Ask Jeeves booty?

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Buzzers… Humpday… (Mid-week meaning)

We’ve been internet-ing for a while now (You can read the back story > here).

And back in the early days… There was Ask Jeeves. Which was a search engine with a guy in a suit as the logo (From what I remember).

It’s now Ask (dot)com today.

And today… We’re going to have a ‘You ask and I answer’ day, for all things S-curve world.

So let’s get into it… @ becoming S-curvish/shred-curvish questions.

So… What’s the deal with ‘food’ here?

Well… Many mess this up. And after countless convos with people, over time. The conclusion I’ve come to as to ‘why’. Is because people are following food shenanigans that are not in line with their goals or lifestyle!

In S-curve world… We eat based on…

A) Getting your body to > look like this
B) To still enjoy the things you currently like to eat
C) Eat to keep your body looking like that over the long term

We created > this protocol S-curve meal structure back in 2011-12.

And as of this year… It has evolved into the following official food list…

– 2017 S-curve members… Check your member pages…
– Past members… It’ll be added to your member pages if you become active on stage 3 for one month or more, or starting on stage 4.

#1 Tasty A-rated foods

Fruit is the ‘go-to’ for that. But you can’t eat fruit all day long. And almost every other A-rated food is boring as f***.

So we have an entire list on how to spice up ya main meals.

Example = – Oats + raisins + chia seeds + blueberries.

#2 – The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods

The protocol list linked above. Just look at that.

It’s A-C rated, to ensure that you get the much needed varied nutrients entering your guts. It’s a serious results booster. Especially if you’ve failed @ becoming S-curvish on your own.

#3 – Foods that contain a high amount of a nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type

Like… Protein in wild rice.

That’s the kinda thing you look for, if you can’t add meat to your meals. Or to simply hit your protein intake goals, without worrying about eating enough protein specific foods.

#4 – Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type.

Like…Bulgar wheat.

This is great when preparing…

Breakfast – As you can eat once, without getting hunger pains for several hours.

Dinner – So that you can go to bed, 3-4 hours after eating, without craving for night foods.

#5 Foods that keep you feeling full

This applies to day time shenanigans. As not feeling full, may lead to snacking on too many convenient D-F rated foods. Especially if you work in an office that’s loaded with them.

2 of my own favorites are pineapple and bananas. And the one we usually put you onto, at some point in your plan, is casein.

I won’t explain ‘why’ until you become a member. And you will see why, once you do.

#6 > Exploring the world of food, with your new fixed mindset

That is the ultimate part of ‘food’, within the S-curve experience.

Especially when it comes to > TC and TC2.0 trips.

And… How does ‘working out’ work?

– Bodyweight movements
– Weight training
– A sport you enjoy for HIIT activity (Optional)

What’s needed?

– Smartphone/Tablet for streaming vids and 121 coaching chats

– Any random open space (Park, room inside a building)

– Any near by gym, regardless of where you are at any given time

– Any supermarket


That’s the two main ones to answer.

Most of the questions that pop up, are actually towards you. Because the more that’s known about YOU = The better the tailored program for YOU. Which leads to a better or faster outcome overall.

So > answer these to begin with.

Add/Follow/Message below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for everything else.


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[Your Doctor] You have a new form of paralysis

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Buzzers… Choose ‘today’…


We’re heating up to a new year. And I think almost everyone is busy with stuff at this time of year.- Long TC or TC2.0 trips
– Family get-togethers
– Seeing friends that you haven’t seen in a while
– Starting official @ stages 1-4 via More buzz (Don’t forget to check the daily updates @ all links)So let’s all lap up every minute of it and take tons of pics and vids.

Today’s headline

Almost everyone who became a serious member had that, prior to being one. I’ve talked about it before. And it’s usually a case of being scared of success.

We’re keeping stage 1 in place, as it acts as a cure for that paralysis. It makes you feel comfortable @ taking the chains off.

Just like your hubby/partner did, when you first let them ‘inside’ your world. Hehe.

So… A couple of scenarios laid out for you @ person type…

Stage 1 and done?

That is… Can you start stage 1 and succeed with that only?

You can. But it usually only applies to hardcore go-getters.

Like… Someone who succeeds in other areas of their life. Decides to become S-curvish… And has zero knowledge about ‘fitness’ stuff. Like those folks I came across at the regular meet ups this year.

And just gets it done.

If that’s you. You’ll need at least one month on stage 3 though. And maybe a very early stage 4 to send you on your way, so that you know what to do on your own in the future.


You’re here because you need a helping hand. Because it is tough to do this stuff on your own as a busy adult.

So most who start on stage 1, quickly realise they can’t even consider the > cut corner approach. And just go all in on stage 3/queen.

– Stage 1 (1 month on stage 3) and done if you KNOW you’re a go getter

– Stage 1-3 for 3-6-12 months if you KNOW you are not and know you need the help!

Fall season goodies

See anything you like in the @fitbuzz skreened or cafe press store this year?

Well… We don’t do too much of that Black Friday stuff on the main program. And probably never will @ this ‘high end’ stage.

But that stuff does go on via our partners and third party associates @ apparel stuff and supps. And this is the best time of year to lap it all up.

It’ll continue on for several weeks too, as Christmas is coming. So again… Lap it up.

Flashback 2017 S-curve blueprint tips

<#1 Don’t worry about calories and grams.That won’t be important until you reach at least 60% S-curvish. Just focus on learning and embracing YOUR S-curve meal structure.

#2 Push for meal variety monthly… Not weeklyThere are many individual reasons why your results improve whilst you’re living your life on stage 3. I talk about them in almost every newsletter (That ‘telling you’… Is one of the reasons too).

One of the most important ones, is varying your food types. And it becomes easier to do, once you’re into the groove of things.

But… You only need to change it up every 1-2 months. In terms of boosting physical results. And if you are still in that zone, where you don’t change it up as much as you should be doing.

#3 Staying focused

Not doing so, whilst doing things on your own, is one of the reasons why you fall off.

And it’s not always your fault. It’s easy to get distracted with all these things going on around us in today’s world.

And that’s why we bring you in… Real close. Into the S-curve formula.

That’s arguably the no.1 reason why members in the most recent years, haven’t fallen off @  S-curve formula shenanigans.

The loss of focus, usually comes in the form of a hissy fit. Usually wanting to do multiple things at once.

This is one reason why we change the plan every 4-6 weeks. I mentioned the other reasons > here.

And it’s what happens over the long term too. Again… It’s all S-curve formula stuff at play. Just let it take over your body and mind :).

#4 Tasty A-rated cheat snacks

– Frozen strawberries and grapes – It gives the same satisfaction on the tongue as ice-cream… Without the D-F rated ingredients.

– Cherry tomatoes – Generic tomatoes only taste good when mixed with other foods. But these ones are very addictive @ eating them on their own. You’re allowed to get addicted too. Because there’s very little calories to consume and zero fat going into your guts.

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It’s over (So fudged up)

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Buzzers… Yesterday…

I was highlighting the fact that we may or may not get rid of this years fall season program.

But I’ve already decided…

We are getting rid of it!


Well… Because we actually created it back in January-ish, via the > queen program, that I never talk about and almost forgot about (Skip to the 4th minute on the video).

That’s the ‘best value’ long term option that you start, if you just want to officially start and just ‘work’ the S-curve formula until you’re happy.

I KNOW this works really well. As we did that with several members this year.

We didn’t care about the switching between the results and lifestyle phases. We just put the formula to work and enjoyed the S-curve experience along the way.

In fact… I think that is the best option to be on, when living the S-curve experience as we do it today.

– TC 2.0
– OOTD/OOTN moments
– Roof top bar, coffee shop moments

So ya… A little ‘peace of mind’ approach to kick start your 2018 goals (No resolutions allowed).

Let’s have a solid blueprint tips day, as it’s been a while.

#1 You may or may not read every newsletter.

It’s more important to open each one. But to just highlight the ones that are important to you. That’s why there are headlines for the topics discussed, throughout the newsletter. So that you can quickly scan them and decide in the moment.

#2 Range of motion time…
There are a lot of ‘nearly no.1’ things that take your physical and mental results to the next level within the S-curve formula.

And in terms of ‘physical’… The increased range of motion exercise variations tick that box.

Enter: The high side to side hyper extended leg lifts + Ankle weights (On a bench)

– Stand behind a semi-inclined bench (Like you’re about to spot someone on an incline bench press exercise).

– Lean forward and rest your upper body on the bench (You should be slightly hanging off the edge with your feet off the ground, with one foot on the ground if you push your body downwards).

– Hold the bench on both sides and start doing leg lifts reps (slowly).

– You should be able to ‘feel’ each rep. Just push your legs up as high as they can go.

= Increased range of motion without fail. Just like the hanging bicycles exercise.

#3 A tasty fruit from the day time fruit and nuts list (For snacks)

Enter: Rambutan

– Which is ideal for travelling with, as they’re dry and can’t be squashed.
– They’re fast digesting.

– They’re almost entirely carbs ONLY… And very low in carbs too. So you can munch away… All day.
Remember… You’ll use all of these blueprint tips. But only throughout your 6-12-18 month journey. Not all on day one.

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Five Effective Ways To Gain Muscle for Slender Men

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Many slim men have the notion that it is difficult and almost impossible to increase muscle mass. This is far from the truth because, with correct and tailored programs, anyone can increase their muscle weight. Eating the right foods in the proper proportions, doing the correct workouts, and ensuring adequate recovery can help slim-built guys gain muscle. To supplement these efforts, safe and reliable steroids available from steroides injectables can be very helpful. The following are some tips that can help thin persons build muscle:

Eat food that helps with muscle development

To gain muscle, one needs to eat a lot of protein, which is the primary component of muscle. Carbohydrates are a source of energy and must be taken in sufficient amounts. Failure to do so will mean that the body starts breaking down proteins and muscles to get energy. Suitable foods that promote muscle growth are turkey, fish, rice, pasta, and milk.

Eat every two hours

The body requires nutrients to be available all the time to be able to build muscle. Three meals per day are just not enough if you intend to gain muscle. Aim for a substantial breakfast, then take a snack in two hours’ time, have a protein-packed lunch, and get a snack in not more than two hours after lunch. Some workouts are done in an hour’s time after snacking, then take a shake after training. Then it’s time for the evening meal which should be a big and healthy one. Before retiring to sleep, remember to take some shake so that the muscles do not starve while sleeping.

Have enough rest

The body requires enough nutrients and rest to be able to build muscles. Too much exercise without proper rest will be counterproductive. In between workouts, there must be enough time for the body to rest, heal and grow. Overtraining at the gym will result in slow muscle growth.

Avoid cardiovascular activity

Do not undergo any cardiovascular exercise as this will only result in the burning down of calories. Cardio can only be undertaken if there is fat accumulation that needs to be burned, which is not typically found in slim men. The skinny guy on a muscle-building mission should do the least activity that will result in the burning of calories. Instead of running, he should just walk, and sit instead of standing.

Perform compound movements

To get bigger, one must become stronger. Compound exercises make use of several joints, while lifting weights. There should be optimal muscle recruitment, high activation of the nervous system and more growth stimulation. Some compound workouts include squats, shoulder press and deadlifts. All these are excellent at building strength. Some other ways to utilize compound movements include push/pull movements horizontal-wise, and vertical pull/push motions.


These tips should yield positive results for thin men if applied well. Make sure that your diet is one that promotes building of muscle, ensure adequate rest for healing and growth, and only carry out exercise that will meet your ultimate aim of increasing muscle mass.

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Delivery of your variable booty card submission

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Buzzers… Sunday…

What’s going on with me today… Is the same as yesterday. Now onwards with the day.

Today’s headline

Yup… With the S-curve experience in full effect @ the long term plan is indeed a ‘now’, variable one.

– TC2.0 trips
– Shifting between results and lifestyle phases
– Cheat snacking, TGIF cheat nights, roof top bars and coffee shop hangout shenanigans

One word = Fun

We are having fun with all of this stuff now. Just visit all the social pages via > More buzz for a visual explanation.

And remember… The whole point of going ‘high end’. Is so that you don’t ever have to start over, ever again. Not ever!

So those of you who have said in passing convo, that you’ve started several ‘things’ before and blah-dy, blah, blah… That BS ends as you enter state 3. Or should I say… This years > fall season programWhich we may of may not turn into an official thing.

We live in ‘winners’ world here.

This week… We > RECAPO


That newsletter was all about the food shenanigans that go on, once YOU become an expert at eating S-curvishly.

With some fave TG/Christmas foods listed.


Was it ‘love at first sight’ when you decided to get together with your partner/husband/wife?

It usually isn’t. And it usually isn’t, when FitBuzzers decide to become S-curve members on here. We talk about that + some blueprint tips listed.


– Highlighting more aspects of this years fall season program.

– To encourage you to embrace a ‘student mindset’ on your journey to living S-curvishly.

– Some beginner blueprint tips to help with that.


– Adding fruit to dinner meals to make them less boring.

– Why you don’t need to worry about D-F rated foods making you fat, when you eat them.

– Supplements and apparel… There’s still some good things going on with them at present.


– Reminding you that the newsletter is a part of the S-curve formula.

– To kill the ‘taking shortcuts’ mindset.

– The order of what it looks like to start as an official member right now.

Some 3-6-12 month scenarios for you, in regards to that…

> Do two months of a results phase, go about your own way for the rest of the year. And maybe come back for stage 4.

> Start an intro program. If all is good and well by week 4. Then stay on a lifestyle phase until you are happy.

> Start the intro. Then shift between a results and lifestyle phase over the next 12 months.


Stuff I’ve learned about you this year. From meeting you regularly, face to face. And from our global online shenanigans.




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I know, something, about you…

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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s another weekend of lapping up the Christmas vibes in town for me.

There might be some TC2.0 shenanigans coming up in the next week or so (I’ll post pics and vids if I do). So I’ll be focused on looking after all of you this weekend. And maybe a TV show or two (Streamed of course… Haven’t watched ‘TV’ in about 10 years).

Today’s headline

So… You’ve been watching and consuming everything on here over the past 12 months… Right.

On here… And on the social media profiles.

And this year… There was a big focus on getting face to face with ladies (And fellas who are a fan of…) who could be potential FitBuzzers.

And I would meet up with one particular group once a month or so. Which you would have seen via the shenanigans album on my own FB profile at the end of each newsletter.

Findings part 1

Not everyone is an ‘internet’ person. A lot of the folks I met, were clueless about the fitness world. And had no idea that the bodies you see here, even existed (I was like that too, back in 2009).

And today… When people see the @fitbuzz images. They want to talk with someone they can trust. To tell them what’s real, fake, BS… Etc.

That’s the main reason why I stayed as the main ‘voice’ @ everything S-curve.

So it really was a good thing to travel to different parts of the world and help people who really need the help.

Highlight: People will take action on a good thing, when they feel good about the situation.

Findings part 2

Learning how women think.

I of course, have to know this. It’s how I’m able to help you. But conversing and watching women in action, confirmed everything I already know.

What was more interesting. Was seeing how a lot of men didn’t understand the way women think/are (I’ve seen some of this stuff with the partners/husbands of S-curve members too).

That’s a whole topic on it’s own.

Highlight: The reactions on women’s faces when I reveal the problems they’re having, without knowing  them at all… And then throwing solutions their way :).

Stuff you are well aware of, as a newsletter reader of course.

Findings part 3

Travel-curvish 2.0

That is… A lot of women are embracing the 2-3 day trips to beach, camping and hiking destinations. That are only 2-4 hours away from their home city, regardless of where they live in the world.

Some of those I met who are already doing TC2.0, even ended up on the @fitbuzz Instagram.

So if my predictions are right. This will be the ‘hot thing’ in S-curve world over the next 12 months or so.

2017 was all about enhancing the > stage 3 results and lifestyle phase. And for past members to start jumping on stage 4 (Which I predicted they would, back in 2016).

There’s some other stuff to mention. But this newsletter is LIVE. And my brain farted and forgot some stuff.

Conclusion =

We will continue to merge the online and offline worlds into one. Which is what’s happening with the world anyway. @ social media rising to the top of all media platforms.

A) > Fall season/2018 prep.
B) > More buzz to see everything that’s going on.
C) Message first on FB… No one replies to newsletters anymore. But you can still do… And I’ll still reply back.


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Do you have this cut in your corner?

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> After last night?
> At some point today?

Onwards with the day…You already know about the important stuff going on for the remaining weeks of this year. You can remind yourself about it > here.

At which point, we light up our fires for the 2018 goals (No resolutions allowed).

This newsletter you’re reading…

It’s common knowledge now, that it’s a part of the S-curve formula. And what you consume here, starts to make more sense once you become an official member.

Which is why you must not stop reading once you start.

– It’s a habit building shenanigan
– It’s a part of the ‘organically arrived at’… S-curve experience
– ‘Part’ accountability tool

Why part?

This is where most people realise that they need to actually start doing the real deal stuff @ the becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish part of the experience.

Here > Become S-curvish

Before we enjoy stuff there > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish

2.0 trips

Because the newsletter is simply throwing ingredients at you, from the formula.

We’ve turned more ‘high end’ over time. As that’s what actually makes you succeed. So now, more than ever before…

– It’s answering > these questions
– 121 coaching chats and the LIVE update member page shenanigans

That’ll make you win.

Cutting corners

… As beginner or intermediate FitBuzzer, is a super horrible approach. Regardless of what you want to achieve @ life. It leads to mediocre outcomes and wastes a lot of time.

In S-curve world. That means, taking longer to experience all the other great stuff, whilst looking and feeling your S-curvish best (Unhappy face emoji goes here).

And… Because I’m hands on with a lot of face to face and ‘online communication’ Fitbuzzers. I have seen how that ‘cutting corners’ approach plays out.

Like > this lady who I highlight from time to time (Yup… I call some people out… If our relationship qualifies for that… Hehe).

She actually had a habit of cutting corners in other areas of her life too.

Succeeding here for the 2nd time after a 2 year on/off approach, going it alone… Changed her mindset to stop the cutting corner behaviour in everything she’s doing @ life.

– Career
– Dating to find ‘the one’ (I like to say ‘a right one’)
– Creating better relationships with people

A fixed mindset

Which is the ultimate reason for going long term.

Yes… A fixed mind/approach takes you to 90-100% S-curvish. But a fixed mind is what keeps you there too.

You are failing if you don’t get to that stage. That can’t happen to you. Which is why the newsletter and stage 1-4 program via > More buzz are the two most important things that we’ve worked on since 2012.

Fixing YOU… As a busy person, is not an easy thing to achieve. Especially on your own!

But we’ve bent all the way backwards to create a formula for it. Just be ready to feel what ‘past’ stage 3 members felt… @

”Ah… So this is what all my fellow FitBuzzers have been feeling @ all the times I’ve sat back and watched”

The order of operations that I talked about this week… (What you will do)

#1 Laptop/iPad, wifi, any open space/gym, access to food.

#2 The first ‘complete’ fall season/Black Friday/Christmas program (Above), that’s in sync with our S-curve

experience goals (Which is a more effective approach than starting stage 1 and half-assing your way to stage 3).

#3 Start a results or lifestyle phase 4-6 weeks after that (Our relationship will be solidified at this point). Which will go on for 3-6-12 months.

#4 Stage 4 will kick in, whenever your stage 3 shenanigans come to an organic end. And now this newsletter is about to destruct.

Add/Follow/Message below (First). Reply (Second). And More buzz for everything else.


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Because… This sauce will poison your TG pudding

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That is… To poison your dinner with a sauce so yummy… That you won’t even look forward to dessert. 😛

Buzzers… Thursday/Thanksgiving… To those who celebrate it (I’m more Christmas myself @ current FB profile pic).

Today’s headline

I am talking about Mondays mint sauce on meat.

It really is that yummy. And it’s actually something that’s embraced more @ TG/Xmas meals, than at any other time of the year.

In fact… That’s one big taste enhancer to boring foods that I haven’t even covered before. Which is… Adding fruit to dinner meals (Yes.. I know ‘mint’ isn’t a fruit).

Adding tasty veggies is something we’re already used to.

But tried and tested examples =

– Pasta + raisins/pineapple
– Rice + pineapple
– Others… But this newsletter is LIVE… And my brain is dead at present

We don’t focus on recipes much here. As most people will end up doing their own thing.

Our job… Is to teach you to do your own thing, with the right ingredients.

And to then… Embrace and munch on everything @ festive season shenanigans. Like today @Thanks-  giving… Christmas, TC2.0 trips, BBQ’s.

Why we aren’t worried about unwanted excess fat gain?

A) Because you would need to eat shite-ly, every day… For it to be a problem.

B) You won’t want to eat like that, as going 80% clean makes you want to do it less. And you’ll only want to cheat snack (I personally do this with every main A-rated meal).

C) There’s actually some ‘needed nutrients’ in some of the C/D-F rated foods you’re binging on during these times.

D) Doing so keeps your sweet tongue/tooth at bay.

> Yesterday’s newsletter…

That will apply for the next week and up until December 20th. At which point, we kick our 2018 goals into gear.

Remember… Goals are OK. Resolutions are trash.

More on more buzz…

Everything else that you see outside of the main stage 1-4 shenanigans. Compliment… And are a part of the S-curve experience.

But in terms of Black Friday goodies. It’s…


> skreened
> cafe press
And the protocol supps @ > Xtend, whey, casein.

I highlight the short version on how we use the protocol supplements on that Xtend page too. A lot of people

are still new to using supplements as taste enhancers on boring foods.

So expect us to spend some time with that when you officially start @ habit building shenanigans.

So simple. Yet so effective.

Enough talk for now. It’s a festive day. Continue tomorrow. And > More buzz is where everything lives.


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The most successful student is… (High on own supply)

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Buzzers… Hump day (Mid week meaning)

Yesterday’s intro to start the day again…. As it’s the same today. It’s a hot TC2.0 season. Which means it is indeed a lifestyle phase season.

You ‘could’ start a results phase now. Or usually… Just after Thanksgiving/Christmas. But in true S-curve experience fashion… We embrace and enjoy these fun moments.

Because creating fun memories, is the best investment you could ever make for yourself and the important people around you!

Which is why TC2.0 came about organically. And why this year… It’s become OK to be at least 60% S-curvish and happy with it.

Because you should not be skipping trips, just because you didn’t look perfect!

> The TG/Black Friday/Xmas program just got serious

Because you’re invited to the year long party @ 2018

You already know that we’re creating 3-5-10 year S-curve member stories (Currently visible on the stage 3 page).

That’s what your present day/future looks like (As does mine).

So for the next week… We’re going to plan ahead. In a way that we’ve never done before.

That is… To simply give you free access to stage 4, once you reach at least 60% S-curvishly fixed. Which should be around 3-6 months from now.

Which is of course… Kick started by the 28 days left of daily 121 chats that you already know about, above.

Stage 4 is like giving you a 6 month supply of your favorite ‘whatever’, in life. Which at present… Starts ‘at any time’ you finish funking around on stage 3 – Yup.

That also means you’re going to get automatic updates (All of 2018’s unknown upgrades) to your LIVE update member page.

Yup… I did tell you we were preparing you (Read the order of operations on the page update above).

This is the first year, where our festive season shenanigans are totally in line with our S-curve

experience goals.

And since we’re open about everything here. The reason why we’re doing all of the above. Is so that we can collectively create awesome S-curve experience pics and videos.

To add to the website and FB albums that have already been created for it.

So lap it up… As we once again, get ready to ante up things in S-curve world. As we do every year.

The most successful student is…

In the past 12 months, the most successful offline and online members. Were those who were pretty clueless about the ‘fitness’ world.

As they came in with zero bad habits. Like trying a ton of random stuff and continuously failing.

That also makes for great S-curve experience people. As they are already living life ‘great’. We just improve how they’re doing it.

That trend continued, with all those people I met this year. All clueless about the ‘fitness’ world.

But… Everyone wants to be fixed.

So my advice to you. If you’ve walked in here all butt hurt (Like dating a ton of ‘duds’, leaving you with a chip on your shoulder @ finding a good partner).

Is… To allow yourself to become a student again.

It’s what all the members did this year. And it’s what brand new people are doing @ starting in fall season. Like > Miss Greene.

With that being said…

Blueprint tips, as if you were to start with a fresh brain without a tried and failed past…

#1 Rating foods from A-F…

It’s pretty simple. Which is…

A = Apple
F = Apple pie with custard

I) Most of your meals will be A-C rated. Because just ‘A’ is too boring @ taste. And to increase the amount of nutrients that you’re exposed to.

II) A-rated fruit will be your cheat snacks, most of the time.

III) F-rated foods can be enjoyed on the occasional TGIF cheat night.

Things get a little more advanced after that @ tailoring for the long term. But to start with… That’s all you need to know.

#2 Weight training or bodyweight movements

There are a lot of ways to do this (We have about 15 different specific official routines in place at present). And I could share example videos to show you what this looks like. But…

A) You’ve seen these videos in past newsletters. Live, educational and example workouts.

B) That’s not what will help you. Jumping on a 121 chat and learning about your life, will. As there’s a ton of info you are holding close to your heart and not revealing to any random joe. Info we must know about here.

But those are the only two areas that you’ll be concerned with @ getting physical.

Talking for today is over.

Now let your self slide into the direct messages on @fitbuzz FB, my FB and @fitbuzz Instagram. > More buzz for everything else.


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Buzzers… > You are

It is indeed a busy period right now.

– It’s a hot season for TC2.0 trips.
– It’s a time of year where folks start meeting up with other folks they haven’t seen all year.
– And many other festive shenanigans.

It’s a new day. So… Newsletter as we do.

Enter: The elephant in the room…

Is that no one is going to start a long term program with some ‘random joe’.

The same way that you didn’t pick a ‘random joe’ to be your partner/husband/wife.That’s why we’ve taken time to create stages 1-4, to the level it’s at now.

And… Why we expect to take time in getting you comfortable at each stage.

YOU need to feel like you’re part of something great.

That’s why there’s been the biggest focus on the newsletter and the main program during the past 5 years. Everything else has been a second priority to those two things.

And the #1 reason we’ve taken this approach @ becoming an S-curve experience. Is because we know with 101% certainty…

That this how you achieve the best overall results with an almost zero fail rate. Physical, mental, family and friends involved.

Every single woman wants the outcome that can be seen here. But most won’t know how to get it or why things work, when they do.

And right now… We’re pretty much nurturing ladies who are used to being a part of something ‘basic’. Into something more premium.


We’re pretty open here. Especially since I’m doing everything within this lifestyle too.

So I’ll tell you straight @ why…

You see > these ladies.

And all those in the hall of fame and new > S-curve member stories

Well… A lot of them came in, expecting something basic (Sometimes from doing basic stuff that always failed them… Especially long term). But they of course always wanted to succeed.

But wether it was the face to face or in person S-curve members… The moment they realised that there was a higher level, at which to play this game… Their mindset changed.

Their eyes lit up and they got a lot more serious with it. They turned up every day and did everything that was thrown at them without fail. No hesitation.

Until the grind stage kicked in of course. When results are harder to come by and hissy fits kick in (Where almost everyone starts to fail).

That’s where we step in @ big must.


That is why we kept on migrating towards something a little more premium.

And for me… It’s funny. Because I spend a lot of time with ladies offline. And their reactions to the stuff I know about them, without knowing them too well. Is priceless. Ha.

So… That’s the 100% real reason on how we got to this point.

An experience which is now enhanced by this…

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

And now an > official program for all those chat moments that happen, leading up to stage 3. Which takes a few weeks to settle into… Hence.

Will we carry on this fall season/TG/Black Friday/Xmas intro program after December?

Not sure. But… If we do. We’ll call it something different. Each newsletter is based on the topics that are discussed in the moment. So only time will tell.

Blueprint tip reminders

#1 Slow-go cardio and excessive shredding (Even the right way of shredding) will give you shrunk butt.

So the magic… Is in the gauging of your on-going results. These changes happen fast on a results phase. So we watch closely once you begin.

#2 Yesterday’s super market video…

Like I said… We don’t focus on recipes too much. Because you’ll usually eat what you want.

What we do… Is focus on the meal structure and ingredients.

That way… You can easily identify the food types. Buy the right food types. And then eat them at the right times.

99% of people screw up the nutrition part of becoming S-curvish though. Especially over the long term (A now solidified process @ > stages 1-4). So expect that topic to be the bulk of the 121 coaching chats.

Again… What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that. And More buzz for everything else

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