-curve Partner Program (Individuals) member @zareth_tarud

#2 I’m an S-curve Partner Program (Individual)… What tools do I need to become an effective S-curve Partner Program (Business)?

– A good hosting company
We’ve used > Dreamhost since 2006 
– Our WordPress plugins list
This is important, as you’ll need to have a fast website (A good hosting company helps with that too). And one that is effective at converting visitors into customers.
Of course, this list is private.
– A chat function on your website
We use Manychat on the S-curve Xperience website. But Mobile Monkey is another option to look at.
– A software that allows you to add and manage affiliate sellers into your product/service.
Get on this from day one!
Don’t wait until later, as building up your base may take some time.
We’ve mentioned this several times before. But Post Affiliate Pro is the only software that we can truly recommend jumping on. As we’ve lived inside of it ourselves since 2013!
Once you have those set up…  Prepare to watch… As your website traffic starts to go upwards, from OUR marketing efforts.
Which of course… Is a benefit of being a part of the S-curve Partner Program.
If you’re reading this for the first time. The following is what you’ll need to qualify, in order to be a part of the program.
1. Look S-curvish (Like @zareth_tarud) above.
2. Living some variation of the lifestyle that is… The S-curve Xperience
To qualify and join the program for FREE.

Some ‘pointers’ when navigating around within the S-curve Xperience…

– On stayfitbug.com
– On scurveandbuttfitness.com
– On our social media profiles
1. Looking at the stats… I know that most of you view the mobile version of this website.
But the desktop version of the website, is where you’ll see this image…
On the right side bar.
That is all of the social media websites where we have a presence.
A lot of the posts there, are linked throughout the newsletters, that appear on the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday newsletters.
But not always.
So be sure to subscribe/follow… If YOU are present on any of those social media sites.
2. Videos…
I recently started posting public videos again…
I started doing them in 2010.
– With > video interviews 
– With S-curve workout videos (Examples and verbal tips throughout)
I slowed it down in 2014, as we were hitting 30–50 paying S-curve members every month.
It was OK for ME to manage that many members. But it did mean I had to scale back on creating public videos.
In 2020
S-curve partners, member, associates and peers have taken over in the public video department (Part of the S-curve Partner Program).
But it’s also a different day today.
Videos are spread across many different platforms.
We’re an S-curve Xperience. And our content arsenal has stretched beyond workout videos.

I’m still doing private videos for those who become S-curve members. But again… It’s a different day.
Most of the video content is pre-recorded. And just ‘works’.
More time is spent…
– In 121 coaching chats
– In LIVE video chats
– Inside the S-curve Partner Program

3. stayfitbug.com vs scurveandbuttfitness.com

Stayfitbug.com = The home for EVERYTHING we do, the brand, the blog
Scurveandbuttfitness.com = The SHOP!
The shop… Which is still only 18 months old. So it’s not always the first thing people see in our world.
You see these posts…
The ‘Xperience’ is free… Going deeper costs money… 
THIS is why the S-curve Xperience is FREE… 
The shop… Is where you go, to go deeper. And buy things that will enhance the quality of YOUR S-curve Xperience.
It’s always being worked on.
Talking of the shop…

Our current/newest S-curve Program Partners (Businesses)

1. – CV Sciences, Inc.

2. – Cupshe

3. – Born Tough

4. – Bear Mattress 

5. – Cellars Wine Club

6. – VaporFi

7. – Military Muscle


To conclude

Things move fast in today’s world. And opportunities will fly right past you, into the hands of others, if you’re not quick to act.
So when you see newsletters and announcements. Jump on them. As the offers within them won’t be around forever.
They’ll either evolve or disappear completely.
I’m highlighting this… As I’ve seen people wait around for things. To come back at a later date, disappointed that the opportunities no longer exists.
Also… Make sure you follow the Facebook stories on the Shaun Sinclair FB profiles.
Special posts appear in there from time to time. Posts that you won’t see elsewhere.
And for even more special goodies… Get active in… 
1. The S-curve member program
2. The S-curve Partner Program

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Unusual Things you can do to Get Fit

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Getting in shape is often a matter of staying interested in exercise. If you can find something physical to do that you enjoy doing, then you’ll have far more success than if you simply jumped on the exercise bike and started peddling.


Yes, walking isn’t particularly unusual – but few of us do it as much as we really should. Think about all of the ways in which you’re avoiding walking in your daily life, and eliminate a few of them. Those five-minute car journeys that could be turned into half-hour walks? Eliminate them!


This one’s a little more on the unusual side. If you’re a fan of classic tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, then why not make the switch to something more physical with some Live Action Role Play. You’ll be able to get outdoors and socialise, and if you’re playing a character who has to lug around heavy armour, you’ll get some valuable anaerobic exercise, too.


You might, at the end of a wedding reception, have gotten onto a dancefloor and made some gestures which sort of approximate dancing. But with just a few sessions training, you can make vast technical improvements – and you may even have a hobby that you’ll persist with over the longer-term.


If we’re being honest, combat sports are about the most effective form of exercise there is. You have the not-inconsiderable incentive of a punch to the face to keep you moving, and a kind of rigorous cardio that calls upon every muscle in the body rather than just one.


Any activity which involves running away from people who are trying to shoot you is sure to be energetic as well as fun. You can travel to Royston via train and check out the paintball facilities there – as well as the leisure centre.


If you have a few household chores to take care of, then getting them done against the clock can make the time go faster – and it might even make things a little more mentally stimulating. Moreover, you’ll burn a few calories while you’re at it.

Motion-Controlled Gaming

If you like video games, then why not pick up a game that requires physical activity? The Wii-Fitness fad has kind of receded, but the technology is still around – if you want to play Beat Saber or Dance Dance Revolution, you’re sure to burn a few dozen calories with every session.

Play the Drums

When it comes to musical instruments, there are few quite so physical as the drums. Spend an hour practicing something strenuous and you won’t need that gym membership card any longer!

Cost-effective ways to get fit this year

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For many, getting fit and generally looking after our physical wellbeing is a resolution for 2020, as we aim to start a new decade with a fresh focus on taking care of ourselves. The benefits of regular exercise are vast and varied – it can do wonders for our mental health as well as our physical condition.

The NHS recommends that the average adult gets at least 150 minutes of moderately intense activity per week, while it also extols the virtues of aiming to be physically active every day. For many people, that means joining a gym, but that type of environment can prove intimidating, especially for those first-timers who might be a little less sure of themselves.

On top of that, gyms can prove expensive, with the average membership costing in the region of £40 per month, while many personal trainers might charge that much just for one session. With that in mind, what are the alternative options available to those who want to get fit but don’t want to spend a fortune?


It may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but running is a simple way to burn plenty of calories, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. You don’t need to go out and run a marathon every day, but even just a light jog a couple of times a week on a consistent basis can improve the health of your heart and lungs, increase the strength of your joints and reduce the risk of chronic illness, among many other benefits . All you need is a suitable pair of trainers and some high-vis clothing if you’re going to be running alongside roads in the dark, and you’re good to go.

Build a home gym

If you prefer to do more weight or resistance training rather than cardio exercise, but don’t want to fork out for a gym membership or a PT, you can always create your own workout space at home. You may wish to do so on a tight budget at first, perhaps by cobbling together unwanted equipment from your friends and family. If you subsequently want to upgrade to enhance the effectiveness of your regime, then you may wish to consider the finance solutions available to you.

Walking or cycling

Here in the UK, we’re blessed with easy access to the great outdoors and there are few better ways to explore our stunning surroundings than on foot or by bike. Striking out into the countryside doesn’t have to cost you a thing, and it enables you to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and breathe in some much-needed fresh air. By going out for regular rambles or bike rides, you’ll see much more of the country while simultaneously improving your physical and mental wellbeing – all at next to no cost.

THIS is the reason why S-curve world ‘people’ succeed

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Noticed how I said people and not ‘members’. As not everyone needs to be or is an S-curve member within today’s S-curve Xperience.
Now… These newsletters/post topics… Are instigated by real life events and 121 chats with YOU.
And there’s been two topics that have remained on the surface in the past week.
1. Getting the ‘failed people’ to understand why people are succeeding in our world, in regards to all things related to fitness/lifestyle.
2. All the talk on why Tyson Fury totally dominated in his 2nd fight with Deontay Wilder.
If you’re into boxing… You’ll know all of the answers to that already. From watching all of the post-fight commentary.
But if you’re not… And/Or you’re still failing in our world. I’ll break down the reasons of what causes people to succeed.

#1 Hands on deck

– Workouts
– Nutrition
– Daily life shenanigans
This is what most people do…
1. Go to the gym and stick to the same exercises, same routine, same intensity.
2. Buy and eat the same foods, same amounts.
**If you change nothing… Nothing will change.**
And that’s why we get hands on.
Meaning… From the first day of activity… We start to track every action that we take. Analysing how effective each action has been.

#2 Playing with the data

We’re hands on. Which means we get our hands dirty.
Most people think that… Simply turning up, will cause them to succeed.
But it won’t guarantee it. It’s why you see some people who have ‘been active’ in fitness, year in, year out… And have remained looking the same.
You’ve seen this before…
That’s what success really looks like.
There’s a lot of testing, failing, succeeding, failing again…
This applies to business too. But that’s a conversation for another day.
Playing around with the information that we gather from your (And our) efforts… Is what causes all the success you’ve seen over the years.
There’s a lot of testing, failing, succeeding, failing again…
But… It’s 2020 now.
We started all of this in 2009. 
That’s a lot of years, with a lot of data gathered. Which means, that it’s become easier and quicker… For us to figure out what YOU should be doing, in order to start succeeding.
We’ve learnt what to do/not to do, on many different…
– Body types
– Ages
– Injuries
– Illnesses 
– Medications
– Sports related activities
That’s why today… We’ve set the timeline for achieving results… To 1-3 months.
Unlike the fixed 12 months that we used to have in place.
1. That’s how long it will take to reach at least 60% S-curvish.
2. People value lifestyle over ‘gym life’ (Me included). And we like to spend more of our time throughout > parts 2-4 of the S-curve Xperience.
If you take anything from this post… It’s that message right there. 1-3 months to success… Live an awesome life!

#3 Going back to ‘data’

– We vary the food types.
– We test different exercises.
– We base our efforts on your current skill/experience level.
– We listen to what your body is telling us. Aka… We know when to stop. We know when to push harder.
And we track it all… Daily. Especially in the first 1-2 weeks, from the day that you officially start working with us.
1. It’s when motivation levels are high.
2. The quicker we get the most info, the quicker you see results. Slow (Initial) results motivates no one. And so…
THIS… Is why S-curve world people succeed!
Most important of all (arguably)…

#4 We 121 chat daily…

This will of course happen naturally.
But 121 chats, also act as accountability. And it’s a place where you must turn up to, daily.
What makes 121 chats ‘work’. Is that your head space remains in the presence of people who have succeeded/are succeeding.
It’s one of the best ways to guarantee success. To be around those who are succeeding.
Again… This applies to business too. But again… I’ll save that talk for another day.
Sundays newsletter highlights that topic a little though….

To conclude…

Remember… All of this, applies to those of you who have tried… Are trying… But are still failing.
It’s simply a case of getting you to start doing what works.
In most cases… It takes the vision of outside eyes to take you there.
It’s like when you stare in the mirror daily.
It’s hard for YOU to see the changes that happen with the way you look. But easy for an outsider to see, who hasn’t seen you in a while.
And remember… The ‘big picture’ goal… Is to get you out part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience (Fitness).
And into parts 2-4 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience (Lifestyle). As quickly as possible.
If you are failing. There’s a good chance that you spend way too much time complaining.
Simply pay for the solutions that solve your problems. Not just in our world. Every ‘world’.
Because the time saved… Can be spent and enjoyed on the fun things in life. Especially within the S-curve Xperience.
All of the above, is more newsletter than blog post.
Meaning… I’m spitting out information as it comes to mind. So I might just update this post over the next week and for the foreseeable future. As there’s things I might have missed out.

Current/Newest S-curve Partner Program-ers

1. – CV Sciences, Inc.

2. – Cupshe

3. – Born Tough

4. – Bear Mattress 

5. – Cellars Wine Club

6. – VaporFi

7. – Military Muscle

It’s a week day. So let’s make Military Muscles vegan testosterone booster the highlight of the day @ feeding the monster (body/butt – Lats/Traps to match ‘guys’) S-curvishly. 

Yes... You might be vegan/vegetarian... But don't eat 'these' plants... Lol @lojapititita
Yes… You might be vegan/vegetarian… But don’t eat ‘these’ plants… Lol @lojapititita
1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
But for some… Advertising on this website might be a better alternative option. So email about that too.

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The power of many vs YOU ‘one’… Where power equals none!

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People of S-curve world… (Especially those of you of whom the S-curve Partner Program applies to…)
– Strong competition
– Impossible to rank in the search engines
– Too much time or money required to see results
These are real current day issues that individuals and businesses are facing in the year 2020.
The way to go about fixing it. Is to do what we’ve done from day one.
Operate how you would in the offline world… Online.
Of course… There are people who act like sh*t offline. And unfortunately… Act the same online.
The internet was a nicer place when there was less people on it.
It was full of smart/early adopters.
Today… And with the rise of social media… The internet has forced peoples true characters into the forefront.
And WE can clearly see who not to work with. Especially since we have remained true to ourselves since 2009.
Especially with all the terribly written emails that we receive from people/businesses. Who CLEARLY do not operate in a professional manner. And/or… Are simply terrible people.
Again… You can’t hide who you are in today’s internet world.
Oh… And here I am… Back on public video in 2020… After spending all my time in private ones, in the S-curve member program.
Seriously… That has taken up all of my video recording time in recent years. As coaching/121 chats, requires 100% commitment on our part. Which is why the results look the way they do.
S-curve member results (Physical and lifestyle improvements)
S-curve member results (Physical and lifestyle improvements)
That ‘time’ is what you’re paying for, as an active member. Read this post:
Evolving the payment plan of the S-curve member program 
Anyway… Let’s talk more S-curve Partner Program
The power of many vs YOU ‘one’… Where power equals none!

Relationships and brand power is why you join in…

Yup… I’ve said the following words before on social media… Insta mini blog posts (As we call them) to be specific…
”The S-curve Xperience is all about bringing people together, who should be together”.
I’ll tell you this now…
From day one. One of the main goals on here. Was to create blog posts, newsletters and videos… To attract the kind of people that WE want to attract and work with.
It’s the most pleasant scenario to be in.
– Like minded people
– Like minded interests
Which means… You’ll probably feel great about connecting with these people, outside of work and business.
I also said this in a recent post…
The right fit, the right fit, the right fit…
View this post on Instagram

Standing #dress-curvishly @zarabudi⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

The right fit… The right fit… The right fit… ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

That’s the theme that I see, as we’ve kick started into 2020.⁣ ⁣⁣

⁣That is…People have grown into the internet. And are no longer ‘wowed’ by all the new-ness they experienced with it and the things within it.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

And are choosing what they actually like/dislike.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

This is a good thing.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Because just like with the 7-8 billion people that are present in the offline world.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Everybody isn’t for everybody.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

This is partly a reason why we officially launched the S-curve Partner Program this year.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

To help bring those of us who should be together… Together.⁣ ⁣(Properly… Not just on social media). ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

And it’s been THE hottest thing within the S-curve Xperience since the start of 2020 (Did say that it might be, over Christmas). ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

Anyway… As usual… If you end up on this Insta. YOU… Belong.⁣ ⁣

⁣And expect good things to come your way… From no extra effort on your part at all.

A post shared by Fit Buzz (@fitbuzz) on

That’s the back bone of the S-curve Partner Program.
A key example (In regards to individuals – Not businesses)
There are a lot of ladies who have S-curvish bodies, out in the world.
– Not all of their values match ours
– Not all of their wardrobe choices  match ours
– Some of their body types don’t hit OUR S-curvish body type ‘exact’
'Soft lean' S-curvish @eujessicadourado
‘Soft lean’ S-curvish @eujessicadourado
And when that’s the case… They get kindly told that they won’t be accepted into the S-curve Partner Program.
This page (And to be featured on)…
Going even deeper into the S-curve partner program (Part 2) 
Because they’re not the right fit. Which means that they’re not likely to benefit from existing within it.
It’s been the strongest element of 2020 so far… Which I said might be the case, during Christmas 2019.

A circle of trust

That’s what’s really going on here.
I recently said that everybody isn’t for everybody.
And now that the entire world is on the internet… You certainly can’t trust everyone who you encounter on the internet. Businesses included. Like I highlighted in this post…
The focus = The next phase of the S-curve Xperience (Parts 2, 3 and 4)!
We have an 11 year track history of serving people correctly. So it’s pretty easy for us to see and pick out star businesses and individuals to partner with.
And that is one reason (Of many)… Why you should get involved..
As the people that see you on our platform will trust you, because they trust us.
Aka… The circle of trust.

Competition? What competition?

Yes… People have more choices. To choose a business that’s similar to yours, over you.
But they will only likely choose you… Since you exist within the circle of trust. At least within the S-curve Partner Program audience.
It’s no different than when YOU choose to do something, based on a friends recommendation.
The other options to you, might even be more popular.
It’s just that you trust your friend more.
Our audience and connections grow year after year. So the longer you are here. The better.
Also… Being around awesome businesses and individuals. Means that you get to learn/watch how they grow and evolve.
We make it a habit to work with great ones. So you’ll be able to apply what they apply, to you and your business.
Competition is only really an issue…. When you don’t focus on the right fit. Aka… Finding people who you should be connected to.
A bit like having access to 100’s of potential lovers. But only a handful of them being worthy.
The right fit..
Which as you’ve seen in this post… Is the back bone of the S-curve partner program!

NEW – You get to rank for free…

This is for businesses (Relevant products/services) and individuals (Look S-curvish/Living the S-curve Xperience lifestyle at some level).
– Because you get naturally mentioned throughout our newsletters.
– Because you get newsletters created based on you and/or your business.
Like in these posts…
So THIS is who you are sleeping with every night…!!! 
The S-curve formula adds Military Muscle (Vegan-friendly) supplement into the mix 
That can only happen for you… As a member in the S-curve Partner Program.

To conclude

This is now the 6th post, highlighting elements and the evolution of the S-curve Partner Program. And it won’t be the last. 
As It’s very likely that it will continue to play a continuing strong role, within the S-curve Xperience as a whole.
Want in? Just send a DM.
Know someone or a business that YOU think should be ‘in’? Get them to DM us
It’s free to join in. You just need to qualify.

A quick note on becoming an S-curve member…

The program that makes you look like this…
Swimsuit-curvish poolside moments @rosaiiriisss
Swimsuit-curvish poolside moments @rosaiiriisss
Fixing your mindset and lifestyle in the process.
For those who don’t become full blown members… ($150/$300 for a month of activity).
The whole process starts with a 7-10 day period where we figure out everything YOU should be doing.
It’s the best way to ensure that you win and become a successful member.
It’s a $50 start.
But that’s just the start of the process as a whole.
There is no hardcore monthly plan. It’s a step by step process aka the S-curve formula.
1. $50 for the first 7-10- days
2. $150/$300 for a month
3. That will last 1-3-6 months max
Keep that list in your mind… If you’ve ever sent a DM asking about becoming a member, or are about to ask.
This is the step by step process that has made everyone win. A process that we’ve fine tuned, after years of trial and error. Mostly between the years 2009 – 2017.
– We have Travel-curvish 2.0
– We have The S-curve Partner Program
But people still ask about Becoming S-curvish.
If that’s you… That’s how we work.
If you keep failing on your own. Get help from someone/something you trust.
Pay for it it!
If it’s cheap… It won’t be free or good.
Achieve… And start living your life throughout parts 2-4 of the S-curve Xperience. Explain in this post…
TIS THE S-CURVE EXPERIENCE (An ‘epic’ explanation)

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#zerogravity S-curve #workout #airtime DAY deboramirtes #zerogravitychallenge #zerog #ifly #foodtok

♬ original sound – shauntls

More S-curve workout attire meets OOTD attire moments… Embraced via @shane_crom & @karla_un_diamante

Born tough apparel tracksuit

Our S-curve Partner Program member at > Born Tough apparel.

We continue to play around with….

1. CBD goodies

2. Vape shenanigans

'Air time' fun... CBD/Vaping shenanigans... Because we can @ life beyong 60% 'soft lean' S-curvish @victoria_ifbb
‘Air time’ fun… CBD/Vaping shenanigans… Because we can @ life beyong 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @victoria_ifbb

Incoming search terms:

This is not a Q & A… But questions will be answered (February 2020)

February 20, 2020 by  
Filed under The Fitness Bug

Today, is more about addressing topics that are highlighted in the emails and messages that are received on a daily basis.
So… Not really a Q & A day… As more and more people now see @fitbuzz for what it is… An S-curve Xperience.
And we’ll always dig into the elements of the S-curve Xperience.
A lifestyle that we’ve created over the past 11 years.
Anyway… Let’s dig into the topics…

I see the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.com on the site… Explain…

Binance refer
We added the Binance cryptocurrency exchange into the S-curve Xperience 2 years ago. And it was good that we did. Because they have grown tremendously during that time.
Why did we add them?
A) People who follow here in S-curve world… Can see how our partners, associates and peers are living life. An S-curve Xperience ‘life’.
But for some of these individuals… They haven’t figured out how it’s possible earn enough money… With the free time to match. To be able to…
– Go on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
– Buy the items that you see > here and > here 
In most cases… It’s the time element that they’re concerned about…
And so… We wanted to give them one way to boost their earnings… With our guidance… And through our own efforts, being present on the Binance.com platform.
– Remotely
– 24/7/365
By investing and trading on the platform. The following post talks about it a little more…
B) The blockchain industry was/is on the rise.
There is no telling how it will play out, into the world of the masses. But whatever happens, we wanted to stay ready, instead of getting ready (Like we do inside the S-curve formula)… For however it turns out.
Because we’ve seen and experienced the benefits of being early adopters over the years.
– Ebay/E-commerce
– Blogging
– Bitcoin
These all exploded between 2003-2015. It’s a different day today though. And there WILL be more opportunities to come.
We’re an S-curve Xperience. Which means to live the best variation of YOUR current day life, with your favorite people.
We want to always provide unique and awesome ways to make that a reality.

I see men and women on stayfitbug.com… Explain why…

Yup… We started off helping men, back in 2009. And shortly after… The focus became the S-curve… On women.
The S-curve belfie @dalmaviczai
The S-curve belfie @dalmaviczai
Which is still the core element of the @fitbuzz brand.
You can read the full back story here…
TIS THE S-CURVE EXPERIENCE (An ‘epic’ explanation)
But here’s the short story of why you can see men AND women on the website…
– Our focus was on helping men, when we started this website in 2009.
– A Facebook page that we started in 2010 took off… And overshadowed everything we was doing on this website, at the time.
It was an ALL woman focus up until…
– The return of men – As we met many in 2017, in offline events. Many of whom…
A) Enjoyed the lifestyle (S-curve Xperience).
B) Wanted to get their girlfriends/wives involved… As many of these people had never seen S-curvish bodies before.
– 2017 to current day – A focus on both women and men… As we are now an S-curve Xperience. Which is embraced by ‘people’.

What is ‘Air time’?

Videos make for a much quicker and longer lasting explanation here. And so… We embrace it via:
– S-curve workouts
– Weekends (Local to home)
– Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
But the main reason we embrace it… Is to detox from people and technology.
Doing so… Allows us to create thoughts and ideas that make sense and matter, to/for the people of the world.
I haven’t posted our T-shirts/apparel in a while. But this T-shirt…
Digital detox t-shirt
Digital detox
Yup… Words on wear…
Aka…. The stuff that we say within the S-curve Xperience… Printed on garments. Aka… Good offline ‘message marketing’ :D.
You might have seen this post floating around a lot too…
A Christmas day newsletter update (Ask me anything/S-curve supplements) 
It gives a full break down of the use of nootropics focused supplements. Which is our ‘Air time’ ‘supplement type’ (Hit the > previous newsletter for a new type we just added).
They’re particularly handy… For when we’re physically active during our Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans…

S-curve #workout + #fashion is a ’thing’ followed by #airtime #atv #atvride vitoriagomes #atvlife

♬ original sound – shauntls

To conclude

The more questions and queries we answer, the better. And making everything public knowledge, improves things for everyone involved.
So as usual… Stay active in the chats and emails. It leads to newsletters like this.

The latest

S-curve partners, members, associates and peers… Embracing S-curve partner (Businesses) products/services:
– OOTD-curvish wine time moments @angelicahakanssonn
OOTD-curvish wine time moments @angelicahakanssonn
OOTD-curvish wine time moments @angelicahakanssonn
It’s all about receiving your monthly dosage, delivered to your home, via our partners at > Cellars Wine Club.
– We recently created our first ‘cornerstone’ post, in relation to our partners over at Bear Mattress.
We have a feeling that a strong selection of folks within S-curve world will be making an upgrade to their bedding/sleeping situation over the year.
So that the following situation remains forever pleasant…
Waking up after a great night of 6-8 hours of #sleep @rafamacedosz
Waking up after a great night of 6-8 hours of sleep @rafamacedosz
– Vaping shenanigans… Because we all ‘try’ fun things outside of our fitness related endeavours.
One partner… A few variations to browse around
Shop #1
Shop #2
Shop #3
CBD/Vaping shenanigans @vicky__way
CBD/Vaping shenanigans @vicky__way
– S-curve workout meets OOTD attire… Via > Born Tough

The S-curve formula adds Military Muscle (Vegan-friendly) supplement into the mix

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Watch that video above first… (It’s ME on ‘public’ video… For the first time in like… Forever).
It’s that time again…
‘Officially’ introducing new supplements into our world to YOU…
It doesn’t happen a lot (Last time was 1 year ago… With the Hunter supplements).
But when it does happen. It’s for a good reason.
Usually… When… 
– We’re missing something from our > supplement formula.
– In 2020… When we’ve connected with a new S-curve Partner Program partner. After deep conversations with them (Because at that point, we know them… Which means it’s OK for YOU to get to know them to).
– They’re doing something interesting that solves problems that you’ve highlighted. Or is evolving current day ‘industry things’.
Let’s back up a little bit, before we dive into more chatter about this new addition.

Do YOU really need supplements?

Well… YOU like to buy them. And so… It’s all about keeping you happy, by having some cool and relevant supplement variations on the website and in the shop.
But do you really need them though?
I’ve said the following before. But repetition of words/rules, is an S-curve formula habit building shenanigans. So let’s repeat…
1. Depending on the ingredient set up of a food or supplement. It’s great to add them  to your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.
Especially when the goal is fill the nutrient gaps that your main meals might miss. 
That right there… Is a results boosting tactic. Which is arguably the most important. Next to increasing your total daily calorie intake, consistently.
2. You see this lady….
S-curve member Ella
S-curve member Ella
She introduced me to this lady…
S-curve member Victoria
S-curve member Victoria
I put them through the S-curve formula.
Their goals were quite similar. Even though their body types were slightly different.
As you can see. They both shredded to smexy (Shred into an S-curve).
But Victoria achieved her results much quicker (7-14 days).
Yes… Even I was shocked a the time.
That was 2016. And the bond we created, has us still connecting today in 2020.
Now… If you experience slower results, like the first lady…. Then yes, supplements can indeed help speed up results.
In fact… That’s exactly what we did at the time. And she definitely ‘felt’ the effects. Like no more hunger pains after drinking casein.
3. This… Is a 60-70% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish body…
'Sof lean' bikini-curvish @yaganmoore
‘Sof lean’ bikini-curvish @yaganmoore
It would have taken 1-3 months to get there… When following the S-curve formula.
Going from 60-100% S-curvish, might take a little longer though… IF, that’s ones goal.
> READ: 60-100% ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish (The end of ‘fitness’)
This is when you would 100% consider adding supplements into > your S-curve meal structure.
– Ingredient focused supplements
– Embracing consistent meal variety
– Higher-end supplements that contain super/rare ingredients
That’s what you’ll need structure into whatever plan you have.
HINT: Like I said > in this newsletter… 
And in this recent Insta mini blog post…
View this post on Instagram

Standing #dress-curvishly @iamraewilson⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

How this weekend looked for a lot of us… ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

OOTD-curvish ‘Air time’ moments… Somewhere close to home.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

It’s a typical weekend.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

You see… S-curve Xperience is all about ‘life design’. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Doing THAT right… Is what makes life as a whole… Better.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

For most folk… It will take the outside help of several people/entities to help fix that.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣It’s all about choosing great ones, that you trust.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Via us? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣- All things fitness related ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

– Mindset work⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

– Habit building shenanigans @ daily life⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

The mistake that some ‘broken’ people make… Is thinking/messaging us, assuming there’s one magic thing that will fix them.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣A common message… ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

’’Hey… Do you have any workouts’’? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

That sh*t won’t help you.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

You need a coach/guide/plan of action.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

We start with lower end help though. And for those people… Put them through the stages of the S-curve formula.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Which by the end of it… Will be receiving higher end help.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣Cost, money, service, experience… That’s what this Sunday’s newsletter was about @ latest LINK IN THE BIO.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Your mindset will start to be fixed once you’re done with it :D⁣ ⁣

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Just get outside help to take you there.
Now that we have that question out of the way and explained.
Let’s talk…

Military Muscle… The vegan/vegetarian-friendly testosterone booster…

Military Muscle... The vegan/vegetarian-friendly testosterone booster....
Military Muscle… The vegan/vegetarian-friendly testosterone booster
So… One question that always came up, from people who would inquire about starting as an S-curve member.
”Hey… I’m vegetarian… What can I eat in order to fill my protein and nutrition needs in order to achieve an S-curvish body”?
Of course… There are many plant based (Non-animal) protein foods in existence.
– Ezekiel bread
– Wild rice
– Chia seeds
– Hemp seeds
– Lentils
– Seitan
– Tofu
– Broccoli
– Kale
– Potatoes
– Walnuts
– Chic peas
– Edamame
– Almonds
– Quinoa
– Tempeh
– Mycoprotein
– Spirulina
And many others that you’ll continue to see on this list…
The Official Food Types List – Experiment
You might have even bought into some. After embracing our ‘buy and try’ rule, when it comes to consuming foods and supplements.
– To see if you enjoy the taste
– To test the effectiveness
But here in S-curve world. One supplement type that we don’t see much of, in the vegan/vegetarian world. Is one that is based on a testosterone booster.
You can see the ones that we’ve listed over on the ‘buy and try’ link above.
With all of them having a presence here for well over 1 year.
We don’t change them around much. Unless there’s a drastic reason to do so
– Like when Xtend changed their winning formula years back.
– Or when another (I honestly forgot the name of it… But was popular in 2010) got taken off the market because someone died from taking it.
You don’t need the confusion. Simple wins. 
But we do add to the list, over time.
Not often (For the same reason). But we do add…
1. Sometimes when there’s an interesting product on the horizon.
2. Sometimes to fill a gap… Especially one where we have received questions about it.
And so… We’ve decided to add a Vegan/Vegetarian-friendly testosterone booster into the mix, via the team at > Military Muscle.
Although it has a strong-ish focus on vegan/vegetarian ingredients… To satisfy those who live the vegan/vegetarian way.
The supplement is targeted at those of you who are aiming to go for 60-100% S-curvish results… Fast!
Note: What I said in the video at the start
Because it was and still is… Tested on individuals who train/operate at a high level (Soldiers/Athletes).
Fast results… So that we can start enjoying our time throughout the rest of the S-curve Xperience.
Which is what the previous newsletter was about.
The focus = The next phase of the S-curve Xperience (Parts 2, 3 and 4)!
The benefit of it being high performance. Is that it’s a supplement that you don’t need to progress to.
Like… If you’re starting out as an S-curve member. Or just someone who is following the supplement rules page.
Then… You can just buy one container. Stack it in your kitchen… Knowing very well that you will have a use for it at some point.

Vegan/Vegetarian… Yes… But it’s all about the ingredients

Military Muscle... The vegan/vegetarian-friendly testosterone booster....
Military Muscle… The vegan/vegetarian-friendly testosterone booster….
Vegan… Vegetarian…
Yes… That’s one main reason why you’re even seeing this post.
But when it comes to fat burners, testosterone boosters or other common supplement variations/types.
You’ll see that a set of the ingredients included, are the same across the board. But with each good supplement, containing different ingredients than the rest.
That is the reason why you ‘buy and try’.
Because some ingredient formulas simply work better/differently.
And you’ll feel the difference from each one.
The Military Muscle Testosterone booster has a different formula set up, than those you see on the S-curve formula supplements page.
testofuel testosterone booster review
Example #1
Hunter test testosterone booster supplement hunterevolve
Example #2


I wouldn’t worry about ‘taste’ too much.
For me… Taste isn’t really a ‘thing’. So I can’t be the one telling you about the taste. Even if I like it. You… Might not. I don’t have a fussy tongue. Lol.
The reason I say don’t worry. Is because you’re going to be drinking/eating these supplements… 
– With other natural foods
– Swallowed and not chewed
– Or > blended (That’s a cool blender ‘type’… Not giving that actual blender favoritism over any others on the market).

Zero side effects (Until I hear/experience otherwise)

That’s another core reason why I’ve decided to add this specific supplement into the now S-curve Partner Program.
Because of the constant reports of no side effects.
Yes… Just like the female birth control pill. A lot of supplements do give people side effects. Which sucks.
And you know how much it sucks when a birth control pill gives side effects. As a woman reading this OR as the BF/Hubby of one :D.
I keep on hearing ‘none’. Amongst a small test group too!
And me?
I’m a brick… Side effects don’t apply to me (Seriously) lol.

To conclude

You can and should continue to buy plant based foods and supplements. Wether vegan/vegetarian or not.
All in the name of embracing meal/food variety.
The reason why you’ll buy and try this new addiction via team Military Muscle… Is because of the ingredient formula.
Which is the main reason why you’re buying a supplement in the first place.
So here’s a big hello and welcome to S-curve world… To the team at Miltary Muscle.

Hit this large ass link to read, browse, buy into Military Muscles Vegan Testo Booster

And as usual… Just hit the chat box tab on the bottom right of this page to ask about it… And anything else within the S-curve Xperience. 

Getting ready to feed the monster S-curvishly @tatianaugirardi
Getting ready to feed the monster S-curvishly @tatianaugirardi

Become S-curvish (Guys and gals)... Embracing workout attire meets OOTD @shane_crom @karla_un_diamante

Become S-curvish (Guys and gals)… Embracing workout attire meets OOTD @shane_crom @karla_un_diamante

Aka… Our S-curve Partner Program member at…

> Born Tough apparel

BlenderBottle C01719 ProStak System

Shake it up… BlenderBottle C01719 ProStak System

The focus = The next phase of the S-curve Xperience (Parts 2, 3 and 4)!

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People of S-curve world…
We have a problem!
And today… We will start to initiate the fix.
The problem… Is the mindset that ‘some’ people have when they ‘enter’ our ‘S-curve world’.

The problem

We established our presence in the world… In July of 2009.
We started off as an entity that helps you in the realm of all things fitness.
Inserts back story: TIS THE S-CURVE EXPERIENCE (An ‘epic’ explanation)
To be specific… The S-curve. As that’s our ‘thing’.
The S-curve in OOTD attire @ long time associate @g3mst0ne
The S-curve in OOTD attire @ long time associate @g3mst0ne
And in the world of fitness. The masses… Are used to being sold fitness, in a certain way.
Unfortunately… In a negative way.
I’ve spoken about this issue before. Namely with this person…
S-curve member Victoria (STILL present in 2020... From starting in 2016)!
S-curve member Victoria (STILL present in 2020… From starting in 2016)!
The issue… Is that a large majority of businesses that offer fitness solutions, focus on taking your money, without providing a focus on results.
Bad deal!
In short… They don’t give a shit about YOU.
It’s an issue with most businesses. So it’s an experience that the masses experience. Which leaves them with a bad taste in mouths of the masses.
A bit like when a female experiences the SAME lame approach from every guy that shows interest in her.
The way it should be… Is that a business in this arena… SHOULD have spent the time or money… Perfecting a solution for you… That near guarantees results (Like WE have… With ME being the hardcore guinea pig in the early days).
And not to guarantee to JUST take your money.
Because the only way you should be paying any > large amount of money… Is if the service/product quality warrants it.
It’s not always easy to see that a product/service is THAT good… On the service.
All of this… Creates an energy around ‘not being sold on crap’.
Instead of… Feeling great about jumping into something, ONLY expecting a great experience.
Like… Last year on Valentines day. I went out to a ‘now’ favorite roof top bar (Common S-curve Xperience shenanigans that is…).
The venue was/is great.
But they offered a couples themed night out… Which wasn’t what we expected it to be when we got there.
We saw loads of single people and groups of tipsy people.
Which is OK. But not what was promised. The only couple that matched that description, were the DJ’s (A couple).
One company that gets this right… Is Disney…
As seen in this recent video…
Which several people have messaged about over the past 48 hours.
Disney land @eujessicadourado
Disney land
Disney land, Disney world

Disney land

It’s highlighting moments of happiness. A great experience.
There is zero focus on how much things cost. Because it’s irrelevant. Because there’s a great experience to be had.
A lot of you are well aware that we are an S-curve Xperience ‘today’. Aka… A lifestyle.
Explained in many posts… Such as….
The Protocol S-curve Xperience Action Plan (From 2016 – 2020 and beyond) 
A day in the life of an S-curve Xperience follower (Who lives it to the MAX!)
This entire journey starts with fitness (Part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience). And will always be a part of the lifestyle.
Fitness… Where people have a memory, somewhere in their brain… Of being sold on receiving gold. An instead… Receiving dirt.
These two posts were created not too long ago… 
THIS is why the S-curve Xperience is FREE…  

And that remains.

People are following along (Wherever we have a presence) and feel great about everything we put out. Which I highlight in these newsletters from time to time.
But… Because of their experience of being sold (On ‘buying fitness’).
They do message about being happy. But the vibe quickly switches to this….
Price… Cost…
That is a NON issue, when the focus is on results.
We have only ever been about ‘results’. 10 years in the game.
Which is why our results page looks like this…
Listen to the podcast on that page too.

I know what the issue is though…

1. The world has become a lot noisier. So it has become a lot easier for people to get distracted. 
I’m seeing this in all areas of life.
– Relationships
– Friendships
It’s happening… Because we all have access to everyone, because of the internet.
However… I do see that the world is becoming more focused though. With smaller communities building up. Simply because… Not everyone is for everyone.
2. The above… Only affects people that are new to S-curve world. So they don’t know us too well ‘yet’.
Every S-curve member from the past… Knew and connected with us for 1-2 years, before actually starting.
So yes… As usual. The keyword here is TRUST.
But even before that kicks in. Today… As a consumer of all things ‘S-curve Xperience’.
Align your focus on the Xperience. And not ‘fitness’.
Treat your fitness journey as a part of the larger experience, that exists in parts 2, 3 and 4.
These posts…
Part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience (An EPIC explanation) 
May 10th newsletter 2019! (Protocol viewing) 
Because you’re going to 100% embrace parts of this formula…
Explaining the elements of the S-curve formula 
Throughout all of those (Part’s 2, 3 and 4) moments, over time.
– The nights out
– The TC2.0 trips
– ‘Air time’ shenanigans
A lot of which… You can see in all the videos on the channel….
And to kick start the year. We initiated the S-curve Partner Program.
So that you can get into related products/services, that will greatly improve the quality of YOUR S-curve Xperience.
Like I said in this newsletter…
The S-curve Partner Program… Own YOUR sh*t! 
There’s a lot of businesses around the world, that offer great stuff. You can see it in our partner/associate pics.
Standing OOTD-curvishly @camilacampos.1
Standing OOTD-curvishly @camilacampos.1
But YOU trust us. So we’re working on partnering up with certain businesses. So that you can buy what you see… Through us.
Because you can chat 121 about all of it. Through us.

Some current/new partners…

1. – CV Sciences, Inc.

2. – Cupshe

3. – Born Tough

4. – Bear Mattress 

5. – Cellars Wine Club

6. – VaporFi

CBD/Vape shenanigans @vicky__way
CBD/Vape shenanigans @vicky__way

To conclude

If you’re following along. Just do as I said above.
Because beyond that… Is in person meet ups.
We have always acted how we do offline… Online. And vice-versa.
Which is NOT the case with other people in the world.
I’m not on public video as much as I used to be (I spend most of my time creating private videos for S-curve members… Or having 121 coaching chats in side chat apps). As @fitbuzz isn’t just about ME, like it used to be, back in the early twen-teens.
But here I am… In those days…
And fast forward to today… I can happily say.. That I have not changed much from those days.
You meet me today. I’m the same as in those videos.
Although… A little less energetic. Lol.
Which you’ll see, in your S-curve member private videos.

The latest

The S-curve Partner Program… Own YOUR sh*t!

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People of S-curve world…
You know…
Partnering up is great. Heck… We have officially started a > partner program, where we all benefit from each others efforts (But mostly YOU… From OUR efforts).
But ultimately… What you want…Is for YOUR brand to shine.
Now… In general. ‘Brand power’ takes time to build. It’s not always easy to measure either. Though we do have tools like ‘Google trends’ to search for brand queries.
But it doesn’t have to take as much time. Because of the collective power of the S-curve Partner Program.
This is a core reason for you to be present here (If you’re an individual or business that wants to ‘grow’).
– Hyper relevant/mutual audiences
– Global audiences
Many businesses have great products and services (We’re working on partnering with many that we’ve seen… Via several small businesses from around the world who have awesome products). The products just need to be in the hands of more of the right people… At scale!
Again… S-curve Partner Program power.
I’ve said it before. But the goal… Is to build (Well… Continue to grow) a platform that WE control. The size isn’t the focus yet. It’s more about establishing a source that we can rely on.
OUR platform.
Which we’ve built up over the past 10 years.

Let’s ramp YOU up

Post affiliate pro screenshot
Post affiliate pro screenshot
With the help of > Post Affiliate Pro
Post affiliate pro screenshot
Post affiliate pro screenshot
I’ll continue to throw this software in your face… As It will be a core driver of your growth.
How do I know?
Because of all of our years of partnering with our supplement partners. And everyone getting paid because of it! 
And any others that you see in > this post.
Along with all the boosted physical/mental results for all those customers.
Send a DM… I’ll show you the ‘zero refund’ stats from inside the software!
Which is what happens when we have…
– Hyper relevant/mutual audiences
– Global audiences
Post Affiliate Pro is the exact software they’ve used. Which makes it easy for ME to recommend it to you. And the fact that I’ve lived inside it near daily, since 2012!
And today… It’s built so that it’s easy to get the people who help you sell more products… To add MORE sellers into your product platform.
That right there… Is how you get > more time on your hands.
So that you can embrace more week day shenanigans like this…
Yes… She has her own shop too.

More social media followers are great…

But we don’t own those. And we certainly don’t have control over algorithms.
We’re more concerned about performance. The stuff that goes on behind the scenes, that makes everything work. And causes money to flow!
And that will continue to happen. As long as you stay in constant contact with us. And…
– You own a software like Post Affiliate Pro (There are others… But I have no experience with them. So I can’t talk on them).
– You live inside a Whatsapp, Viber (09279345957) Add ME, Text chat group.
Because then… We can create strategies. Based on all the info and resources that we have to hand.
– Businesses
– Relationships
– Members inside the S-curve Partner Program
– Social media accounts/websites
‘Relationship’ is the keyword here.
Because with that… We can turn on a ‘brand power’ boost in an instant.

To conclude

Like I said at the end of 2019… I still see this as the hottest area within the S-curve Xperience as a whole, in 2020 (Maybe even beyond).
I can feel the energy going that way.
So expect to see more posts about this, as time goes on.
As usual… Hit the chat box on this page to ask questions.

The latest


Still playing with vape…

'Air time' fun with CBD and vape flavor shenanigans @vicky__way 
‘Air time’ fun with CBD and vape flavor shenanigans @vicky__way
‘Air time’ fun with > CBD and > vape flavor shenanigans @vicky__way

Long time associate @dalmaviczai

Has found an apparel brand that is similar to one of current partners @ > Born Tough.
Born Tough - Gym attire meets OOTD casual attire @ part 3 of t4 of he S-curve Xperience.
Gym attire meets OOTD casual attire @ part 3 of 4 of he S-curve Xperience.
So they might join > this page at some point soon too.

Q & A day in S-curve world (February 11th 2020)

February 11, 2020 by  
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It’s that time again.
Sometimes… The topics discussed in the daily chats automatically end up as full blown newsletters. Like on > Sunday.
But other times. Some topics on their own, aren’t large enough to talk about in an epic style newsletter… In the way that WE publish them, 3 times a week.
Yet… The topics are still somewhat important. And are likely to be issues that other people are facing.
So it’s important to publicly address them.
And so… That leads to Q & A newsletters, like today.
Let’s get into it….

I need money?!?!?

You know… Over the past few years. As people started to become a lot more ‘real’, with how they interact on the internet, in relation to offline life.
This was a question that kept on popping up from time to time.
That is…
How can I legitimately earn more money. Namely through stayfitbug.com?
Because you know…
– Travel-curvish 2.0
– Spending money on awesome things that exist in the > stayfitbug.com shop
The stayfitbug.com shop
The stayfitbug.com shop
Which improves the quality of YOUR S-curve Xperience
All costs money.
You don’t have to strive to be super rich. But life in general… Costs money. Especially once you start creating NEW life via sex.
And so… Over time. We created what is now… The S-curve partner program.
It’s been fully fleshed out. And now has an ‘official’ tag on it’s name.
The best way to answer that question. Is to send you to the 4-5 newsletters that explain all the elements of it…
What we’re chatting about/getting up to inside the S-curve partner program (At present)
Welcome to S-curve Xperience University

How do I ‘start’…?

It’s the first thing people message… After following us on any of the social media websites that we’re active on.
They’re messaging… Because they’re enjoying/have enjoyed the FREE S-curve Xperience (More on that later in this post).
Which is how it should be. Because it’s validation that they should absolutely spend more time within the S-curve Xperience.
Anyway… To answer that question….
What they’re usually asking… Is how to become an S-curve member. And what that actually looks like.
Because it makes sense for them to NEED to see what that looks like. Since the process itself is an experience. And not a physical or even digital product that you can ‘touch’.
First… This post explains…
Evolving the payment plan of the S-curve member program
But here’s the short answer…
1. Pay $30-$50 to kick start a 121 coaching plan.
2. This gives us 1-2 weeks to flesh out a plan for YOU.
3. At which point… We can determine what the following weeks or months should look like and cost.
4. We always aim for 7-28 day noticeable results.
5. Expect to be serious with a plan for 1-3 months MAX.
6. We’ll know how to move forward at that point. As you would 100% be on a winning path by then.
A winning ‘path’. Which means we know where we’re going. 
It doesn’t mean we will arrive at your ideal result by month 3.

I saw a recent newsletter talking about chocolates and wine. You have a video?

It was in this newsletter…
After previously highlighting one of our new S-curve partner program businesses, in this newsletter…
And I was talking about looking for a new partner, that sells chocolate infused with wine.
So if YOU know a company/brand that does… Let us know.
But… We do have a video of how we embrace wine on a TC2.0 trip.
Which is what goes on, once we reach at least > 60-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish results.
Good morning bikini-curvish selfie @megkylie
Good morning bikini-curvish selfie @megkylie
I’m still failing after following free advice… Why?
Because deep down… You don’t value ‘free’.
Sure… Some people take good free advice and succeed with it.
But those are the go-getters of the world.
That might not be you.
Or again… You might just be a person that values things you’ve paid for.
So… When you feel you want to succeed with something. Pay for it.
It’s what we call… Getting some ‘skin in the game’.
And in S-curve world… It just means going deeper and being more involved.
See these posts…
The ‘Xperience’ is free… Going deeper costs money…
THIS is why the S-curve Xperience is FREE…  
Also… Following random ‘free’ sh*t often spells disaster for many people.
Information is literally all over the place when you follow that routine. As NOTHING is specific to YOU.
So again… Pay for an actual plan. With someone, or a business that is willing to spend time creating one for YOU.
It’s how you WIN. Which is a MUCH better way than being cheap. Which is a topic I touched upon in the previous newsletter.

To conclude

Jumping in a 121 chat is THE best way to get ahead today.
We have a chat function on every page or platform we’re present on. Even on this page you’re on right now.
So jump in there. It’s how your problems get solved… Fast!

The latest

Gym life vs OOTD apparel shenanigans embraced via long time associate @dalmaviczai from Hungary.
Gym life vs OOTD apparel shenanigans embraced via long time associate @dalmaviczai - Born Tough
Gym life vs OOTD apparel shenanigans embraced via long time associate @dalmaviczai
And of course… We’re partnered up with our folks at Born Tough. Who provides that merch for the S-curve Xperience.
Remember… You have a couple of temporary discount codes to play with right now…
> CBD and > vaping shenanigans continue to be a popular ‘thing’ within the S-curve Xperience.
Bikini-curvish 'Air time' fun @vicky__way
Bikini-curvish ‘Air time’ fun @vicky__way

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