About last year… (2010?)

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Buzzers… Saturday…

All of the planning shenanigans of the past few weeks are about to become a reality. It’s the final official newsletter of 2017. So let’s get into it…

LIVE update member pages

They’re an evolution of the old static membership pages that we were using from 2013-Mid 2016.

And they mimic what happens when we do this ‘becoming S-curvish’ stuff, face to face (In some ways, it’s better online, as everything is recorded. So you can back track on what you’ve learned).

But as a newsletter reader. One reason why we have them. Is so that you can get specific stuff created for YOU.

Like… You see the ‘ingredients’ (Blueprint tips mostly) in > this newsletter

Well… It’s just that. Ingredients. Not the formula. And not all of those exercises will be right for you ‘today’.

So… What we do… Is learn everything about you. What your goals are and the like. And then… You get given your first update on your LIVE update member page to work through. And we gauge your progress day by day.

You’ll obviously want > some one in your corner as you do this (I would too). And that’s what the 121 FB Messenger chats are for. The chats are 24/7/365 as an active member on stage 3.

And if you don’t want to go on auto payments. Just go manual. Do one month… And take it from there. Like I stated in the new > scenarios for 2018 that you’ll likely encounter.

Yearly review for 2017

I’ll just bullet point…

– We added more benefits and features to the S-curve experience as a whole.

– We became an S-curve experience.

– Travel-curvish got a 2.0 (Much more relatable to all of us).

– We started an FB page Messenger newsletter (Saves you from ‘replying to talk’).

– We brought the podcast back after 7 years… But for S-curve members.

– It’s the first year where we had the most members stay ‘on the wagon’ as active S-curve members on stage 3. Which meant they achieved better results. Going long term is the only way to succeed. So…

Added incentive to start the year right

The year in review above… Revealed that our goal is to have as little people as possible in our world, who sit in > camp #1. As it just screws up our vibe here, with all that crappy energy.

So if you are joining in on the ‘Buzzcoin’ fun . Or even on > stage 1 as the norm. Then… For a limited time, you can kick start the year with a friend. They simply tag along with you for free and get their own stage 1 too (You’re essentially inviting them to our world).

Ideally… It should be someone that’s close to you. As they’ll be riding off the ‘trust factors’, that we have built together on this newsletter.

– Someone you KNOW wants to change (In some way). And just needs the right guidance.

– Someone you’ve seen value success (to them), in other areas of their lives…

Last words…

If you’re happy playing around with ingredients. Then keep on doing that. The newsletter is supposed to give them to you.


I know that you’re busy and don’t actually have time to being doing that.

So if that’s the case… Become a member. So that you can stop messing around with things, that people who are more qualified, can take off your hands and do for YOU!

And to spend most of your time swimming around in TC2.0 swimming pools. Check the social pages via More buzz. Seriously!

I’m living this lifestyle with you.

And for me… There’s a few other things I’m into right now, that requires steep learning curves (Like in ‘Buzzcoin’).

So I’ve placed experts that I trust in those areas… Into ‘my corner’. So that I can continue to enjoy the fun parts of the S-curve experience. As I have been doing all year (Which you’ve seen happen… And me…  watching yours happen too).

Here’s to living your current life in an improved way FTW (Wine glass emoji goes here).


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within the
coming months/years).

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Living life on the ledge (It has ended)

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Buzzers… Final Friday of 2017…

Tomorrow will be the final ‘official’ newsletter of this year. So I’ll probably do a year review of 2017 on Sat.

But today…

Living life on the ledge

On Tuesday… I introduced you all to > ‘Buzzcoin’… That will probably evolve into something cool.

And I said that I have ideas, at the end of that page.

With the speed at which tech evolves, it’s hard to say ‘exactly’ what that evolution will look like. But all of what’s going on there, will play a part in how things work here in S-curve world. And in many other parts of your lives too. Even if you don’t realise it yet.

Hence… The reason why I introduced you to it now, rather than later (When there may be less ‘usefulness’… I’ll explain that over time too).

But one way that we can start using the concept of blockchain. Is…

**As a digital ledger for stages 1-4 via More buzz (Yup)**

Whose tech will be used, is hard to tell at this stage.

But by putting YOUR stage 1-4 into a digital ledger… We can then solidify your success points throughout the S-curve progress process.

It would then make it very easy to see the S-curve formula in action…The way that it can be seen here behind the scenes, as it’s given to you as you progress.

There’ll most likely be an app for whoever’s tech is used. Which means it fits right into our formula @ the only thing you need is a smart phone or tablet to start as an official member.

And that’s just the ‘becoming S-curvish’ part of the S-curve experience.

The other parts of the S-curve experience

That’s where the other areas of ‘usefulness’ come into play. As we cover many different aspects of life on


Those too will be affected by whatever happens with blockchain tech (Yup… I’m in that geek zone, like when I created your S-curve nutrition calculator back in 2011. Which we still use today).

It will grow for sure. And however it grows… Will be reflected throughout the S-curve experience.

Which is why the Buzzcoin page has been put up. So that you can get a grip on things as early as possible.

And for YOU to see the different areas that are being tapped into (You’ll get guidance on this, as stated on the page… Just reply or message as usual).

And of course… You get a kick start on stage one, for free (kinda).


You’re probably feeling > like this right now.

So I’ll end it there. And like they say in my home country in the UK…

”Get in there son…” @ Buzzcoin shenanigans

Even though I’m personally very global (Even had some mistake my accent as Australian. Ha @ S-curve member Drea from California).


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within the
coming months/years).

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I can’t feel it… Is it in yet?

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Buzzers… Final TBT of 2017…

Maybe you’ve experienced that subject line in your life (as a woman). Maybe you haven’t. Hehe.

But it’s a frustrating thing, when you’re trying really hard to succeed with something. But the needle just won’t budge.

This happens a lot when it comes to working out. in order to trigger the changes that you desire in your body.

I recently highlighted this scenario in > Yani’s story.

And yesterday… I stated that it would continue to happen, if you don’t go through the S-curve process. In the way that it’s been designed.

And one way to overcome that issue in the workouts. Is by tweaking the execution of certain exercises.

I’ll show you what I mean. With an area that I struggle with first….

Calves – Making them 3D =

– 3 step calf raises with a heavy weight until failure for 2-3 sets

– Toes pointed outwards for 1 set
– Toes pointed inwards for 1 set
– Toes pointed straight for 1 set

Triceps – Shredded/Smaller arms

– Laying barbell tricep extension
– Super rep single arm standing dumbbell tricep extension… With a light/medium weight

Can’t leave out biceps… So…

– Bicep curls… Doing the same thing

Fat that sits on your lower back

– One arm side to side ski swings
– Standing/Walking knee to elbows, with elbows isolated at a 90 degree hold (Like you’re doing a classic

double bicep flex. But relaxed and not flexed)
Upper butt

– Feet raised quadruped hip extension with ankle weights on

Lower belly

– Leg raise-bicycles (You’ll end up doing super reps by default) + 3 second hold at each 5th rep + Ankle weights on

Some of this stuff happens at the advance stages of exercise progression. So you might need to build up to some of those, depending on what level you’re currently at.

Either way… They’re all proven to wake up those stubborn muscle groups. Groups… That you probably aren’t supposed to be genetically gifted in. Or… That you simply don’t use them enough @ if you don’t use it, you lose it (Yup… Means you didn’t ‘feel it’).

Too much raunchy vibes in this newsletter today. So let’s end it there.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within the
coming months/years).

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You have been awarded for your efforts

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Buzzers… Wednesday in Christmas week…

In 2017…

We had two camps…

Camp #1 – I’m getting the newsletters and all the tips. But I still don’t ‘get it’.

Camp #2  I get it all… Love it all. It’s a part of the formula and I understand. As I look forward to each newsletter. Let’s officially start so that I can experience the program in full.

Camp #1 solution – If that’s you… You probably over complicate things. Or are doing so, because you’ve tried many things, without any solid plan in place. So now your brain is scrambled.

There could be several different things going on in your head. Either way… You need to be hand held. Fixing you… Might take a while. So my advice to you, is to start on stage 1. And move through the stages gradually, as a total newbie should.

Camp #2 solution – You probably know that you need outside help, from a source that has helped many get to where you want to get to. And one that you have begun to trust. For you. Just start on stage 3.

You… Will be a contender for the end of year awards for 2018 @ long term S-curve members.

Some stuff from yesterday’s 121 chats

It’s been long known, that everything you see on here… Comes from the events that happened the day before.

That’s how we keep everything relative to you. Which we combine with everything new that we introduce, to keep things fresh and up-to-date. Just like the mention of yesterday’s > ‘Buzzcoin’.

Which is what I think, could possibly be the next level of evolution for stages 1-4. Seriously. It would

change everything! And greatly improve the % number @ the amount of newsletter Fitbuzzers that become S-curve member success stories here.

I’ll explain more during the coming months. Anyway… Yesterday…

#1 Tailoring is still a big ‘must’

If you’re a seasoned newsletter reader that sits in camp no.2 (above). Then just answer > these questions, start stage 3… And move swiftly onto your LIVE update member page. As the first update will be very close to what’s needed for you to be doing.

If you fall under camp no.1. Answer those questions, start on stage 1. Then keep on asking a ton of questions!

Seriously… The more that’s known about you. And the stronger the bond we create. The easier it is to get you on a successful path. I simply won’t allow you start if you don’t do this. As you’ll probably fail.

And the blame will fall on the S-curve process. That… Is never happening!

#2 The Xmas break was good (Long weekend). But coming back to all of this, reminded me of how much of a balancing act all of this stuff is… @ looking and feeling the best version of yourself whilst juggling work/family/life balance.

That’s why 2017 was about building out the S-curve experience.

Ya… Much more than just a ‘program’. Definitely an ‘experience’. Highlighted by the chats with yesterday’s new stage 1 members.

And yup… I myself am using everything that has been created here.

So for me right now. It’s a focus on…

– S-curve meal structure
– Cheat snacking
– Coming up for air
– TC2.0
– The tweak weeks short splits routine

#3 Are you a non-active stage 3 member at this current time?

If so… It means you already have a LIVE update member page that’s full of content. You could restart stage 3… Using one of > these scenarios.

But if you still feel like the success that you have become. Then just jump on stage 4. As it’ll keep your current day content updated, as things are added over the next 6 months (The $200 option).

‘Buzzcoin’ ideas running through my brain… Message first (FB). Reply second (To this newsletter). And all the stages from above can be found on > More buzz.


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Say hello to ‘Buzzcoin’?

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Buzzers…Day after Xmas aka Boxing day…

We’re now officially an ‘experience’ (Not a ‘program’). Which means we’re forever open to embracing new things within our world on here.

‘New’… Is the backbone of the experience @ living your life in an improved way.

Technology is leading the way in ‘new’. And allows us to even exist @ everything we’ve created thus far. And that has helped a lot of you. Some of you… In a big way!

Anyway… Today…

Introducing: > Buzzcoin?

There’s a lot of ‘coin’ talk going on in the world at present. And unless you’re in the tech or finance world. It can all be very overwhelming and confusing. And scary too.

Fortunately… My own > back story shows that I’ve been connected to both of those worlds. And always have been (I never really did leave ’em completely).

And all this coin talk, is most likely going to affect the way that we currently do things, in the not too distant


I’ll talk more about this as that world evolves.

But for now… If you feel like being an early bird. > Buzzcoin is the introduction to however that plays out

in our world. Which is now listed just before stages 1-4 on More buzz.

Entering the year 2018…

#1 We won’t be focusing on progress pics much. That’s kinda old. For us… We turned that… Into Becoming S-curvish and Shredding to smexy.

– In the right way (And still have a life outside of all things ‘fitness’).
– Results that you get to keep.
– ‘Soft lean’.
– Epic butt/Tiny waist.
– Keep your real boobs and save at least 1 cup size, if you’re shredding.

And not just for names sake either… As all of that, is what actually happens @ your shape shift.

All of which, is displayed by this years S-curve member stories (See stage 3 on More buzz). Stories… That document all the other things that happen along the way. Just look at Steph’s SMS on that page.

#2 We’ll continue to improve the beginning (highlighted) part of the experience.
Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

But the focus will be more on the underlined parts. Especially to integrate with what is said at the end of the Buzzcoin page above @ interesting times ahead me thinks.

As all of that… Is in line with our goal to improve your life. Especially in the non-fitness areas of it.

Some blueprint tips as we ease our way into 2018.

#1 Pineapple…

This is…

– One of the best cheat snacks ever.
– A super fast carbs drink, for an S-curvish breakfast.
– A great ‘chill zone’ post workout drink.

Yup… You already know that I’ve done (and still doing) everything first hand that you end up doing on here.

And pineapple gets eaten every other day. I even have back ups of the stuff for my TC2.0 trips (> Pic I just took in my kitchen).

But in terms of cheat snacking. It’s where I recommend you start. Because pineapple is sweet enough to satisfy your natural cravings. It’s A-rated (As are all fruits). But the sweetness levels are so high, that you won’t end up binging on it.

Aka… It’s not fun to eat after several bites of the stuff, in one sitting.

Which means it can never turn into a cheat binge. Which becomes addictive and is why you currently have unwanted levels of fat on certain areas of your body.

I’ll guess… Right on your mid/lower back? Reply yes, if I’m right…

So… If you are going to load your kitchen up with a cheat food (You will not do this with any other food… Only buy and eat on the day). Do it with pineapple. As your taste buds won’t allow you to cheat binge with it.

Message first (Messenger). Reply second, to chat. And > More buzz to see everything.


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Merry Crimboly Fitbuzzers…

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Buzzers… Merry Christmas… (Good vibe Monday… If you don’t celebrate it)
Yup… That’s the first headline all year… That didn’t try to trigger your emotions. Ha (devil face emoji goes here).


The vibes are truly in the air now. And maybe I was wrong, about the build to Christmas, being better than the actual day itself.

So let’s have our first ever Crimbo day newsletter. Since we’re officially LIVE and in the moment @ how we do things in our current day shenanigans.

#1 Munch your face off… And if you take foodporn pics… Send them across.

#2 This is the only time of the year where we can truly > ‘come up for air’ Not even TC2.0 beats the Christmas week ‘chill’ zone.

So use this time, to fully embrace the planning shenanigans that I’ve talked about for the past 2 weeks!

I can guarantee, that you’ll have an improved year (In some part of your life) because of it.

And the biggest tip of all… Is to…

**Accept the embracing of ‘change’ @ everything in life.**

Don’t let yourself become ‘old’. Which leads to a bitter and moany ‘YOU’.

I remember in 2005 when Paypal and eBay were causing a ruckus. Everyone around ‘me’, who saw me running an e-commerce shop was scared.

But now look… Paypal is the only option you currently trust 100%, when starting stages 1-4 on > More buzz.

#3 Movies? You already know that I love them. They’re almost a part of the S-curve experience, especially if you’re connected to ME on FB.

So ya… Now is a great time of the year to catch up on what you may have missed.

#4 Of course… Embrace the people you’re around. The best way ‘you’ know how.

#5 Gifts… It really is the thought that counts (I’ve always been horrible at receiving gifts though). I’m a ‘giver’.

Enjoy the day and week already @ the shortest newsletter of the year.

There’s an ‘announcement type’ of newsletter coming tomorrow. So keep ya eyes peeled. As it relates to some new things that’ll probably happen next year. Part of which, is not known at all. But… It will begin to happen for sure (Let’s see if I predict the future correctly for a 3rd year in a row :P).

And it will indeed become a part of different areas of the now, S-curve experience.

Message first. Reply second, to chat.


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Are you next?

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Buzzers… Sunday…

There are a lot of ‘evolutionary’ things going on in the world right now. All of which, will affect all of us in some way, in a not too distant future.

All of which… I’ll highlight, in 2018 and beyond. LIVE, via this newsletter or the FB page newsletter.

And looking back at 2017. It was the most consistent year @ S-curve members staying on the wagon… For the long term and actually succeeding.

That… Is not easy to do. And it continues to get done. As we continue to put ourselves in your shoes.

All of that ‘becoming S-curvish’ stuff isn’t always fun.

Geez… Most of the time, I’m doing this years Short Splits Routine as my main workout (You’ll learn why if you chat 121. As I’ll just tell you straight).

But the ‘less fun’ aspect, is one reason why we turned everything into an experience. Just scan the @fitbuzz Pinterest timeline for a visual of what that looks like. Or head to my FB timeline + shenanigans photo/video album.

But today… We > RECAPO. Let’s go…

Note: You’ll find that every new newsletter is connected to the ones that came before it. This should make it easier for you to digest everything that you learn here, over the long term.


– Highlighting the increased positivity that you’ll experience as a stage 2-3 member for the first time.

– How TC2.0 shenanigans benefit you on stage 3 (And an example). And how being a long term member

‘today’ (And not 4 years ago) will prevent ‘that’ example from ever happening again.

– Reminder blueprint tips.


– Embracing the final bout of festive season munchies (Which will continue at certain points in 2018).

– More reminder blueprint tips.


– Important mindset stuff that happens when you become active on here.

– Blueprint tips.


– Who I’m currently talking to in S-curve world.

– Missing out… It sucks! I know some potential S-curve members missed out this year. And then may never experience the great things that many of us experience here. It’s our job to ensure that happens as less as possible.

So… To motivate… Some stories were shared from past and recent members (Who are still here!) who have been there, done it and living it up on stage 4.


– ‘Trust factors’ and stepping into your shoes (Real life examples that many of you got to see on here… And for some… Experience with me, in person, over the years).


– A part 2 to Friday.

Message first. Reply second. And > More buzz for everything else.


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A decision has been made for you (Confirmed)

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It’s a Saturday. So as usual… We slow things down a little. On here and offline… Literally @ get off tech devices and ‘come up for air’ @ 25 TC2.0 trips in the first half of next year :P.

So let’s just talk things out…


I talked about having the right person in your corner, when trying something new.

You’ve now seen how important I think it is. From those real life examples given. So that I can truly feel what you feel, is needed. Right here in S-curve world.

And like I said… If someone takes my place. That will be a requirement of them too.

More in ‘your corner’

What the S-curve experience has become, is all good and great. I’ll be doing every part of it next year for sure. As I have been doing for the past few years.

But to improve it even more…

Select a few individuals to have in your corner @ your other interests in life. It doesn’t matter what those interests are either.

And for those you chose?

– Therapist?
– Husband?

– Best friend?

And if it makes sense… Let each of those individuals know ,that each ‘person in your corner’ exists in your life today.

It’s all in the team spirit. Which increases your odds for success, in all areas, rather than having no one in your corner at all.

And if you currently have no one in your corner, as we enter the new year. Then of course… Starting on stages 1-3 > 121 chats, is what many do at this time of the year. Like S-curve member Aanu did this year (See results pages via > More buzz).

The best thing about that, is the positivity that enters your life. I’ve seen it first hand. And it really is a good thing to see, when the important people in ones life, truly step up and show appreciation for your boosted physical and mental results. Usually within 7-21 days.

That… May be the starting point for choosing the right people to have in your corner in the coming



There are so many important things within the S-curve formula that play a part in your overall success.

So once again… This is another… #1 reason to became an official member.

And like Monica or Angie this week… You might just become a part of the S-curve world furniture. As they’ve been here… And are still here, after 3-5 years @ entering our world for the first time.

Message first. Reply second. 


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E-level approved… Yet scared AF

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Buzzers… TGIF…

It’s been a busy week here, behind the scenes in S-curve world. And life, in general, heated up on the run up to Christmas.
The weekend will be much of the same as a week day ‘for me’. No TC2.0 or anything. But it’s  another day here.

So let’s get into it…

We have created a long term > higher-end experience here. And a part of that experience, is still a program that needs to be followed @ physical/mental/lifestyle fix.

We didn’t invent the concept of what a ‘program’ is. And you’ve seen many ‘programs’ before. So naturally… You’re going to be scared AF (Google that :P), to jump into stage 3 for the first time. Which is why I highlight ‘trust factors’ regularly, to let you know, that I know, what you’re going through mentally.

But one other way… Is for me to step into YOUR shoes. Which means… Trying new things myself and getting scared AF.

Examples =
In 2014

– I began operating all of this from other countries.

In 2017

– I cliff jumped for the first time with FitBuzzers (> This and > this vid).

– I took this newsletter over to FB Messenger chat subscriptions (Steep learning curves involved)

– And something recent, as a part of 2018 ‘planning’. Which I might reveal to you some time soon.

The biggest thing I noticed

, is that I wanted someone in ‘my corner’ to turn to. Someone that’s done what I’m doing in each of those scenarios.

I didn’t want them to do anything ‘for me’. But I just wanted them there. Just incase I start drowning (Pun intended @ cliff jumping).

In S-curve world – I’m still the person that’s in your corner.

The other thing I noticed

, is that I wanted to ‘feel’ some initial results. Like… The entire experience needed to make me feel different, quickly.

– With cliff jumping, it was instant. And it really is the best thing ever. It gets addictive and makes you want to kick yourself that you hadn’t done it earlier.

– With travel… Well. You just need to look at TC2.0 via More buzz.

– With new tech @ Messenger chats…

Email newsletters will always be good. But doing it all via Messenger does feel more ‘121’ and real. Like… We can just jump on a cam or mic instantly, without feeling awkward.

In S-curve world – It’s the 7-14 day noticeable results. As set by S-curve member > Victoria in 2016.

I’ve already talked about the craze that happens, surrounding a person, when they go through that. So we’ll continue to throw out successful noticeable results. I’ve seen it offline and online. It’s positive vibes all around when it happens.


I recently said not to wait too long @ starting new things. Because sometimes… The opportunity cost @ waiting, may be high.

Due diligence will help speed that up.

But in the beginning stages. I was always looking for consistency, from the person(s) that were in my corner, incase I drowned.

This happened when moving to different countries. And in that case… The ‘scared AF’ issue is warranted. In regards o preparing for the move.

In S-curve world – We’re here daily. And have been since 2012. Just take a look at the newsletter timeline via > the archives. It’s been daily.

We all have different levels of ‘comfort zone fever’. Which is why we have stages in place. To help you feel confident at each level, so that you progress.

And the best way to understand YOU. Is by stepping into your shoes. Which I myself, am constantly doing. And is what anyone else who takes my place/works along side me, will be doing.

Message first. Reply second. 


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I know a story, about you…

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Christmas is nearly here. And right now… It’s a combination of chats with…

Past members – Returning… Like Monica. She was the first > scenario and still is. And doesn’t need much help. But laps up the supplement stuff via More buzz.

New stage 1 members  – Like Mrs Greene and Amina… Who both received the LIVE update member page for their stage 1’s (New as of Monday 18th December).

And talking with new FitBuzzers – In the FB page Messenger chats. It’s a lot more interactive there. So feel free to sign up to it, if you don’t want to add me for some reason 🙂 (So friendly I am @ Yoda voice… Star Wars vibes).

Make sure you do. Because talking 121 is ‘the’ #1 way that we can help you… Which usually spans outside of the realm of ‘fitness’ chatter.

And today… I’m going to highlight some stories @ what is was like for members who experienced real physical results for the first time.

As I KNOW some of you are reading and watching new people come in. And kill it… LIVE, from everything

that’s given in this newsletter.

And you’re just there… Not experiencing the same thing :(.

It’s always our goal to not let that fact remain. So… From the hall of fame or stage 3 page via > More buzz

Enter: Amy

She had a ‘curvy’ past. And a current day new shredded self, when she first let us know about her existence. Yet… She had no butt.

And if you look at her ‘before’ picture. You’ll see that there was quite a challenge ahead @ butt growth.

A break down of how it all played out…

A) She had to gain mass first, without exploding her waist. That’s all S-curve meal structure shenanigans.

B) She had to trigger the results via the best S-curve workout routines.

C) It happened quicker, due to the S-curve formula. But… It still took a while, based on her current physique.

She’s currently living like a stage 4 member now. But the…

Take away = You should only worry about building a better version of yourself. The other ladies you see
around @fitbuzz, just serve as motivation to start, continue and then win.

Enter: Yani

Her story is classic. In that, she thought she had tried everything in order to become S-curvish. But she didn’t (Could blame it on being just 17-18 years old at the time).

She was doing good workouts. But what she was doing within them, was holding her back (Namely the results triggers).

And… She wasn’t eating S-curvishly. She became a long term member on day one. But the noticeable results happened within the month.

Even her mother got a shock and wondered what the fudge she was doing. You’ve all seen the 30 day

noticeable results play out many times now. So the…

Take away = Let other people into your current day knowledge base. More knowledge + continuous ‘correct’ action, is how you’ll win. Even if failing happens along the way (Which happens less, due to our collective experience now).

Enter: Alicia

It took months of talking on and off before she became a member. And just like all the other shred to smexy members. The results started to show fast.

Then friends and family started to notice. At which point, she had no choice but to tell them what she was


Which lead to ME getting tons of virtual hugs. Ha.

Take away = Don’t wait for what you want. And in many cases… ‘Need’.

This applies to many other areas of life right now. As technology continues to disrupt every industry on the



Becoming S-curvish is where it all begins in this now ‘S-curve experience’. And the only tools you need to get going, are…

A laptop/iPad, wifi, any open space/gym and access to food.

Message first. Reply second. 


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