A newsletter update (April 23rd-25th 2019)

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THE STORY AND WALKTHROUGH OF http://stayfitbug.com

Shaun here…


Make sure you keep up with the Insta mini blog posts.


And when you do so today…

You’ll see that the Easter weekend was very much enjoyed by many.

Along with a relative reason why we go so hard @ Travel-curvish 2.0


Today… Stayfitbug.com is the home for EVERYTHING that we highlight in these messages.

It’s also the website that started our journey. With 2019 being the 10 year anniversary of it’s existence!

There have been A LOT of memories created during that time.

A long with a lot of changes.

Many of which you can learn about, in this post…




Which is mostly dominated by newsletter update posts (Like this one you’re reading right now).

These posts have pretty much replaced the email newsletters that used to go out. And/or if you’re not already receiving this message that you’re reading.

Those posts are important. As you’ll learn everything that’s going on… LIVE and in the moment.


We exist on all the major social networks.

And some other platforms that are specific for US.

That’s what you’ll find there.


We all know that one page governs this area/topic, within S-curve world.

Which is this page…


But you’ll start to see more detailed articles, related to the supplements that you see there. Via the supplements that are present on side bar.


These are protocol posts that you should absolutely read/watch and bookmark.

Almost every question that you’ve ever had about us… Will be answered there.

The other side bar spots

– The partner program SMPP stuff


You can of course dig around and find more sh*t.

If you are going to do that. Just hit the archives tab.


These explanations have to be done from time to time.

Mostly to re-emphasis our message, to the new faces that find us.

Reply to ask about sh*t as usual.



Life @ 90-100% S-curvish @maayan__peri

Focus @lucecitaecheverria

Travel-curvish 2.0 = W hotel, The Palm, Dubai @michutravel



You see us saying that it’s become the holy grail of S-curve world shenanigans, in recent times.

Even more so than the main S-curve program.


But why?

And why Travel-curvish and not just ‘travel’?

Well… Travel-curvish began. From simply traveling… Once you Become S-curvish. Hence… Travel > curvish.

But what we started to find. Is that TC2.0 is the reality for most folk.

Meaning… Almost everyone we meet and talk to, ‘works’.

Which means that there isn’t much time or sometimes money… For a lot of traveling around. Which is the core essence of TC2.0.

Kintoh Tulum, Azulik Tulum

Kintoh Tulum @raexraes

🏯 So you see Kintoh Tulum above…?

🌎 Search around it. Because the world is a far bigger place than what we see on Google maps, for us tiny little humans.


Of the S-curve Xperience. Is to work and operate remotely.

✊ If not entirely. Then at least to give yourself the opportunity to.

💼 Your job today…. Most likely allows that to some degree.

📲 If you run or operate a business of your own. It can be set up to run remotely, to some degree.

(Remember… You get promoted for free, when we help you Become or live S-curvishly)


> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/become-an-s-curve-member

When you feed the monster S-curvishly @casidavis

Incoming search terms:

A newsletter update (April 18th-21st 2019)

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We have some topics to cover. Let’s get into ’em.


That’s life.

All 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience, covers that.

Our job… Is to make each of those parts… A little more awesome.

A happier you, in a happier body @ a happier life.

It’s been that way since day 1. But it’s more ‘realised’ now. As we’ve evolved and grown.


(Still the hottest area right now… OK… Same level as Travel-curvish 2.0 😁)

🎒Try and buy…💵

You know why we do that?

Becaaaaause… What works well with one person… May not work well for another.


Mostly, because they’re different people, with different backgrounds and experiences.

That’s why you become an S-curve member.


So that we can figure that sh*t out before hand. Whilst using our back data to speed up the process.


…For everyone involved.

You don’t have to become an S-curve member. But it really helps if you do.

Because naturally… You’re going to talk about the stuff you see/do in here.

And it’s always good to be completely and correctly informed about sh*t, before you speak (In your daily lives too! @ #gossipgang 😒)


📲 https://www.instagram.com/fitbuzz/

📹 https://youtu.be/H29yDFCXjDs Read the hell out of them. You’ll see why once you do.

Also… Check Shaun Sinclair’s stories on this profile.


There’s a lot of stuff that ends up in there. That doesn’t end up anywhere (See Tip #17 below).

And you only have 24hrs to see it. So follow.


There was more to discuss. But our brains farted behind the scenes 💩💨. And we lost track of our newsletter flow.

These messages are of course, written LIVE and in the moment. And so… Here we are.

1⃣ Reply to talk and ask about sh*t…

2⃣ http://stayfitbug.com

Is where everything exists!

3⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com To buy supps, Amazon page, #gamergirl and S-curve member stuff

Maldives drone views @michutravel

You feed the monster S-curvishly because… @domiwaffles

Travel-curvish 2.0 pitstop @carinnhawhite

‘Focus’ S-curve workout moments @maayan__peri

April 21st newsletter

We won’t recap the past week.

Instead… Read the recent Insta mini blog posts here…



Do so… Using these pages:


Take super pics and vids using the stuff you see here:


@ A similar quality to what you see on the Insta feed.

And if you want… We’ll repost your pics and vids for free, to all of our platforms. For whatever goal you have in mind.

Or if you simply want to be involved as an S-curve member partner.

Which basically means joining an extra family to your life.

This what a lot of folks (who are already S-curvish) are doing.

And remember… You can be 60% S-curvish and be content with that goal like ⬆⬆⬆👙📷

‘Soft lean’ @selenaolivera


Spanish, Portuguese and French are the most common here in S-curve world. Outside of English.

But there are others @ those whose 1st language isn’t English.

That trend will only continue.

We can of course, translate some of our pages into your language.

Like on these pages…

http://www.primemale.com/?a_aid=5166f0d63777a&a_bid=f2e4249 .




And the other supps pages that you’ll see listed here…


But for direct communication. Until there comes a time where we need dedicated people to talk to you in your language.

It’s all about using Google translate.

It works pretty well ‘today’.

Even more so, when used on a mobile device. As you can talk into it. And it will reply back in the language that you need to hear/read the message in.


It’s all about the awesome, yet less popular destinations.

This is what everyone that we meet, is doing. Or wants to be doing.


Because a lot of the spots around the world that used to be unique. Are no longer.

Mostly because of the rise of social media.

The best thing to do. Is to

1⃣ Go to small, unpopular countries (Like Slovenia)


2⃣ And/Or… Popular countries/regions. Like South East Asia or French Polynesia.

Because there you’ll find MANY untouched islands, that are super awesome.

Or just a little out of reach for common folk.

You’ll mostly see ‘popular’, yet awesome spots posted, via the Insta feed.

But for the less popular/unknown spots… (without listing the names).

The Shaun Sinclair profile…


@ Keep an eye on.


We’re in the heart of 2019 now.

There’s a lot going on. Life is happening.

So get involved. And keep on watching.

1⃣ http://stayfitbug.com

Is where everything exists!

2⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

To buy supps, Amazon page, #gamergirl and S-curve member stuff

The Unbiased Truth About Testosterone Supplementation

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High levels of testosterone have numerous health benefits, especially for those who work out regularly. Gearing up with synthetics is one of the easiest ways to increase your body’s levels of the hormone. However, you don’t have to go via such a precarious route as there are safer alternatives in the form of testosterone boosting supplements. You can read more about such supplements by clicking on the link.

This discussion will take a look at five supplements and examine if there is any truth to their supposed effectiveness in boosting the body’s testosterone levels. First, here’s a look at testosterone and why your body needs normal, if not high, levels of it.

What Testosterone Is and Why You Need High Levels of It

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally created in the body by both men and women. Men have higher levels of testosterone, and it is produced in the testicles. Women, on the other hand, have smaller amounts in their body, which produces it in the ovaries and adrenal glands. The body’s production of testosterone is at its peak during adolescence up to early adulthood. Once you reach the age of 30, testosterone production starts to decline each year. Depending on your lifestyle and habits, the drop may be as much a 5 percent each year.

This hormone plays an important role in the body’s muscle mass creation, sex drive, mood and cognitive functions. High levels of testosterone have the following benefits:

  1. Healthy heart and blood circulation: Testosterone increases the production of red blood cells via the bone marrow. Studies show that low levels of testosterone can cause a number of cardiovascular problems. A recent study also suggests that men with normal testosterone levels are less likely to suffer a stroke or a heart attack.
  2. More lean muscle mass: There are several reasons why testosterone helps in muscle building and in preventing muscle catabolism. This is how pros juice up to build and retain their muscles even when they are on a cutting cycle. Testosterone also aids in muscle recovery and repair after workouts.
  3. Higher bone density: Testosterone is a major contributor to bone mineral density. Low levels of it, therefore, may cause weaker bones and osteoporosis in women.
  4. Enhanced memory, spatial awareness and math abilities: Studies show that high levels of testosterone improve various cognitive processes such as memory retention and recovery, logical reasoning and verbal fluency. Testosterone has also been shown to have the ability to improve mood with its anxiolytic properties.
  5. Increased libido: Men with normal to high levels of testosterone have higher sex drives and sexual activity. Testosterone also helps manage and treat erectile dysfunction.

With just benefits of testosterone shown above, you’ll naturally want to keep your body’s levels normal or higher. Before reaching for the syringe and opting for chemical enhancement, know that there are ways of increasing your testosterone levels safely and naturally. The following are five testosterone supplements and the scientific basis of their effectiveness.

Vitamin D

This fat-soluble vitamin is produced in the skin whenever it is exposed to sunlight. When active, vitamin D behaves in a similar manner as a steroid hormone. Some studies correlate vitamin D deficiency to low levels of testosterone. This results in various conditions that result from low testosterone levels, such as weak bones. A year-long study in men shows that supplementing with vitamin D can effectively increase testosterone levels by as much as 20 percent, especially if you are deficient in the vitamin.


Zinc has long been believed as an aphrodisiac, and this may have to do with its ability to raise testosterone levels in the body. Just like with vitamin D, several research studies indicate that low levels of zinc are linked to low levels of testosterone. In one study, the study group that supplemented with zinc showed vast improvement in testosterone levels compared to the control group.

Zinc supplementation was also proven effective in improving and treating cases of infertility in men, according to another study. In another study, daily supplementation with zinc has been shown to help in speeding up recovery after high-intensity workouts. Experts suggest that this is due to the effectiveness of zinc in increasing the body’s testosterone levels.

D-Aspartic Acid

Aspartic acid is a natural amino acid that can directly stimulate the body’s cells that produce testosterone, particularly in men. Studies suggest that aspartic acid works by stimulating the hormones to encourage the Leydig cells in the testicles to increase its production of testosterone. Results from initial studies on aspartic acid’s testosterone-boosting effect indicate that supplementing with the amino acid can result in higher levels of testosterone in as little as 12 days.

Aspartic acid has also been shown to have the ability to increase sperm count, which make it an ideal treatment and management option for infertility in men. Like zinc, aspartic acid also shows promise as a post-workout recovery supplement. The catch with aspartic acid is that, while it is an effective supplement for those with low testosterone and impaired sexual functions, it may not be as effective for those with normal testosterone levels.


Supplementing with magnesium has been shown in studies to be effective in restoring the body’s normal testosterone levels. While it may not be as effective as boosting testosterone levels any higher than normal, it is better than aspartic acid in the sense that it works even for those who are not deficient in magnesium. What makes magnesium an even better supplement is that those who work out regularly can see achieve faster results, compared to those who are not as active.


Ashwagandha is a type of herb that is a staple in Ayurvedic medical practices, and it has been used in ancient medicine for centuries. Only lately did science start to realize some of the herb’s medicinal properties. One of the main uses of ashwagandha is for stress and anxiety management.

Research shows that daily supplementation with ashwagandha can improve sperm quality in infertile men. At the same time, supplementation with the herb can effectively increase testosterone levels by more than 20 percent in three months. In other studies, ashwagandha has also shown performance and strength enhancing properties in active individuals.

As surprising as it may seem, scientific data does lend truth to the effectiveness of the testosterone boosting properties of the supplements mentioned here. There are other supplements that also show promise as testosterone boosters, including fenugreek, ginger, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and tribulus terrestris. If you are looking to increase or restore your testosterone to normal levels, look for a brand that contains one or more of the supplements that are cited in this article.

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally at Home?

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Teeth whitening has always been a challenging job for those who keep searching for some effective teeth whitening remedies. Those who lose the color of the teeth remain worried and often feels less confident in general public and that’s a definite thing. Why not affected people search for DIY teeth whitening treatments? One can easily find natural teeth whitening DIY methods to get rid of teeth discoloration. Just visit gotoothache.com to find some amazing DIY teeth cleaning tips. There are so many teeth whitening treatments and remedies that people come up with, but at home teeth whitening DIYis just a superb treatment among all.

We know that there are many methods to clean teeth, but visiting a dentist is the best thing to clean up teeth. A dentist is the best professional who allows you to sit on the dentist chair and soon starts cleaning your teeth once you adjust on the chair. Some people find it effective to visit a dentist while some stay away from a dentist just because they find such treatment painful. They are afraid of visiting a dentist. To overcome their fear, DIY teeth cleaning treatment is available. DIY cleaning of teeth works great and one has not to visit a dentist to get formal teeth cleaning.

What are some effective natural teeth whitening DIY remedies? There are many remedies, but using a baking soda works great. Baking soda is a natural home product that people use it in cooking foods. Fortunately, baking soda has got some other uses, whereas one use helps in teeth whitening. Baking soda is known as the best teeth whitener these days. In fact, people have been using baking soda for years just because it has the quality to fix yellow stinky teeth. The yellow teeth can be fixed by using baking soda as it removes the stains and all bad smell that people face.

Even dentists recommend using baking soda as it does a thorough cleaning of teeth. Even it works better than any mouthwash. However, the use of mouthwash is also a great treatment to get rid of teeth discoloration, but baking soda works faster than mouthwash. We come to know that baking soda is the fast teeth whitening DIY method that competes with many brand products whenever teeth whitening is targeted. What else can be used to whiten the teeth other than baking soda?

Table salt can also be used as an effective home remedy for cleaning teeth. It’s a basic food item that we use in cooking that surely brings balance and taste in the food. Just apply a small amount of your table salt to the toothbrush and do normal brushing. Do it for at least 5 minutes and then rinse with water. Do it every day until you see good results. It’s the best and easy accessible DIY teeth whitening method. Further, strawberry is also one of the leading teeth whiteners that work great in whitening the teeth. Mash up some strawberries and brush it regularly during the time when the strawberry season arrives. It will work as the best teeth whitener.

Introducing a new type of scan (Dexascan)

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First: The S-curve Xperience 

It of course… All started  with Becoming S-curvish. Which is part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.

We’ll continue to talk about that in just a sec.
First… Let us re-highlight our core goals.
1. To live your best life, with your best people. In your best body 
2. To make each part of the S-curve Xperience more awesome.
And in terms of Becoming S-curvish. That means a seamless way to get and keep results.
– An easy way to start 
– An easy way to keep going 
– An easy way to get to 90-100% S-curvish.
The 1st two points listed above are pretty easy to achieve in our world.
As we have created simple formulas (S-curve formula) over the past 10 years… To make that a reality.
– Short 2-3 and 5-10 minute workout videos that you can stream from anywhere on any device.
– 24/7/365 121 coaching chats from anywhere 
This simple approach to buying any food or supplement 
To name a few.
But the 3rd point is where things can get tricky, in order to achieve that goal.
Sure… You can take your time, over a period of 1-5 years to achieve it.
But some folks are impatient. And we all know that super results gives super motivation.
In order to achieve THAT goal. We must go more precise.
With the:
– Workouts and exercises 
– Food types
– Rest periods 
– Supplements 
And one other boring but necessary area…
– Body fat testing 
– Body composition
– Muscle testing 
– Bone testing 
There have been many different ways to make this happen, over the years.
But as with almost all things…
Evolution takes place. And the old methods get replaced by new ones.

ENTER: Dexascan

I won’t talk about the old methods here.
You can research those on your own. We’re here to talk about the ‘new’.
And the reason why this method gets a mention today. Is because it’s in line, with how we live within the S-curve Xperience.
And… It ticks the boxes, in regards to our core goals, that was mentioned earlier.

What we need…

An easy, quick and effective way to find out what those above metrics are.

How we achieve it with Dexascan?

Just one simple Xray (Yup). Which takes just 7 minutes to do.
You lay down. Get a scan. Done!
And then we let technology do the rest of the the work.
You can read everything in detail, over on their website > here.
But once all is said and done. The following results is what you’ll be looking at.
  • Total body bone mineral density
  • Total body muscle mass
  • Total body fat mass
  • Total body bone mass
  • Total body fat percentage
  • Muscle and fat mass in the trunk
  • Muscle and fat mass in your right and left arm
  • Muscle and fat mass in your right and left leg
  • Central abdominal fat measurement

To conclude 
We have always said that we’re going to continuously highlight new things that we stumble upon, throughout our daily S-curve Xperience shenanigans.
Wether that be via:
– Food or supplement findings 
– Travel-curvish 2.0 destinations 
– Effective/Useful workout equipment
– Various/miscellaneous items… Most of which we’ll look for on Amazon… After Xperiencing them first hand
This scan fits into that list. And hopefully… Just like everything else we highlight… Improves over time.
At which point… We often decide to partner up with them.

8 Foods That Help To Lower Prolactin Levels

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Prolactin is a peptide hormone produced and secreted mainly by lactrophic acidophilic cells of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland and is responsible for breast changes during pregnancy following delivery.

The normal prolactin level:

Men 2-18ng/mL

Non pregnant women or non-breastfeeding women 2-29ng/mL

Pregnant women 10-209ng/mL

The excessive and autonomic production of prolactin by lactrotroph cell causes hyperprolactinemia.

Causes of high prolactin levels:

  • Prolactinoma is a non-cancerous tumor found on the pituitary gland leads the body to over produce hormone prolactin.
  • Disease of hypothalamus
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Kidney disease
  • Cushing disease
  • Medications prescribed for psychiatric and gastrointestinal disorder.
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Chest trauma

How levels of prolactin can be measured:

It can be measured through simple blood test.

High prolactin symptoms in women:

  • Infertility
  • Anovulation
  • Decreased libido
  • Hot flashes
  • Painful intercourse
  • Galactorrhea
  • Hirsutism
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Acne including chest acne
  • Weight gain
  • Irregular periods
  • Osteopenia
  • Milk leaking from nipples

High prolactin symptom in men:

  • Reduce muscle mass
  • Decreased libido
  • Weight gain
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Galactorrhea
  • Osteopenia

Role of dopamine in treating high levels of prolactin:

  • Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that travels to the anterior pituitary via hypophyseal portal vessels to inhibit prolactin secretion by anterior pituitary cells.
  • Dopamine agonist:  Bromcriptine and buy cabergoline are dopamine receptors agonist. They are commonly used to treat high level of prolactin they help the brain to produce dopamine that controls high prolactin levels and shrink proclactinoma tumors.
  • Diary food, unprocessed meat, omega 3 rich fishes, eggs, nuts, dark chocolates these are the foods which boost the dopamine.

Foods that lower prolactin levels:

  • Chaste berry (vitex agnus-castus):  Researches believe that chaste berry rebalances the hormone and help in reducing prolactin levels. This is special type of herb that is mainly used for raising progesterone levels and balancing progesterone to estrogen ratio. Due to its dopaminergic effects it is used in treating higher prolactin levels.
  • Mucuna pruriens:  It is a velvet bean found commonly in Africa and tropical parts of Asia. It is natural source of amino acid L-DOPA from which dopamine is produced which helps in lowering prolactin levels. Its powder can also be used by drying the seeds and grinding it into powder form.
  • Apple:  Apples are rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and also triggers production of dopamine which is responsible for lowering prolactin levels.
  • Watermelon: The juice is fat free and loaded with vitamins A, B6 and C. vitamin B6 is used by the body to manufacture neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. Vitamin C also enhances the immune system while protecting the body from free radicals.
  • Bananas: Ripe bananas are a major tyrosine (an amino acid neuron that helps regulate and stimulate dopamine production), as they continue to ripen and become sweeter their tyrosine content becomes more high.
  • Vitamin E:  It is found in vegetable oils (like corn, soybean, and sunflower), nuts (like almond, walnuts, peanuts, and hazel nuts), seeds, cereals, margarine, and green leafy vegetables. It is one of the most important lipid solid antioxidant, it prevents prolactin levels from rising and hardly causes any side effects.
  • Zinc:  The best foods that are rich in zinc are meat, red meat, selfish, legumes, seeds (hemp, pumpkin, squash and sesame), nuts, dairy foods, eggs, whole grain (wheat, quinoa, rice, oats) potatoes, dark chocolates and buy dostinex. Zinc along with vitamin B6 manage metabolic processes and lower prolactin levels.
  • Vitamin B6:  Food rich in vitaminB6 are pork, chicken, turkey, bread, soybeans, wheat germ, oatmeal’s, brown rice, potatoes and milk. It is vital nutrient which is involved in metabolism of amino acids and in synthesis of neurotransmitter dopamine, It not only reduces prolactin level but also reduces high blood pressure, lower blood sugar level and fights depression.
  • Other fruits: There so many other fruits that are rich with zinc, vitamin B6 and vitamin Includes strawberry, blueberry and prunes that are also help to reduce the level of prolactin within 2-3 month.
You and your stack of 'buy and try' foods and supplements +PlusCBD™ Oil Drops
You and your stack of ‘buy and try’ foods and supplements

Also leading healthy lifestyle and taking stress relief measures can help in balancing hormone levels and lowering prolactin levels

To conclude

All of the above is good and great.

It’s information that is a part of our arsenal, when it comes to coaching you 121. Where we don’t actually share that deep level of information.

And to instead… Just give you the things you need to do, in order to succeed physically, mentally, or even spiritually.

Just remember… After 3 months of being intensly active. It’s all about having fun.

And in this case… With food!

The Official Food Types List – Experiment 

One of our favorite videos to show you what THAT looks like…

Talking of nutrition…

Before supplements come into play… Your focus should be on food FIRST.

In our world… It’s all about delivering the right information and food to you. In a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

In regards to information… > this post is where you need to live

In regards to getting the right food to you… In a way that makes sense to YOUR lifestyle…

Say hello to one of our S-curve Partner Program businesses…

– Top Chef Meals (From our S-curve Partner Program)

top chef home delivery

Top chef home delivery


– A core focus on customised ready cooked meals… That are frozen.

This means that for those of you who are following our 121 nutrition coaching shenanigans…

> Get to eat cooked meals without having to cook them yourself.

> Don’t have to worry about having to rush to eat the food, upon arrival.

> Can embrace meal variety… Which is a core element of our S-curve formula. 

– Home delivery.

– No subscription commitment. As the S-curve Xperience lifestyle is all about being flexible. Just like how we are, when we start/stop with our S-curve Member Program (SMP).

Incoming search terms:

A newsletter update (April 14th-16th 2019)

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OOTD-curvish selfie @dalmaviczai 👀🍎👖👟

Remember… When you become an S-curve member partner (SMPP) and we showcase your stuff for free, after your S-curve member shenanigans.

👙❌YOU… Don’t have to take bikini pics @ ladies.

It can just be OOTD/OOTN or improved daily lifestyle moments (Part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience). As you’re going to look S-curvish regardless. Like ⬆⬆⬆

Now… Let’s highlight our back story. Because it’s been a while. And it’s always good to look at where you’ve come from, to realise how far you’ve come @ all of us!

And to give newer faces to S-curve world… Some clarity @ why and how we got here.

Which relates to why you’re involved today.


Yup… No explanation, here in this message. Read and watch via that link. And you’ll see why @ long ass explanation.

But by the end of it. Your bond with us, should be a little stronger.

Which should then lead to a better S-curve Xperience for you… Over time.



Yup… Food AND supps will forever be an interesting area.

Long after you become S-curvish (Not so much the workouts though). And especially on the regular Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

where.to.find.me @azuliktulum mexico

@where.to.find.me @azuliktulum PART 2 (KINDA) 🎬📲👙

(Read the back story link above to see what we mean).

And to kick start the year. The Hunter supplements have entered the scene @ focus on the ingredients list mostly.

So check out, buy, test, repeat after testing (Do that with every food source and supp).




This is where we’ve added and will keep on adding… Items that are used within the S-curve Xperience.

Just like on the supplements page… We’re picky with the things we decide to add there.

But everything you see there is needed and/or awesome. With the recent addition being this power bank…



We’ve used several platforms over the years.

But in recent times… Cafepress is king within S-curve world.

You can dig through the designs here…


Want to talk @ serious? Reply. You know we always instant-reply

1⃣ http://stayfitbug.com

@ Where you’ll find EVERYTHING within S-curve world.

2⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

Where ‘shopping’ happens within S-curve world


Choose relevant items @iamraewilson

Because S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’ @jana_motta

Because S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’ @camilacampos.1

Travel-curvish 2.0 item… Yup! 🙂


April 16th newsletter

Recently… We covered our back story. In regards to what it looks like @ Becoming an S-curve member ‘today’.

And one additional thing we’ll state about that.

Is that today… Most people won’t just buy a program after viewing a product page.

Everyone wants to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into ‘today’.

Which is why most who do start. Only start after having a 121 conversation with us (Tailored Paypal link). Which is why you’re encouraged to reply to these messages.

And why we created an easy $10 start page @ zero risk.


Head over to our @fitbuzz Instagram @ recent posts. For more talk on this topic.



One page that does have you buying instantly though. Is the new supplements page and/or via selected content pages on http://stayfitbug.com

So let’s talk about our back story, in this arena.


The reason why you don’t see us talking about things like grams, calories, metrics and other specifics…

Is because for the most part. You really don’t need to hear about or focus on that sh*t.


Because that’s all been sorted out and created for you. Back in the early days of creating the S-curve formula (Circa 2010 – Nearly 10 years ago dammit).

Eat whatever the fudge you want (Our F word) @hafiiamira

All you have to do. Is turn up. And do what’s given to you. Via member page content and 121 coaching chats.

Which of course… Ties in with how we live within the S-curve Xperience.

Because you can whip out your devices at any time. Ask a question. And get an instant solution.

No reading, scanning or learning stuff.



We’ve tested out a lot of supplements over time. Via Shaun Sinclair, FitBuzzers and S-curve members.

That collective feedback. Has allowed us to create the approach to consuming food/supplements. That we embrace today. Which = Buy and try.

Repeat buy… With the food/supplements that proved effective @ taste and results (Used the word ‘taste’ first, on purpose).

We of course speed up that process. By scanning ingredient lists on food/supplement labels.

You don’t even have to know how certain ingredients rank on the A-F food rating system.

Again… You just 121 chat and ask, as an active S-curve member.



Other than protocol supplements like whey and casein. We work closely with select supplement partners (Since 2013). That close connection allows us to ensure that you’re getting the good sh*t.



We embrace the above…

Every single day in S-curve world.

Which is why our S-curvish results never suck. Even on our own bodies.

And now… To leave you with some important/recent food and supplement pages…

1⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/a-guide-to-using-supplements-within-s-curve-world

2⃣ http://stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/the-process-of-eating-s-curvishly-an-epic-explanation

3⃣ http://stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/hunter-test-hunter-focus-hunter-burn-supplements

4⃣ http://stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/the-morning-after-alcohol-afterdrink


Read the description in the following video…


A newsletter update (April 9th-11th 2019)

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So recently… We’ve been talking a lot about the S-curve member partner program (SMPP).

And to then… Enjoying Travel-curvish 2.0 trips, with those who joined in with you, on your quest to Becoming S-curvish.


We of course have associates within our world. Who embrace fitness shenanigans, that we don’t use or embrace in our S-curve world.

But that’s OK. Because we can clearly see how we are different from each other.

And in regards to taking Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

These trips… Are NOT fitness ‘retreats’.


A fitness retreat is when you go to a destination that is TC2.0 ‘like’.

AND embrace a lot of workout activities whilst there.

That doesn’t work in S-curve world.

1⃣ TC2.0 trips mostly happen over the weekend. Which is also when we embrace nutrition focused ONLY shenanigans via the S-curve formula (No workouts).

2⃣ We take these trips… To break away from the city life.

3⃣ We take these trips… Because it’s near impossible for a lot of folks in our world. To take 10-14 day trips away somewhere. Due to work and family commitments.

4⃣ A lot us have done these trips many times already. And in the places that WE go to… @ awesome, yet less popular spots.

The destination is so awe-inspiring.

@azuliktulum @vue_ls

That a workout is the LAST thing on your mind.

It’s all about being away for 2-4 days and having the best time ever… In your best body @ ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish.


We have…



That’s the most popular area right now. And you should indeed embrace everything, that you read, watch and learn there.

It’s a decades worth of knowledge and experience, all documented on one page.

Which of course… Should be used in conjunction with the S-curve member shenanigans.



Scan ALL of the items there.


Each one that’s added, is awesome in some way.

All sh*t that we’ve used throughout our own S-curve Xperience shenanigans.

And most recently… This power bank:



Bringing in more S-curve members and partners. And taking TC2.0 trips with everyone that’s involved.

And then for us here (We’re in Asia right now)… To record it all.

And for you to do the same. In whatever country you’re in.

So that’s what’s happening ‘hardcore’ right now.

Reply to talk as always.

S-curve HIIT cardio = Cycling @tatianaugirardi

Becoming S-curvish for the dress @iamraewilson

‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @megkylie

April 11th newsletter



You reach 90-100% S-curvish (Ideally as an S-curve member).

At which point (If you want). You can become an @fitbuzz social media associate. Where we post you for free.

You can use your platform to become a partner (SMPP). Or showcase your own stuff. From the extra exposure you get.

And… You’ll just get naturally mentioned in this newsletter too.

Like the musician that we talked about the other week (Offline conversation). In this newsletter ⬇

He’s built a strong connection with us in the past 4 months.

In that time. He’s learned about how we do things ‘ere.

Read it…

Have become partners.

And so… His stuff gets free exposure. Just from being partnered within the S-curve Xperience.

Remember though… It’s still good to be an S-curve member first.

To know it’s there @ therapy, workout, mindset, nutrition help.

In fact… Let’s talk about what it looks like to become an S-curve member. And what happens once you do. Because it’s been a while.


There’s about 10 in total. But it’s mostly about.

✳ Your age, sex, weight and height

✳ Foods you can’t eat, do or don’t like

✳ Your access to a gym and/or equipment

Everything that’s asked… Is done so. To ensure that everything we do within your plan… Benefits YOU to the max.

Which leads us to…


This is where 90% of your time will be spent. As an active member.

The workout stuff is easy. You just follow what you’re given to do, via your member page.

It’s the 121 chats that makes most of your results happen.

Which leads us to…


Yup… That’s the only real factor @ wether you pay…

✳ $50 for a month (Moderate amount of coaching).

✳ Or $300 (Maximum amount of coaching).

The best approach. Is to of course… Pay as you go. And to fluctuate between a low and high level of activity.


Because that’s what real daily life looks like for most people! AND… Because it coincides with how we live within the S-curve Xperience.

Like taking TC2.0 trips @ doing NO workouts whilst there. TO CONCLUDE Whatever happens next… Is a variation/continuation of the above.

Everything that we do today… Is now a super easy, zero time consuming, less stressful and very fun way to get results and live! We’re out here doing it daily. So we know!

And wherever you are in the world right now. We want the same for YOU!

Which works. Because of today’s tech @ all you need is…

– A mobile device

– Internet connect

– And for some… Google translate (On a mobile device)

Done… Reply to ask us about sh*t.






Because S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’ @jana_motta

Incoming search terms:

A newsletter update (April 4th-7th 2019)

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And I’m here again. Because of all the S-curve Member Partner Program (SMPP) talk that’s been going on.

And because of the attention that it’s receiving offline, in our face to face meet ups.

The folks that I’m personally dealing with. Can feel the vibe too.

Which is…

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Getting your people to join you in S-curve member shenanigans

💪🍴 Experience the results. Especially in the 1st 21 days

📲 Talk about it consistently, with you and me (I still lead the coaching around ‘ere)

👐 Experience parts 2-4 of the S-curve Xperience. Together as a group. Using our collective cash (Or parts of it).

With that last part, hitting home hard!

The message comes across loud and clear online too. But only for those who respond regularly to the chats. Or become S-curve members.

As your connection to S-curve world, becomes a lot deeper, once you do become one.

All 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience, are all important as each other. And feed off of each other too.

All parts… That became what they are… Organically (Which I said in a previous message recently).

But it has to be said… The partner program shenanigans is the ‘big picture’ goal, within S-curve world.



👀📹 It’s experienced offline and recorded for the world to see, online.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌍 We get to create unforgettable experiences. And if not with us in person. With you and your folks. In whatever country you’re in.

👊 Everything is more real. And we get to create a super strong bond.

😁🐘 And of course. Talk about some elephant in the room subjects. Most of which… Are invisible in the online world chats.


If you are involved on here. Which you are… Because you are reading this. Then get yourself a $10 S-curve member page.


Because it’s the only way for you to be a natural @ S-curve member partner shenanigans.


You’re more involved. Which means you’ll naturally talk about what you’re doing, amongst your people.

SIDE NOTE: Becoming an SMPP might even safe your azz one day @ an extra income stream…

Just from being a part of a family, that you’re already heavily invested in.



This was another topic that came up. Most folks know about how the supplement world works. As do we.

The conclusion = Everything in moderation. But for the S-curve formula. You take any food or supp. Look at the ingredients list. And throw it into the S-curve meal structure.

You’ll see a results boost. Especially when you’re dealing with A-rated nutrients.

So a little test/game/challenge for you…

1⃣ If you’ve used Lean bean or Instant knockout. Try Hunter burn for a month or two.

2⃣ Testofuel or prime male… Try Hunter test.

3⃣ Mind lab pro – Hunter focus.

The rules for this… Are of course present here….


And all 3 Hunter supplements. Are listed here…


Reply to ask about all the sh*t you see here!😎

Maldives @c.linetravels



April 7th newsletter




Our workouts did indeed birth our entire existence here.

But over time. We have put less and less importance into it.

Like… It’s still important. And part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.

But we are nowhere near ‘hardcore’ anymore.

Not like we were in 2011/12.


Well first. It comes down to…

1⃣ The people that we started with. And how their lives evolved.

2⃣ The current/new people that we meet, near daily.

And in both scenarios. Being a workout fanatic is NOT a goal.

It’s just something that we do, in order to look like this…



✅ ‘Soft lean’
✅ Epic butt/Tiny waist
✅ Epic lats (Traps too @ guys)

What is important… Is a fixed lifestyle and mindset.

And so… The workouts that we now do. Reflect THAT goal.

That’s how the Tailored Daily Exercise videos came about. As well the S-curve circuits and Short Splits routines.

Even with me (Yup… Shaun speaking to you again today).

I personally haven’t done any hardcore workouts for years.

I just do 3-4 short splits a week. And eat S-curvishly.

Granted… I am… And have been 90-100% S-curvish for years now.

But that’s what it can look like for you. Once you reach 60% S-curvish.

Which will take 3-6 months. Depending on how fat or skinny you are.

Seriously. Almost every working class person who wants to be fixed. Cringes at a hardcore workout scenario.

So it’s our job. To explain the above message.

In our world…

🍴🔁 You can eat whatever the fudge you want. Just switch the timings around @ nutrients that enter your guts.

💪🚃 Workouts that you do have to do. Can be done anywhere.

And most important of all… Is to keep showing what a typical week looks like. Aka the S-curve Xperience.

Just scan 1 week of the @fitbuzz Instagram feed.


That’s what a typical week looks like.


But I’ll explain the short version here @ workout activity.

✳ Mon-Thurs are workout days.

✳ We ‘come up for air’. Embrace workout fashion and outdoor gym set ups. Followed by non-workout activities, like swimming.

✳ Weekends are for TC2.0 and nutrition focused ONLY moments.

Of course. This can be tailored and shifted around.

But as you can see. Workouts aren’t the core focus anymore.

Living your best life, in your best body, with your fave people… Is!

So if ‘body goals’ is your focus at all right now. Just reply… To get re-informed @ what you see here in these messages and social media posts.

And on these pages…





@ protocal pages that you need to watch, read and see.


A newsletter update (March 31st-April 2nd 2019)

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What’s YOUR language?

Recently… We talked about an upgrade @ Becoming an S-curve member partner.

@ Being able to speak both English and your native language. In whatever country you’re in.

Right now… The supplements page is still the most popular area within the S-curve Xperience.


And on the pages that are present there. You can translate the entire page, into another language. Even with the videos that you watch there too!

The most popular languages that most of you speak in fact.

So ya… Understand that we’re on a mission this year to start communicating with you, in your native language. As much as possible.

But for now.

1⃣ Google translate – When using a smartphone (SUPER great when used face to face)

2⃣ The supplement pages – Reading, watching and listening in your own language.


The best way to be a partner. Is to not act like one. Just live S-curvishly. You’ll naturally do what a member should be/will be doing.

That’s what we do.

Like last weekend. We was out at part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.

So it was easy to talk to and show people via https://www.instagram.com/fitbuzz @ what we do here within the Xperience.

Part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience

You’ll be the same. That’s why it’s best to have a member page of your own.

Not only will you subconsciously start acting on any help you’re getting from us.

You’ll be natural in your talk about it. And you’ll feel damn good about it… Because you already feel good about reading through these messages.

It’s mostly about teaching you how to live how we live (At any level that suits…).

At which point… Then makes it’s easy for a selection of us… To meet up regularly. Regardless of where you live in the world. S-curve family FTW.


We’re constantly evolving by the day. So being more involved, only benefits you more.

@ buying food, supps, becoming a member, member partner, taking TC2.0 trips to newly discovered destinations. All of it.

Reply to talk as usual.

1⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

To buy stuff

2⃣ http://stayfitbug.com

For EVERYTHING that goes on in S-curve world

Full moon party ready in Thailand @hafiiamira

Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge you want @ life after 90-100% S-curvish @domiwaffles

Because S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’ @dalmaviczai

April 2nd newsletter


Recently… I posted the above pic. Which is from my own FB stories.

It was just me… Giving out a spontaneous reply, to some of the questions that was coming my way.

So today… I’m going to apply that response above. To some parts of the S-curve Xperience.



We’ve got the (S-curve) formula. We don’t even have to try any more. Sh*t just works.

But if you struggle, in any way, shape or form.

Then just pay to fix the problems.


😁 The dentist.
👕 My laundry…

I suck at… Or don’t have time to master things in that arena. And so… I pay the pros to do that sh*t.

The same can be said for food, nutrition, supplements. @ this page…


You greatly shortcut your route to success. When you pay for the guidance. Or when you buy certain supplements there.


Things get really real in this area.

Because the worst thing ever… Is dealing with people who intend to squeeze as much money out of you as possible @ hotels, tour guides.

This completely changes… When you have strong relationships with the people you meet (And see regularly) on your travels.

Travel-curvish 2.0 @movenpick Maldives @michutravel

you meet (And see regularly) on your travels.

Which of course… Happens organically. When you follow the rule of taking a TC2.0 trip, every 4-6 weeks. This is when a lot of other lucky ‘life’ stuff happens to you too.

Which relates to the above FB story that I posted, on the same day. ANOTHER REASON Why you need get into this mindset. Is so that you can live a better S-curve Xperience overall.

In fact… Not paying people to do stuff. Might be a reason why some areas of your life suck. But as my story says… Find good people and build great relationships. It’s usually an organic process. A bit like when you buy and experience things with us, here in S-curve world.

Just make sure you do that first though @ ‘building’. Because dealing with crap people who don’t give a sh*t about you. Sucks too.

Which is also a reason why you should become an S-curve member first. Before becoming an S-curve member partner. Otherwise YOU will come across as a fraud. And a crap person to deal with @ who ever joins in on the S-curve Xperience through you.


We meet a lot of people daily. Some new. Some regular. Because of that… We get a strong insight into what people want. Problems they’re facing. And stuff they’re using.

Google translate on the smartphone, has been very impressive for us to see. Which is why it got a mention 2 days ago on here.

Another… Is this power bank (Pic above/link beneath it).


I’ll talk about it again soon. But for now. Read through the description and reviews.


1⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

To buy stuff

2⃣ http://stayfitbug.com

For EVERYTHING that goes on in S-curve world