How to Use CBD for Arthritis & Joint Pain?

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This post is basically a ‘kick start’ to more ‘in depth’ future CBD related posts.

You know… Similar to the epic-ish regular newsletter posts in the archives.

So for now… Dig around the website, that is highlighted throughout this post.

And if you do end up buying anything there. Just remember… That you can jump into the Messenger chat on this website and ask us about it/using it.

Especially when following the food & supplement rules within the S-curve Xperience. 

CBD oil

How to Use CBD for Arthritis & Joint Pain?

Do you suffer from joint pain? If so, then you will have an easier time managing pain with CBD. Cannabidiol, the active ingredient in hemp, has a calming effect that eases the effects of injury, joint pain, and arthritis; making it possible to carry on with day-to-day activities and live comfortably. CBD doesn’t give you a high; instead, it stabilizes neurological functions by engaging brain receptors and the nervous system, and this makes it the perfect pain medication.

Research shows that CBD can be used successfully to treat short-term pain such as muscle pain or a recent injury, and because it doesn’t present any dangers when taking other medications, patients with other long-term conditions such as arthritis can also use it to gain relief. If you have tried in vain to treat serious pain using other types of medication, then talk to your doctor about CBD.

How to use CBD for pain relief

Cannabidiol stops the transmission of pain through the nervous system and it has anti-inflammatory effects as well. In order for it to work, you have to get sufficient amounts of the compound into your body, and there are several ways to go about that.

1. Start with vaping

This is the most common way to take CBD and one benefit is that it gets absorbed into your body rapidly. In order to vape CBD, start by heating the oil to a point where it becomes a vapor that you can inhale. You can do this by using a conduction vape – in which case you carefully heat around the oil, or get a convection vape that allows you to heat the oil directly.

The best temperatures to heat CBD is around 347-392 degrees Fahrenheit, (or 175-200°C). Vaping doesn’t have the same effect on your lungs that smoking does. Because there is no combustion involved, your lungs don’t get the same irritants that you get from lighting up a joint. That being said, smoking marijuana products is not as harmful to your lungs as smoking a cigarette.

2. Apply a Topical Salve

CBD can be applied as a topical salve, much like Tiger Balm; and it has a soothing effect on joints and muscles. Start by washing the affected area and use plenty of water to rinse away all soap. Dry well with a towel and then apply the ointment to the area, using a gentle touch. Apply a thin coat and massage the ointment into the skin to improve absorption. This should only take about 5 minutes once you start to apply the salve; and wash your hands when finished.

3. Sample Each Stain Type

Marijuana products come in different strains, and it’s the same case with CBD. Hemp plants are cultivated in different types of environment, and that means the products being sold have different strains, and therefore different levels of pain relief. Try out some of the different strains on CBD Central and see which type of product has the best effect on you. In general, all strains have the same calming effect, but you will find some strains more effective. CBD strains include sativas, indicas, and other versions called hybrids.

4. Try a Tinctures

This is one of the easiest ways to get CBD into your bloodstream. Just get a dropper and fill it with CBD oil, and put a few drops under your tongue. Hold for at least 30 seconds and swallow. Dosage tends to vary based on what your pain levels are and how well your body responds to the treatment. You may adjust your dosage as you go along; however, the range for all CBD products is 5-30 milligrams per day. It’s not possible to overdose on hemp, but moderate use is recommended.

5. Do Not Rub Your Sensitive Areas After Applying

Once you apply a coat of CBD oil to the affected area, give it time to absorb into the skin and avoid rubbing the muscles or joint. The ointment will start working immediately but rubbing or applying pressure might cause more pain in the affected area. CBD is safe for use by anybody suffering from chronic pain – though it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before using any kind of treatment.


Going on a CBD hunt @carinnhawhite

Going on a CBD hunt @carinnhawhite

'Air time'... Feeding the monster OOTD-curvishly with fun munchies and things @ vape + CBD shenanigans @vicky__way

‘Air time’… Feeding the monster OOTD-curvishly with fun munchies and things @ vape + CBD shenanigans @vicky__way

Incoming search terms:

A newsletter update (21st-24th February 2019)

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Throughout 2018. The following page got created.


It’s all to do with business, within S-curve world. Since there was a demand for it… Amongst the most engaged fans, followers and S-curve members.

Read the page to get the full lowdown.

But one stand out area on that page.. Is to do with keeping an eye on the crypto/blockchain industry.

We mentioned it a few months back. But the progression and growth of that industry, may take some time.

None of us know how it will all evolve. But it will affect us for sure.

Especially since we do a lot of our business, digitally.

However… That’s a great opportunity to get in early.

We embraced it within S-curve world. Due to the way that industry will affect the different things we offer here.


✳ Making payments for products.

✳ The travel industry and how that may affect how we do things within Travel-curvish 2.0.

One example = Trading on the move and making cashless ATM withdrawals (A wonderful feeling).

✳ Earning an extra income via day trading or investing… Whilst on the move. And/or if you live in a country where there aren’t that many great opportunities to do so.

‘Working’ looks like… @yaganmoore


And remember… Becoming a $10 S-curve member. Means you’ll also start getting LIVE update help, in regards to trading effectively, over time.

Which is something we practiced intensely, back in 2018.

There’s more to see on that page.


But this message is a reminder to you, of it’s existence.

And as usual.. Just reply to talk about anything you see within the S-curve Experience

And because we know you like some S-curve Experience… ⬇⬇⬇

Travel-curvish 2.0 = Zakynthos, Greece @priscillatrindadeofficial


The S-curve ‘shelf’ @ miss__heather_jo


21st February newsletter


‘Life’… Start enjoying it now!

If not already.

And if not already. We’re telling you to do so.


Ladies say:

Hey, I want to look like the S-curve ladies here. What do I need to do to make that happen?

Fellas say:

Hey, how can I date girls that look like this?

And now… We answer.


Great. You are now motivated to take action. Which is always the goal @ us to you.

But what you really want. Is to look and feel like the best version of yourself.

And of course… S-curvish +’ soft lean’.

You can see how that’s turned out…

S-curve member results 2010-2019

For ladies of the past, here.

But what you’ll need to do. Is become 60-100% S-curvish

What’s required?

– An ongoing monthly membership (Pay as you go works best within, the S-curve Experience)

– Whey, casein, Leanbean, in addition to any supplement that has a great ingredient set up, to help push your results over the edge and quickly.

The above supplements have been proven to work well. So we stick to using them.

@ This page…



You can’t….

Just kidding 😁

You know… This can only truly be answered. After having a 121 conversation with YOU.

Because just like in nutrition and working out. Everyone comes into a solution… With different experience levels.

So guys… If you want help in this area. Start the $10 page. Which is located above and in the FB page shop.

And in regards to who you’ll be talking with.

It’ll be Shaun Sinclair. Who of course, started all of this S-curve Experience 💩😬. But remains as a key person, when it comes to 121 coaching chats.

S-curve workout selfie @priscillatrindadeofficial

100 Free Spins – The slots offer that improves brain function

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Gambling is a form of entertainment that is popular wherever on this planet, and it always comes in the same box with the term addiction. However, in this article, we’re going to look over the benefits of gambling and slots because even though is hard to believe there are still some good things coming out of this habit, other than money when you have a lucky day.

This form of entertainment, gambling, involves a wager and this is in most cases, a sum of money which is placed with the hope of obtaining a more substantial reward. Gambling has existed for many centuries and in many cultures because it is a form of recreation as well. A funny fact and a paradox about gambling are that many of the gamblers can confirm and they know that they will probably not win, but they keep playing. Usually, in many societies, gambling is frowned upon, but there must be a reason why is still in use today.

Playing video games can boost the brain, and the cognitive function and some studies show that the also the multi-tasking abilities improved. However, how slots can improve your brain functions? Well at every roll your brain processes a lot of information, and you have to take a decision if you are going to keep betting, double or anything else. There is a battle between cognition and emotion, and you have to make the best choice at that moment.

Well if you want to have fun while you get the chance of winning a large amount of money, then you can go to Boomtown and find the slots offer that improves brain functions, earns, and buy yourself something nice. Because you don’t need to deposit anything you can basically play for free win a great chance to win. Another advantage of Boomtown is that you can try some casinos for free because of their offers. Win-win for you.

Who knows, maybe you are some financial debt, and you need some fast money this might be your lucky day and will win enough so you can release yourself from the deficit. You will not be the only one. Moreover, all this while you improve your brain functions, but how exactly? As I explained the moment previously that you are playing slots after every roll, you are in front of a decision that you have to make. Also, each time you take this decision in a split second while your emotions are through the roof because you wish you will win.

The near-miss effect is a reason why gambling becomes so addictive because you are really close to winning at each roll. I will exemplify it for you. When the slot machines display two cherries and the third one seems that is near is what it is called near-missed effect and is more satisfactory than, for example, no cherries at all, even though in both cases you don’t win anything. The gambler doesn’t feel that he is losing, but that he is nearly winning.

As a conclusion go to Boomtown and try your luck there and even if you win or not, you will at least improve your brain function, but you can’t miss the offer. Remember that you don’t need to deposit anything and you can play and win for free, without investment. With 100 free spins maybe you will be the lucky guy for which the cherry will not nearly-miss, and you will win a nice amount of money instead. The problem with gambling is the possibility of losing money, but what you are going to miss if you are not betting any money because all the 100 spins are for free. I am just curious, can you control your emotions and in that split decision you will recognize when you are acting based on the cognitive decision or the emotional one.

A newsletter update (17th-19th February 2019)

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So… For those of you who it matters to… You’ve now seen the most important parts of what it looks like… As an S-curve member.

To recap @ Past week…





And today… It’s time to focus on the topics and problems that we solve… For people who become members today.

It’s definitely more about showing you 121 chat screen shots now.

Which makes sense, when you look at the topics.

It’s no longer just women. It’s women and men now.

Which kinda started, as we evolve into an ‘Experience’. And not just a program that helps you create an S-curve physique (Men too).

Topics =

✳ Mindset

✳ Daily lifestyle fixing and planning

✳ Refocused nutrition

✳ Dating and relationships

Yup… And that last one is becoming a popular one amongst the guys here.

It seems to be a real issue.

So fellas…


If you’re struggling in this area.

Use that Paypal button on the FB page, in order to get a member page. And your 1st update @ $10 to start it.

If you find and apply your first update to good use.

Then you can always become an ongoing member with pay-as-you-go updates.

‘Apply’, is the key word here. Because just like those members who are here for physical S-curve results.

You’re doing this sh*t… To get results and solve your problems.

We have experience in this area. As we’ve seen first hand, the issues that women approached us with, when they had relationship issues.

A lot of this…

– Partner is always away… Serving for their country

💔 Overcoming the period of divorce

🔎 ”Partner doesn’t notice me any more”

And of course… We communicate daily, with all female members and associates.

So we’ve always had a huge insight into their world.

What they like… Don’t like… And all of that sh*t.

Chances are… You’re currently blind to some of the things that are preventing you from having a great dating life… With the type of women you want to date @ ‘Guys’ here.

Which is the same thing, in regards to getting physical results actually.


The thing that motivates us the most… Is to see everyone living their best life.

💪 Best body
👫 Best partners
✈ Best experiences (In person events rock)

These memories last a life time.

We currently create memories like this online, with all if you.

But you… Will do this in person, with your people. Which is what matters most. And now… For those of you who are here to enjoy all 4 parts of the S-curve Experience…

Zanzibar @adrianahughes

Travel-curvish 2.0 = Zanzibar @adrianahughes

The S-curve in a dress @nataliya_zibrova


Feed the monster S-curvishly @eujessicadourado

February 19th newsletter

So… This past weekend. We met up with some of you who follow on here and via Instagram.

There were some associates present to (Of those folks who follow).

And the great thing about those of you who have followed for 3-6 months.

Is that YOU can easily explain to a newbie… What we do here in S-curve world.

Only true fans can really say ‘Tis the S-curve Experience’.

So to an outsider… It’s just a way to live an improved lifestyle, in ya best body.


Towards the end of the night. Some topics about what we do came up.

Like an unofficial Q & A over drinks and food.

Which leads us into the first topic.


Well… First. Read this…

Now… At that very moment. We was all snacking on Doritos, Cheetos and drinking wine.🍷

Us S-curvish folk too @ Shaun Sinclair and S-curve world associates.

So instantly… Those people could see, that we indeed, do eat whatever the fudge we want (Fudge is our word for fcuk).


The rule is. That you can only do that. Once you reach at least 60% S-curvish.

Because cheat snacking like that, won’t affect you much at that point. Which is also the rule/goal… When embracing Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.



That is… No one looks forward to working out hard in the gym. And embracing a strict eating regime. It’s not fun.

Now… As an S-curve member. Some parts of Becoming S-curvish (Part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience) won’t be fun.

But that’s not the message you’ll see, feel or hear, before OR after becoming a member. You’ll see and hear the fun things. And over the years… We’ve found ways to keep the boring/hard things interesting.

Like cheat snacking. Which is the safe alternative to cheat meals.

Or the TDE videos. Where you don’t do much at all. But still get results. Up to a certain level.

There was more chatter. But the overall view by end of it… Is that all of this S-curve sh*t that we do… Really isn’t about fitness at all.

‘Fitness’ (Done well) is just something that we have to do within this lifestyle. That helps improve how we look and feel, in this lifestyle.

Which is why there’s a big spot light on mindset, therapy, dating (For the guys here) and daily routine help.


All of the above, is why in person meet ups are important.

And for the rest of the world who we can’t meet in person… 121 chats, via text, audio and video.

We reply pretty swiftly too. As it says on this FB page.

And everything we discuss. Helps us to keep all of these messages, posts and other content, relevant to YOU.

So as usual. If you have questions about ANYTHING here. Just reply, like you have been doing. Because the inbox is where all the magic happens.



A newsletter update (12th-14th February 2019)

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On Sunday. We stated that we’ll do a part 2 @ covering the important parts of the S-curve formula, that you’ll see, when you Become an S-curve member (Active for 1-3 months at a time, is the usual for most folks here).

And today… We’ll focus entirely on Eating S-curvishly and Supplements.

Because it needs and deserves it’s own newsletter.

So let’s get into it.


It’s been a long road @ perfecting this formula.

It’s a combination of:

🔬Proven science
💪 Real life results, from using that science
🙌 Applying it to the lifestyle that is… the S-curve Experience

And as of November 2018…

We finally created a comprehensive guide. On how you should use and approach, that ‘combination’.

All explained on one page.


Bookmark that page. Because it answers ALL the questions… That many of you have been asking about, in regards to supplements.

Let’s walk through the key elements of that page…


It’s short and to the point. As we don’t do ‘confusion’ around ‘ere. Hence.


We have 3 types of supplements that are used in S-curve world.

✳ High end
✳ Ingredient focused
✳ Protocol

You can read about the protocol supplements. On the 2nd article listed on there.

But the core explanation, is what you’ll find on the 1st article listed there.

The big take aways from all of what you’ll learn there…

🍕 The main thing that everyone needs to know. Is that you don’t ever have to quit, anything you like eating @ currently.

💊 However… There is a formula to follow. If you like to do that and remain/Become S-curvish. Which is the stuff above.

Other than the protocol supplements. In regards to all the others you see.

You simply buy a small order first and try. Using the formula that’s laid out for you.



When sh*t starts working well for you… You buy more.

Just like Becoming an S-curve member… You enjoyed ya 1st few weeks?

Then sign up for more and win… More. And in Thursday’s newsletter… We’re going to dig into some of the topics, that are covered on member pages ‘today’.

S-curvish gamer girl shenanigans @yaganmoore

14th February newsletter

The following is for those of you who are here for results…

In these areas…

– Mindset

– Motivation

– Therapy (Someone to talk to about sh*t)

– Nutrition/Supplementation (Within S-curve world)

If you’re not here for that… And are here for the rest of the S-curve Experience.

Then follow all the stuff you see, on this page…


You’ll also see the member page sign up/purchase page on that site too.

And as you’ll see… There’s less of a focus on physical results. Via progress pics, in 2019.

And more on mindset fixing and results… That you achieve through ‘therapy’ aka 121 coaching chats.


Because it’s all about fixing the issue(s), that got you looking for physical results, in the first place.

Such as, living a lifestyle where you’re consistently embracing ‘wrong’ habits (Nothing is ‘bad’ per se).

🍓🍫 Like eating fruit or chocolate at night (Look at this chat screenshot from this past Monday @ image below this text box). ⬇

And for a lot of people… It’s about being brutally honest, blunt and harsh, within the 121 coaching chats.

Tough love is what’s needed to fix you.

Without it… You just remain broken. So expect to hear that… When you reply to chat.

Eat-curvishly… Or get your ass kicked in the chats!



That is… The S-curve workout shenanigans. Because they do indeed, trigger results. And one of the most important (Yet boring) parts of the S-curve formula process. Is…


It goes on forever. But the bulk of it. Will last for 4 months. Almost no one does this effectively on their own. Not even in our own workouts.

You need a consistent partner or a coach. Because without that… There’s nothing to be accountable to. And so… You cheat @ doing half hearted reps, sets, enthusiasm.

We talked about this briefly, here in these chats, the other week.

Back in 2016… We recorded an entire 4 months of it… Every single fudging day!

You can see it here…

The videos unfortunately got lost. But the documentation is still there.

It was recorded in this place…

Just like that.

And everyone who tuned in… Saw her push up numbers go from 0 to 15 in 1 set.

Which is a major achievement for a woman. Since upper body strength is typically the weakest area for most women.

Your module… Will look like some variation of that.

And as long as you’re active @ paying S-curve member. You’re going to succeed @ #facts. And once you do… The ‘boringness’ can come to an end. So that you can get into the fun parts of the S-curve Experience. Which look like…



How to Get Medical Debt Off Your Credit Report

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No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, there is a little chance that you might get sick. Sometimes, a dreaded disease could hit you causing you to seek comprehensive medical treatments and be confined in a hospital. As a result, finding the best possible cure for your sickness means draining your financial resources. Sad to say, most people encounter a huge gap between what they actually earn and their medical bill. To bridge such a gap, the patient or its family members will resort to borrowing money, thus, medical debt can happen. Hence, like any other debt, if left unpaid, it might hurt your credit standing.

In response, how do you get this medical debt off your credit report? This blog may provide you with some helpful insights on how you can solve this financial problem.

Be Financially Wise

But prior to making a loan, make sure that you allocate a portion of your income, whether from wages or profits to an emergency or health funds. Having this kind of fund can be as basic as saving in a piggy bank or investing your money in banks, mutual funds, the stock market, and other investment outfits that can grow your money. You might as well invest in an insurance company that offers insurance products with both medical benefits and investment options in it. However, just be careful and be vigilant in choosing the company. The lower the risk possible the better because it is for your medical fund.

Moreover, aside from allocating an emergency fund, you must observe good paying habits. No matter what loan you have, whether it is a good or bad one, or for medical or non-medical purposes, make sure to pay in full on or before the due date expires. The moment you missed a payment due, it would really affect your credit score. Thus, make sure to check and review your credit score annually.

In addition, if you have an existing policy with an insurance company, review its stipulations regarding your benefits. There are instances when patients rely on their own policies, without reviewing the stipulations, suffer major financial loss brought by medical debt. Hence, it is important that you closely consult your insurance agent to assist you in anticipation of unexpected medical expenses.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Becoming physically healthy may not guarantee that you will not get sick. But, you are still in a better position than those people who neglect their health and take it for granted, especially those who are young and considers themselves as “healthy.” But practically speaking, the more you make yourself healthy the lower the risk of you getting sick. It also follows that it will prevent you from being hospitalized and save your savings from being drained. Thus, start eating something healthy, do some exercise and take some supplements or vitamins.

In connection with this, healthy lifestyle is not only limited to physical health but it pertains to a holistic view which includes emotional, mental, social and spiritual. In other words, this is best described as total wellbeing. In doing so, try visiting a wellness center and get engage in some counseling, meditation, and other related kinds of stuff.


To sum it up, avoiding medical debt that might spoil your credit report must be addressed in a two-pronged approach. Primarily, you need to be financially wise by allocating funds for emergency or medical purposes. Such fund allocations may be enrolled in a variety of investment portfolio that has lower risk but more predictable gains. Furthermore, of equal importance, you also need maintain healthy total wellbeing by engaging in good diet, regular exercise and sound mental health. With these, you may be able to get off or even avoid medical debt in your credit report.    

A newsletter update (7th-10th February 2019)

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Hopefully… You’ve been reading and watching all the social media posts.

They’re all linked at the top of this page…

With the new ‘motivational’ (Informative too – Via text) YouTube channel, linked under Mrs.M above @ press play.

If you have… Great. Then. YOU know what’s up.

If you haven’t… Then here’s some of the posts from earlier in the week…


1⃣ ‘Soft lean’

2⃣ Epic butt/Tiny waist

3⃣ No fat around the back or waist, when seated

4⃣ Slim, yet toned arms (Not ripped or bulky)

Guys… The goal changes slightly for you. But ladies… GET IT! ⬇




You can choose your own TC2.0 items from the new page above.

But it has to be said… The bluetooth speaker is the fave gadget for sure.

We see it throughout ALL of our S-curve Experience shenanigans.

If you’re into 1 for all occasions. Go for the SRS over the JBL @ the comparison on the link above.



🏊 During the week… That’s mostly about early morning swims.

💪🍑 But in regards to ‘life’ @ 60% S-curvish and beyond. It means waking up… KNOWING you’ll like what you see in the mirror @ no more hissy fits.

📌0⃣9⃣ Now… Although we are more established now. Compared to 2009, when we first started all of this shit.

⬇️❌ There are still less-curvish people within S-curve world. Who aren’t succeeding within the first 14-21 days.

💊✋ The S-curve formula isn’t the problem, of course.

↗️😱 The issue… Is that some of these folks are afraid of success.

🔄 They’ve been less-curvish for so long (Overly fat OR skinny). That their current frame has become protocol for them.

👐 They’ve accepted the label fat/skinny.

😢 The reason they’ve entered our world. Is because their inner self is crying for help.

🃏 It’s just that the ‘label’ is getting in their way.

⚾️ So it’s our job… To keep throwing the S-curve Experience shenanigans in front of them, daily.

📲 And of course… To talk to these people week in/week out. Until that label finally comes off @ results.

💪↗️🌌 Results… Which will usually improve other failing parts of your life.

🏆 Turn you into a fcuking winner FTW @ live it up @ ALL 4 parts of the S-curve Experience.


It’s all about heightened engagement via…

✳ S-curve member page
✳ Social posts and stories
✳ THESE Messenger Messages

That’s how you win. And/Or stay informed @ other S-curve Experience stuff.

Keep moving


Feeding the monster @domiwaffles


Zanzibar, Tanzania @adrianahughes

Zanzibar, Tanzania @adrianahughes


10th February newsletter





You are…

🐉 Loving the ‘S-curve’

🎬📷 S-curve Experience pics and vids

🍴 The S-curve approach to food and supplementation

📲 Our new @fitbuzz Amazon page

We gave all of that, a HUGE upgrade, towards the end of 2018.

Mostly via this website.

Which became an official website of our main website (That you’re reading this on).

But today… We’re going to focus on the S-curve and S-curve formula. And the things that you’ll start to see, as an S-curve member

Because there’s a lot of new faces here now. And the messages that come through in the replies…

Are based on the appreciation of the S-curve concept. Which started in 2011.

We’ve evolved into an ‘Experience’ since then.

But YOU see THAT… Every minute of every day.

So let’s dig into the elements of the S-curve formula… That you see, as a member

The most important features/benefits (In our eyes).


It’s where 3-4 exercises are chosen for you specifically.

Where’ll you’ll do 1-2 sets of each, usually to failure.

In a video that lasts 1-2 minutes. And 10 minutes when YOU perform it.

🚞 It keeps you on the wagon (Motivated and engaged).

💪↗ And boosts your results.

This is used in conjunction with…



The no.1 concern that new members have. Is what life is going to look like, after they (You) become a member.

It doesn’t matter if one pays $10, $150 or $300, to start.

The cost is rarely the issue.

Folks just wanna know what the fudge they’re getting themselves into (Fudge is our word for fcuk).

Which makes sense. Because by now… Everyone knows that you’re going to have to be active, for at least 1-3 months.

That’s a lot of investment of your time. And WE teach you to never waste time. And the best way to show you all of the above.

Is by doing everything via 121 chats.

1⃣ Because it shows that we are investing our time. And we certainly aren’t wasting ours.

2⃣ Going LIVE on chats… Gives you an increase accountability factor. Increases your engagement. And makes you think less ‘negatively’… Knowing someone is in your corner.

And we know for a fact… That this feature… Is responsible for all the epic results that you can see here…

We’ll do a part 2 to this on Tuesday.

Which is also a reflection of the newer goals that the newer faces around here… Having been active with.




But if you’re already in the loop @

– The $10 for enjoying the S-curve Experience.

– Starting as an S-curve member for $10. Which will happen naturally, if you did the ‘fan thing’ above.

– Tailored Paypal payment links

Then for us… We’ll continue on with whatever WE have going on.

Hangry much?

A newsletter update (2nd-5th February 2019)

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Becoming S-curvish…

We already know that a lot of you read these messages. Yet… are still fat. Less-curvish. Too skinny, or whatever.

But like… How?

It only takes 1-3 months to see noticeable or even drastic changes.

Even from using just ONE S-curve member page update.

Weeeell… We’ll tell you what the issue is.

And it’s not about having/not having the money to start.

Sh*t… Back in September. We went out daily. Met 1-5 people everyday. Saw the same people. Got them on member pages. Some started for free.

Some @ $10 starts and some $150.


But the outcome for some of those folks was the same. They did nothing.

Some of these were sales people too.

So… It’s a case of…

✳ How you do 1 thing. Is how you do everything.

✳ Your belief systems.

Like… If you’ve had a strong influence… Growing up around people who…

🚬 Smoke
👔Have certain types of jobs (Not open to entrepreneurship)

Then chances are… That will stick with you.

At least until your adult years.

So… It’s our job… To get you on voice calls.


Text chats, daily.

Every single super successful member… Did that.

And the reason why it works. Is because you become what you think about the most.

For us… Behind the scenes. We’re constantly…

– Connected with other business

Like in the automotive and travel industry.

It keeps us in tune with the S-curve Experience stuff.

For the past 3-4 years… We’ve lived the S-curve Experience, every single day. Around the clock!

> Explained  

Also seen via the FB stories on the FB page.

Which makes it easy for you to just join in on all the fun.

The S-curve Experience will probably always remain free @ the button below.


With optional stuff to buy @ supplements, merch and 1-12 month programs.


But part 1 of 4 of the SE (Becoming S-curvish). ‘Costs’ 💶💵… Due to the number of hours that are spent on 121 coaching chats.

So ya…. Our biggest challenge, is fixing your mindset.

It’s a global problem. Which starts at the schooling systems that one gets put through..

Read the first part of this page…

… To see what we mean.

That was us… In 2007. Until WE got better educated.

👫 Better partners
😁 Better health
⛳ Better daly life experiences
😃 Better happiness levels

We already know some of you are experiencing that. Simply by being active here.

But for some… A real hand holding fix is needed.

Changing just 1 person. Impacts 100 more. Due to social media.

We’re out here… Everyday. Expanding our reach.

We want you to be a part of that. Especially when we organise in-person meet ups/events….

🍹 So here’s to your future success.








Feb 5th newsletter

Tuesday… And if you’ve been following on

You may or may not be recovering from a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip this past weekend.


We’ll tell you now….

‘Soft lean’ + S-curvish + Keep ALL real body parts…

It’s our most important goal @ part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience. Because we know the happiness that it brings, to all involved.

It’s easily achieved, regardless of your situation. As long as you sign up for the help.

It’s why we still focus on it so hard. And again… Because achieving it… Makes you successfully live out parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience



✳No pressure (Unless you want it… Then you’ll receive that @ expect FAST results)
✳ ‘Mind’ peace
✳ Genuine happiness

Those are keywords/phrases within the S-curve Experience @ Vitoria’s moment below (Pic).

And we ourselves… Push them hard in front of you. So you know for sure, ‘what’s up’… When you’re here.

For years… We were constantly telling our followers, that the S-curve… Is more than just the butt.

And the message soon sank in.

You’ll see many of those folks on the results page too.

And being more than just the butt. Is what lead to the focus on more text chat results.



Instead of just before and after S-curve physique results.

As most of the magic… Is a result of what goes on in the 121 coaching chats… Right here, in these Messenger chats.

Especially via

And as some of those folks have said…

Having a 60% S-curvish (And above) body… Just makes everyday life easier.

It’s one ‘sure thing’ to be happy about when you wake up. Because every day won’t always be great.

In fact… That’s why 121 chats keeps everyone winning.

Because overthinking and hissy fits is what happens, when left on your own for too long.

Like… Forget about friends, spouses or whoever.

What’s important… Is that you have people ‘in your corner’.

And when possible. Go on TC2.0 trips with them, to solidify your bond.

Seriously. It’s the best thing ever.

These trips are the height of the S-curve Experience.

And hopefully, we get to do some with as many of YOU as possible @ global event prep within S-curve world.

That’s all the words for today.

Reply like you have been doing.


– The replies
– The convos we have with people we’re meeting everyday

It helps keep these messages truly meaningful to YOU.



‘Coming up for air’ @meganjarica

A newsletter update (29th-Jan – 31st Jan 2019)

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So… You already know that everything evolves.

Nothing stays the same.

Like… You might have a friend that you haven’t seen for years.

YOUR memory of them, stays stuck… @ how they was, the last time you saw them.

But then you return. And you may find… That sh*t has indeed changed.

It’s happened to us in S-curve world. Especially as we do business… In the ever changing world of the internet.

Like… This feature didn’t even exist, until recently (Picture above).

In fact…

Today… You won’t even get S-curve formula tips anymore. Since we know that, that doesn’t really help you.

And… That no one really takes action on free random ‘advice’.

And so… We evolved the process. So that it’s easy to start… Solving any problems that YOU have, ‘specifically’.

Become an S-curve member

Where you take immediate action. And actually achieve + succeed.

To then start living up parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience.

Now yes… We have the official blueprint tips series (Click end images) and many other content pieces on

But the core focus for you… Is to dig into the daily/LIVE social media posts.

That gives you S-curve Experience tips…

Jan 31st newsletter

RESULTS (@ Body, mind, lifestyle)…

So… We know that a lot of you are here for that.

And in terms of the S-curve formula timeline. Right now… Is a hot time to start going for results… As the summer months are quickly approaching.


Yes… That won’t matter, if you’re already S-curvish. And here to enjoy parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience (Image above).

But if you are currently less-curvish…

Today… It’s time to highlight one of the parts of the S-curve formula… That takes you to 60% S-curvish and beyond.

Which is often the missing link… @ why you may have been failing to-date.


ENTER: Effective Exercise strength and progression (Module)


Nutrition shenanigans of course… Last, long after your workout (1st 3 months) activities.

But you need to get this right. To see results and/or fast.

And if you don’t… Failure and frustration commences.

Some examples =


  • Push ups on knees
  • Push ups on feet and hands
  • Push ups with feet on the ground and hands raised on a bench
  • Push ups with hands on the ground and feet on the bench
  • Tricep push ups


  • Glute bridge with back on the floor
  • Back raised on a bench and feet planted on the floor
  • Single leg
  • Single leg with dumbbell on waist
  • Single leg with foot raised, barbell rested on waist

These are simple examples… So that you can easily see the progression.

But all of the strength progression… Leads to results (Usually 4 months to success)

Most folks won’t reach that goal effectively. Simply because there’s no one in their corner, cheering them on.


Which makes it easy to cheat. Not do the reps, sets and tasks consistently. Because there is no teacher looking over your shoulder.


Which is why 121 coaching chats is the thing that makes you win.

It always has been.

But you only release that, when you officially start. And not before you start


Which is why for the masses… We made it easy to get involved @ the $10 start.

Become an S-curve member

For those of you reading this… OUR relationship is a little closer.

So we would have most likely talked about tailored Paypal payment links.

Either way… Strength and Exercise progression is a ‘thing’. And a fleshed out module, within the S-curve formula.

So expect to experience it… Regardless of how long you are active as a member.