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Buzzers… Tuesday…

It was a beastly start to the week yesterday. And you would have seen exactly what that looked like, if you’re following my own FB stories (It’s continuously updated 24/7/365).

And today… Marked the release of the HD home version of Avengers: Infinity war. So I watched that, hours before this newsletter got sent out.


That headline above…

For 80-90% of you… You will know everything about S-curve world. Because you would have been consuming everything that you see here, for months or years, prior to today.

But new faces enter S-curve world, every single day.

Most people ‘get it’ straight away. But some people will have more questions to ask, in their first 1-3 months here. Regardless of where they arrived from.

– Offline, here in my current hub
– Via my travels
– Meet ups
– Their friends and family
– Social media

So today… I’m going to give you a simplified version of what you see here > More buzz.

#1 Back story

It’s been 9 years since we first officially started. And I’ve added a total of 3 back stories, during that time. But the link in this section, explains it best.

#2 The protocol S-curve meal structure 


Is related to human emotions and changing lifestyles. So it’s no surprise that people continue to fudge this up.

But for newbies and pros… This is the link that you turn to. Whenever you need to remind yourself of how to start or continue fixing yourself in this area.

Successfully continuing on for the longer term… Usually requires the help from…

#3 Stages 1-4 (This is how you become S-curvish… And fix everything else that’s wrong with you)

How people start… Changes over time. And today… It’s all about starting from a tailored Paypal payment link, after having a 121 chat on Messenger. Or > here.

But… The formula of how people continue on for the long term, remains the same. Because that’s the S-curve formula, that makes all these mental, lifestyle, physical improvements… Happen.

– Pay as you go…

– Auto payments…
It doesn’t matter what the format is. The S-curve formula stays the same.
#4 The ingredient focused supplements The > Instant Knockout page is a good example. If you have more questions, as todays headline states…

Since there’s an ingredient break down section on there. With an emphasis on explaining the importance of focusing on ingredients.

And > this page, explains how we use…

– High end
– Ingredient focused
– Protocol

Supplements… In conjunction with the S-curve meal structure.

It’ll still probably take many 121 chats ‘later’. Until you successfully learn and start applying this to your daily life though.

#5 Links to @fitbuzz social media profiles Via what’s trending. A section which has now moved into the newsletter on here and on Messenger.

To conclude

I’ll probably use today’s newsletter to show to newcomers, when they first arrive here. Just like I have done with some other newsletters that became protocol info pieces.

But ya… If you had more questions as a newbie to S-curve world. That should answer most, if not all of your questions.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?– > GHD again… It seems to be a mandatory part of the becoming S-curvish snaps that you take.

– > Example = 

– > Narrated HIIT cardio

– Tis the season for > S-curve bodyweight circuit activity.

Blueprint tips

FB stories > Messenger

This really is where you need to be right now!


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Respect the win

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Buzzers… Monday…
Over the weekend. I said that we never push you into being an S-curve member. And it’s true… Always has been.That’s something you decide. Once certain boxes have been ticked, in ‘your’ mind.

We’re here to push you over the edge. To start getting that S-curve body. To start living that S-curve lifestyle. And to then… Keep on getting it. By using…

– This newsletter
– Our social media channels
– 121 chats (Coaching or casual)
– In person meet ups

What motivates us to keep doing it. Is the positive outcome that we see it bring to your life!

A lot of people are surrounded by a cess pool of negative energy… That the people around them possess, hold on to and spread onto the rest.

But once they become members. It all changes. It’s happiness vibes around.


Because together… Their friends, family and close associates… Are celebrating success.

It doesn’t matter where success is being obtained. Winning creates happiness.

Just look at what happened at the World Cup a few weeks back.

Overall… Is was heightened happiness levels all around. Because there was continuous winning. Even if the wins were short lived.

And the best part about that. Is that shared experiences, boosts the bond that you have with people.

Just like this newsletter. You’re becoming a member, customer, follower. Because of the bond and the overall message.

And at the end of the year, you’ll look back and remember it as a happy time.

I know this for a fact. Because at the start of this year. A lot of messages came through. From people who I newly connected with in 2017. Didn’t speak with all too much. But… They followed on social media.

They were bonding in silence. So the direct messages coming through to us. Was them… Opening up about it.

And that… Is why you need to be on FB stories right now, on my own profile.

You can follow. You don’t need to add if you don’t want to. Which means you can bond in silence too.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– You are > far from basic
– > K-swiss
– > Getting dizzy and failing 🙂

Blueprint tips

Let’s have some @ reminders. Quick fire type…

#1 No fruit or D-F rated foods 3-4 hours before you sleep.
#2 Go full range of motion on every rep.
#3 Use flavored supplements (Like whey) to replace sugar on your cereal. And/Or fruit.
#4 Kill the slow-go cardio sessions, if you aren’t at least 60% S-curvish.
#5 Don’t quit eating the foods that you enjoy. Use your tailored member page to remind yourself of how to keep eating them… Without the ‘bad’ stuff destroying your physique.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Trust… And issues related to it [Daily newsletter]

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Buzzers… Sunday…

And for me… It’s been about doing my usual fave things.

– Movies
– TV shows
– Music releases
– Catching up on sleep
– Doing a > recap of the week. And recoup… To prepare for the next week.

But let’s get into today’s headline….

No one trust(s) just anyone ‘new’ or ‘strangers’ any more

At least not as easily as they used to. Especially if you’re not well known. Or even mildly known ‘to them’.

People just aren’t having it @ any kinda of BS. Just look through any comment section, on almost any social platform or website.

We’ve always lived our truth, ‘everywhere’. So we’re OK in this new heightened sensitivity world.

But still… I’ve started to get even more personal with everyone that enters S-curve world. Which is why the focus has been so strong, in regards to FB stories and Messenger.

Like… If you become a member (For example).

That’s something YOU decide upon yourself. We just helped you get to that point via everything you see and consume in S-curve world.

I never have and never will force you into that decision during our 121 chats.

So… If you aren’t already doing so. Be open to tell folks that you come across. To cut the fudging ish out… If there’s stuff that needs cutting out @ #BS #Fake behaviour.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– A > fresh YouTube account

– > Moorea for ‘Travel-curvish’ @ 2-3 week trips

– > GHD… Because of all the #hairgoals shehanigans going on via the feeds

– > Drink up… But we didn’t say alcohol

Blueprint tips

FB stories > Followed up by FB Messenger chats.

I do have one obvious reminder blueprint tip though…

If you’re going to get into something new, with the intention of succeeding. Seek outside help or assistance to help you along.It’ll make the process so much easier.

Just make sure that you ‘trust’ where that help is coming from, before hand.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Tis the S-curve experience (What it looks like)

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Buzzers… Saturday…

So this week… Has been all about breaking down what ‘Tis the S-curve experience’ really looks like.

And I am deep within it, more than ever before @ my own life.

Some highlights from that break down include…

– It’s an improved version of your daily life.
– Moments of serenity.
– It’s better to have a solid ‘daily life’ routine in place. And to embrace TC2.0, when stepping outside of that.

And yesterday… I ended up having two conversations in ‘the hub’.

The first… Was with an IT friend (A lot of international faces in this region).

The second… Was with one of the workers at the > mall in this hub. Where the cinema is (Along with everything else).

I see both of these people regularly (In passing). When I’m out and about.

They’ve also been added on my own FB. So they can see my lifestyle in full. So they ‘get it’. They are also curious and a little envious of it too (It’s my job to get them to start living a version of their own).

But the conclusion that we came to in our chats. Is that almost everyone wants to stay in shape or be healthy.

This time line kicks in…

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goalsBut most people don’t have any idea of what to focus on. Or what to continue to do for the long term.

And that’s where the S-curve formula comes in.

You have your phone – To watch and follow the videos on… Regardless of where you are, at any given time.

You have access to 121 chats – With me at any time.

You have your TDE video – Which you do as you wake up or go to bed. Which is important. Because you won’t always be able to do full workouts.

You have access to a supermarket – This is easy. Because the 121 chats and your member page, continuously teaches you what to do with food.

This is where both of those people are screwing up. They basically eat any junk, when it’s time to eat. The reason why… Is because they have no guidance.

This is why fixing your mindset is #1 on here. Because a fixed body has to come, right after it is fixed.

These folks aren’t heavy internet users either. And they’re either…

#1 Too busy with every day life…
#2 Or… They’re being sucked into the social media world. Namely the news feeds (Like watching TV). Where they’re looking into the lives of others. So ‘distraction’ is a reason why they are fudging up.
Remember… Becoming S-curvish, isn’t the heart of these conversations. Having a fixed lifestyle… Is.That… Is why we have become an S-curve experience.


I’ll continue to bring these stories to you, when they happen. Because it’s all real. The solutions we offer, are indeed needed.

But as usual… People need to be put into the zone of being fixed.

And that’s why you’re reading this newsletter. So that you continuously enter that zone. Every single day.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Going for an > S-curvish walk/hike

– > Hungry babies

– The > waterproof bluetooth speaker

– > Instant Knockout

Blueprint tips It’s all about us… Connecting via FB (And Instagram) stories > Messenger (And direct messages).


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Why you must find moments of serenity

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Buzzers… Friday…

It’s TGIF… And we tend to slow it down a little on this day… Whilst having some fun too.

Today… It’s movies day for me, in the cinema @ the new Mission Impossible. Which brings me into today’s topic…

Moments of serenity

There are several things that may be holding you back from becoming S-curvish…

– Being around shit*y people
– Stress (Maybe from those same people)
– Not eating S-curvishly
– Not working out correctly

But one of the things that you may be missing. Which may help fix the issue. Is finding moments of serenity.

You may have seen me post an example of this recently via FB stories. With me sitting in the business center, here in the ‘hub’ in one of the condo blocks (Everything is new here… Like a mini Singapore).

I go there at midday, every day. Because it’s empty and silent, every single time @ zero interruptions.

I also have that in…

The new cinema – It’s always occupied by under 10 people, during the day time showings. So it’s like having your own private cinema. And the actual private cinema is indeed empty at this time.

The swimming pool area – Like the business center… Empty at midday or occupied by few… Who come up, for moments of serenity.

This is arguably the #1 reason for my own improved results since 2014. Which is where ‘coming up for air’ came from.

I’ve introduced many people to this too. Busy inner city people or people with busy lives (I’m taking about drama here @ ‘busy’).

And I see the switch in them, instantly. The moment they experience these moments of serenity with me.

And those who are there in the locations. Are all on the same page. No one needs to talk @ heavy conversations with each other. Everyone is experiencing it.

Even in the gym… Silence in the afternoon hours.

All moments… Where ones head is not in front  of, or being consumed by, a digital screen.

We talk about fixing the mind, as a priority here. Since that’s the thing that will get fudged up daily, more than anything else. And is harder for us to control (121 chats are our main weapon).

And ‘coming up for air’ is what can help.

So eye up the Instagram feed for TC2.0 ideas. And be prepared to start embracing these moments as an S-curve member. Because I can assure you. It changes everything.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Become an S-curvish > biker girl

– TC2.0 > mornings

– > Sunday funday

– Protocol supplements > in packets @ travel shenanigans

Blueprint tips 

FB stories > Messenger


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
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Incoming search terms:

She didn’t use protection

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Buzzers… Thursday…
It’s been another week, living in ‘the hub’ for me. And the best thing I like. Is the number of new people I get to meet or stumble upon every week.Some become S-curve members. Some… Friends. But the most interesting thing for me. Is that I learn something new. From everyone I meet.

Who knows… With the amount of people that pass through this region of the world at present. It could mean it turns into a meet up hub, for all those involved in S-curve world.

At the start of this week…

It was all about Q & A, taken from the 121 chats inside FB Messenger.

And today. We’re going to answer a question/query that has come up before (And that we’ve solved many times before).

Which is…

”I’m doing all this stuff (On my own). But I still don’t look great. What’s wrong?”

That… Is the reason why the becoming S-curvish part of the S-curve experience, will remain strong.Because like many of the members from the past… They were active and doing stuff on their own too. Yet… They remained looking the same. Month after month after month.

That happened with > this lady.

For those of you who remember. She kick started our fall season 2016 ‘rush’.

In 2014. She started and achieved the 7-21 day results. But then just stopped. And for 2 years. Did nothing. Lived life. But was never truly happy. Because she wasn’t S-curvish.

Then in August 2016. She restarted and got serious again, after a casual lunch chat with me. The chat got her ‘in the zone’ again.

2 months prior to that. She again… Tried to do things on her own, and failed (Stubborn).

And if you look at the October/November pics on that link above. You can see the initial out come (Which is why I recommended > this at the start of the week). In fact… You can watch everything she did. As I recorded the entire thing LIVE.

Then in September. Vic joined (A close friend of hers). And > this happened.

Magical moments indeed. And word started to spread throughout their individual networks.

Yani, from the hall of fame (Stage 3 link on More buzz) had a similar story too. With her family members going crazy. Wondering what she did to change her body, after struggling for so long.

You know…

it kills women, to walk around. Not looking their best. Especially when they see others looking their best.

People are usually stubborn to get the outside help. Especially ‘adult’ people. Because this ‘know it all’ vibe kicks in. After say, 25 years old. Or one feels too old to ask for help.

So it’s our job. To turn you into a high school student again.

We are your long term protectors @ making you not fall victim to that phase of know it all-ness… Of being OK with losing @ it’s ‘not’ OK.

Just remember. That becoming an S-curve member. Means that…

– You want ‘proven’ and no guessing @ results.

– You want things to be simplified. And for your daily life to run smoothly, whilst doing what’s needed in order to become S-curvish (Not more work load).

– You want to be able to do it from anywhere at any time.

I myself am living proof of it. All past, current and future members are too.

And we want more of you involved. Because what we look forward to… Is possible meet ups and trips with YOU.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Beach towels 

– > Tulum views

– > Pretty faced beasts

– > OOTD attire

Blueprint tips 

I’ve started to post some via the FB and Instagram stories. So make sure you’re following.

However… You’re still going to see more of the crazy/life stuff though.


Because Tis the S-curve experience :).


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
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This is real fudging life

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Yup… That’s what the S-curve experience is. That is…

Everyday individuals like yourselves. Living an improved version of your daily life.

Today… We’re in the era of people scanning the lives of others, through social media. And like I said to Anita in 2013 (Hall of fame via Stage 3 page), when all of this social media stuff was kicking off…

The internet is the new TV.

And 5 years later… Here we are.

In business, it’s all about spotting waves, long before they happen. I saw this in 2005, when I ran online stores.

Back then. It was eBay and Paypal making noise.I was a final year student. And all of my peers and family members (Other than the ones involved)…  Thought the internet was going to get shut down. Because popularity/Hype is often followed by scams and people looking to take advantage of those who are ‘not in the know’.

And that’s what’s happening right now.

We saw it with the rise of bitcoin last year. And we’re seeing it at a heightened level via social media right now.

That is… Not all of those you follow. Are living the life that’s being portrayed.

And any awesome life that you see being portrayed. Usually has a team behind it. Making it all happen.

Even with me.

I show you my own S-curve experience lifestyle. Via FB stories and the new photo/video albums that I create.

Most of my days are busy, working with everyone that’s involved in S-curve world. But there’s also a lot of ‘come up for air’ moments too.

It’s all real. LIVE and in the moment.

And even with my current set up. There are indeed systems involved. That make it all happen. Namely technology driven systems.

To conclude…

This is just a reminder… That all of what you see here. Is real fudging life.

The only thing that might not be real on some posts you see. Are boobs. And I’ve already told you why @ many previous newsletters (Reply if you want to hear why).

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– For the > picnic (Scan the Pinterest feed)

– Results phase workouts = > Increased intensity

– This is still one of the > best places to travel to, in the entire world… If you go in September (Low season)

– The > humpday puzzle

Blueprint tips 

#1 TC2.0 – One reason why it’s favored, over typical travel trips. Is that you get to experience a lot in just 2-4 days. And to then come home and lap up the experiences you’ve just had.

Also… You get to maintain your S-curve routine. Since you’re only away for a few days.

Travelling for longer periods kills all of the above. So a big thumbs up for TC2.0. And hopefully… You’ve been scanning the @fitbuzz Instagram feed, to plan your next trip.

#2 Fruit rules – > Taken from the FB stories (It’s still up, if you want to see it).

#3 I myself, am using the S-curve formula that you’re being told to use.

And you’ll get to see this… By following my own FB stories on my profile. So start spying on those stories on the link below.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Q & A via the new Fitbuzzers

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

First (In response to yesterday’s newsletter)

The 3 month plan…

It’s the perfect start. But usually, only for… Newsletter readers that we already have 121 conversations with.

If you’re starting for the first time. It means that there’s no ‘strong’ relationship built between us ‘yet’. Other than the connection you have, as a newsletter reader.

In which case… A > one month plan usually works best, to start with @ trust building. And because it is trust building. Feel free to message on Messenger.

About ‘trust’ 

This takes time to build. Fortunately for us. We’ve been actively building this up over a 9 year time period.

The internet is still ‘kinda’ young. And has grown over the past 9 years. As it does every year.

Yet… A large number of members, continue to return. Due to the trust bond that we’ve built. And as you may have experienced @ life… The people in your life, eventually show their true colors. The good and the bad.

We always turn up for our members. I’m pretty sure impostors enter their lives and break that trust at some point in time. At which point… They return to their trusted sources.

Find your trusted sources @ life. And stick to them!


This year has had some unexpected things happen.

We didn’t change our formula or message much (Other than the confirmation of the S-curve experience we was already living).


The people we served at the beginning in 2009. Made a mighty return.

@ Men.

See… The formula since 2010, worked and still works. Because women like to look at other women that they want to look like.

It’s an age old ‘thing’.

Men of course… Like to look at women. But our messaging kinda kept them away.

But this year. They returned. And they are embracing the S-curve formula. Especially after reading the Messenger newsletter on the FB page.

Their return might also be due to my own offline travels and meet ups. Since a lot of the men I meet, become fans.

And it’s not creepy dudes either…

– Some men are husbands of female FitBuzzers.

– Some men have wives… And want what we offer… For their wives.

– Some men just appreciate the sexy and classy pic types that you see on our feeds.

We never did stop serving the guys (Like with > this supplement) It just happened less. It became more about the woman.

In relation to yesterday’s newsletter…

You turn your body to the left. Belfie > Selfie… We turn your body into the shape of the letter ‘S’.

And over the past week. There have been some questions coming through, for those who are struggling.

So today… I’ll list the unisex answers, from the questions that have been coming through.

#1 Explain the entire use of whey protein on here.> Read this.

#2 I have struggling body parts that need to ‘grow’…

I’ll bullet point… @ help.

– You first need to follow the S-curve meal structure that you see on More buzz. Get that into your head. Because not following that eating process, is why you have struggling body parts @ not feeding them properly.

– Once that foundation is set. It’s all about doing effective exercises… Properly @ full range of motion executed on every single rep. Every single time.

– Time…

That’s all we need after that. Which is why the 3 month plan was posted in yesterday’s newsletter. As that will give us enough time, to see real results. Whilst you have access to unlimited 121 coaching.

I’ll probably continue these Q & A’s tomorrow or on some other day. But as a man or woman in S-curve world. We’ll always help.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– An > epic start to the week.

– When in the > bath.

– Becoming S-curvish > for the dress.

– > Tis the S-curve experience during summer…

FB stories on my profile below. Go there.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Buzzers… Monday…

Today’s headline, is of course, about the new trailer that just came out for the super hero movie with that title, which comes out later on this year.

But if you’ve been following me on FB. You’ll know that I’ve been watching quite a few movies recently. With the latest, being the sequel to The Equalizer.

You all know that I’m a big fan of the super hero movies. But one reason I think that they’re so popular. Is because they portray versions of ourselves. That we want to be. But obviously can’t be (Like… How did you feel after watching Wonder Woman in 2018?).

At least not at that level. But we can be super… In terms of becoming S-curvish @ physique goals.

So today… We’re going to walk through, what that actually looks like.

What becoming S-curvish looks like ‘today’! 

It’s never how people think it is. They think it’s going to be hard, boring or something ‘not’ to look forward to.

That of course isn’t the case.

#1 It usually takes 100’s of email newsletters later, to realise that fact.

#2 Or meeting me in person and having a convo. At which point… Folks get a big ‘ah-ha’ moment. Because they’re hearing the S-curve formula. From the source.

But today… We’re going to speed that up. By showing you exactly what becoming S-curvish looks like, over a 7-21 day time period.

First though…

We all know that pay-as-you-go is a ‘thing’ here.


This year has shown… That if you’re after results. You need to be on an auto-payments plan, for a minimum of 3 months.

Because you simply do not stick to the plan otherwise. No auto-payments = No urgency… No commitment.

Being on auto-payments is like marriage. You can’t just walk away.

So if serious results is your goal right now (Men or women). Then jump on a > Lifestyle Phase 3 month plan (Message directly on Messenger if you feel you need to, before hand @ reassurance).

That’s the mid-level. You can’t go wrong with that plan, regardless of what your overall intentions are.

Week #1

We look at your current day lifestyle and see what needs to change.


> Eating fruit or D-F rated cheat snacks at night time (To stop).

> Unknowingly over loading on daily fat intake (To stop).

Then… We add elements of the S-curve formula to your current day lifestyle.


> Adding a Tailored Daily Exercise video to your member page. To be done every day.

> Teaching you the A-F rated food system (People still get ‘ah-ha’ moments after I explain this to them).

Then we test how well you do with all of it, over the next 7-10 days.Also… We get you used to turning up for 121 coaching/chat sessions on Messenger. Because this is the #1 thing that will help you succeed. And it’s our job to make you realise that fact.

Weeks 2-3

You’ll now know what the initial formula looks and feels like at this point. We’ll also be at a point where we can compare a day 1 selfie to day 21.

And there will indeed be visible noticeable results. Unless you have a very high body fat %.

Most of what happens during this time period isn’t fun. But… Once you are at this level. We start to…

– Embrace cheat snack shenanigans.

– Start talking about other things, other than becoming S-curvish, throughout our 121 chats.

– Start to look forward to the next parts of the S-curve experience (See top of More buzz).

To conclude

This is what it looks like, every single time. People either…

– Sit back and do nothing @ currently… Watching others succeed.

– Are currently over complicating things.

We fix all of that s***! The responses to all the fixes, are all over the results pages on the websites and social media (FB page).

The seasonal results timeline, says that this time of year is all about being on an easy going plan.

But you are all individuals. So what we do. Will be based on what’s needed for you.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– These > hammock tools.

– Hungry babies are > not sorry.

– > Azulik Tulum.

– > Video


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Calling you out on your…

July 22, 2018 by  
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Buzzers… Sunday…

As I stated last week. TC2.0 doesn’t always have to be about taking an actual trip somewhere. Instead… You can find a spot to simply ‘come up for air’.

But for me last night… It was all about the restaurant/roof top bar. Followed by a long bout of ‘sleep’.

All of which… You’ll see via my FB stories (Only up for 24 hours… So be quick).


These days… Our ‘vibe’ is a pretty chilled one on here. Because we enjoy the life that we’ve created. And the one that we’re creating for you @ S-curve experience.

But in terms of becoming S-curvish. And in terms of the members that have failed. And continue to fail. Even once they become members…

Then… We have no choice but to call you out on your own s***. 

In short… YOU are the issue in such a case.

– Maybe you keep on trying different things, when you should be sticking to one thing.

– Maybe you won’t ‘quit’ some of the people who are in your life. That are causing it to suck.

So… We call you out.

But we only do it. To make you aware of the problem. Because… The reason why we continue to succeed with members. Is because we are ruthless in our approach.

We know what we do… Works. So we lay the hammer down. Get s*** done. Until you can see it making a difference.

At which point. You start to stick to the plan. Because no one quits things that work well for them.

That… Is why you’re really starting the 121 coaching/chat sessions as a member. And you’ll feel that ‘vibe’… All throughout the other areas of the S-curve experience too.

Not all of it. Just some of it. Like… On the apparel quotes.

Anyway… That’s my final words for you to end the week. We’re pretty much 24/7 with EVERYONE @ folks involved in S-curve world now. So…

– FB stories > Messenger replies.
– Tumblr/Instagram DM’s

Go there… It’s all ‘happening’ there.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish for > OOTN-curvish attire (Check the Pinterest feed via More buzz).

– Because > your nails are a part the image too (Again… Pinterest feed).

– Morgan Freeman > narrated HIIT cardio.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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