1000 ‘effective’ nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and workout tips

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Well… At least indirectly…

Welcome back!

Now… In S-curve world. We have a thing called S-curve blueprint tips.

These are tips that you would use throughout your entire journey of being an active S-curve member (12 month program today).

The reason why you don’t ever see them listed, as the titled states.

Is because…


– You don’t need all of them on day one. You’ll use certain tips at certain times of the journey.

– You don’t have time to be reading through a bunch of random tips. You won’t even remember them. So… No!


That’s part of the reason why you would sign up to the > free newsletter (And > here). And why you would become a member in the first place.

So that these tips can be fed to you properly. And more importantly. Changing your fudging life!

However… You see that ‘quick bugs tips’ link at the top of this page.?

That list is kinda old. We’ve gained a lot more experience since then. And this blog post is entirely free for all to consume within S-curve world.

So… A long list is what you’re going to get.

Let’s list…

In no specific order…


#1 Sometimes… You have to feel pain. In order to truly value certain things in life.


There are plenty of life examples out there. But in terms of becoming S-curvish @ example…



Fitbuzzer Charlie Francis


You could get all the encouragement and motivation that you’ll ever need on here. Yet… You’d only take things seriously. If ‘having had taken action earlier’… Started to affect things in your daily life.


Common example = Need surgery because of living a crappy lifestyle @ smoking, alcohol, excessive bad eating.


It’s a sad case. But it’s the reality. And that’s usually the wake up call. That causes people to become S-curve members.
So ya… Hopefully, sh*t starts going wrong for you soon, if you’re living ‘broken’.


Sounds bad. But that’s the reality.


#2 Getting results > like these… Can take time. And the best way to make that process as fun as possible. Is by going at a steady pace (Lifestyle phase). The formula for being a successful long term member… Is done by several factors (That’s our job behind the scenes).


But it’s mostly done, by keeping you highly engaged. 


Which is why we have…


Buzzcoin  –  @ Those who work together, stay together…


S-curve member partner program – Where you become an assistant coach, to those who you introduce to stages 1-4 via More buzz.
Which works… Because you would have used the S-curve formula yourself, to be successful. Even at just 1-3 months of being a member.

#3 Make it a habit to add new foods to your shopping list/Try new foods on the menu when eating out.


– Because the long term fun… Exists in the ‘eating’.
– You’ll have a more varied nutrient intake… Which = Boosted results @ naturally occurring (Seriously though…).


#4 No fruit 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#5 Only a small amount of mono/poly fats to enter your guts, 1-2 hours before you sleep.


#6 To eat ALL nutrient types for breakfast (Because your body now has less of all, due to sleeping for 6-8 hours).


#7 Start Monday’s workout with an effective exercise that you suck at. And do that every time, for a short while.


#8 Change that exercise variation, to something more difficult, once that becomes easy (We get specific with this @ strength and exercise progression module, as a member).


Bananas – Makes you feel full.

Raisins – Small, easy to carry around… And sweet enough, so that you won’t want to binge on them.


And even if you do… They’re small @ low calorie intake.

Pineapple – So sweet, that you won’t want to eat more.


Those are examples of each type of ideal cheat snack. So as per S-curve formula rules… Feel free to choose your own.


#8 Calorie counting only needs to happen, once you reach 60-70% S-curvish. And/Or… You want to succeed beyond that level.


#9 Use post notifications on stayfitbug.com and on our social media profiles.


#10 You can still do the stuff that you like to do in your daily life.

> If it’s D-F rated foods, you’ll simply eat less of it. And at different times of the day/Periods within your long term plan.

> If it’s marathons… Or 2-3 hour workout sessions. That will get cut off in the beginning stages. Because it causes shrunk butt.

> If it’s a sport that you like. That… Will continue. As long as it’s not like a 2-3 hour marathon run.

And you’ll be advised on how to merge it, into your plan. Or on how it may boost the effectiveness of your plan (Not just the physical results).



#11 Go full range of motion on every rep.


#12 Use flavored supplements (Like whey) to replace sugar on your cereal. And/Or fruit.

Whey protein

#13 Kill the slow-go cardio sessions, if you aren’t at least 60% S-curvish.


#14 Don’t quit eating the foods that you enjoy. Use your tailored member page to remind yourself of how to keep eating them… Without the ‘bad’ stuff destroying your physique.


#15 Boxing, cycling, swimming, badminton for HIIT cardio moments (20 minute rounds… 1 minute fast, followed by 1 minute slow).


#16 Fruit in the morning, pre/post workout and as cheat snacks.

#17 Take 1 week off from working out, every 2-3 months (If you’re very active in your workouts).


#18 Just eat something (S-curve meal structure rules via Morebuzz) if you can’t get full meals in on the



#19 FB stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/therapy

#20Results Phase… Is when you turn on the ‘this is not good enough’ attitude. Hence… Why you push harder for results during this time period.

#21 Stick to liquid fruit @ pre/post workout.


#22 The first thing you should do on all food labels… Is check that the > ingredients listis A-C rated or rich in nutrients.

If you do that… Then you’ll ensure that your kitchen will always feed you S-curvishly. Without having to think about eating S-curvishly.


#23 Fruity water (Using a pitcher)

Lemon, lime, oranges…

This really does give your daily drinking shenanigans, a satisfaction boost. You just need to stick a few slices into the water. Put it in the fridge and done.



#24 A-F food rating explained…


– A = Apple
– F = Apple pie with custard


For your main meals…


You’ll eat A-C rated. Because ‘A’ on it’s own… Is just way too boring @ taste. And… Because expanding
towards C rated, allows for more nutrient variety. Which boosts results.


You can eat D-F rated foods as your cheat snacks. Once you’re successfully on your way to 60% S-curvish.


A cheat snack, is a cheat food, that you eat a small amount of. Usually right after your A-C rated main meal. You’ll stick to A-rated cheat snacks (Fruit) if you’re after serious results, at any given time. And you’ll stick to eating these (Fruit) cheat snacks, throughout the day, when you’re not eating your main meals.


So… That’s how it works with ‘food’ in S-curve world. To start with.


#25 Foods that keep you feeling full (Or to prevent you from eating D-F rated foods) in the day time…

– Bananas
– Dumplins
– Pineapple
– Cheat snacking on stuffed crust pizza
– Casein


#26 The best way to trigger a change in your body… Is by experimenting with different variations of a squat, tricep extension, hip extension exercise (For example).

This is what we do in your first month @ setting the foundation.


#27 Water… Drink more of it. Add lemon or lime @ more fun.


#28 Embrace…

– Mon > Weds > Fri workout weeks


– Mon > Thurs > Sun workout weeks


#29 The only thing you’ll ever need as an active member… Is a tablet device/phone and an internet connection.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. If you have that… You’ll win.


#30 Not having time or consistent motivation to workout, is a real and valid issue. That’s why we have the Tailored Daily Exercise video.


– 10 mins
– 3 body part targeted exercises
– One set of each

You do that, 3-7 times a week. As you wake up/Before you go to bed.


#31 Night munchies…

The main problem that faces everyone with excess belly fat, is…

A) Eating more than 40 grams of fat daily + Excess saturated fat (Most people are stuck at 90 grams daily).
B) Eating D-F rated foods or fruit, before they go to sleep (Quite a few folks eat chocolate before bed time… #crazy).

– The S-curve meal structure fixes (A).

– And for (B)… It’s all about slow digesting protein and ‘some’ mono/poly fats.

Eating like that… Will also save your S-curvish gains, during you sleep hours.

But another thing you can do… Is snack on fresh veggies. Since they’re so low in calories.


To conclude


This list is never ending. But… They’ll stay completely free, via these blog posts.
And of course… Becoming a member. Will get you the exact blueprint tips that you need, at any given time. Via your member page and LIVE 121 coaching chats via Messenger (That blue icon in the bottom right of this page).

The difference between coaching men vs women

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The difference between coaching men vs women.

> Shred-curvish women

(‘Soft lean’, epic butt, tiny waist, turn to the left and see the letter ‘S’)

> Shred-curvish men (With epic lats and traps to match…)

Now… Before we get into this. I have to remind you that…

#1 We know how to get results @ becoming S-curvish. Mind and body fixing. It’s been proven > too many times, over the past 9 years (Even more so ‘privately’… In recent years @ these members have don’t want their pics out there publicly).

#2 The following, only relates to getting results within the S-curve lifestyle. Not outside of it.

Short description =

*Live the best version of your current day life

*Build the best body for YOU

> Become S-curvish

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire

> Improved daily lifestyle

> Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

So what differences are there @ The difference between coaching men vs women?

Prime male

This is something that we need to highlight… Since our new goal has evolved into this in the past 18 months…

– Was men at first

– Women focused only, since 2010

– Men and women since 2017

So… Let’s dig in and find out

#1 Nutrition

Coaching women 

– More emotional chat’ 121 coaching required

– Total daily calorie intake is on the lower end

Coaching men

– Women aren’t afraid to show their emotions. Men… Are. So when they arrive to us ‘broken’. They’ll usually have a long history of keeping up appearances (Mentally).

Until it starts to negatively show in their physical appearance.

So the goal here… Is to get men to start revealing their emotions.

Women of all ages tend to display the same level of public emotions. Whilst older men tend to do that… Easier than younger men.

121 coaching chats via Messenger apps is where this happens.

The fix tends to come easy and consistent, once the emotions have been let out of the bag.

– Total calorie intake tends to be higher

#2 The S-curve meal structure 

This doesn’t vary at all between men an women.

This is what the protocol S-curve meal structure looks like…


Carbs (Fast & slow digesting)
Protein (Fast & slow digesting)
Fats (Mono/poly-saturated)

Yup… You need all 5 at the start of the day.


Fast carbs spike your insulin (Fruit), which is 1 of 2 times of the day when it makes sense to do so

Slow carbs refeed you after a long fast (Sleep)

Slow proteins refeed you after a long fast and protect your S-curvish results throughout the day.

The fat helps to slow down digestion. It’s also 1 of 2 times of the day when you’re allowed to eat a lot fat. The other is lunch time.


Protein (Slow digesting)
Fat (Mono/poly-saturated)
Fibrous carbs (Leafy greens)
Slow carbs (Optional)

It’s all about keeping your body ticking over at this point in the day.
Go carb up if you get hungry.


Fruit, seeds and nuts

It’s all about keeping satiety at bay so that you don’t crave for ice-cream and the like… Natural tasty fruit and good fat nuts to slow digestion FTW.

Pre/Post workout

Fast protein and carbs

Simples… You need energy and protein… Quickly, to improve the effectiveness of an S-curve workout.


Slow protein
Slow carbs
Leafy greens

It’s time to feed the monster. Munch up for post workout gains. Munch up so that your gains are protected as you sleep.

Night food

Slow protein and some fat

…To protect your muscles as you sleep.

It changes when we start putting you through a > 1-12 month plan.

Factors include:

– Work hours
– Previous/Current day injuries or illnesses
– Allergies
– Foods that one cannot eat/Does not like to eat

– And many other individual factors. Which is why the model of the 12 month plan, has changed and evolved in recent years. As described on that link above.

#3 Motivation

Everyone needs motivation. In different aspects of our lives. Especially since it runs out, when a refill isn’t present.

For me… I seek that within the ‘business’ realm.

If you’re reading this… You most likely need it in the ‘fitness’ realm.

I don’t need that at all. As I am a shining example (Along with the successful members) of what living the S-curve experience looks like. Every single fudging day!

Note: ‘Fudge’ is our word for f**k.

Which makes me very qualified to coach you in this area. And the fact that I’ve been doing it successfully for women, since 2010 to present day.

Men and women

The formula for motivation here… Works universally.

We have…

#1 The daily newsletter
#2 The social media accounts

(Which you can see over on the right) check each box out.

Both are updated daily.

And all pics and videos… Motivate everyone to become members and start really winning @ body/mindset.

Or to get involved in other areas. Like…

Parter program and ‘business’ shenanigans within S-curve world

#4 Mindset

Women and men

There isn’t too much of a difference between the sexes here.

But I do notice that men tend to walk on their own more quickly, compared to women… Once they’ve been put back on the fit wagon.

The difference… Is in the level of results that one has achieved.

If results are below 60% S-curvish – More hand holding and 121 coaching chats required

If results are above 60% S-curvish – Less…

And of course… Over time… Everyone comes back for another injection from time to time. Because ‘life’ happens. And situations change.

And some situations can throw you off course.

Like… Some long term members changed jobs and the city they live in. Which means ones social circle does a complete 360.

And because they have a personal connection with S-curve world. And because we can do all of this from anywhere in the world.

They return to us. And get the fix that they need. Which is a combination of…

– Body
– Nutrition
– Mindset


#5 Workouts

The actual targeting of body parts stays the same, between both sexes. And the body type that is achieved, is similar too. Which is S-curvish.

– Turn your body to the left… See the letter S @vitoriagomes

– ‘Soft lean’
– Epic butt/Tiny waist

– But how we hit them, changes
– Which body parts we hit… Changes

Let’s dig in…


– Body parts = Toned and slim arms, epic butt, ‘soft lean’ abs, visible collar bone

– Target the butt… Whilst minimising activity on the quads.

– Hit the collar bone area… Whilst keeping boob shrinkage to a minimum.

– Less upper ab focus


Body parts = Lower legs, lats, shoulders, butt and quads

– Getting the lower abs to show, whilst maintaining a higher muscle mass on the upper body.

The S-curve formula does it’s magic. 121 coaching chats keep that magic working.

– Wether it’s a shred or bulk… This shit takes time, consistency, 121 coaching and LIVE update member page updates. It doesn’t matter of ones needs to shred or grow into an S-curve. The S-curve formula works on all body types.

The only thing that that works differently. Is how long it takes to get results. Based on the body type that one starts with on day one.

To conclude

This is a topic that has been covered throughout the daily newsletter over the years. But not in this level of detail.

And as you can see. There are indeed differences @ coaching men vs women, within the S-curve experience.

I had to get this out there… Because we have become an S-curve experience. Which means we now have an equal amount of men and women present, via all platforms.


The difference between coaching men vs women

And offline

The difference between coaching men vs women

So if you are reading this as a follower/subscriber or fan… You now know what the differences look like.

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NEWSFLASH! – An S-curve world update

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So… Things are evolving a little around here. Here’s what’s going on…


The Facebook Messenger messages…

Will be a combination of highlights that go on throughout the week. And will consist of images (Because you all love images… Right? :D).

These are images that represent all parts of the S-curve experience.


– The S-curvish physiques

– OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire

– Travel-curvish

– The T-shirts and merchandise (Look at the shop section on this page, along with the services section @ S-curve ‘specific’ supplements for guys and gals)

– S-curve member progress pics – We don’t focus on workout ‘content’ as much as we used to, as you’ll see on the website highlights. But they’re still important, for the work that we do on your S-curve member pages.

We’ll still post long form messages when necessary. But it’s more about…


– Informing you about new blog posts.

– And replying and talking to you (Keeping these messages, short-er in the process :D).


121 chats it’s what it’s all about!

Talking of website…

As of this week… We have returned to creating epic blog posts. It’s a little different to how this was being done 10 years ago. And even the website operates differently today. Due to all the new tech that has been created since then.

But the blog posts will be highlighted on these FB messages. You can view them in this archive.

Then you can digest them, over 1-3 days… Before the next message goes out. Because as you know… Messages go out, on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Also… This…

That’s all the places where you can follow and enjoy the S-curve experience. You’ll see that on the side bar over on the right side of this page.

I think that’s all that needs to be said. So do all of that. And read those blog posts. Because they will indeed educate you. And will continue to do so, over time.

And reply to talk. Since I know you like to :D.

Oh… One more thing…


Becoming S-curvish (For men)

Yup… We’re an S-curve experience now. Which means… That in terms of

– Fixing your mind

– Mental game

– Nutrition

– Body…

We fix…

– Women

– Women and their boyfriends/husbands together

– Just the guys on their own

So all of you ‘guys’ who are replying to these messages. We’re here to help you, in whatever way we can.

Get heart felt on us. Share your issues (I’m a guy… So that’s easy for me to encourage YOU). And if you have none. Just enjoy everything that you see on here :).

If you do start to get help with anything. Then the first thing you need is a member page. Like this…


You can get this for free. By signing up on the two websites on this page…

> Buzzcoin

Or if you don’t care for the stuff we’re going to do with that in the present and future… Then you can just start a member page for $10. Via this link…

Get a quick start

You’ll get an update on day 1. And however we continue on… Will be driven forward by whatever we talk about inside these Messenger chats.


This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019

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Buzzers… Humpday. And This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019…

We’ve been doing this ish for a > decade now. And things have indeed changed and evolved during that time.

– Technology has evolved

– Peoples experience levels with technology… Has evolved (People revealing more who they really are, via their public social media posts)

I said that this would happen. 13 years ago. And here we are!

I personally didn’t need to ‘get ready’ for that change. I’ve been ready.

In fact… I make new predictions at the start of every new year. Long before shit starts to become a reality.

Like right now… It’s a good idea to get familiar with > blockchain shenanigans. Which many people knew, at the start of the year.

It’s not important to most people (At least at present). However… You need to be prepared, for when new technologies like that, impact the industries that you work in, or use in your day to day life.

We’re an S-curve experience now. We’re involved in…


– A specific type of ‘fitness’ (See > before and after pics + screen shot chats)

– Bikini/OOTD/OOTN attire, to complement everything within that type of ‘fitness’ –

– Travel-curvish

> Retail products that are used in conjunction with all the above


So the blockchain stuff will impact all of us in some way.

Now… There are 2 scenarios here…

#1 Being prepared and educated on using that technology.

For example

At airports… With the possibility of accessing your cash in cryptocurrency. Which means you don’t have to deal with exchange rate BS between different countries.

The banks, the money exchangers…

#2 Earning from this new technology (Kinda like how it was, when the internet started making waves circa 1997. Most people were using it for information/education. And the go-getters used it to create an income).

This relates to us, here in S-curve world. Especially since a lot of our followers are self employed or business owners And have been asking about creating extra income streams, during our 121 coaching chats).

And because ‘business’, has become more common, because of the increased popularity of the internet.

It’s a deep area to dig into. And it’s early days right now. And for those of you who that applies to. Go to > this page.

Those are the first two websites that you need to sign up on @ Binance/Coinbase. So… Bookmark, after you’ve signed up on them. And then make sure you get yourself inside our Messenger chats. On > My profile or the @fitbuzz Facebook page below…

This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019


This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019

We started offering this, in 2014. It evolved and became a ‘higher end’ program. Which costs more. But… The results that people achieved. Were better (See Victoria @ the end of > yesterday’s post).

– Faster

– Better educated

– Kept results for longer

– Happier

But it has changed in the past 12-18 months. Let’s dig and see what’s changed.


‘Hello’ short attention span era…

I don’t necessarily think that peoples attention spans are shorter.

What I do think. Is that people have less time for ‘meh’/mediocre content consumption.

And I get it. There’s only 24 hours in the day. We’re awake for approx 17 hours of them. We have to work. Spend time with certain people…

So for a lot of people. They want the best bang for their buck, of money. Or buck, of time. Both are valuable.

So… People ARE willing to spend a lot of time (And/Or money) on something. If it’s really worth the investment.

– The BEST friends

– The BEST lover

– The most important instant messenger chats (You’re not important if you’re getting ‘seen’ zoned)

– The BEST… Whatever…


Before and after @ S-curve formula 12 month plan

– Body image (Workout @ 20% focus and nutrition @ 80% focus) > S-curve… For men now too.

– Mindset + Mental game (Both of these fall into that 80% focus, where nutrition is)

Those are all the areas where you’ll see an improvement in your life. Within 12 months, when you decide to become a member.


We had a Lifestyle and Results phase.

– Lifestyle phase = Easy going, slower results… But still have ‘a life’.

– Results phase = Intense and fast results. Not very fun. And only lasts 30-45 days whenever someone starts this phase.

We would switch between the two, over a 12 month period. Because being on either one for too long… Isn’t a good thing for your overall results. ‘Balance’ is needed.


The concept still exists. But the model that we use, is different.


Option #1> Pay as you go

This is mostly for ‘successful’ past members… Who like to return for current day help.

Usually in the form of ‘therapy’ (Mindset and mental game fixing), 121 chats and a motivation boost.

Option #2Tailored Paypal payment links

Almost all new people start here. We decide what that initial plan should look like, after having a 121 chat, inside a messenger app.

Getting you started and learning about YOU, is ‘the’ most important thing!


So that’s typically what happens here. If it’s results that you’re after.

It’s all chopped and and a lot more specific now. However… You STIL have to do long term stuff. It’s the only way you’ll achieve why meaningful results. In ALL areas.

And it’s our job at that point. To guide you through what that process should look like… For YOU (It’s different for everyone).

Again… We decide what that looks like, as we work together. Whilst still using concepts like the results and lifestyle phase, within our plans.

A LIVE update member page and FB Messenger (Or other IM app) is all that’s needed.


This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019


Option #3 – That Paypal link on the side bar… Under ‘where we live’.

That exists… To give everyone the opportunity, to get one of those member pages, for $10… Or for free (When you sign up on Binance/Coinbase).

It doesn’t matter what area you need help [email protected] mind/body.

The first update… Will start laying down the foundation, of what will start fixing you.


Doing this shit from anywhere in the world

That hasn’t changed much. But the technology that we’re doing all of this stuff on… Has.

Today… It’s all about

– Streaming

– FB and Instagram stories (Kinda kills and reverses today’s short attention span syndrome)

– Messenger chats

– Post notifications (Like the one that pops up at the top of this website @ say yes)

– LIVE broadcasts

All of that… Has simply enhanced what we was already doing together, as an S-curve member community.

It’s made it a lot easier… To help you succeed. Since we’re constantly connected.

To conclude

So… That’s how things are looking today on here. Everything that we do, is LIVE and in the moment. Which means that there aren’t going to be any dull moments.

The best thing you can do after reading this. Is head over to ‘where we live’… On the side bar over on the right. Follow and consume.


What’s trending today?

> Salycic acid

This is what a 12 month program looks like in 2019

Because of my own heart felt personal recommendation after using it for the past 4 years! That’s the one I used. The shit just worked on every skin problem that I ever had. But… There are different variations to use it in.

The one I used is Super Saiyin strong. You can even see the non-removable stain it left near the cap.

So… You need to take a look at the list (Click the image and link above). As you’ll probably find a variation that suits YOU best!

> Go epic pyjamas

Be that’s a consistent message within S-curve world.


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The ultimate solution to fix your mindset and body issues

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

The ultimate solution to fix your mindset and body issues

So… We’ve officially stepped into the realm…. Of focusing on fixing your

– Mindset

– Mental game

– Lifestyle First…

‘Before’ heading to fix your body (Into an S-curvish one – For guys too)…

The trend has been moving towards that for a few years now. As there’s been more pictures of chat screenshots, documenting the issues that people are having. Than before and after pics.

Although before and after S-curve member pics like this, still matter.

But this year… It become even more official.

Like… Take a look at the topics highlighted in these chat convos…

The ultimate solution to fix your mindset and body issues

Back in 2011. When we made the switch to focusing on women, from men only.

The first thing we noticed. Is that women opened up about their issues. A lot easier than men did. Which made it easy to start creating solutions for their problems.

Now that the men have returned. Since becoming an S-curve experience (See subheading). It’s our job… To help them get their problems off their chest. Like this…

Usually more ‘heart felt’ topics than that. But still.

Of course… Me… Shaun Sinclair. Who has been driving all the results for women over the past several years.

I have the hands on experience to get into the emotional side of these men.

So that’s happening inside all messenger apps.

> Instagram DM’s

> FB messenger


Your issues though @ daily brain shit

So… Having spent YEARS fixing everyone in this area already. It’s the S-curve formula that gives the fix.

It’s a combination of nutrition, workout, lifestyle and ‘therapy’ shenanigans. All structured into one process.

That’s what you’re getting into when you start. The formula won’t change. Only evolve. Because it works.

What will change. Is how it’s presented to you on day one. Or those moments before you start. Because getting you started is the most important part. Even more important… Is getting you to continue and STAY fixed.

But you… Don’t worry about that. Just focus on us… Making it easy for you to start.

The day in a life of…

I’ll show you what a typical day ‘for me’, looks like. And some issues that I had. Which got fixed too. As I ran everything on stayfitbug.com/Morebuzz. Whilst looking 90-100% S-curvish in the process.

Cheat snacking cured my issue of eating A-rated foods ONLY

Yup… Eating A-rated foods ONLY… Is very boring (The cleanest variation of any food source).

It’s great for getting results. But horrible for your lifestyle, mindset and ‘satiety happiness’ levels.

Eating like that, will make you start to crave for D-F rated ‘cheat foods’ (The dirtiest variation of any food source).

So what we do… Is focus on making all of your main meals A-C rated. As this boosts the number of nutrients that enter your guts (A great results booster).

And to then…

#1 Eat A-rated fruit (All fruits are A-rated, because they’re natural) as your cheat snacks. At any time, 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#2 Eat D-F rated foods that you ‘like’. If your results are above 70% S-curvish.

I started to do both. And my mindset, at all times of the day… During all activities… Was at peace.

And my results were improved AND maintained.


‘Coming up for air’ gives peace of mind, clarity

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Serenity in regular doses…

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The roof top in the hub that I stay in. Which is where I meet > 1-5 people everyday.

Yup… That’s two places where I go to in the Philippines. The country is island rich! Which is perfect for Travel-curvish 2.0. Which is a major part (And most fun) of the S-curve experience.

‘Coming up for air’, can be any activity, where your mind is at rest from stressful situations. I find that this increases greatly… The higher up you go..


Finding an activity that you enjoy

For me… It’s cinema movies, TV shows, tech/video game/music content. But in general… For you. That would be a physical activity that you enjoy. Outside of the workouts that you do, as an S-curve member.

This helps @ keeping you motivated.

Having the right people ‘in your corner’

That’s code word… For having the right people to turn to. For help/advice, in your life.

I of course… Become a person that’s ‘in your corner’. This is where stuff like…

– End of day meal reports.

– Weekly ‘check-ins’.

Come into play…

Which are two ‘mental game’ fixing features within the S-curve formula.

This daily newsletter is another ‘fixer’. But that’s free to all. This newsletter exists, to motivate you to get involved in the S-curve experience as a whole.

To conclude

All of the above… Is a variation of what everyone is going through. And how certain issues will be fixed.

Everyone has pain points. Folks just need to be in situations, that allow them to open up about those pain points… To the right person.

Right now. For you… That is me. Along with some assisted help. Which is of course… Over seen by ME.

All of that stuff, is what the S-curve formula is made up of. It’s the ingredients.

You become a member… Because there’s a proven formula. And every other day. You’ll continue to see LIVE screen chat shots, of what’s going on, with those who are FB Messenger.

And of course… You need to follow on Instagram and Facebook. For the LIVE and interactive stuff.

And remember… You can become part of the S-curve Member Partner Program. Once you’ve been a member for at least 1-3 months.

The partner program came about, because I personally saw the positive impact that the S-curve formula was having on people. On their friends. Their family…

People who they are really close to… Opening up and wanting to get involved.

That’s some serious heightened trust factor shenanigans going on there. Which requires a level of responsibility.

And yes… You will be rewarded for being a partner. How so… Is entirely up to you.

For example… Back in 2016… When this lady… Got this lady…

Involved (Because she stalked her FB page and asked how she got results after years of failing). Along with 3 other ladies…

We all decided to take a trip to the an island together. A TC2.0 Trip. And it worked. Because everyone was mutual friends or family.

Whats trending in S-curve world right now?


S-curve workout shenanigans


The @fitbuzz back story (How it all began – Circa 2009)

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It’s almost inevitable that I end up spending more personal time with S-curve members that have become success stories (Ya… I can guarantee a success story for every one that starts now. And if for some reason it doesn’t happen. You can decide the punishment).

Especially those whose families and friends have been impacted the most.

It truly is the best thing in the world.

And like I said in yesterday’s Q & A. It’s now protocol that you enjoy your free time and whatever you do with it.

That’s is… Living the lifestyle. And it’s what I did with S-curve members yesterday, along with some potential new FitBuzzers. Aka friends of new successful members who tagged along because they too, saw their friends results from postings on Facebook.

> This was the result of one person who came through via those postings.

This happens with both online and offline members. It’s all the same now, in this super connected world.

This happened with Yanis family some time back (Hall of fame). I use her as an example from time to time, because of the level of impact it had. Basically, her mum saw her results and went crazy in order to find out how she did it.

Anyway… It’s a great feeling. It’s great to repeat the feeling. So if you like to make your folks happy or simply want to reconnect with some old ones. Then start.

Your results will boost their ‘happiness’ levels in ways that you wouldn’t even imagine.

Picture this…


I had just come out of creating an ‘internet start up’ company. But the experience totally screwed up my physical and mental health.

I felt like I was a shadow of my former self. The way that I got back to my old self, was by starting

> this site.

And it worked.

7 years later, it’s still the most popular @fitbuzz ‘public’ website.

But before I started the site. I sat in a room and wrote down some big long term goals.

Here’s some of them…


– Create a product/service that people can’t afford to live without.

– For ‘members’ to become the face of @fitbuzz. Not me… Although it will start with me.

– A long term view


I wish I had taken a picture of those notes. I wrote it down with a big black pen and stuck it on the wall so that I could see it everyday.

It stayed on that wall for 5 years. And those goals, have all started to form.


– The main S-curve program improving year after year.

– For the focus to turn from ‘me’ to ‘we’. You the FitBuzzer, becoming the face of all things @fitbuzz.


Which is what the hall of fame is.

– The 1-5 year long term view, to become a reality. And then to encourage you to have a 1-5 year time frame on your own plans.

You’ve read all of the recent newsletters. So you can see what the outcome is.

To conclude

The focus was on training men in the beginning (We still do via some parts of > More buzz).

The women (You), the S-curve, epic butt/tiny waist. All of that I did not predict. Everything just evolved into that.

But hey, here we are. A specialized winning formula for women.

Happy Sunday (Literally).





One other goal was to ensure that my own personal life became the S-curve lifestyle that you see.

Because a lot of what you’re getting taught is what allowed me to succeed in the pre- @fitbuzz years.

The mental and spiritual stuff. Which is arguably more important than the physical stuff.

Add me on Facebook below to see it all in action.


– The progress pics
– The travel-curvish shenanigans
– The ‘enjoying the lifestyle’ moments

P.P.S Starting a 30 day S-curve trial takes preparation. You might not be ready for that.

And that’s why we have a zero intensive > tailored e-doc starter program that’s $10.

It was a big hit just before the summer months kicked in. So now that we’re back into season.

That might be the start you need right now.
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How to ‘Mind’ your own business in 2019 and beyond

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Buzzers… Monday… How to ‘Mind’ your own business.


It’s fall season. Which means the 2019 ‘planning’ shenanigans… Started happening half way through 2018.

And at the start of 2018 (Or any year). We make some predictions as to what’s to come, in the not so distant future.


‘Current day story so far’ highlights… Include:

– Moving into other areas, other than just body image fixing (Since 2014… 5 years later… And here we are).

– Newer (And sometimes better) technologies to embrace, outside of using this email newsletter.

– The importance of S-curve nutrition is on the rise. There’s a lot to embrace here (Always has been). So be ready.

– Buzzcoin shenanigans – Especially because of…


What we’re going to talk about today

Going by the conversations that are going on inside the Messenger apps.

The ‘fitness focus’, inside S-curve world… Really is just something that we do… Amongst a whole lot of other popular activities.

It’s been that way for the past 18-24 months actually. Just look at the > social media content.

The ‘workout’ posts only make up 20% of all content posted.

In fact… Nutrition posts are a lot more popular (Even with just one post every few days). Probably because EVERYONE needs help with that.

How to 'Mind' your own business

I can’t see that changing for a while either. Because people have an emotional bond with food. Temptation and other human emotions. Those aren’t going away.

They need to be coached, tamed and controlled @ YOU!


But other areas of popularity include:

– Travel-curvish (Most popular)

– Bikini/OOTD/OOTN attire (Slightly less popular… But in conjunction with TC above)

– Fun S-curve experience shenanigans > in the videos

– FB stories on MY profile

– The social media post, FB stories


Yup… Definitely an S-curve experience today. And remember. You need to get inside the…

– FB Messenger newsletter
– My profile FB stories > Messenger

– Post notifications on your phone/web browser to stayfitbug.com (Daily newsletter via blog posts).

In fact… You can see ALL of the places to follow, on the stayfitbug.com side bar. Take a look.


You know that > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday is there.

But you don’t really need that. You just need to know the theme behind it. And why it exists ‘right now’.

That’ll trigger a 121 chat. We’ll learn everything we need to, about you. Then we’ll figure out how to help you.

Enter: ”…The funk is wrong with my brain? (Fix it please)”

That’s the name of the next theme, after Hallow-curvish. And will probably stay like that for a while.

Because both men and women. Are asking for help with:

– Mindset
– Mental game
– Lifestyle
– Relationship chatter
– Business… And creating additional income streams via S-curve world (Since we’ve built a relationship together).

Which makes sense. Because being  ‘broken’ in those areas, causes you to fail in fitness.

So although we are helping more, in those areas now. The ‘Fitness focus’… Isn’t going anywhere. It’s just one thing that we do inside this S-curve experience.

The biggest thing that I’m focusing on right now. Is talking with EVERYONE.

And getting everyone ‘started’.

If it’s brand new people. It’s a mix between…

– Starting you for ‘nearly’ free (Via Buzzcoin)
– Or if you’re ready. A tailored Paypal link.

Everyone is different.

It’s no different than being at a LIVE event. Or meeting a ton of people everyday (Like what I’ve been doing for the past 2-3 months).

Everyone is at different levels of trust/goals/needs/wants.

So ya… You need to get inside the Messenger chats or comment sections!

Because these 1 way communication newsletters can’t help you much.


Is definitely the keyword today.

And today… I’m super active, LIVE and kicking. Daily.

And don’t worry… I get plenty of sleep. As I’ve been using ‘systems’ behind the scenes for years (Which is just ‘business operations’).

Like… How do you think the S-curve formula was created?



What’s trending?

– If you > wanna fly

– Weird… But… > Wall art
#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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The state of the industry (Inside S-curve world)

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The state of the industry… So… You REALLY need to be getting onto > FB Messenger (Or other Instant Messenger platforms on ‘here’).

Because in S-curve world (Not ‘all’ worlds). These one way communication emails are getting a bit outdated.

Especially with the way that folks are starting to use technology today.

Facebook is currently no.1 @ where to message (Link above).

Either on my profile (End of newsletter). Or where ‘mass people’ are… @ > The FB page.

It’s also a lot more fun. In regards to how we do things within this S-curve experience. And the newsletter on there, is a lot more interactive and ‘contemporary’.

The state of the industry


2 way communication all the way.


Buzzcoin/Partner program/S-curve member 

Some people are starting on tailored Paypal payment links. When it happens. I’ll just send you something > like this (With YOUR name on it… And time period).

But most of the very new people who are starting. Who also want help with mindset/mental game/lifestyle fixing stuff. Who also are business minded or want to have trusted ways to earn $$ @ being involved in S-curve world.

Are starting on a free member page. Free… Simply by signing up on > Binance (See sidebar on the right)

The short term goal of being on that website. Is so that you can earn an income, over time (It really is the beginning stages).

And some of our S-curve world shenanigans will start utilising the future tech that will evolve on there.

So getting used to things early on. Is in your favor.

I’ve been getting the ‘1-5 new people that I meet daily’… On as members, in this way as well.

This sh*t is global. And the people who are messaging, really do need the help.

Of course… All of this ties in with the partner program.

Because you really have to have been a member yourself (1-3 months). For you to be an effective partner.

In fact… You might not even become a partner. You might just need body image/mindset/mental game and lifestyle fixing results.

However… Becoming a member via what I described above… Will open the door, of that becoming a future possible option for you.

Because people who need a fix. Just need to ‘start’.

Starting… Solves half of ones problems.

Becoming a partner is organic. 

Because you would’ve had first hand experience.
It’s why it’s so easy for ME to share everything that I share with you. Because I’m living proof of everything that’s going on.

Remember… It’s all lofty long term goals for 2019 and beyond. I’m going all in… For YOU!

And the big goal. Is to visit as many of you as possible. In the countries that you’re in.

It’s already happened many times over the years. But it’s time to re-ramp it up again. We’ll see how things play out.

But the first step. Is…

> Messenger
> Post notifications (As it asks, at the top of the screen)
> Tailored Paypal payment links
> Buzzcoin (Today’s newsletter topic)

That’s WTF is going on right now

The world is ‘shifting’ in the way that things are getting done.

Don’t be a dinosaur. Follow my lead. So that you stay on top… Living your best life @ no.1!

Which is an improved version of your current day life!


What’s trending?

> Hemp protein (This one is on the new @fitbuzz Amazon page too)
– More > Tulum
– S-curve exercise variation > ‘simple example’

– Becoming S-curvish is > overrated? 
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The NEW way to get notified about nutrition in 2019

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The NEW way to get notified about nutrition? First… Read > yesterday’s daily ‘website’ newsletter. What you see today, is the sequel to that.


– Visit stafitbug.com (Link above). And when it prompts to sign up for post notifications at the top of the page. Do so…

Don’t worry. You’ll only get ‘app style’ notifications for this newsletter. Once a day.

– FB Messenger… Sign up to it on > this page. It’s the future of this newsletter. And is the best way to get help. EVERY single person that is getting help right now, is there! Inside that @fitbuzz page FB Messenger. Or on my own profile.

S-curve Member Partner Program (SMPP) stuff

I already know that many of you have gotten into business for yourselves, in the past few years.

The world finally caught up. And a lot of people are getting into business. Because of the popularity of the internet. Or moving their offline business shenanigans, onto online platforms.

There are A LOT of deep level strategies to use. In order to find business success, using online tools.

And it doesn’t matter which industry you are in. Or what business you get into.

Managing everything effectively… Is what you MUST do (I’ve been at it myself for 13 years now).

The first tool… Is > what I mentioned yesterday.

It’s only the beginning though. And there are many uses for it. That’s the first thing to bookmark on your list @ Partner Program shenanigans.

And remember… The most effective way to be a partner. Is to have a LIVE update member page of your own. Message to reply. And we’ll set one up. The price will be based on whatever we discuss @ your goals/needs.


More S-curve blueprint tips (Nutrition focused)

– Since we focused on explaining what S-curve nutrition was yesterday…

– And because that is what we’ll be focusing on from day one on > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday.

– And because the next theme… Is mental game and mindset coaching. As that’s what we spend the most time on, in 121 coaching chats, along side ‘nutrition’.


Choosing food

You can buy any food you want. The only thing you need to do… Is get familiar with the S-curve meal structure. And then buy foods that fit the meal types.

You do this… By eyeing up the ingredients list on the food label.

If there is no food label. Then you identify the food type @ protein/carb/fat (121 coaching chats are here to help you with that).

Rate the food from A-F (A = Apple F = Apple pie with cream). And then choose or not choose.

No one food source is ‘bad’. It’s just that you’ll eat it at certain times of the day… Or periods. During the journey of your results.

Like… You’ll see ME eating this.

YOU… Won’t eat that… Unless you’re at least 60% S-curvish, like me, the associates or successful S-curve members.


It’s a guys and gals world 


– We started off helping men in 2009
– Then… Strictly women from 2011-2017
– And now it’s both. We’ve gone full circle since becoming an S-curve experience

Today… I talked about food. And a lot of you… Ask about supplements. There’s nothing wrong with that. And ‘food’ is always the first priority @ getting ALL types of results.

There are several supplements that can be categorized as ‘protocol’, within this S-curve experience.

But since we’re talking about female and male right here. Let’s start with those gender specific supps…

Female = > Lean bean

Male = > Testofuel

We’ve had them listed as ‘protocol’ for a while now. Should that change… You will be updated. The  rule around ‘ere. Is that you buy and try once, if the ingredients match @ ANY food or supp.


What’s trending?

> #TGIF type S-curve workout shenanigans

> Biotin – Not quite ‘protocol’… But good to have in your supplement stash

> Tulum for TC2.0

– Because we > prevent boob shrinkage, by at least one cup size

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The ultimate guide to nutrition in S-curve world @fitbuzz

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The ultimate guide to nutrition. First… Make sure you sign up to the > FB Messenger newsletter.

Onwards… Before we became an ‘experience’. Back when we were purely a ‘body image’ focused program.

You could indeed just read this newsletter. Take action on all the free info. And succeed.

But most people that need help, aren’t self sufficient like that (121 coaching chats are almost always needed).

You need to believe in something.

You ended up on the newsletter. Because they’re looking for that in their lives.


Enter: Useful

But because we are a fully fledged experience now. And because there’s more than ‘body image’ help going on. You must keep reading on. Wether you succeeded with the free info, or if you became an S-curve member at some level. And if you can’t. Then go > premium @ newsletter.

Everything you see that’s posted here. Will help you with something within S-curve world.


About ‘nutrition’

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the backbone of S-curve nutrition. But I must re-visit it.

Because chances are… You’ve seen a lot of things regarding nutrition, throughout your life. And there are a lot of ways to approach it.

Nothing out there in the world, is bad per se.

But whatever approach that you take. Must be the best approach that fits YOUR needs!

In S-curve world…

– We eat… How you need to eat, in order to build your body > like this. Or some variation of it.

– We eat… Based on what your daily lifestyle looks like.

We’ve seen a lot of lifestyles here. And over time. All of those combined… Has evolved into the S-curve experience.

Which is how we came out with features such as…

– Nutrition focus ONLY weekends

– Cheat snacking

– End of day meal reporting via 121 chats

– Dinner foods for breakfast And a lot more…

That we discuss in detail, throughout the 121 coaching chats.

We also eat, based on what typically happens throughout the 4 seasons of the year.

Most people don’t stray away from those shenanigans.

And we also eat… Based on how you’ll feel at certain times of the day, week, month or year. It’s all LIVE and in the moment.

Nothing is static.

That’s what the LIVE update member page is all about.

We also eat… Based on what’s going in with your workouts, at any given time. Different emotions you go through, will affect how this looks.

Which is why 90% of people screw up nutrition.

I myself am a shining example of what the end goal of this looks like.

Which is why I remain the main person who controls 121 coaching. And because of my close relationship with most of you.

And because it’s what I’d be doing anyway. Because for years… I myself, was screwing it up. Through all the trials and errors of life (Not lack of knowledge).

But if you look at all of my FB pictures in the past 4 years. Compared to those prior. You can just see the difference.


To conclude

I’ll probably continue to refer everyone to today’s newsletter over time. Because THIS IS what S-curve nutrition shenanigans are all about.

And more importantly… What has caused all of the results you’ve been seeing.

The future of the main program, is nutrition, mindset and mental game fixing.

To infinity and beyond (Cheesy Buzz light year ish @ my FB stories).


What’s trending?

– S-curve members, newsletter readers who are getting ready to > boost their business activity. Via their own business, the S-curve partner program or Buzzcoin shenanigans.

– TC2.0 in > Turkey.

– OOTD-curvish > prep moments.

– > PS4… Because of all the S-curvish gamer girl posts.

– > Keep a cup size @ becoming S-curvish without being specific, will shrink them.


Stay tuned in for tomorrow’s newsletter. It’s a sequel to today’s newsletter.

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