A newsletter update (December 19th 2018)

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Ladies… Gents…


Wednesday 19th newsletter


Let’s get into it!


In terms of body, nutrition and therapy ‘help’…

Today… We help women AND men. Simply because a lot of men have re-entered our world in the past 2 years.

And today… You’re going to see more ‘S-curve member story’ content, rather than before and after pics ‘only’. Via > this page.

Because we are indeed, helping more in the chats @ ‘therapy’ and nutrition coaching. All of which will be screen shots.




‘No time’ IS a valid reason for not being able to Become S-curvish.

But… Only because you don’t know how to Become S-curvish… With very little time needed to do so.

And that’s… Why you become an S-curve member. To learn how to do that.

Right now… We currently have the Christmas/new year bonus going on. Where there’s a free 4-6 weeks, after your first 4-6 weeks.

But if you’re not interested in that. And are more curious on the starting process. Than actually being a full blown S-curve member from the off. Then the $10 start is where you need to be.




Today… It’s usually clear as day, who we are and what we do, on first arrival.

If it isn’t. Then this is the post that you’re going to see…


Which explains how we’ve evolved into the brand that we are today.

In regards to Becoming S-curvish and our main program…

You’ll no longer be educated over time, via newsletters.


#1 You’ll be educated personally, the moment you become an S-curve member

#2 You’ll be educated about S-curve experience shenanigans… Via epic blog posts

(Almost all posts since October 2018 @ stayfitbug.com)

#3 For motivation purposes… You’re going to see all types of S-curve experience blueprint tips, via our daily posts on FB and Instagram.

Wednesday info over.

Of course… If none of the above concerns you. Then you are here for parts 2-4 of the S-curve experience.

Which looks like…



Part 2 and 4 @bordabechere


Part 3 of 4 @thalitanascimento_



Part 4 of 4 @kintohtulum @annivici


Part 4 of 4 of the S-curve experience @domiwaffles


Thursday 20th December newsletter


Make sure you keep an eye on the daily mini blog posts via Instagram @fitbuzz and here on our FB timeline posts

Yes… You might pick up a few tips here and there. But like I said 2 days ago… It’s more about informing you on how S-curve world shenanigans work.

Because there’s a lot of sh*t to know 💩. All of which… Can’t be learned in one day.

Like… Look how far back the > history goes in S-curve world…


Which is free! 🙌

If it’s truly making you feel great everyday. Via the social media activity and websites. Then by all means. Feel free to embrace that Paypal icon/page (From the shop) above.


Becoming an S-curve member is a bonus. And it’s ‘almost’ free @ $10 isn’t really ‘money’ 💵. And free… If you’re showing love as a SUPER FAN’.

The benefit to that… Is that the member page will improve YOUR S-curve experience, over time. With LIVE member page updates. Packed with info related… Only to YOU.

Also… That first update will be what most of you will need, initially.

@ A very casual solution to whatever problems you’re having.

It will allow you and us… To slowly start seeing where you need help.

Like… That first update is really good for those of you who are ‘busy’ (Really means bad time management and goal setting though 😁).

As it allows you to get familiar with activities… That don’t require much time to put into practice.

Like the Tailored Daily Exercise video. Which is just 2 minutes long and takes 5-7 minutes to complete, once a day (How often, depends on your LIVE update member page info).

It helps you… To get yourself into the zone.


Embrace all parts of this S-curve experience.

Just know… That you can ‘level up’ the experience… When ever you get the urge to want more @ SUPER FAN button. Which happens from being highly involved on here. Which many of you are.


5 Surprising Foods That Could Be Decreasing Your Testosterone

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Most people associate testosterone with bodybuilding and strength exercise, but did you know that diet can influence it too? Testosterone plays an essential role in many of the body’s different systems. It’s a male sex hormone that helps to develop muscle mass and controls the storage of fat too. So, it’s crucial to maintain healthy levels if you want to have a lean physique and avoid weight gain.

The foods you eat can have a huge impact on hormone production, especially with regard to testosterone. Different foods can provide the building blocks of hormones so that your body is able to manufacture them. Or they can inhibit your natural production processes so that you’re unable to make as much as you’d like. When it comes to testosterone, your eating habits can be hugely influential, so it pays to know what to avoid. In this article, we look at 5 foods that can diminish your testosterone levels without you realizing it. We also provide you ways to increase your testosterone naturally.


#1 – Soy and products made from it

Soy can be problematic for your hormones so it’s best to avoid it whenever possible. This can be tough since it’s in so many food products, and not all of them are obvious. Soy is found in protein powder, yogurt, cheese, milk, cold cuts of meat, and even burgers. Whichever form it comes in, soy will mess with your hormone levels and cause issues with testosterone.

The reason soy can cause issues is due to the fact that it contains isoflavones. These are similar to the female sex hormone, estrogen, and can mimic its behavior. This means that eating soy can effectively increase your estrogen levels, which then sends testosterone plummeting in the other direction.

Your best approach is to avoid soy consumption in all its forms. This will prevent sabotaging your testosterone levels and keep your hormones in check. If you really have to have some, then steer clear of GMOs and keep intake to an absolute minimum. Go for organic and avoid processed forms at all costs. Tempeh, tofu, and edamame are the best options.


#2 – Flax seeds

Flax seeds are touted as an incredibly healthy super-food, but they’re not beneficial to your testosterone levels. Unfortunately, just because something is healthy, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be right for everyone (the same goes for soy).

The tiny gold and brown flax seeds are a good source of fiber, essential fatty acids, and protein. However, they also cause a significant increase in your estrogen levels which then suppresses your testosterone in turn. It doesn’t matter what form the seeds are in, they’ll affect your hormones whether they’re whole, milled, or even compressed into an oil. So, if you’re a fan of flax seeds, it may be worth replacing them with chia, sesame, or hemp seeds.


#3 – Alcohol

When most people think about their diet, they often disregard alcohol. After all, it’s a drink rather than a food, so it’s easy not to consider it as a major nutrient contributor. But alcohol can have a profound effect on your testosterone levels so it’s important to understand its impact.

Alcohol has a negative effect on your testosterone for several reasons. Firstly, it has a high calorie-content which leads to weight gain. The excess calories are stored as body fat which then produces compounds that affect hormone levels. So, by having more fat on your body you’ll ultimately have less testosterone as a result. Plus, alcohol creates a by-product called acetate which causes your metabolism to slow down. When combined with the additional calories, this is a sure-fire recipe for gaining weight.

Excessive alcohol consumption can also directly slow the rate at which testosterone is released. So, drinking too much can result in decreased levels which can lead to you getting both weaker and fatter. This is why it’s important to limit your intake to a minimum if you want to keep your testosterone levels at their best.


#4 – Processed carbohydrates

Carbohydrates come in all shapes and sizes, but some are definitely better than others. Processed carbs can be found in cakes, cookies, chips, pastries, and almost anything that comes in plastic packaging. These types of carbs are definitely one to avoid if you want to keep testosterone levels at their peak.

Processed carbs have a simple form which means the body breaks them down quickly and easily. This causes blood sugar levels to spike suddenly instead of rising and falling steadily, as well as causing additional weight gain. When your body fat increases, your testosterone levels decrease, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. Instead, choose complex carbs that take longer to break down and keep you feeling fuller for longer.


#5 – Excessive food consumption

You may have noticed a theme running through several of these foods. Anything that causes excess calories and increased fat storage can have a negative effect on your testosterone levels. So, it won’t come as a surprise that over-consuming any kind of food is going to mess with your hormones. Overeating anything, whether it’s considered healthy or junk, will lead to excess calories that aren’t being burned.

This is particularly true for people who gain weight around the mid-section as it’s even more detrimental to your health. But wherever your body stores fat, it’s going to mess with your testosterone. So, watch your portion sizes and ensure you eat a varied diet to keep everything on track.



By making these small tweaks to your diet, you can ensure that your testosterone remains at its natural level. Avoiding soy products, flax seed, alcohol, complex carbs, and general overeating will help to minimize estrogen and fat storage.

If you’re keen to maintain your testosterone but can’t face cutting out these food groups, then it may be worth taking a natural testosterone booster. Supplements like this can help to fill the gap caused by damaging foods and allow you to keep your hormones in check. If developing and maintaining lean muscle mass is a goal, then preserving healthy testosterone levels should be a high priority.

The process of Eating S-curvishly (An EPIC explanation!)

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Yup… We have workouts and nutrition.

That’s the first thing that comes to mind, when the goal is to fix how you look on the inside and outside of your body.

At present… The big topics that we focus on are…

  • Nutrition coaching
  • Therapy (Someone to talk to, about the crazy sh*t that goes on in your head)

Why focus on these areas, more than anything else?

Simply because… That’s where the bulk of the S-curve formula solution, has existed @ people who want to improve.

Today… People KNOW that nutrition is the most import factor. The workouts are just a trigger for future results. And the emphasis on the workout being the all important ‘everything’, is fading.

Now… We’re an > S-curve experience today. Which means we have evolved far beyond ‘just’… Becoming S-curvish.

But… In regards to nutrition coaching. Which is where we spend 80% of our time, during S-curve member sessions.

It continues to be a topic… During all 4 parts of the S-curve experience.

And today… We’re going to dig into what that actually looks like. Because for far too long now. We’ve talked about this… Without providing a comprehensive visual.

So let’s get into it!

The foundation

This is always going to be different for every person who enters our world.


  • Different backgrounds
  • Different current day lifestyles
  • Different past experiences
  • Different levels of education
  • Different goals

All of that… Is what has caused our official program, to evolve into the description on > this page.

But to begin. We figure out which of the 4 S-curve meal structures you’re going to use, as your protocol S-curve meal structure.

You can view all of them > here

It will change over time. But in the beginning. We just need to gauge how your body and lifestyle, responds to your food shenanigans.

It will change and evolve… Based on those responses. Which is why we have a LIVE update member page. So that we can document the entire thing.

You don’t have to be on that page 24/7. But it exists… So that you have a place of reference to turn to, when you get lost (And you will. Sometimes… Several times a day).

And of course… The bonus 24/7/365 121 coaching chats are there. If you need extra assistance.

Choosing ya foods

First… A visual

Just ‘scan’ that album.

You don’t need to look through the descriptions (Although it will help).

Why scan it?

Because the goal… Is to get you to start choosing your own foods… For your own meals. Instead of the S-curve formula… Giving you meals to eat.

That… Is not sustainable. And quite robotic.

It’s not about starting a new plan. It’s about improving what you’re already doing in your everyday life.

So… When you:

  • Prepare breakfast in the morning
  • Eat in the cafeteria at work
  • Have an evening meal in a restaurant

It’s all about getting you to start choosing your own foods. Based on this…

#1 A-F food rating explained…
– A = Apple
– F = Apple pie with custard
For your main meals…
You’ll eat A-C rated. Because ‘A’ on it’s own… Is just way too boring @ taste. And… Because expanding towards C rated, allows for more nutrient variety. Which boosts results.
You can eat D-F rated foods as your cheat snacks. Once you’re successfully on your way to 60% S-curvish.
A cheat snack, is a cheat food, that you eat a small amount of. Usually right after your A-C rated main meal. You’ll stick to A-rated cheat snacks (Fruit) if you’re after serious results, at any given time. And you’ll stick to eating these (Fruit) cheat snacks, throughout the day, when you’re not eating your main meals.

#2 And… Based on what is discussed in our initial chat, the moment you become an S-curve member (pic snap if 2 types)

Fitness member butt and lifestyle program

Which is usually…

  • The foods you don’t like/Do like
  • The foods you currently eat
  • The foods you can’t eat

That pretty much covers first base. In regards to Becoming S-curvish (Part 1 of 4 of the S-curve experience).

What you see above… Typically lasts 4-6 weeks. And will be documented > like this.

That’s what a $300 month looks like, as an S-curve member.

Very intensive and not very fun.

The education and results you receive during this period, are 10 x worth that $300. And that 4-6 week period will stick with you… For the rest of your life!

What happens after this period… Is truly down to you, your lifestyle and your goals.

As you saw on the new official ‘Become an S-curve member page’ above. It’s really flexible.

The reason why it’s so flexible. Is because we are an S-curve experience. Our goal isn’t to live a life of workout and nutrition shenanigans.

Our goal… Is to have fun in parts 2, 3 and definitely part 4… Of the S-curve experience. But how do the nutrition shenanigans look at each of THOSE stages?

Well… Let’s dig in…

Nutrition shenanigans @ OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire

vacation hotel food


vacation hotel food


So… We know that months 2-4 above (After the foundation month)… Will look different for everyone.

But one universal goal… Is to become at least 60% S-curvish. So that you look good in a bikini (Or guys… Topless at a beach).

That what S-curve member Alicia did. She started in December 2016. And by June 2017… She was ready to hit the beach with her family and her husband.

The above… Is HER S-curve member story. Our goal is to keep on adding to that over time. You can view more stories when you click on that image. Or > here.

Back to 60% S-curvish…

The reason why @ 60%… Is because at this point… You’ll be confident enough… For the self image that you have of yourself. And for any pictures that get taken of you… With cameras like this one…

Sony rx100

Read > this page too.

Also… At this point in time… All of the S-curve formula eating habits would have ‘stuck’. So you’re going to always be semi-aware… Of what foods will affect you, when you’re out and about having fun.

This also falls into…

Improved daily life (Part 3 of the S-curve experience)

Now… You don’t end up becoming a hindrance to the people around you. By talking and thinking like crazy health fanatic.

Instead… You’re going to cheat snack in front of them. Eat whatever the fudge you like (Our F word, instead of saying fcuk). And have them wonder, how you’re able to do that and still look S-curvishly great. With the conversation ending… With them wanting to do the same.

Now… Improved daily lifestyle… Is something that I embraced to the max, back in 2017. I’ll first… Bullet point the attributes of what this is…

  • Roof top bars/restaurants
  • Hotel dining/party ‘like’ areas

And then… Some visuals…

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Sony a7R II Sony a7R II

You could also use these moments in time… As a form of ‘Coming up for air’. Which I’ll talk about shortly @ Part 4.

This is where you take the S-curve meal structure (That you would now be very familiar with. From coaching and first hand experience). And start applying it to the restaurant food menu.

This is what you’ll do…

#1 Eye up the restaurant food menu.

You’ll have an idea of what you like by now. Try a few dishes. Ideally at a fave spot that you go to regularly, in the city.

#2 If you like the taste… Take those ingredients. And prepare some of your own variations of those dishes.

If you’re slick… You’ll become buddies with the staff. And they may just show you the recipe/formulas.

#3 Do this EVERYWHERE you go… Around the entire WORLD!

Can you see why the nutrition shenanigans extend… FAR beyond just eating to get S-curvish results/Be healthy?

Food… Is definitely one of the fun parts of the S-curve experience. We won’t be working out at parts 2, 3 and 4. But we will always eat.

We no longer dread ‘eating’. We embrace it. Which is what I talked about > here (Make sure you read that!)

This improved daily lifestyle… Is only topped by…

Eating on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

My pics…

Yup… As you saw in > this post. I have personally enjoyed many Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

And on each of them… Food… Was a HUGE highlight. On each trip! Like… Just look at those pics above!

Now… You follow the same rules… Laid out for part 3 of the S-curve experience above.

What’s takes it to the next level…

  • Is the quality and variety of foods you’ll be eating.
  • The awesome, yet less popular environments you’ll be enjoying this in.
where.to.find.me @azuliktulum mexico

@where.to.find.me @azuliktulum

To end this…

Let me just bullet point some requirements for when you reach this stage

#1 Become at least 80% S-curvish. Because these trips can and will get addictive (Which is the goal… It keeps you on the wagon).

By doing so… Eating whatever the fudge you want… Won’t affect you’re results. It takes years of doing the wrong shit… For that ever to be the case.

Don’t go hungry. Eat up! You’ll need the energy. And not eating… At 80% S-curvish. Is what will cause your results to screw up and fade away.

#2 Sleep your ass off on these trips

#3 Pick the relevant items from > this page.

#4 Capture as many moments as possible. With the help of those items above.



To conclude


All of the above… Is what I personally explain to the people who enter S-curve world. But it can’t be done in one conversation. So please bookmark this page. I’ll most likely update it over time too.

Now… Are YOU ready to Become an S-curve member?

‘Come up for air’ bikini-curvish workout @maayan__peri


Say hello to new S-curve partner program member @liv.reese… Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge she wants @ life beyond 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish results.

Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge she wants @ life beyond 60% 'soft lean' S-curvish results @liv.reese

Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge she wants @ life beyond 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish results @liv.reese

'Air time' by the pool... Where we often feed the monster with whatever the fudge we want

‘Air time’ by the pool… Where we often feed the monster with whatever the fudge we want

An EPIC list of the absolute WORST fitness tips (S-curve world)

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So… It’s finally time for part 4 of the official S-curve blueprint tips series!

The key point here… Is that they were all posted LIVE and in the moment.

Which is exactly what happens when you’re an active S-curve member.

The member page updates are your holy grail. You follow those… You win.

But it’s the bonus 121 coaching chats that take you over the edge.

I myself, still manages that. As I have the most collective experience, making S-curve members succeed.

So the process of giving out those LIVE S-curve blueprint tips, is what will come your way, once you start. It’s what keeps the motivation levels going, long after your first 30 days.

As a reminder though… Hit that link on the image above. And look at the topics listed… That we are helping every one with TODAY!


Travel-curvish 2.0

It’s hard not to talk about this… As it’s a popular part of the S-curve experience, across all of our channels.

I’m not going to show you the Amazon page. Instead… Just like Saturday. I’m going to show you the official website page for it…

This is the area of the S-curve experience that provides the easiest form of motivation… Offline… Via real world experiences.

I’ve done a lot of that myself in recent years. Which you can > see here…



Eating S-curvishly + Supplements.

This will be the first topic that you will highlight… If you’re after physical results.

The new official page for this ⬆ will answer a lot of questions for you.


One quick blueprint tip before we end this and get into S-curve Blueprint tips (Part 4)


#1 Cheat snack on dark chocolate.

Just like pineapple… It leaves a stain on your mouth and guts… That makes you not want to eat any more of ANYTHING. In large amounts.

Which of course… Prevents binge cheating on D-F rated foods. Especially when you’re around other people. Like office colleagues.



#1 Become an S-curve member

#2 Official S-curve experience ‘shopping’ page

#3 A guide to eating S-curvishly + Taking supplements (Within S-curve world)

(All the pages mentioned above)

Those are ALL official @fitbuzz website pages now. And they will continue to be updated.

I’ll always mention the updates to you on here. But… That’s where you need to be… Other than the main site @ stayfitbug.com


The official S-curve blueprint tips series (Part 4)

(In order of how they was posted)

#1 The goal… Is to focus on lower abs. Because hitting the upper, will cause boob shrinkage. We’ve created an entire module for this, via the ‘Become an S-curve member’ page above.


#2 Keyword = ‘Soft lean’. If you’re soft in the rear/back muscles. You’ll be soft in the front too. Which means… Ladies… You’ll keep ya (More of it) cleavage :).


#3 Remember… Night time and morning nutrition, is where the magic exists, in regards to getting physical results (And fast). And remember… Nutrition focus =

A) Results

B) Habit building

C) Eat whatever the fudge you want and still look S-curvishly great!


#4 Yup… The magic, in terms of triggering the butt muscles. Is all in the hip extension exercise variations. Which ones we choose… Is based on our 121 coaching chats as an S-curve member


#5 OK… I’m going to jump in here. Since I’ve seen so many butts shapes shift since 2011. Ha.

So……. Forget about angled belfies/selfies, selfshots/belfshots… That’s just for fun and motivation.

The S-curve is real. The butts are real too. It might take a while to get. It might not. That’s why we do everything ‘121’.

Now… You might not achieve the butt that you idolise (Usually on someone else’s body). But you will achieve YOUR best butt. It’s all about triggering YOUR best muscle fibers.

It could be upper, side, middle butt… Or whatever. Once we find and work that… It will emphasis the parts of your butt/body… That are lacking. And then… We feed the sh*t out of it @ eating S-curvishly.


#6 Here are some S-curve world key phrases to throw around…

– ‘Coming up for air’

– S-curvish fash, for ALL S-curve experience attire!

– Sports that you enjoy for S-curve HIIT cardio

– The S-curve = Turn to the left (Or right) @ see the letter ‘S’



‘Guys’… This one is from the archives… For YOU.

A) Focus on ‘slow’ reps

B) Stick to 30 minute workouts (Our Short splits Routines)

C) Eat 2 dinners daily

D) Do one exercise every single day, that hits your ‘hardest to build’ body part(s). I can tell you what that is, as an active S-curve member

E) Use the S-curve meal structure

F) Read that article above… For yourself. AND for the females in your life!


#8  So… More chatter on Becoming S-curvish for ‘attire’ (You too ‘guys’ 😀).

A) You get to wear ‘anything’ you want… Whilst feeling 100% comfortable. This is especially important if you live in ‘equator’ countries. Where the weather is warm, year round.

B) No more wearing dark colors to hide fatty body parts (Yes… Guys do this too). Now… The workouts are still the trigger for results. You get shown the precise stuff, as a member. But for some pre-motivation…



OK… Let’s explain the above @ ‘items shown’… Shall we…

A) Power bank – You’ll need one or two for TC2.0 trips. Because your devices will drain fast! @ battery life. 

B) For super fans – Guy or gal… You can’t take shots like the above… If you aren’t at least 60% S-curvish. But… You need to ‘start’ @ your journey towards results (Most people do nothing, or the wrong thing).

Once you do that… How long until you reach the goal, doesn’t matter. It gets done!

C) Amazon page – Dig into the Travel-curvish section @ seriously.

D) This entire experience is explained in > full here



Two things…. In regards to hitting your up per back muscles via exercise tweaks…

A) Face pull > Pull apart combo exercise

B) Add super reps to the ordinary pull aparts exercise.

We have 2 types of videos… The > motivational ones. And > educational ones



Butt growth…

A) Wack your butt daily with ankle weights. You’ll learn which exercises are for YOU, when you go to the ‘super fans’ button above’

B) That will force you to eat more. Because you’re going to get hungry. And then… Your butt will grow @ simple explanations.

You’re going to need an ankle weights set, that goes up to > 4-6kg though… 



OK… So workouts are a no-go on TC2.0 trips. However… A better thing to do, is yoga. In fact… It’s an ideal ‘come up for air’ activity. Along with reading.

The higher up in the air you go (A must do, when in the city)… The more open space you have… The better. You won’t need all the items at once, from the Travel-curvish section on the Amazon page. But you will eventually have a variation of each item over time.



This is what you should do… After your Monday ‘gym’ workouts.

In S-curve world… It’ll be the hardest workout day of the week (Gradually getting easier towards the weekend). And this is a day where nothing should be skipped. That includes S-curve meal structure + Supplements. You’ll find everything that you need for these hardcore Monday S-curve workouts, on the Amazon page



Let’s take a few steps back during THIS day….

OK… So, every woman will spend a lot of time in the mirror, before getting ready. And a lot of the time… That involves a lot of outfit changes (Ya… Guys do this too 😀).

But wearing booty revealing outfits like this… Is an easy decision to make, once you reach at least 60% S-curvish. Because there’s nothing for you, or anyone else to criticise about your new found S-curvish-ness.

The results timeline comes into play here. Dig into the first link that you see highlighted, on > this page. You’ll see why once you get there.



Remember folks… There are only 2 types of workouts in S-curve world…

Note: They are ‘S-curve’… Because the way in which they have been designed, is what has been partly responsible for creating ALL of > these results.


A) S-curve weightlifting workouts (The gym or even an outdoor gym).

B) S-curve bodyweight circuits…


Both can be done outside of a gym (We transform them in effective ‘anywhere’ workouts).

In regards to (A)… The only tool you NEED to start with. Is a > barbell.

That thing will likely live with you for most of your adult life too. And you can simply add to it over time. It has been aded to our Amazon page above too.



It’s the S-curve in a dress (No ‘cheating’ angles). And you are Becoming S-curvish for the dress (Part 2 of 4 of the S-curve experience).

And ‘guys’… You are building an S-curve too. But ‘soft lean’ with epic lats and traps to match. #nobeltneed #fillshirtsleeves.


#17 Just a moment to remind you… To > start AND continue eating S-curvishly…

It starts there. But how you continue… Will be based on your on-going results, as an S-curve member.



OK… So this is the shot that ‘women’ fear to take… Due to being less-curvish.

And it’s a valid fear to have. Because the cameras that we have these days. Will pick up every little detail. So ya… Reaching for 70-100% S-curvish is the goal… If you’re into getting snapped like this.

One thing that we hear… Is not having enough time to dedicate to achieving that goal.

Send a message to the page (Icon on the botton right of THIS page). Because then… You’ll receive the newsletters that go out and explain these topics in detail. 




Ya… Folks wear black. Because it’s a ‘safe’ color. It hides dirt and fat 🙂.

However… Our goal, is to give you more wardrobe ‘choice’. You know… To be able to say YES to more outfits. But hey… At least if you do wear black… You will still stand out. Because an S-curvish body cannot be hidden!

Tis the S-curve experience… And what you see here… Is a shining example of all 4 parts of it. ALL parts… > Explained here.


#20  Let’s use this moment to remind ourselves, what an S-curve physique IS….

1) ‘Soft lean’

2) Keep ya real boobs [Ladies]

3) Teeny tiny waist

4) Epic butt.

Now let’s ‘come up for air’… 



So… We talked about what happens when you wear dark colored clothes recently. Well… Those bright colored clothes will cause you to stop traffic 🙂



OK… Supplement talk…

We all know that eating S-curvishly is the first priority. But I’ll tell you when supplements become important (Based on experience with S-curve members since 2011)…


> For those who are just starting out. As it speeds up noticeable results (First 21-28 days).

> For those who are going beyond 60% S-curvish… Because that’s pretty hard to achieve. Especially for busy people.


Two posts have been created, in order to explain taking supplements in S-curve world. Both of them are > listed here.





OK… So the elephant in the room is… What kinda camera is being used? @ why do ‘these’ kinda pics look so good?

Well… When you dig into our Amazon page above (Travel-curvish section), you’ll see 2 cams.

#1 is for Travel-curvish pics @ taking your BEST shots

#2 is for random ‘come up for air’ moments like what you see here. In which case… You choose the later. Which = > Sony RX100. Mostly because it’s compact and easy to carry around.


#24 Remember people. You workout… To ‘trigger’ growth/change in your muscles. You only need 25-40 mins in the gym (S-curve weightlifting workout), to achieve that.

You use effective exercise variations that we give you, so that you don’t waste time and de-motivate yourself.

You feed your self via the S-curve meal structure. And when it’s time to… You follow the > S-curve world supplement rules.




Remember that compact camera that was mention @ #23 (above)? Well… It’s at a time like this.. When you’ll use that > higher-end cam (Not so compact).  You’ll find both on our Amazon page above (Travel-curvish section).



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That link behind the image… That’s how you get onto the newsletter. The newsletter… Is where the S-curve experience begins, if you truly want to ‘live it’. Every part of it. Because you can’t truly understand all 4 out of 4 parts… Without digging a little deeper.

  • Become S-curvish
  • For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
  • Improved daily lifestyle
  • Travel-curvish 2.0 trps

What you see here… Is ‘Coming up for air’ and Travel-curvish 2.0 (Parts 2, 3 and 4). But if you’re not signed up to the newsletter or website notifications (As you entered this website). Then for now… You need to > read this.





The key word here = ‘Soft lean’. That’s the goal for both guys and gals in S-curve world.

With that goal in place @ achieved… It allows you to live… Without obsessing over your physique. Because if you over eat on fat, during a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip. Your physique won’t be affected much.

A) Because you’re at least 60% S-curvish

B) You’re always going to be active. Especially if you become an > S-curve member.

However… Although the goal is for both sexes. There are some difference @ the approach for each: > Learning time.


#28 S-curve meal structure should be at the forefront of your mind. When entering the gym environment. This kicks into full gear, once you start the bonus 121 nutrition coaching chat sessions, as an active member.

The goal… Is to get the habit building shenanigans flowing. It’s a bit like when you are fast a sleep, need to take a pee. And some how… Know to wake up and just do it. Instead of pissing the bed (Something you lean from young).

From young… Another great reason to start living S-curvishly. Because your kids and siblings WILL do… What YOU do. Because they have no choice but to follow you, at these ages. #DoTheRightThing.




It’s time to take you back in time, to one of our > earliest articles. As it still continues to get read. And is still important. Even by today’s standards.



Ya… Indoor gym workouts are cool. And sometimes required. But… In terms of the way we do things in S-curve world? We ‘like’ to that s*** outside!



Yes… S-curve bodyweight circuits are the most favorite regimes that we have. As you can do them anywhere. And turn them into Becoming S-curvish (Growth) routines. But… We also take the Becoming S-curvish gym workouts… Outdoors. When the environment is right for it… Like…





OK… OOTN chatter (Part 1)

So… We recently talked about Becoming S-curvish enough for bikini attire… So that you don’t dread unsightly fatty body parts, appearing in HD pics.

The same rules apply at night. Because as you can see. Sometimes. You end up putting some ‘skin in the game’ @ double entendre.





OK… So let’s share some blurb from the link behind @bordabechere pic. Because you truly will use that formula, year round. Like we have been doing… Since like… Forever!


Don’t dread the fall season binge-fest. In fact… Embrace it and look forward to it… Once you start living S-curvishly @ Already eating S-curvishly and following the S-curve formula shenanigans.


You’re probably a very busy person. And even as an S-curve member… You’re not going to do things perfectly, every single time @ fixing your mind, body and lifestyle.

And in terms of nutrition. You’re going to miss out on important ingredients that your body needs.

Holiday season is one of the only times of the year… Where someone has cooked a lot of food (= A lot of nutrient variety).

And… A time of year where you’ll have time to eat it all. Enjoy it. And to let your body rest properly.

That’s a super combo for boosting results.



@eujessicadourado (left) @thalitanascimento_ (right)


OOTN chatter (Part 2)

It’s all about the S-curve @ no exaggerated angles (That’s cheating = Not a real S-curve).

And remember that stuff that was said @ wearing light or dark colors (Above)? Well yes… You’re going to see that damn letter ‘S’, regardless of what color you wear!

The best place to see a lot of these. is on our newest > Become an S-curve member page. 


To conclude

Part 5 coming soon (10 day’s from now).

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How To Cope With Drug Withdrawals

December 4, 2018 by  
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There are many people who will want to get off a drug that has taken a hold of their life, but that does not mean that they have a plan to get this going.  They need to pick a place that is going to help them with their recovery, and they need to be sure that they have a plan for when they get out. Read through all these steps so that you have an idea of what you are going to be getting into when you are going through withdrawal.


What Are The Symptoms?

Xanax withdrawal symptoms are not unlike any other drug.  You need to be in a rehab center to help you because these are the places where the staff already knows how to give you help.  They can help you through all the tremors and the delirious feeling that you get. The staff can help you remain healthy, and they will talk you through the problems that you are having.  It takes a little while, and then you can start to move on with your life.


How Should You Change Your Life?

You have to change your life almost instantly by eating a better diet and drinking more water.  There are a lot of people who will have problems with this because they were not healthy to begin with.  This is the best time for you to make this change because you can make a wholesale change to your life. You will find that exercise and a better diet will really change how you feel, and you can get over your withdrawal symptoms a lot faster.



You should go through some kind of meditation or other program that will help you to relax.  The people that are not relaxed are going to go through major challenges because they are not able to focus, and they need to be sure that they have tried to remove as much stress from their lives as possible.  This is a very simple way for you to get your life back on track, and it also helps you avoid the stressors that would make you want to use these substances again in the future.


Go To Therapy

A therapist can help you track your withdrawal because they want to hear about how you are feeling.  They also want to see if they can give you some help in trying to overcome any problems that you are having with the withdrawal.  They can talk to you about your feelings, and they will let you know if there is a problem there that they think you should work on.

You can change your life completely when you are planning on dealing with your withdrawal in a way that makes sense.  You could feel a little strange for weeks after you stop using, and you need to be prepared to handle this problem so that it does not follow you and lead you back to substances.