Effective Ways to Remove Acne Scars

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You slept happily because you enjoyed the night. But morning it not always beautiful especially when you see the acne on your face in the mirror. Acne never comes alone; it brings acne scars with it. Acne may go in days but acne scars are not good guests because they may take time before leaving your skin completely. Well if you got acne scars, don’t need to panic because you are still one of 90% of the world population who gets acne scars after the acne problem.

Well, we have got some good news for you. We are going to tell you some of the best acne scars treatments in just the next coming paragraphs. Keep reading because we will tell only the best and safe acne scars treatments which are trusted by the millions and have proven results.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

You are not alone to ask how to get rid of acne scars. If you will checkout Google Search Insight, you will find out that “How to get rid of acne scars?” is always a breakout search term and that means millions of people are always searching for how to get rid of acne scars.Well, here we are going to answer how to get rid of acne scars at home using home remedies.

Baking Soda Scrub

Baking Soda can be found easily in hour kitchen. And you will admire it because baking soda is one of the best acne scar removal treatment. Baking soda will bring the pH level of your skin to normal. It can clear the dead and dark skin cells from your skin and you will get glowing fresh skin after using baking soda.

Take a teaspoon of baking soda and add some water to make a paste. Apply gently this paste on to the skin, either only on the affected area or on the whole face. Leave to dry for a few minutes and then rinse with water.

Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in omega fatty acids and hence it has natural ability to penetrate into your skin and moisturize it. Coconut oil is considered best acne scars treatment because it restores the freshness and glow of your skin naturally. But you must be careful while using coconut oil because excessive use of coconut oil can also be the cause of breakout of acne as it can clog your pore.

Onion Extracts

Onion water or onion extract may give you a feeling of sting or pinch when you will apply it on your skin so be ready for that before you think about using the onion extract onto your skin. But one thing is for sure that onion extract is very effective if you want to get rid of acne scars. Applying onion extracts directly onto acne scars will reduce their appearance and hence within a couple of weeks, the acne scars will go away.

Honey and Cinnamon Mask

Honey is a natural moisturizer. It is rich with the ingredients which are best for your skin. If you want to know how to get rid to acne scars using honey then the answer, try honey and cinnamon mask. It will refresh your skin and you will get smoother skin free from any acne scar.


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There are so many factors which tend to influence the weight loss proper and weight in general, BMR or Basal Metabolic rate is one of them.

Basal metabolic rate simply means the amount of calories which a person needs on minimal in order to sustain life. Calories are the unit of energy. Without the consumption and intake of calories, the body will not be able to get the basic energy that it needs to keep the body functioning and to maintain numerous functions that are undergone by the body. Hence, without calories, the body cannot continue its functioning.  Click on the below link to calculate your BMI; https://www.calculators.tech/bmi-calculator


Basal metabolic rate is the ‘’amount of minimum’’ calories that a body needs. These are those calories which are utilized by the body doing numerous processes. These calories do not accumulate in the body or build ‘’negative’’ fat that excessive calories can.
It is very important to know that BMR is also an indication of your metabolic system. It does depend upon a number of factors itself. The more the activity level that one has, the more the BMR. For example, if a person exercises on regular basis, his/her BMR is higher than a person who has little to sedentary level of activity per day.

People who complain about the increasing weight or being underweight are those who either consume calories more than their need (can be calculated through BMR) or they take calories lesser than their need (BMR can again help determine it). This the relation between BMR and weight. One determines the body’s minimum calorie intake and the other explains how excessive intake can affect the body.


BMR is known to be the basic starting point of when it comes to lose weight. One can sketch a diet plan based upon the BMR or keeping the basal metabolic rate in view. This is simply because metabolism is the initial point of losing weight.

BMR is an estimated value which is influenced by many things. You might be a lazy person, but your body would still do things to support itself. Hence, it can be said that while you are a lazy and inactive person, your body is not. It is doing a number of functions per day, such as, pumping blood, controlling your breathing or exchange of gases, respiration, and so much more. To do all this, it requires energy in the form of calories.
BMR is that total value of calculated calories. It tells you the need of your body.

-There are a fixed amount of calories that one needs to lose and to maintain weight. All those values are determined through BMR. BMR helps you know your calorie consumption requirement and then shows the alarm sign that you can lose weight if you eat only the required calories most of which, the body will utilize doing its own functions and even if you are a lazy person, your body will help lose weight.

Exercise is something that can boost the weight loss system. This is because it burns excess of calories. It can serve as a cherry on top. However, your overall BMR value is calculated considering your exercise schedule. Exercise can also help tone the body.

Exercise tends to burn calories. Therefore, the calorie intake that a person needs to manage the functions going on in the body, also tend to increase. Due to this reason, the BMR value in general shows an increase.

When it comes to weight loss, many health experts advise going for the calculation of BMR. This is because some of your calories are burnt without you even doing anything or it can be said that some of the calories are burnt simply by the process of breathing.

You can lose weight if your burn calories more than you consume. After knowing your bmr you can,

-Adjust your calorie intake of each day,
-Set a calorie limit,
-Know how many calories you can burn otherwise.

All these cannot be known without proceeding the first step, i.e. the simple process of calculating basal metabolic rate.

You can calculate the BMR value by the use of this calculator which has been mentioned below.


Basal metabolic rate calculator is a calculator which is simply used to calculate the BMR value. This calculator is the easiest way through which the desired value can be calculated. Without this calculator, one needs to do a lot of complex calculations to get the desired result. The basic interface of the calculator is provided below.

The calculator is as simple to use as it looks like. The information that it requires, include:

-Your gender:

This is because gender is definitely a factor playing a huge role in the calculation of the desired value. Men usually have a greater BMR then women.


The BMR value vary from kids to teenagers and from teenagers to adults and so on.

If the BMR of 2 males is looked upon, then the elder one would have a lesser BMR than the younger one. Hence, it can be said that the BMR values decrease linearly with age.

-Height and weight.
-Activity level:

The more the activity level, the greater is the daily calorie input or need of the body. Hence the calculator requires the information about your activity level. Whether it is sedentary or from any other option.

IF you do not understand the result through the calculated BMR value, then the calculator provides you with the information about how many calories you need each day. This calculator is very simple to use. It requires the very simple information and all those factors which possibly influence your desired value.

Also, this calculator is not only easy to use but is also absolutely free. So, you don’t have to pay for the use of it. You can know the required value within seconds. It does not need your personal information such as name, email as well which might make one hesitant. You can find the calculator at calculators.tech.com.

Incoming search terms:

A newsletter update (26th-28th March 2019)

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A bit of Q & A… A bit of ‘topics to discuss’.

So let’s get into it…


Who detoxes and stuff.

I thought you guys would be doing that @ fitness shenanigans?

*Words from a ‘soft core’ fitness person.


Well… Fitness is like music (That person was a musician). There’s many different variations of it.

You just follow what feels right for YOU @ the options available to you.

Just learn to trust that ‘option’ first. In terms of fitness.

But to answer his question @ us @ S-curve Experience shenanigans…

Part 4 of 4 of the S-curve experience @domiwaffles

We get to 60-100% S-curvish @ results.

And then we eat whatever the fudge we want.

Embracing THAT to the max on TC2.0 trips. Which looks like… ⬆

And these days… For us. And for me…

Everything that I do in my own life. Is an S-curve Experience shenanigan.

It’s stuff that I’d be doing anyway… If it wasn’t business related.

In fact… ‘Business’ isn’t even the focus at all in our world. It’s the experience… First!

Which is why it’s always been our no.1 goal, to ensure that you’re having a great time. With everything you see and consume on here. @

1⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

2⃣ http://stayfitbug.com


Buying stuff through those websites enhances the S-curve Experience ‘greatly’.

Heck… I even buy a lot of sh*t within the SE.


If you’re into it. For boosting food nutrients or physical performance/appearance. The new ‘Hunter’ pages are up, from our partners.

➡ http://stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/hunter-test-hunter-focus-hunter-burn-supplements

All stuff that they spent months working on.

It was mentioned on here a few weeks back. And I know some of you did the ‘buy and try’.

Which is what you’re supposed to do @ food and supps. I’m mentioning it again. Because that supplements page will always evolve.

And… YOU need to stay informed.

Because that’s how you stay on top @ being awesome in all parts of the S-curve Experience… Aka your life.


You see that S-curve formula.

Everything in there exists and works… Because all of it… Is sh*t that we tried, tested and failed at, 1st hand. Along with our ‘early days’ S-curve members.

That’s how we’re able to guarantee everything.

Then some people who enter our world. Wake up one day. And kick themselves that they did get deeper into this sh*t sooner.

So ya… Take your time to trust things. But at some point… Jump in. Because ‘opportunity’ will pass you by.

Opportunities… That lead to new ones. Which is why we’re out everyday. Meeting new people.

Something new is learned, every single time!


🌍 Like… We’ve always had a global audience, customer base, peers and associates base.

📱💻🙏 But as time has gone on… People have started to use the internet as a protocol form of communication and content consumption.

❌🇺🇸🇬🇧 And in A LOT of these places in the world… Folks don’t speak English (@ Many of YOU too).

🎭👬👭👫 Yet… They want to communicate with the content…

That is being created, by the those from English speaking countries (@ ME and S-curve world people behind the scenes).

📲 So if English isn’t your 1st language. Or even none spoken at all. Use Google translate on your smart phone.

📞📠 It’s a super great way for us to communicate. Via text OR voice!

Shaun done!

1⃣ Reply to message

2⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

To buy stuff

3⃣ http://stayfitbug.com For EVERYTHING that goes on in S-curve world



28th March newsletter

You know… You can do a lot of stuff on your own and win @ ‘results’ @ part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience (Becoming S-curvish).

But that’s not the issue.


The issue… Is that there are parts of your life that are broken.

And it’s those broken elements. That cause you to fail again… And again… And again.

That’s why we became an S-curve Experience.

Like… There was a stage when we was creating the monthly program. Where we knew we had to offer something for people to return to (Used to be called ‘stage 4’ of 4).

But… Just bouts of monthly membership payments. Not every month.

A bit like a dentist check up.

Introducing that… Then led to:

✈ Travel-curvish 2.0.
🔁 Improved daily lifestyle shenanigans.

So you see… Everything that you see here. Arrived organically.

Introducing things… After spending a sh*t load of time with you… Personally.
Which we still do… Daily!


Yup. It’s like this…

✳ You’re already a fan here.

✳ Want to earn an extra income. But via multiple avenues (Within S-curve world) now. Not just through new S-curve member arrivals.

✳ Can speak both English and your native language. In whatever country from.

Hunter burn

Hunter burn

If it’s a YES, to all of the above. Then being a partner is easy. And easy 2nd or even 1st work for you.

The 1st thing to do though. Is to have a member page of your own.

It’s the only true way to be an authentic member partner. Which you can get in the shop here…







So… You already know what do in the arena, of trying new food and supps.

From this page:






Which is essentially our life’s work, over the past 8-9 years. Stacked into one page.


The new Hunter page gets talked about right now. Because of the ‘yearly upgrade’ @ product life cycles.

A bit like when Apple releases a new iPhone. It’ll have subtle, or even major changes. Yet still important. In the long term evolution of things.

This happened with supplements of the past too. Such as Xtend.

Which you’ll notice on the protocol supplements page.

Either way. If you’re used to Testofuel or Leanbean. Both of which have been great for many S-curve world folk.

Then you’ll do the Hunter red, yellow, or even blue. As a buy and try. Simply because of that yearly upgrade factor.

Chatter over. Reply to talk.


It's an Insta mini blog post @selenaolivera

It’s an Insta mini blog post @selenaolivera 👀📲



‘Coming up for air’ @julia_duerr97

A newsletter update (21th-24th March 2019)

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And it’s all about fixing you… @ how you look and feel, 90% of the time.

Aka part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience @ improved daily lifestyle.

Yes… Every single post that you see on here… Which represents all 4 parts of the S-curve Experience. Is indeed ‘real’.

WE live it, every single day. So we know it is. And have done for the past 4 years.

🙇 But let’s get real.

👊 90% of what goes on in your life. During any one week. Is indeed… ‘Life’.

⬆️⬇️ There are ups and downs
🔥 Fires that go up… That you constantly have to put out
😪 Sickness/Injury
👪 Family life issues

💩↗️✅ And so… It’s our job to improve how life looks and feels… During all of that shit.

🌅✅ And for many… It’s about preventing that early morning hissy fit.

❌👉💀👈 Because once that happens. Everything gets fudged up. And no one will want to be around you.

One way we fix that… Is by nailing night time and morning S-curve meals, consistently.

It’s food + supplements.

And with some meals. It’s about using supplements as a nutrient booster, to the food meals.

Like adding whey/casein to oats.

Which also helps, if you don’t like the taste of the powders.

Once we do that… You’ll look your best. As you wake up.

Fed the monster S-curvishly @casidabis

Which is a time of day… Where you usually look your worst. Due to your 6-8 hours fasting period called sleep.

And remember… It’s OK to look and reach 60% S-curvish and maintain that level.

Because all of what we do here… Is to cater to you. The busy adult.

– Short Split Routines
– Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
– 1-2 hour ‘come up for air’ moments
– 121 coaching chat sessions as an S-curve member, usually for 4-8-12 weeks at a time…

All of the above… Helps us do that for you.

🎉🍸 So here’s to fixing your fudging daily life (Fudge is our word for F**K).

Living it, in your best body.

1⃣ http://stayfitbug.com

‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @megkylie

Feeding the monster S-curvishly @annanystrom

24th March newsletter

Team-curvish moment

It’s Sunday. So let’s just talk things out, before we head into the new week…


And if any of you follow on any of my FB profiles. You’ll see that a new ‘S-curve Experience shenanigans’ album was created yesterday.

Which is basically all the S-curve Experience stuff… Seen through my eyes @ 1st hand.

And we kick started it. With a ‘come up for air’ morning session (Becoming S-curvish).

Followed by A night out in our favorite roof top bar set ups. Which is explained in that same album (LINK UNDER PIC ABOVE).

You all already know that we’re ‘out’ daily. Meeting 1-5 new people near daily.

But one thing that was learned this weekend. Is that we NEEDED to become an ‘Experience’.

The workout, fitness, results…

That truly is just a ‘part’ of the formula… That is the SE/Lifestyle.

Especially going by the type of things that was talked about with everyone that I met and of course, got to follow us on Instagram @fitbuzz.


(Aka the new business card).

It’s a ‘part’… Because most of what we do here… Is making all parts of your life awesome.

Or at least the areas that WE can help with.

Of course… YOU… The newsletter reader. Starts to understand this.

Talk it… Live it..

Along with the people who get to see and spend time with ME regularly. But the goal for us, for the foreseeable future. Is to simply spread the message.

We know all of the sh*t that we do on here, is having a positive effective on the people involved. We just need to keep reaching the people that need to be reached.

Which is one reason why the S-curve partner program organically grew into what that is.

Which is to get YOUR people involved. With what you do on here. And to experience that on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. I for sure will be doing more of it, in the coming weeks. Which will of course be posted on my own FB profiles.

But the big goal… Is to watch YOU Become S-curvish. ‘Trip it up’… And do the same.

Chatter done.

Reply to ask questions as always.


Is the home for EVERYTHING we do.


Is the store/shop

‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve workout @victoria_ifbb

A newsletter update (17th-19th March 2019)

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The S-curve Experience. There’s been more chatter about it, in the replies to these messages.

It is what it is.

But to answer some questions…

1⃣ It’s mostly you about you…Living your best life, in your best body

2⃣ The partner program… Is about you becoming a successful member

The people around you showing interest > Getting a desired result, from getting involved as members
You earning commissions as a parter
All of you together (Or even us, within the SE), enjoying TC2.0 trips together.

THAT is the big picture. We get excited about it. Because we’ve done it. And it’s awesome.


S-curve member stories… We have.

That’s when we showcase what life looks like for an S-curve member. After they Become S-curvish.



But another (New-ish) type of story… Is when you end up being posted on our social media channels… Doing some type of S-curve Experience shenanigan.

Guy or girl… If you Become S-curvish. Doing S-curve Experience shenanigans. You get posted for free.

Especially if WE got you to 60-100% S-curvish.

You can do S-curve member partner shenanigans. And/or get more eyeballs on your own business.



We haven’t actually talked about this in detail yet.

But on that page…


You have the 4 supplement types. And 2 options for each.

And if you scroll down the page, into the description area. You’ll see a complete break down @ how/why they appear on the page.

💊 A pre-workout
💪 A testosterone booster
💊 A fat burner
👽 A ‘focus’ booster

The options exist… To coincide with how the S-curve formula works. In regards to nutrition.

Food itself… Is a large and very variable area to cover.

Feeding the monster S-curvishly @yaganmoore

Which is why so many people screw up.

What we did… Is create a ‘sandbox’ environment for nutrition.

Where you follow a set process.

And within it… You can experiment. And see how those experiments affect you.

Aka… You buy and you try. With food or supps.

On the fun side of things…

🍴 When you eat out at restaurants. Try new dishes, desserts.

And if you like the taste. Steal the ingredients list.

And when you get home. You can throw them into the A-F food rating system and S-curve meal structure.

To then see… How and when you can eat… Whatever you create, out of those ingredients.🙌👏.

We do this on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. And it’s the best thing ever. Especially when you’re in a destination that encourages island hopping.


1⃣ Become S-curvish. And if you need help with that. Become a member. And if it’s your ‘thing’. Send in a request to be posted.

2⃣ That supps and food page is king/queen right now. And we’re going to consistently improve upon it.

🍴🔨 So dig deep into it.


Travel-curvish 2.0 uplift season @jana_motta

S-curve workout ready @dalmaviczai

March 19th newsletter

There’s been A LOT of chatter offline. So let’s dig into some of the topics that came up…

✳ It’s not about Becoming S-curvish. It’s mostly about the feeling that it gives you, once you ‘become’. The big goal… Is to help fix the issues in your life.

Which is why mindset, therapy, nutrition (Even help with dating @ guys)… Became a priority. Aka 121 coaching chats.

✳ Working out isn’t really a ‘thing’ after 60% S-curvish. It’s more about…

➡ 20 minute workouts
➡ ‘Coming up for air’
➡ Workout fashion

✳ 2 hour slow-go cardio sessions aren’t a bad thing. Especially if you enjoy them. But not if your goal is to Become S-curvish. As it slows down the process somewhat.

✳ The Partner Program…

The big goal is to get YOUR people involved. And then experience SE shenanigans together.

We see this a lot right now.

It’s a series of events that cures a lot of problems that you may have in your life.

Namely with the people that are closest to you @ strangers rarely give you problems 😬.

✳ If you don’t already own a drone. Get one. Buying one… Is just like buying an outfit, that’ll only look good. Once you Become S-curvish.

It’s a motivation tactic. And so… Once you own that drone. You’ll be motivated to put it to good use.

Travel-curvish 2.0 = Fly drone high @michutravel


Which was us this weekend @ ATV shenanigans. Roof top swimming pool shenanigans.

✳ Videos and social media posts…


Make sure you read the descriptions. They are ‘in real time’ mini blog posts.


All of these topics… Came about, due to the chats that we’ve been having whilst out and about. Living life, the S-curve Experience way.

There’s of course more to talk about. But these were the most relevant topics to highlight.


1⃣ http://stayfitbug.com

2⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/a-guide-to-using-supplements-within-s-curve-world

The first is home to EVERYTHING.

The second is the SHOP.

A newsletter update (12th-14th March 2019)

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Honestly… Right now. It’s THE best time to get involved with everything within the S-curve Experience.


💊 The supplements

✈ Travel-curvish 2.0

✅ And the new partner page – As that allows you to live this lifestyle… The way that it’s presented to you, daily.



From the convos that go on daily, within S-curve world…


Again… It’s the most popular part of the S-curve Experience. Along side TC2.0… Right now.

In fact. They’re connected.

Read and watch this epic post…



Eating S-curvishly @mariolarc


That post had to be epic. As it was a topic that kept coming up. For a looong time.

So we had to dig deep and explain in full.

We’ve done the same on this page… In regards to food and supps…


But let’s talk some more. Via recent convos and experiences.

1⃣ NOT eating healthy….

Aka… Not eating A-C rated (80% of your total meals). And to then… Including D-F rated foods (Usually TGIF cheat snack moments).

Again… This is one of the 1st things that needs to be taught, to new people who enter our world, or decide to become more involved, by becoming official members.


But we’ll say it again… And again and again…

Whatever you’re doing with food right now. It WILL continue.

Like eating dark chocolate, drinking wine, coffee or whatever. 🍫🍷☕

What will change… Is…

✅ The time of day that you eat these foods.

✅ The periods during your results process… When you’ll eat these foods.


Today… You’ll see 4 different supplement types (on the page above). With 2 options to choose from with each… Outside of eating S-curvishly and the protocol supplements (Whey/Casein).

What we’re teaching you… Is to NOT focus on the supplement itself.

But instead… The ingredients list and the outcome (Do the same thing when buying foods). You learn what a good ingredients list looks like… By following the posts on the supplements page.

And then… You buy small and test. If you like what you see. By all means. Buy large and use whatever you buy, 100%. Along with your S-curve member page shenanigans.

But again… You are being taught to get into a set of habits, procedures, rules.

Up to a point, where you don’t even realise you’re doing these things naturally.


There’s always things to talk about in this arena. And in other parts of the S-curve Experience.

Which is why you’re given the opportunity to become a member. So that you have a solid support person in your corner.

Reply to ask about things as usual…

Tuesday ready…

‘Coming up for air’ @deboramirtes

14th March newsletter

It’s Thursday… Which means it’s TBT. aka Throwback Thursday.

Which mostly happens… As we start to close out, what is for many… A busy week of ‘life’.

Life… Which ‘happens’.

Fires go up. With you, trying to put them out.

And a lot of time…. You getting burned.

Dramas, divorces, relationship issues with people.

All of which… ‘might’ be why you have ended up reading these messages/newsletters (If not… Then for the ‘fun’ 😀).

And we are of course… Happy to be a solution for you to turn to. @ been doing this since 2009 (Anniversary is in July this year).

Solution… Which brings us to today’s topic.

So… You all witnessed the social media meltdown on Wednesday right.

Well… What you saw there. Is also why we became an S-curve Experience.

We started off as one simple ebook, around 2009-10.

And over time. We ended up solving more problems for the growing audience.

Fast forward to today…

✅ Help with ‘Business’ (Within S-curve world) and connecting on a deeper level.

Not just connecting via status updates on social media platforms.

Because we are an ‘Experience’. Which means…

✳ ‘In person’ meet ups/events.

✳ Meeting 1-5 people daily.

✳You… Being able to reach out to us via our websites. Because you know ‘us’.

And have experienced things together with us… It means that social media isn’t totally in control of ‘us’.

And if you became/become a part of the partner program. Then in business… That’s one extra thing that you’re more in control of too. Since it focuses on you and your people.

So yes… The big goal here, is to continue to expand the ‘Experience’.

– To ‘heighten’.

– More engaging.

– More LIVE.

– More calls, video, face to face.

And of course. To document it all. And if it’s not via us. And our shenanigans here. You will be doing that, with your people. Recording and sharing that with us.


A reminder if what’s hot right now….


@ Prepare…




Probably because it’s our most honest shopping/store page to-date.



When you both fed the monster S-curvishly @domiwaffles

Every 4-6 weeks

A newsletter update (7th-10th March 2019)

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Once again… 1st week of March… And sh*ts DEFINITELY heating up @ the weather and via everyone’s activities.

As usual… A LOT of chats go on, daily. Online/Offline.

Which leads to the topics that are discussed on here. Let’s dig in…


So… We don’t give out ‘tips’ any more. As most folks don’t act on them.

And… It provides little value. As there’s no individuality with those tips.

Becoming close and personal is usually the only way to truly help you. Which is why the main program becomes even more valuable.

Become an S-curve member



There are no more 6-12 month program’s any more. Like how it was between 2014-2017.

Yes… You’ll need to follow the S-curve formula for that long, in order to see results.

But we’ll tell you why that doesn’t exist any more.


Yup… All of us suffer from it in today’s world.

Yet… We still need to Become S-curvish.

Catch 22 right.

So our solution… Is the 10 bucks to start + pay as you go. Which leads us to reason 2…


It’s a lifestyle and a HELLUVA life to live (Repetition of words is an S-curve formula shenanigan).

Every person you see here is living it. Shaun Sinclair, associates and of course, many of YOU.

✅ You ‘come up for air’ and for S-curve workouts

✅ You take TC2.0 trips/follow @fitbuzz via Instagram

✅ You enjoy festivals and events

Because of that… You’ll be remote and on the move.

And so… It makes sense to ‘move’ with your member page, on your phone.

And to then… Do what makes sense… Depending on what you’re doing in your life, at that exact time period.

That is one reason why the supplements and items page is on the rise…


Supplements/Eating S-curvishly, to keep you ‘boosted’ on the move.


Items… Because of the TC2.0 trips. And stuff you’ll use when remote.


You all know about the higher-end supplements. After reading this page…


Well…The team behind the scenes… Has been working on new formulas for you. For months now.

Again… You’ll follow the rules laid out on the supps page above @ usage (A common question actually).

Anyway. Here’s the new page:


Dig through. It’s a solid read. Which of course… Is one of the rules laid out, on the supps page.


10th March newsletter

Ladies and guys…


Tis the S-curve Experience.

We always have been ‘that’.

Meaning… We’ve always focused on the outcome of being a part of things… Within the experience.

We became an experience, organically. As we evolved into areas such as travel, fashion and daily lifestyle. And more recently. Dating (Ya… Didn’t see that coming).

And today… We’re going to highlight the outcome, from being involved with those things. Let’s get into it.


✳ Increased motivation levels to stay on the wagon and to take more trips

✳ Networking… Experience… The memories




✳ All of your friends and family become waaay more positive around you. Seriously… We’ve watched this offline and online with members.

It’s THE best part about become S-curvish.
Especially in a world that’s driven by negativity.

✳ More people become involved. And you’ll start taking trips together

✳ Happier partners

✳ Happier you

✳ Less hissy fits

✳ And of course… You’ll look like the best-curvish version of yourself. In any garment that you wear





Big one…!!

You can eat whatever the fudge you want (Fudge is our word for fcuk). Especially as you head towards 60% S-curvish results.


When we meet people offline (Especially via Shaun Sinclair, who leads the charge here). People first see us as a fitness solution.

Which is all good and great @ part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience.

But with that… They think we eat A-rated and clean… All day/everyday.

But nope!

The S-curve formula is designed, so that you can continue to enjoy what you currently do with food.

This post explains:




✳ A booster to the A-F S-curve meal structure. Which leads to better and faster results.

✳ You become more effective @ your daily life shenanigans and on TC 2.0 trips


Hungry much? Tis the season to let ’em now…


Maybe you just like the extra attention 😛

We know all of this is working, because of the results, the replies, the daily comments, the zero refunds on purchases.

@ ALL the things you buy here, within the S-curve Experience. So continue to enjoy.

The S-curve in a dress @camilapazchavez

Hunter test… Hunter focus… Hunter burn (Supplements)

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Hunter Burn - Double


You all know about the higher-end supplements. After reading > this page



Well…The team behind the scenes… Has been working on new formulas for you. For months now.

Again… You’ll follow the rules laid out on the supps page above @ usage (A common question actually).

Anyway. Here’s the new page:



Dig through. It’s a solid read. Which of course… Is one of the rules laid out, on the supps page.

And as you’ll see (Once you do read through @ the above)… No reviews are needed.

Hunter Focus

Hunter Test

A newsletter update (3rd-5th March 2019)

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OOTD-curvish @domiwaffles

Our goal… Is to make sure that everyone here, is having a super duper time.

And if you’ve joined in on here… Then it’s all about living a better life, than if you hadn’t joined in.

Every little thing that is posted or offered, is there to assist with that.


– Therapy (121 coaching/teaching)
– Daily lifestyle fixing
– Nutrition and workout help @ S-curve goals
– Dating help, for the guys (@ recent newsletter)


– Improving taste
– Making food more effective @ faster/Better results
– Use supplements we KNOW work well @ our goals

Greece @priscillatrindadeofficial


– Better trip experiences.
– More trips that you can actually take, based on your busy schedule.
– The best type of items to buy and bring, on those trips.


– To show YOU the less popular, yet still awesome destinations, from all around the world – Scan the social sites at the top of this page…


These messages that you’re seeing…

They come to you, 3 times a week.

It’s us… Connecting at the deepest level that we can. Especially once you reply, become a member or buy stuff that you see on here.

Just remember though… That we’re active around the clock. On all of our social media channels.

To see all the channels visually. Head to the side bar on http://stayfitbug.com

That’s the website that is home to EVERYTHING that has happened. And will happen, in S-curve world.

Message done.

Reply to say something/ask something/do something… Something/Something.😎

March 5th newsletter

The year is officially in full swing now. And it’s a strong Travel-curvish 2.0 season @ this 1st week of March.


Everyone reading this, is looking for solutions for stuff.

So it’s our job, to properly inform you about those solutions.

And to then fix you.

As usual. It all starts with…


Forget about dating, therapy and all that. Just straight S-curvish body @ achieving.

Wanna know why it remains important. And part one of the S-curve Experience?

Because without succeeding there. You can’t live TC2.0 to the max.


– Sucky energy levels
– Easier to get sick

– Weaker bones (Click-clack-snap)
– Crappy endurance levels

Becoming S-curvish fixes that.

Now… We of course have the main S-curve member program.


If you’re really not into messing about. Stalling. Or waiting for life to pass you by.

Just start. All the details are on the page. And it’s just $10 to get the ball rolling.

That’s how you get more involved in our world. Which leads you to being fully engaged. And ultimately fixed @ other areas of ‘life’ too.

Recently… We talked about the most popular areas of the S-curve Experience.

These messages that you’re seeing… Serve as a daily reporter.

And right now… It’s the eating S-curvishly/Supplements page that’s making all the noise.


And rightfully so.

Because behind the scenes… We’re getting busy with the workouts again ($300 Results phase).

Which naturally leads to more nutrition focus. Because you do get extra hungry.

So of course…. We are using the rules on that supplements page. To feed the monster (Body/Butt… You too ‘guys’) and keep the monster.

It’s an area where 90% of folks are screwing up.


So please… Embrace that page to the max. It will change your fudging life (Fudge is our F word). In Addition/conjunction with the S-curve member program.

Reply to ask about all this sh*t. If you have questions… About all this sh*t…

Tis the S-curve Experience. And it’s a HELLUVA life to live. Especially when you live it to the max (EVERYONE here should look at the stayfitbug.com side bar @ explained).


A newsletter update (26th-28th February 2019)

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Happiness… Embrace it.

Regardless of what mindset you’re in right now.


Because you’re still breathing. And one day, you won’t be.


Just a reminder of everything that’s going on in S-curve world.

It’s what we used to call, ‘RECAPO/RECOUPO’.

Where we would do exactly that, every Sunday.

This has to be done from time to time. Because ‘life’, happens.

And things will just pass you by.

Kinda like those friends or family folk, who were close to you. But some how drifted. And got lost in transition.

And so…

From the hottest area of the S-curve Experience. To the least hottest area…


And rightly so. Because it’s the thing that we ALL look forward to the most.

Hit all the social buttons at the top of this page…




Yup… We finally created a one stop shop… For those who come here, asking about nutrition and supplements.

You’ve clearly been listening too @ it’s importance. Hence, why it’s 2nd popular.


The best thing to do… Is to read the page.



Yup… We’ve been affiliated with Amazon since 2009, in S-curve world (Before an S-curve even existed).

And over time… Our items list naturally expanded. Via all the trips, coaching sessions and other S-curve Experience shenanigans that you see today.

And so… A page that almost everyone that’s involved… Can and should check…



But NOT so much the old goals. As in… Folks aren’t becoming members for working out.

But what is hot. Is that folks are becoming members for dating help and lifestyle fixing.

Yes… Nutrition and working out is a part of the S-curve formula. But not the one and only all mighty thing… Like it used to be.


That’s pretty much it.

All things… That we naturally evolved into.

For anything else that didn’t make the list. Just check the right side bar on http://stayfitbug.com

And reply to ask, query about stuff, as usual

Travel-curvish 2.0 = Kefalonia @priscillatrindadeofficial

February 28th Newsletter



When it comes to getting results and/or improving your nutrition shenanigans/lifestyle.

This is where we spend most of the time (Which you’ll see a little later on in this message too).

But for some of you. You won’t have access to all the foods or even food labels.

But all is not lost… And that’s where 121 coaching chats come in. Because we show you how to make the best, out of what IS available to you.


As you’ll know. We serve…

👷Working folk
🙋 Busy students
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 People with families

And for a lot of these folks. They want to Become S-curvish.

However… The goal for these people. Is to do so. And to maintain a certain level of ‘S-curvish’. No more, no less.

And the best way to do that… Is by following the rules laid out, on the supplements page.


Some elements… Taken from the S-curve formula…

Tailored Daily Exercise videos

– Nutrition focused ONLY weekends

– Protocol supplements, like whey. And booster supplements, like Leanbean and Testofuel

– Cheat snacking

You do that… You’ll look great forever!

We are ALL using the S-curve formula, behind the scenes.


So ‘guys’…

You know how we’ve started to help you in the area of ‘dating’… Right?

Well… Testofuel is one supplement that you’ll want at least one bottle of, laying around your home.


It’s all to do with killing stress, improving sleep quality and boosting energy levels.

We talk more about this, on your member page updates.


And… When this becomes important, in the dating phase.


You’ll see 4 comparisons, for 4 supplement types, on this page… ⬇⬇⬇

Eat S-curvishly

But the two most popular. Are Testofuel and Leanbean (Ladies… That one is for YOU).

1⃣ http://stayfitbug.com/TESTO

2⃣ http://stayfitbug.com/LB

So if you’re into ‘what’s popular’. That’s some info for you.


Offline… We network with a lot of people, daily. And meet 1-5 new people every other day.

And one trend that we see… Is people embracing the message behind TC2.0.

Which is… To go to popular destinations. And to find the less popular, but still awesome spots, around that destination.

This is easily done, in SE Asian countries. But can be done anywhere in the world.


1⃣ Follow on Instagram, in regards to this. You’ll see why once you get there.



2⃣ Use this page to browse for items.


We’ve used them all, on our own trips.

So enjoy… And yes… You WILL!