Why it is not a good idea to starve for weight loss

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The diets that are making you hungry or, even worse, dizzy because you didn’t have enough food during a day, should be avoided at all costs. While it is true that you can lose weight with such diets, because the body will tap into its fat reserves in order to sustain the body’s need of energy, on long term they can have disastrous results. First of all, as soon as you will be of such a diet, you will gain back all the weight you lost, even more. This is due to the fact that you will eat more, craving the food your body was deprived of for so long. Besides this, starvation triggers nutrients lack, which can lead to poor muscular mass, a bad immune system, and a wide range of health problems. It is okay that you want to lose weight. Just find a healthy diet that you can follow on a long term.

  • Everything you eat will be stored as fat

Because food is scarce, at least this is how your body sees the diet, it will store every calorie you eat as fat. This way, the organism is making sure that it will make sufficient reserves to face the bad times ahead. In other words, the body will sense that it is not receiving enough nutrients, so it will enter an emergency state that will preserve any kind of form of energy so you can make it through the day in the best way possible. So, eating very little and trying to work out as much as you can won’t deliver the expected results. You will just put more stress on your body and drive yourself toward exhaustion.

  • It will be easier to cheat and make food excesses

When you feel hungry all the time, it will be very hard to focus on anything else but food. This is why most people fail at losing weight, eventually feeling sick and tired of having a troubled and empty stomach all the time and starting to eat more than they should. Even if you think that you’re going to take just one bite, it is very easy to do an excess when your body doesn’t receive food in sufficient amount and with regularity. Thus, such diets will rarely help you achieve the desired results.

  • Your body needs nutrients on a daily basis

Your body needs high-quality food on a daily basis and in adequate portions. It requires a wide range of nutrients to unroll its processes and stay healthy. Don’t worry, as there are ways to eat sufficiently and still lose weight. In fact, if you eat the right kind of foods, you will get rid of excess weight and develop a lean body. But, if you want to have lean muscles, you also need to remember that you need nutrients to help you gain mass. If you don’t provide nutrients for your body, it will begin consuming its own muscles, once the fat reserves are depleted. Not to mention that you won’t be able to work out properly when you are not fed correctly. Thus, the result will be a way too skinny body and the risk to develop eating disorders, nutrient deficiencies, and other, more severe, health problems.

A newsletter update (24th-27th January 2019)

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That was posted 2 days ago.

And it’s true.

You probably realise that it’s true too. Which might be why you’ve ended up here.

Something was wrong @ life. And you were looking for a solution.

It’s could be more

✅ Fun
✅ Entertainment
✅ Results
✅ Wanting to ‘Belong’ to something


You probably subscribe to new things all the time.

We do behind the scenes.

For the most part. It’s getting into more S-curve Experience shenanigans. Like surfing 🏄.

As we can also share those 1st hand experiences with you. Like we always have done.

Anyway… It’s that moment when…

Subconsciously… Something in your life started to suck. And you wanted things to look better the next day.

To have better moments of living… TODAY.

And every little thing that WE do…

▶ A post
💪 Results post
📲 A new message

Is done so… So that every next day, feels great.

It’s not about motivation. It’s about feeling great and living your best life,

But in terms of results…

Since it’s the 1st thing that kicks of the S-curve Experience.

Don’t ever wait to START!

It’s our job to make sure that you don’t ‘wait’. Which is one reason why you see these messages.

But we’ve been doing this since 2009.

And we’ve seen how heart breaking it is… When people wait waaay too long, to start fixing a problem.

With us… Trust isn’t so much a factor too much any more. As we have a lot of back history.

But for the many new faces that enter our world daily. We needed a way to make it an easy process to ‘start’.

Which is why we have > this page.

For those of you reading this message. It’s more about having a 121 chat, in reply to these messages.

Creating tailored Paypal payment links. And getting to work.

S-curveXP = ⬇⬇⬇

Jetski moments @vitoriagomes


Maldives moments @c.linretravels



OOTD/OOTN-curvish moments @iamraewilson


January 24th newsletter

So… You all know about this page right…



Of coooouuurse you doooo… 😺

Well… It’s time to make it even more interesting.

INTRODUCING: Earn S-curve XP (aka points)

The more…

✅ Member page updates
✅ More TC2.0 trips you take
✅ Videos you watch on your page
✅ Visits you make to links your page

When you earn enough points… You’ll start to receive things like

✴ Free 4-6 week $50-$300 plans

✴ Discounts on accommodation bookings when using Booking.com

✴ Future prizes for those who rank the highest… Based on how much S-curve XP is floating around the Member eco-system.

S-curve XP

S-curve XP

The goal of course… Is to keep you engaged and active… @ all parts of the S-curve Experience.

Because we already know… That’s what will help you win @



So of course… To start. You just need to do the $10 member page/fan thing.

➡ https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/1742634619196190/ 📲

Your S-curve XP stuff… Automatically kicks into gear… Once you have your first update (Which we create, when you reply to these messages).

Remember… Each update on your page, won’t necessarily be workout or nutrition related.

It’ll be info… Related to whatever you need help with.


👫 Relationship/Dating help (Mostly @ some of the guys here)

📲📑 Notes from 121 chats

👥 ‘Therapy’ chatter

Everything is totally flexible now.

So as of today… The LIVE update member page. Is YOUR home (And something to own) to turn to… Within this S-curve Experience…

Outside of the two main websites…

1⃣ http://stayfitbug.com
2⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com 

Now let’s make YOUR life… Look like a variation of the following…

Burning man

TC2.0 = Cycling @burningman @tav_lo


5 Ways Fitness Helps Those in Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

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Breaking an addition to alcohol will likely be the hardest thing that a person will ever do. The simple truth is that there is no easy way to break an addition. Though the process will be difficult, there are some things that a person can do to make the stress and general discomfort of withdrawal more bearable. Focusing on personal fitness is one of the things that a person can do to help beat alcohol addiction. There are many ways that working out and improving overall fitness can help ease the process of breaking an alcohol addiction. 

1. Burning Energy 

Alcohol withdrawal is a difficult process that many alcoholics must endure. The good news is that withdrawal symptoms can be reduced by exercise. Depending on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, an addict may not be able to be very physically active. However, even going for a short walk is enough to burn off some energy and that can be enough to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. As an addict’s withdrawal symptoms start to lessen, and his or her fitness level begins to improve, the exercise can become more strenuous. Another positive effect of burning excess energy is that it will help a person sleep. Many people struggle to sleep in withdrawal as their cravings make it difficult to relax and clear the mind. However, after a good workout, many people are able to sleep as their body is physically exhausted. 

2. Improving Physical Health 

Alcohol addiction is rough on the body. Most addicts eat poorly, get little to no exercise, have unhealthy sleep habits and frequently expose their bodies to germs and diseases. By working out, an addict can begin to build their fitness level. An improved level of fitness will help the body to repair the damage that addiction has caused. Working out boosts the cardiovascular system and increases blood flow through the body which helps distribute oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen is important for all cells of the body to produce energy and repair damage. 

3. Fighting Depression 

Exercise does more than just boost physical health, it can also improve mental health. Many addicts suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders that may have contributed to the addiction or may have been caused by the addiction. Exercise causes the brain to release endorphins, which are often referred to as the ‘feel good hormones’ because of the euphoric mood they can produce. Anxiety and nervousness, which are common for people experiencing withdrawal, are also lessened by exercise. The loss of fat and increase in muscle that is common with improved fitness levels can also boost a person’s self-esteem, further reducing the likelihood of mental health disorders. 

4. New Social Circle 

Addiction is more than just the interaction between an individual and alcohol. Addiction is a lifestyle that requires a lot of significant life changes to overcome. One way that fitness can help treat addiction is by helping an addict to meet a new group of friends. Whether it is walking in the neighborhood or joining a local gym, most fitness activities will result in a person meeting people that he or she might not meet otherwise. A person who begins making friends through fitness will be building a social circle of alcohol-free friends that can that can be a positive influence on his or her life. 

5. Redirecting Energy 

Addiction can be an all-consuming behavior. A person who is fighting addiction will face many difficult moments resisting the urge to not give in to the cravings of addiction. One way to deal with cravings is through redirection. Instead of focusing on the alcohol, the addict needs to redirect his or her mind to another task. Fitness can be this distraction. A person who is struggling to make good choices can go for a run, hit the gym, play basketball or a wide range of activities that require mental focus and physical action. In addition to fighting alcohol cravings, fitness activities can be a beneficial habit by providing an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

For more information on alcohol addiction, have a look at https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/alcohol-abuse/  

A newsletter update (20th-22nd January 2019)

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”I woke up one day, after weeks/months of effort… I’m still fat”.

”I do this… I do that… Nothing worked”.

– Some of you here are already S-curvish. Male or female.

– Some of you aren’t even interested in looking great. Just being healthy.

– Others… Are here to enjoy the rest of the S-curve Experience.

@ the above… What you need to do is…

#1 Read the previous message.

A newsletter update (15th-17th January 2019)

#2 http://stayfitbug.com/CALLBUZZ


What’s needed, in order to ‘effectively’ proceed?

So… You’ll be paying $50-$300 in any one month. As an active S-curve member.

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in. Or even if this is being done face to face like…

That’s what it looks like.

And of course… The excitement of the ‘results to come’. Which is the best thing in the world. As happiness levels go through the roof @ friends and family.

Now… That’s the only thing that should cost you much money at all.

It’s a variable cost too and not fixed. Since we’re living an S-curve lifestyle.

The rest of your cash will go towards food.

And because of the nutrition coaching shenanigans that go on in the 121 chats… THAT won’t cost much either.

Especially since we spend most of our time in chats… Talking on topics regarding nutrition. As that’s where everyone is screwing up #emotionsfault.

And it doesn’t matter what country you’re in. Or what foods you have access to. You WILL nail this.

It’s what the S-curve formula teaches you @ knowledge that you keep for life! (Fudging serious).


Ideally… All the items from the workout sections on the new > Amazon page.

But protocol items = Barbell + Ankle weights


Again… You can play around with this over time. Via everything that’s listed and taught… On > this page...

Protocol supplements needed = Whey and Casein

That’s about it.

Once we become familiar with all of the above. And we reach at least 60% S-curvish.

It’s then time to enjoy what we all look forward to. @ parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience. Which looks like…


January 22nd newsletter



As it’s THE best thing to do… If you’re looking for solid solutions to any problem you’re having right now.


Welcome to S-curve world (Again).


Well… You all know that all that you see here. Is THE S-curve Experience.

It’s been an organic evolution in that @ image above.

But also instigated and planned (Which is what’s practiced on YOUR plans).


Because of the way inexperienced folks… Approach ‘fitness’ @ part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience @ ‘Becoming S-curvish’.

For example…


Which is a total waste of time.

– If you’re too fat/skinny… You became that way, by doing the wrong sh*t 💩 for months/years. A few weeks of working out won’t change that.

– Workouts only trigger results. Nutrition, ‘mind therapy’ and lifestyle… Is where the bulk of the fix happens.

And so… We became an S-curve Experience.

To start teaching folks what an effective 12 months of the year should look like.

– Look S-curvish

– Eat whatever the fudge you want (That’s our ‘F word’)

– Live a great lifestyle

– Take loads of TC2.0 trips in your new bod


Yes… Again. S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’, in S-curve world. Not just for the gym. But for EVERYTHING… That you wear.

Simply because of the feeling it brings… When you wear nice things… On an S-curvish body.

This workout above… (For example).

There isn’t even anything special about those exercises (Really). But they can be… If they turn out to be specific to you and your current day goals.

We find out what that is… During our 121 coaching chats. Here in Messenger.

Also… The workout is only important… During your 0-60% S-curve creation phase. Because S-curve workouts do of course, trigger results.

After that… And when you start living parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience… It’s all about getting specific with workout shenanigans.


– You’ll mostly do Tailored Daily Exercise videos when you reach 60-100% S-curvish.

– You’ll also mostly do Short Splits routines. Once you reach 60-100% S-curvish.

Basically… Workouts become less important, over time.

Nutrition and 121 coaching shenanigans is where the magic exists, over the long term.

Which is what causes the results that you see. On you… And on others…

You won’t need that help all the time. But you will need that source @ [121 coaching chats/Member page updates] in your corner, over time.

Which is why we structure our plans in 4-6 week batches.

Because we want you to enjoy parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience. Because it truly is the best sh*t ever!

Which looks like… @ Our wonderful folks below.


You won’t slip up no more. BUT… If you do…

Hangry much?


A newsletter update (15th-17th January 2019)

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January 15th newsletter



That’s the absolute best thing to do, when you have the urge to reply to these messages. Voice convos just give you a lot more clarity. And builds SUPER trust between us.

Especially in regards to parts 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience @ > Becoming S-curvish.


Let’s have some fun. Because we literally have fun with everything you see here in S-curve world… Every single day!

BTW ‘NOTE’: Read the 9 day TC2.0 story, over on @fitbuzz Instagram.

We know some of you do too… Going by the replies and comments. Which is why we created the super fan button, over on the FB page.

Because we know what it’s like to be a ‘super fan’ of things.

Like… During our daily lifestyle shenanigans. We’re obsessed with Marvel Comics movies.

And when they’re good, like the Avengers movie was in 2018. We’ll happily pay again… To the watch the movie ‘in the cinema’, again.

And again on a digital HD release with bonuses.


Some of our fave things… Within each part of the S-curve Experience.


– ‘Coming up for air’ workouts. With either the Sony SRS

bluetooth speaker… Or the Sony bluetooth headphones. Both of which you’ll see, on our new Amazon page (Also linked under the image above).

On a roof top, beach, or wherever. It’s always an environment/event to look forward to.

Which is something that many DON’T (Look forward to)… If it’s a gym workout.


– The ‘Hungry’ tee/mug…

Hangry much?

It’s YOUR favorite mostly. But ya… Saying it, never gets old.

– Just simply… Noticing how your entire wardrobe starts to fit you perfectly. As you head towards 60% S-curvish and beyond.

Winning feels damn good!


⬆ Roof top bars/restaurants. Especially in warm climates.


– Tulum… (See last image on previous message).

– Eating whatever the fudge we want on TC2.0 trips… @ pics below.

This can happen at any point @ parts 2-4 of the S-curve experience. Once you’re 60% S-curvish. But it’s the most fun… When embraced during a TC2.0 trip.

That’s our faves!

That’s what we want for everyone here to experience.

You can read/watch what this looks like, in detail… > HERE.

January 17th newsletter

Do NOTHING! And Become S-curvish (You too guys)!!

Now… A few days back. It was said, that we went out every single day in September 2018. To meet 1-5 new people… Almost daily.

In fact… The same thing is happening right now.

It was also stated… That all the people we did meet… 100%, wanted to look/feel S-curvish. Or live an S-curvish lifestyle (What you see on here daily).

But a majority of ‘those people’, will usually fail to start effectively.


Because they have an image in their head, that Becoming S-curvish, is hard to achieve.

It’s pretty damn easy though. And doesn’t even require much effort. Unless you’re really skinny or fat.

Best of all… The results come pretty fast @ 14-21 day noticeable results period.

And BEST of all… It’s been done with 100’s of S-curve members. From all around the world @ we are all more alike, than we are different!

A lot of them are still active on here too. And them… Just like us (Behind the scenes)… Uses the S-curve formula daily, to keep everything in check.

Look at this simple sh*t  @ the following… That’s been getting done daily for the past 3-4 years!


– 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 2 dinners.

– 15-20 minute home work (Or S-curve Short Splits Routine).


That’s it.

And their’s (And our) results… Remain the same.

You become a member because…

1⃣ You need 1-3 months, in order to figure out a formula for YOU.

2⃣ The above happens (More)… At 60% S-curvish and beyond.

3⃣ Speed up results (Because getting it slow, sucks!)

4⃣ A simple member page that automates everything that you naturally THINK to do.

Like… Look at this S-curve members response to a simple solution that was given to her, 2 days ago…


The above scenario… Is a message for those of you… Who are similar to the people we meet daily.

Your life is probably occupied with a lot of sh*t 💩. And when sh*t sounds hard… You brush it off. Which makes sense.

Because no one likes sh*t when it get’s hard… (Unless… 😁💑).

So ya… You become a member, so that you have something teaching you ‘the way’… @ S-curve world shenanigans.

And for those who do start. But fail to follow through to success.

You fail to follow through… Due to lack of long term activity (Self motivation… Being a doer).

Which basically means, 121 coaching for at least 3 months, is needed. Right here in Messenger. If… That sounds like you.

If you’re here to enjoy everything else.



How Keto Diet Can Help With Your Workout

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Understanding how nutrition plays a role in building muscle, getting stronger and shredding away that stubborn belly fat is a key piece in everyone’s fitness journey. Whether you’re bulking up for football or shredding up for a bodybuilding show, you’re going to put your body through hell back and forth with intense training that breaks down your muscles.

Hence, your post-workout nutrition is just as important, if not more important than your pre-workout nutrition! A study in the American Journal of Physiology found that protein intake right after an exercise may be more anabolic than when ingested later.

Getting into the habit of eating protein-dense food, calculating your macros and skipping the Big Mac is a huge sacrifice for the average Joe. If you’re following a Keto diet, or plan on doing so, you’ll notice that it poses a bigger challenge because you’re limited by what you can eat (for a comprehensive list of keto-friendly foods check out this list). But don’t worry, I have you covered!

Aside from bodybuilding purposes, studies have shown that following a ketogenic diet may help with diseases such as diabetes!

In this article, I’ll cover the best keto foods for your pre-workout and post-workout nutrition!



Keto foods are usually foods that are high in fat, but low in carbohydrates, hence the energy supplied by the food would in a way be burning the fat in the body, too. One of the most famous Keto Food would be eggs. One large egg contains less than 1 g of carbohydrate but is higher in protein, containing 6 g of protein instead.  Consuming eggs before and after a workout can be really good as it could make you feel full and lower your calorie intake throughout the day.

Eggs are extremely versatile as you can make it the star of the dish or incorporate it into other recipes. Baked egg muffins, breakfast casserole, Keto quiche all incorporate eggs as their main ingredient. It’s best if you can incorporate the entire egg as the yellow yolk contains the most of nutrients.



Starchy vegetables like potatoes can be high in calories, so you can always opt for cruciferous vegetables instead. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, celery, kale, olives, radish, bell peppers, and asparagus are non-starchy due to the low net of carbohydrates in them! Here’s another tip to detect low-carb vegetables: the sweeter the vegetable taste, like beets, the higher the sugar content, hence the higher net of carbohydrates.

A lot of people feel like vegetables taste awful or tasteless, but if cooked in the right way, it can taste amazing! There are many ways of cooking vegetables to make it taste better and also retain all the amazing nutrients in it!  

Don’t be afraid to get creative! It can be steamed, roasted, grilled, and be incorporated into many dishes, enhancing its flavor! You can even toss them around in some avocado dressing or some olive oil and call it a day! You can try recipes like broccoli cheese soup (another Keto food!), cauliflower Mac and cheese, bacon wrapped asparagus and vegetable stew. Another great thing about these vegetables is that they can be substituted with high carb foods that are usually staples for everyone.

Cauliflower is a great example of this! In many Keto diets, cauliflower is often used as a substitute for rice and potatoes and even as pizza and pie crust! Instead of using starchy food that is high in carbohydrates like flour and rice, cauliflower can serve as a great alternative! You can always try to make spicy cauliflower rice, creamy cauliflower mashed “potatoes”, cauliflower pie crust, cauliflower pizza (with all the great toppings) and many more! Just let the cauliflower whirl in the food processor and you’ll get a perfect base to get creative with!



If you’re a meat lover, fret not. Most meats are keto food! Fatty grass-fed meat are often the best options if you can afford it! Beef, pork, poultry like chicken and duck, mutton are rich in fats and protein which help with building muscles and strengthening connective tissues in your body.  However, you need to be aware of how the meat is processed as it can contain additives and chemicals that can raise the net carbohydrates.

We all love fried chicken here, but in this case, it is not the best Keto food as it is breaded with flour, which is a high carb ingredient! Instead, you can always opt for roasted and grilled chicken which can taste as good, or substitute it with parmesan breading or almond meal! When it comes to recipes, you can always try parmesan crusted chicken, tender keto pork chops, ultimate low carb keto pot roast, spicy Korean BBQ lettuce wrap (very Keto!), bunless turkey burgers (using lettuce as buns!), stuffed chicken, spicy beef keto fajitas and many more!

You can combine other keto foods like vegetables, avocado, cheese with meat and also cook it with olive or coconut oil, which are Keto foods too! If you want more flavor, you can always cook your meat with ghee, which is clarified butter made from cow’s milk and is rich in fat and definitely a Keto food!



Other than cooking, you can also opt for drinks instead as a post-workout recovery! Lattes and smoothies with keto ingredients are not only tasty, but it is good for your health too! Unsweetened coffee and tea are actually keto foods, and these staples can be incorporated in almost any drink! Just add a scoop of protein powder also can be a good drink pre and post workout! Matcha lattes are a cult favorite, as not only it is filling, it also aids with weight loss and also brain health too! Using almond or coconut milk in substitute for normal milk would not only add in more benefits but it is also dairy free, so those who are lactose intolerant can also try it! You can make it hot or iced, and it will still taste good!

If you’re not a fan of matcha, you can always go for classic vanilla or even pumpkin spiced lattes! You can also try keto smoothie recipes like PB & J smoothie, creamy triple chocolate keto shake, and açaí almond butter smoothie! If you are opting for a more nutritious drink, you can always try the citrus keto green smoothie.


Take-Home Message

To summarize, keto foods are usually the food that you consume and love! You should not be afraid to try out the ketogenic diet as it is medically proven and does not limit you to any boring routine!



Biolo, G., Tipton, K., Klein, S., & Wolfe, R. (1997). An abundant supply of amino acids enhances the metabolic effect of exercise on muscle protein. American Journal Of Physiology-Endocrinology And Metabolism, 273(1), E122-E129. doi: 10.1152/ajpendo.1997.273.1.e122


Al-Khalifa, A., Mathew, T., Al-Zaid, N., Mathew, E., & Dashti, H. (2009). Therapeutic role of low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet in diabetes. Nutrition, 25(11-12), 1177-1185. doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2009.04.004


Alvizouri-Muñoz, M & Carranza-Madrigal, Jaime & E Herrera-Abarca, J & Chávez-Carbajal, F & L Amezcua-Gastelum, J. (1992). Effects of avocado as a source of monounsaturated fatty acids on plasma lipid levels. Archives of medical research. 23. 163-7.

A newsletter update (10th-12th January 2019)

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January 10th newsletter

It’s a hot month for S-curve member shenanigans. So let’s continue on with that chatter…


Life on here changes… When you become an S-curve member.

@ ALL parts of the S-curve Experience.

1⃣ Becoming S-curvish
2⃣ For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
3⃣ Improved daily lifestyle
4⃣ Travel-curvish 2.0

Because every blueprint tip, or post. Starts to make even more sense to YOU (Just follow the FB page timeline to see it all… LIVE and in the moment).

Because now… You’ll have actionable processes to follow.

That’s when you wake up. And the ‘Oh… This is how you win’ factor, kicks in.

From our memory. A stand out situation was with S-curve member Alicia (Above).

Because she sat back for 2 years. Before becoming a member.

Maybe it was because of trust issues (Which died, after we had a > voice chat.

Maybe a chip on a shoulder @ previously failing @ results.

But within 6 months… She was a COMPLETELY changed person.

The next lady was the same. Who got to experience it all in person (Video above). And loads of hugs and thank you’s from them, after the fact.

They did of course become self sufficient. However… They didn’t forget why they became broken in the first place.

So every now and again. They would return for 1-2 months. For a member page update. To help them in their new current situation (Pic above). That’s another reason why we became an ‘Experience’. Evolving from a high end program.

Because everyone needs to feel a part of something. A place of belonging. That’s also why you see that Paypal page in the shop (Ignore… If you have a tailored Paypal link and are about to start your foundation month).

Because the S-curve Experience is making you feel great. And you’ll get to become a member, wether you like it or not.

And now… To end this message, with examples of the two hottest areas within the S-curve Experience right now @…

1⃣ ‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve workout

2⃣ Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans

This is a ‘message’. So feel free to reply to it!


Oh… And ‘guys’… You have all only recently returned/Entered S-curve world. So you’ll start seeing more ‘guy’ stories soon.







Hangry much?


January 12th newsletter


As a part of our S-curve Experience upgrade (Initiated November 2018). We’re going talk via voice chat… With those of you who reply/have questions.

We can’t do it inside THIS Messenger chat.

But we can do it via this one…

> http://stayfitbug.com/CALLBUZZ

So feel free to ‘call’ inside there.


❎ I don’t have time
❎ I don’t want to workout
❎ I still want to eat this and that… (Cheetos above)

At the end of 2018… We went out every single day. And the goal was to meet 1-5 new people everyday.

These people were…

✅ The type of women that we’ve always served, since 2010.

✅ And the same kind of men… Who we met in 2017 events… Who became fans of @fitbuzz. Or were husbands/boyfriends of S-curve members.

And all of the above complaints… Is what we kept hearing from them.

Yet… EVERY SINGLE PERSON saw an S-cuvish body. And instantly wanted it.

Even YOU, reading this message!

You might have even messaged. And requested for yourself to become an S-curve member. After seeing all of our posts.

Mostly likely because…

🔥💃👙 Everyone looks S-curvishly hot

😛😎😳 Everything looks VERY fun (It is!)

✈🍸💪 You want YOUR life to start looking like this.

And so… Is reason why… We started to Become an S-curve Experience.

1⃣ Being a part of a movement/lifestyle that is enjoyable and actually happening. Either through us OR current S-curve members/associates (All gathered within the past 10 years) @ > read this.

2⃣ A program still needs to be started. But we changed it. So that it makes sense. In relation to…

– How this lifestyle is lived.
– How you live.
– And so that you don’t complain about anything you have to do, at any given time. In fact… Look forward to!


🎬 Tailored Daily Exercise videos @ Member pages.

📲 121 chats with yours truly

🍏🍪 Cheat snacking

And since making the switch… You have all began to flock in. Because now… You’re becoming a member. To get deeper into everything you’re already experiencing (Like… On this website).

And you’re wanting to become a member. Because of how all of these posts, words, videos, interviews, stories, FB stories… Are making you feel.

You all know who you are too.


– Like Rayo (Comments daily)

– Shirley (We had to end up talking 121)

– Hannah Hanita


And that’s why… For the masses… This Paypal page exists (Below). Many of you’ view it’ and like it a lot. So it means we’re on the ‘same page’. And if we’re not on the same page.

It means you still have a few days or weeks. To let our message and vibe sink in. At which point… It becomes very easy to decide how to move forward… After your first month as a FAN OR MEMBER.

It’s been an evolutionary process, since creating the first program in 2011. But that’s where we are today.



Let’s talk… Unless we’re already doing so. Remember… Depending on where you are within this S-curve Experience. You have the option to become an S-curve member partner TOO. The first requirement though… Is to have been an S-curve member yourself… For 1-3 months.


@azuliktulim @carolinafariafotografia

A newsletter update (6th-8th January 2019)

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January 6th newsletter



Tis the S-curve Experience.

We announced that 2 years ago. And today… Everyone who enters our world… ‘Gets it’. So if you’re here. You get it too. Even if you don’t/didn’t realise it.

Here’s to living YOUR best life!



So… You know how we said that there won’t be much ‘tips’ in the newsletters any more? (And there still won’t be).

Well… A lot of that… Has shifted to the daily social media posts, via all the platforms we’re on (See side bar)

It’s LIVE and in the moment too @ pics, vids, and text. Especially the ⬇⬇⬇

Instagram/Facebook stories.

So follow, on all the platforms that you use.


There are a lot of new faces appearing here every day.

Some ‘get it’ instantly @ what we do here. And some don’t (The number who don’t… Has dropped. Due to the amount of years we’ve been around @ EST 2009).

Most people do though. And end up sending messages to us. Like what you saw here, with Shirley…

So today… It’s time to show you EVERYTHING that we do here.


You can read, watch and listen to everything here.

Do it… You’ll get to feel the vibe once you do.

But in terms of fixing you (Regardless of the issue)…

The top view goal =

A) Spend 1-3 months creating a foundation, formula and results.

B) Reach at least 60% of the result. So that we can start to enjoy parts 2 to 4 of the S-curve Experience (As displayed via all the pics/vids within these messages).

C) We’ll aim for 60-100%. But at a pace that makes sense for YOUR life.


Because what you’ll find… Is that you’ll approach EVERYTHING that you do in your life… The same way!

And THAT… Is what the S-curve Experience is all about @ living YOUR best life.

It’s also a way to find out who the BEST people are to do that with… In your current day life. Because ‘Glowing up’ like that, will force the people around you to reveal their true colors.


This page…

If you have any questions after reading all of that. Then it’s time for you to Become an S-curve member.

#3 Our Amazon page and explanation page for Travel-curvish 2.0


#4 The T-shirts, apparel and merch…

That’s it.

Reply to talk about any of the above.


January 8th newsletter

Holiday season is over folks. And real life has kicked back into gear for everyone. So let’s play… Shall we!!!

SOOOO… We’ve been at this since 2009. That’s an entire fudging decade!

From 2010 – 2017… The demand was hot on helping women build an S-curve. That hasn’t changed at all. In fact… We’ve evolved into an S-curve Experience (This was predicted to happen).

What HAS changed. Is that the men have arrived. In the past 2 years.

‘Guys’… The goal is the same for you. Just… You will build epic lats and trap muscles to match (And a deeper S-curve because of that fact). Now…



The majority of those who become members. Like to remain private.

In fact… Due to their professions. Being on social media will hurt them.

So you’ll only find access to their pics on here. And you’ll see them talking back and forth, inside chat screenshots. Like Amy (Pic below).

Many long term members are self sufficient today. Which is the goal for you (If you are new here, or yet to start and are after results).

So that you can start enjoying parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience.

1⃣ Becoming S-curvish
2⃣ For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
3⃣ Improved daily lifestyle
4⃣ Travel-curvish 2.0

And where we start to bring these online events, to real life. Offline. Like… Meet-ups in your city (We’ve been doing these over the years). Or just you… Living out everything that you see here, in your own world.

Now… Let’s show you a 5-6 year timeline, from someone that’s been around on here for that long.


Her life in 2019, is very different compared to those times. And it would be. As she’s still in her 20’s. And you change a lot. With each passing year, at those ages. But just look at how her physique changed. You can read all of her ups and downs via her story. The page is linked behind the image.

If you are here. To enjoy the experience OR get results. Our job is to make that great. For YOU.

So that will evolve and continue.

Today’s message has been focused on the S-curve member. Because that’s where a lot of you want to be and need to be. Based on the current feedback.

So you need to see what life looks like as a member.

If you can see this message. Then, YOU will just need to reply, chat and get a tailored Paypal link. Based on what we discuss in the chats.

So reply and do that!

Stephy in 2019 (You can even see the improvements in phone camera quality)


A newsletter update (January 1st-3rd) 2019

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January 1st newsletter 2019



ENTER 2019!

Now… Like I said in the previous message…

A lot of you are new here. So consistently educating you about ‘everything’, will continue to happen.

For example…

You’ve seen the new results page.

@ pics, audio interviews and stories, right…

Fortunately for you… You’re getting the latest upgrade to the S-curve formula/pages. Which caused all that increased happiness for folks, during those years. Including 2018.

And for those of you who are starting right now… With all the new questions coming in about wanting improvement in physical results.

Listen to what Shawn (It’s not MEEE… Is a ‘female’ Shawn. Having a conversation about her results, with male Shaun @ ME) says, on that page above.

And… Because there IS a focus on results, in regards to your recent questions. It’s time to revisit the results timeline. But… With the new flexible approach… Since becoming an S-curve Experience (Which means living YOUR best life).



– 18-25 Almost all physical goals

– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals

– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals

– 45-60 All health and mental goals


Yup… This still kinda applies. For both men and women.

S-curve member Victoria Lax



– Noticeable results ‘focus’ (28-45 days).

– Setting the foundation for your future results and daily life shenanigans. Which is mostly a restructuring of the things you’re currently doing in ya life. With some added improvements.



There are no 12 month auto-payments. We usually stick to 1-3 months now. Which ties in with how we live. Like taking Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

So it’s all about NOT worrying about an extra bill payment. And during this time… You’ll end up paying $50-$300 for any 4-6 week period.

The only thing that really causes the price to change. Is the level of intensity. Like… More 121 coaching chats/Member page updates = More $$.



It doesn’t matter who you are. You are going to reach at least 60% of your result within this time period. Just… You’ll get there… In a way that makes sense for YOU (Aka… A process that you’ll actually enjoy).

‘How’… Is what we start learning, in month #1 (Foundation)

That’s it.


REMEMBER This is part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience. We do part 1. So that we can fully enjoy parts 2-4. And the big goal this year… Is to get as many of you as possible, to live that up.

And to meet some of you in person.

Which ties in with this page

January 3rd newsletter

*”I followed X and X for years. Bought this, bought that. Yet… I have NOOO results!

Yet… You guys and gals are all fit and rocking (It’s what we call…The S-curve experience… Instigated by the S-curve formula (Part 1 of 4 of it)).

So what do I do to start?”*

That’s a message that came in recently (look @ the image above). Which you’ll see more of here…

And probably a lot less before and after pictures.


You already know what to do, from the previous message.

But I’ll tell you this…

Whatever you want to achieve in life… Or even via the S-curve Experience. Just find a source… That has a long proven history, in helping others achieve what you want to achieve.

For us… We’re in year 9 of proven S-curish results. Which has evolved into things like mindset/lifestyle fixing.
And will continue to evolve. As you can see on every page on this new official @fitbuzz website.

Within the S-curve experience @ Me for example..

There are several things you can get involved with here. And I over see part 1 of 4 of it. Since I have the most experience with it.

But if I want to take up sky diving, cliff jumping, surfing.


Then the first thing I’ll do… Is look for the most trusted source. Which is probably how you have ended up reading this.

You found a source. It looked interesting. And you just want to be sure + find out more.

Today… Starting on part 1 of the S-curve Experience, is an easy decision to make for most folks. You just want to know the exact information and processes. Before you push forward.

That’s now the protocol reason for these messages. To continuously educate you on all things S-curve Experience.



If you’ve failed at results, year in, year out. Just start. Either on the page(s) above, or by whatever we discuss, as you reply to these messages.

You’ll end up on that page as an S-curve member, at some point in the next 12 months, once you do.

Either your pics, or chat screenshots, where you talk about your results.

Or even an S-curve member podcast. Like what you heard with Shawn, on that same page.

A newsletter update (30th December 2018)

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I was going to write a different message to you today.

However… It seems that many of you are wanting to get 2019 started ‘right’. And you certainly don’t want it to be a case of the above image.

It could be…

– A change in the way your body looks

– A change to your lifestyle

– A change in ‘something’

It doesn’t matter what it is…

Just know… You’ll continue to have issues, with whatever that is. If you continue doing the same thing over and over. IF… The goal is to fix ‘something’ @ YOU.

And these messages are still created, based on the daily events that happen on and offline.


So today… How to start and continue on in S-curve world in 2019.



#1 http://stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/how-to-eat-during-holiday-season-not-what-you-think

#2 http://stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/the-process-of-eating-s-curvishly-an-epic-explanation

Don’t just read/watch ’em. Bookmark ’em.

Because these are protocol rules and processes. That will never be created in a post, ever again (Possibly updated on the same pages though).



The BEST thing to do… Is to NOT look forward to these newsletters for ‘tips’. That’s not effective. If it’s ‘help that actually works’, that you’re after.

We know this… From all the years past @ Helping followers/S-curve members.

The best thing to do, if you’re after ‘help’. Is to message and reply to these messages with your issues. You’ll get direction/guidance. And if you truly want help. You’ll start the $10 member page.

Or just receive one anyway, for being a super fan 😎.

If you already have a member page. Then we’ll figure out what your 2nd month or following months should look like. And then we’ll set up a plan.

$50 -$300 every 4-6 weeks is the usual. Which is a time period where you’ll get all the help you need.




The new Amazon page + Explanation

The new eating S-curvishly page

The S-curve blueprint tips series


As usual… Everything is LIVE and in the moment via our daily posts, on ALL of our social media pages. Especially the Instagram/FB stories.

– https://www.instagram.com/fitbuzz
– https://www.facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair


December 30th newsletter


Conversations happen all day… Everyday. Publicly and privately.

Which of course… Leads to discussions/topics. So let’s get into what’s being talked about. Shall we…




Because a lot of you weren’t around in those years.

Fortunately… Because of the internet. It’s all been > well documented.

Now… Let’s get one message clear. Since there’s been 1000’s of new faces enter our world in the past 2 months!

Everything that we do here. Is based on re-fixing your mindset. And giving you a great experience/feeling. Whilst you’re here.

We started off as just blog posts and one simple ebook program, back in 2010. But a program on it’s own, isn’t going to fix your issues (And my gosh… Have things evolved since then!)

Changing the energy you put out to the world… Changing your mindset.

That WILL! And it has done @ those who have been involved on here, in the past 9.5 years ⬇⬇⬇ (Hit Vics pic)




That’s the reason why there are S-curve members from 2012. That are still around. Some of them are probably living longer, because of that fact above, too.

That’s why we became an S-curve experience!

NOTE: We also became an ‘experience’… Because not everyone is going to/supposed to be a member. And there’s other things that people can get into here… @ check the entire side bar on this website … Other than part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience… Becoming S-curvish (The main program).

It was a natural evolution. Just like you read on that post above. And as you’ll see on that post. The ultimate way to achieve that goal @ fixing mindsets/giving you a great feeling. Is by taking > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

I’ve personally done a lot of them. All around the world. Which is why it gets pushed so hard.

Because I know that it’s the ultimate solution. As is the bigger picture goal (See side bar on stayfitbug.com again). For a select set of you.

So if you’re ever one of those folks who becomes a super fan. Or ends up with a member page.

Understand… That the goal is to increase your engagement even more. So that these mindset and energy shifts actually happen.


And one way that we know for sure… To make this happen.

= Picture time 😀

Go EPIC always!