WTF… Where the fudge did my butt go?

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Buzzers… TGIF…

I talked about this recently.

And you’ll usually feel like there’s no reason, for why it happens. But there usually is a valid reason. You just can’t see it, because you’re just busy with life.

– Sleep pattern got a little fudged up
– Your nutrient and calorie intake changed
– You became more physically active
– Your workout activity changed

This will happen more often on a lifestyle phase than on a results phase. Because a lifestyle phase is less focused. Which is why it happens.

The magical thing, about shifting between the two. Is that we’re able to get the ‘body fixes’ and still live a great lifestyle @ > yesterday’s newsletter.


Since I already gave you an ‘example fix’ for today’s headline. Let’s focus on what we would do when that happens to other body parts.

This is coming straight out of my head. As if you asked me face to face, on the spot.


Remember… Your body will shape shift throughout the day. Which is normal.

Like… You’ll usually look less-curvish in the morning, since you’re waking up from a fasting period @ 6-8 hours of sleep.

That’s a common hissy fit moment. And one of the things that helps with that. Is by drinking casein before bed time. Since that helps to protect the muscles that you’ve built up. Which fights against the natural muscle wasting that occurs.

And of course… You’ll usually look your best… 48-72 hours after an effective workout. And from eating S-curvishly during that time period.

How and what you eat, will change over time, in order to push you forward to 90-100% S-curvish. Which is the reason why you’re given the protocol S-curvish meal structure on > More buzz. As it’s just the starting point.

Now let’s get into some exercises that will aid the fix.

#1 Tiny lower legs?

– 3 step calf raises > Heavy weight > Knees slightly bent > Feet pointed inwards/straight/outwards

#2 Butt volume

– Super rep single leg deadlift
– Heavy clam

#3 Triceps looking too ‘big’?

– Light weight barbell + High reps
– Laying over head tricep extensions

#4 Too much fat building up on your sides, above your waist?

– Standing dumbbell laterals
– Walking knee to elbows (Correct form)
– Throwing your feet to the left/right on laying leg lifts
– Hanging bicycles

Those are the ingredients. The formula exists in the ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’. Which is of course the > long term tailored approach @ shifting between the lifestyle and results phase.

Reply to talk as usual… Adding below is MUCH better… And More buzz for daily updates.


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Yup… It really is this simple…

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Buzzers… TBT…
So… I did the ‘out in the town’ thing yesterday. Pics will go up soon. Since we are visual folks in S-curve world.

But once again… I was proven right @ predicting what the S-curve experience has started to become. Which is ladies, who are becoming S-curvish (Or want to). And then embracing travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

– Because ‘regular’ 2-3 week trips aren’t possible… Because everyone ‘works’.
– Destinations that are 2-4 hours away from your home location.

(I’ll send you their Instagram feeds privately, if you reply. As their accounts are ‘private’. Kinda like how most S-curve members are NOT heavy Facebook users @ Messenger only).

Travel-curvish 2.0 also serves as a great habit building shenanigan, to keep you on the fit-wagon too.

As you’ll want to take more of those trips. But only if you look at least 60-80% S-curvish.

In fact… There were people last night, who didn’t go on more trips because of that reason. And yes… They will be changed. Just like you will be.

So… That’s the lifestyle. That’s the S-curve experience.

– A mobile device, as your becoming S-curvish tool
– Working remotely sometimes (Or all the time)
– OOTD/OOTN-curvish + roof top bars/coffeeshops (> Variations of > And of)
– Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans

S-curve member podcast shenanigans

I’ve spoken to several members this week. And it looks like it’ll happen. So just give me a moment to get back into how the podcast game works again. Then it’s ‘game on’.

Blueprint tips

Remember… You don’t have to follow these if you’re intending on becoming an official member. As you won’t use all of the tips that you are seeing. You’ll only use what’s beneficial to your situation. OKzee.

#1 On the flip side to that. You’ll still use this newsletter to stay updated on ‘stuff’. And to help you stay on the fit-wagon. It’s all designed to work in sync @ LIVE update member page and newsletter.

#2 You can and should still do activities that you enjoy when you ‘start’.

In fact… You don’t have to quit anything that you’re currently doing in your life…

– Pizza nights with the girls/guys
– Yoga
– Mud runs
– Wine

Whatever… There’s a place for all of that to continue. Just… No slow-go cardio. That shrinks your butt. And makes you look skinny-fat. Less-curvish. 🙁

#3 Are you currently 60-80% S-curvish and struggling to get to the perfect YOU… @ Shredding to smexy?

If so… The solution is of course, about a tailored approach. But in terms of exercises. It’s all about the advanced exercise variations. And you NEED to ‘progress’ to them (Otherwise you’ll get hurt).

And that’s what the final official routine of the year will be about @ S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Do you know where your butt has been? (Video)

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Lol… Can you imagine how crazy that would be. If you didn’t know. And… If I was talking about, what you KNOW you thought I was talking about. Ha.

But of course… What I’m talking about, is knowing and tracking everything that you’ve done before ending up on this newsletter.

As it tells a story on where you should be heading to next. In terms of pushing forward in this lifestyle.

Kinda like what I did with > this back story.

I certainly wasn’t intending to be talking with you (Ladies) at that time. And more recently… To be talking more with the ‘guys’ again. Most of whom are your partners/husbands. But here we are.


The reason why this topic is important. Is because almost everyone swears blind, that they’ve tried everything to change their situation @ physical results. But with no current day success.

And it’s BS… It’s been proven time and time again, that ANYONE can be changed.

Examples that always come to mind =
> Yani @ SHE thought getting ‘that body’ wasn’t possible, after trying ‘stuff’.
> Victoria @ ‘FRIENDS’ who tried to tell her that she was wasting her time (What great friends she had).
Which is one reason for having past members come on the possible new S-curve member podcast. To just talk about ‘everything’.

And it’s also why we have those > questions on day #1. To dig into your life more. Because doing so, makes you remember where your butt has been.

Like… Taking you back to school and re-remembering folks that you forgot about (Unless they’ve already found you on Facebook).

So today… I’m going to continue on with yesterday’s blueprint tips workouts. And give you example workout solutions for shredding to smexy AND becoming S-curvish.

I’ll do video versions and send them individually if you start on > stage one. Although that’s kind of useless now. And is only there to get you started in the S-curve experience. So just start on stage two/three and use the video(s) as an extra routine for your LIVE update member page.

Shredding to smexy S-curve bodyweight circuit (Intermediate)

> The following is one circuit. Which is to do one exercise for one set, until failure. And then to head straight into the next exercise with no rest.

> Hits the upper body to lower body (In order).

– Push up > Knee over elbow combo (Ankle weights on)

– Light dumbbell/R-band standing single arm overhead tricep extension (‘Perfect form’ reps)

– Normal variation bicycles with a 2 second hold at each 5th rep (Ankle weights are still on)

– Walking bodyweight lunges

– Full Range Of Motion kneeling leg kicks (Ankle weights still on)

Take the ankle weights off when you repeat the circuit.

Becoming S-curvish (Home weights or gym)

> No reps and sets. As it’ll be different for everyone.

– High tension standing lunges with dumbbells in each hand

– Squat > calf raise (all angles) combo exercise

– Kneeling ‘high’ leg lifts with ankle weights on (Gotta take your time on this one)

That’s what a short splits routine looks like. Which feels great when you’re busy @ life.

That’s it… I’m off. But in true S-curve experience fashion… I’ll be ‘mobile’ and on the move. Just like you. So reply to talk. And More buzz for those daily updates and everything else.


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Rare P.S.

Today’s > daily update video, is the OOTN-curvish goal… Of the overall goal that now sits at the top of More

Do ALL, with less

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Buzzers… Pre humpday…
Do More ALL, with less…
We’re entering October soon. And it’s usually where things heat up, living your life how you have been from Jan to August. After a quieter September @ getting back to a normal schedule. Which means… You’ll probably do more ‘in the city’ shenanigans @ S-curve experience (That’s been ME, for the past 4 months).

For many… September is a ‘new year’ kinda month. Which means you’re busy setting up new s*** in your

life. With kids, work or whatever… Putting out fires and dealing with natural disasters.

Again… This is all ‘usually’. It’s different for everyone. As I mentioned > here.

But if your life does look like the above. Then once again… Understand, that starting as an official member is what will help fix/improve your lifestyle.

Because the only things you need, to start fixing YOU, Is…

– A mobile device for chats and videos
– An internet connection
– A workout mat, park, weights at home and a gym 20% of the time

That’s it.

Which means you need no extra time at all when you ‘start’. You simply DO… What’s given to you.

All of that, aligns with what the S-curve experience is all about.

And… Is the way a lot of the world has started to live. Which is remotely (At least more than ever before). In a lot of industries. Which is what I can see when I go to these > meet up events.

– Programmers
– Accountants
– Private club owners

– All kinda professional folks

It’s like…

– Lap top
– Airbnb
– Bars, restaurants, coffeeshops

Either way… The way things have become in the past few years. Makes the goal, that now sits on the top of > More buzz, so much easier to achieve.

And… Because we’re working so closely together. Being LIVE, every other day… You don’t have to worry

about dealing with shady payment processes that some gyms put you through.
Do ALL, with less FTW.
About yesterday…
Do reply, if you’re up for doing the possible S-curve member podcast.

It’s not a big deal if it doesn’t happen. But I know it’s a lot of fun and memorable. From doing a similar thing

way back when.

And now… To leave you with some ‘learned from doing’ blueprint tips…

#1 The most important thing @ getting results from food

– Increasing your total calorie intake and sticking to it daily
– Food variations
– Meal timing

That’s it. I’m personally testing things year after year on myself too. And all of the above, is what it is.

If you ‘just’ do that. You’ll see improved results in > this time frame.

#2 With workouts… We have long time proven routines

– Aphrodite Butt Building (Growing into an S-curve)
– S-curve bodyweight circuits (Shredding into an S-curve)

They just work and always will!

Most of the public videos are motivation focused today.

But in the beginning. I created all of the vids. Where tips are given throughout. Vids that are closer to what the official routine videos look like.

So give those > a ‘look’. But don’t follow those!


Again… You’re busy with life. It’s all about continuing your current life, in an improved way!

You don’t need to put extra things into your schedule, so that you become even busier. Nope, nope and nope.

– That’s why you’re doing this stuff within your current lifestyle.

– Which is why we created the short splits routine this year (I’ve been doing it since March and fudging love it).

– Why we have an updated official foods list.The following (From that list) relates to what we’re talking about


#5 Foods that keep you feeling full
#6 The restaurant food approach

Enough talk. Do ALL, with less. Reply to talk and add below.


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We’re bringing back an old butt (That announcement)

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Buzzers… Monday…
It’s the final week of September. So let’s get into it…

This is the S-curve experience… I’m personally living it daily. And it’s great to introduce many more people into it (That includes your partner, friends and family).

All of the following social media pages, shows you what that looks like (And in more detail in this newsletter).

– and Shauntls
Theres’s others. But you’ll see ‘everything’ on those ones.
The engagement levels fluctuate over time, between them. But right now… Some of the heat has moved over to the Instagram pages. Take a look.


It’s Monday… So you can catch up on the weekends newsletters > here.

Third = That ‘announcement’ from Friday

Introducing: S-curve member interviews (Possible podcast)

We had a > similar thing running, way back in 2009/10. And those interviews were a hit at the time.

Those videos are archived now though. As the platform they were recorded on, is now gone. I would have used YouTube. But back then, they were only doing 15 minute uploads. And the interviews were 30-60 minutes long.

So… How about it. Would you do one? As a past/present member?

If so, reply or direct message on the FB profile link above..

These interviews would be a little different though. As I’ll naturally be giving tips throughout.

So it’s…

– Us having an open chat about everything ‘S-curve lifestyle’.

– Your problems discussed… With solutions given.

– Some good ol’ chit-chat about life stuff. Just like we do in the 121 chats. We talk about EVERYTHING.

– Something you can show to your friends/family.


The > new updates are gradually rolling out. And the official foods lists are being updated all week, on the member pages (Check the ‘shenanigans album’ on the FB profile above, for ‘near daily’ photo meal updates).

And S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0 for advanced members is coming (The first one is responsible for almost ALL shred-curvish results). Which will be the last official routine to be launched this year.

Tweak weeks was the only other ‘necessary’ program to come out. Which came about, because of the ‘in person’ activity @ > these folks, this time last year.

All of the above is ‘a lot’. So make sure you reply or message. Especially if you’re a past member that might want to take part in that possible S-curve member podcast.

 > More buzz for daily updates.


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Those ‘ah ha’ moments… Now you see…

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It’s been a quiet weekend for me. But it had to be. As next week will be a different story. Again… There should be pics from the upcoming shenanigans, in the album of the same name, on the FB profile that  you see at the end of every newsletter.

But let’s end the weekend with some blueprint tips… That might result in the reaction @ today’s headline.

#1 Food… Supplements…

It’s all about the ingredients.

If you have good ingredients, you get boosted results. And if you have good food combos, you get great tasting meals.

Like > this one from Monday…

With food… You all know about A-C rated foods. You can spice some of them up with fruit. Since they  usually taste bland.

If you find any other foods to spice it up. It just needs to be low in saturated fat. That’s it. And to ensure that your mono-poly fat intake doesn’t exceed 40-50 grams daily.

With supplements… The ‘ingredients rule’ applies again.

These things are always improving/changing. So we sometimes introduce or talk about new ones that come about on here… Outside of the protocol supplements @ whey and casein (Which we also use to spice up some foods… Like oats).

#2 Honey… I shrunk my butt…

There’s a high probability that your butt might shrink slightly, if you’re shredding into an S-curve physique.

It happened to > Pam and Alicia.

Just understand that it’s only temporary. And that it’s an OK ‘thing’. As it’s not really possibly to shred and grow into an S-curve at ‘exactly’ the same time.

It’ll always be a tailored approach to regrow it (Or tweak weeks exercise variation modules on a lifestyle phase @ less 121 coaching). And it will of course grow back, better than before.

But in terms of exercises… You can focus on the following. Or progressing to them…

– Feet raised quadruped hip extension (Hard)

– Hyper extended standing lunges with a dumbbell held vertically at your chest (Medium)

– 45 degree laying abductions (Medium)

#3 Are you a long term member from pre-2012-2015?

If so… You will already know that a lot has changed since then. Even the world has changed a lot since then.

Now… If you are from ‘those times’. Then you would still have a member page.

Today… That has become a LIVE update member page. Which means that you already have a ‘story so far’.

That story will become your new S-curve member story, the moment you restart and continue today.

This is great. Because you get to re-see what the 2012-2015 YOU… Was doing. As I’m sure you’ve forgotten by now.

Tomorrow… That announcement that I spoke about on Friday.
Reply to talk…  Adding below is better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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The journey to going ‘high end’

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Buzzers… Saturday…
It’s the weekend… And I’ve returned to my movie watching shenanigans again @ The Glass Castle to kick things off. And before the TV show season kicks off next week for fall season.
It’s newsletter time right now though. So let’s get into it…
About yesterday’s newsletter @ ‘high end’ stuff…

It’s all about transforming the way you think as a person.

We’ve been on this path for several years now. And we’ve been making those involved (YOU) … Make the switch.

– No unnecessary ‘quitting’ @ everything in your life
– No more ‘getting your body ready’ for events
– Making you push further in your professional career

However… Some people aren’t always ready for it though. At least not in the beginning stages.

Like I said yesterday… Some come in, from going through a previous shi**y experience/service/product.

So instead of turning ‘those who aren’t ready’ away…

As a higher level experience… We bring those people in closer. Comfort them and change them.

And after doing this for quite a few years now. I personally get ‘in your face’ when it’s required and call you out on your BS. Ha… So ya… Being behind a screen won’t protect ya.

But… Once we get over that hurdle. We have fun!

-‘Come up for air’
– > Travel-curvish 2.0

– Cheat snack shenanigans
‘Coming up for air’ is a lot more common than taking Travel-curvish 2.0 trips though. As ‘travelling for fun’ isn’t always possible. Even for long weekends.

Also… How this plays out, will be different, based on what kind of job you have. Some examples from this past year =

– Works full time in a hospital
– Runs an online business
– Travels ‘on the road’ for work

Each of those 3 jobs, requires a slightly different approach, when tailoring a program.

As those are 3 different lifestyles.

#1 Is the easiest when it comes to creating a successful tailored plan. And would make Travel-curvish 2.0 trips easy @ > 25 trips in 6 months @ extreme # of trips.

Results would come easy too. Which they did… For those who have a schedule that’s similar to this.

#2 Working from home (More Coffee shop/Remote outdoor locations these days) is a gift and a curse. Because you save a ton of time @ no commuting to a place of ‘work’.

But being at home/alone more, can have a negative emotional impact on you. Like needing to ‘get out’ more. Which might lead to more 121 coaching chats. As working on ones own schedule, needs more discipline and daily motivation, to get up and ‘do sh**’.

#3 Requires less ‘come up for air’ moments. And is closer to living the S-curve experience, in the way that you’ve seen me describe it ‘in words’ (See conclusion below for a summary of it).

But… It can be more of a challenge to hit your physical goals. As you’re always on the move. Which usually   means it’s harder to focus on succeeding with the S-curve meal structure.

All of the above, is the reason why the main program first came into existence. Because this sh** is hard to do on your own!

And when you try to, you fail. And come running back home to S-curve world for a fix.

That behavior, is what we’ve been ‘eliminating from your life’ over the past several years. It’s not easy to change ‘adult’ people. But we’re getting it done.

The only time you should need to run back to something. Is on stage 4 (Via More buzz)… In terms of results and as an advanced member who has reached 80-100% S-curvish.


I have new conversations with FitBuzzers everyday. Online platforms… Offline platforms.

And the lifestyle that you see, in everything @ More buzz… Is something that no one says no to.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

To get as close to that as possible, is the goal for YOU! So… We continue.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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You’ve never seen a butt like this before (Announcement)

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You know… Almost everyone who starts here. Comes into this S-curve world, from a previous sh**ty experience, at attempting to fix their body/life. And usually from previously experiencing something of ‘low quality’.

And it has to be re-said…

You can’t expect a Ferrari experience with a fiat 500.

Of course… You get a test run in S-curve world. That’s what stage 2 is.

Some people don’t bother with the rest run though. Especially if they’ve followed for years on here (The KNOW what they want). Which means they’ve seen how we’ve progressed over the years.

But the reason I’m highlighting this today. Is because, even some long term members aren’t used to being treated ‘high end’.

So sometimes, they lash out in disgust. At points where the previous ‘low end’ experience, would screw them over.

It’s kinda like, if you’re a good woman, whose been screwed over by a guy, who seemed do good at first. But ended up like every other idiot you’ve ever come across.

At which point, you’ll naturally have a chip on your shoulder. Putting up a stronger guard than ever before.

A ‘higher end’ experience will easily identify this behavior. Because it’s high end. Which means it’ll have your feelings ‘back’ (Like… I’ve got your back).

Acting out of character, in any situation, is a hissy fit. And that’s what we control.

So understand… That quitting, because of a hissy. Will not happen to you any more. That’s ‘low end experience behavior.

– Quitting for no real reason

– Then going back to start, what you should have continued in the first place

That’s usually why most who are failing, don’t succeed to anywhere near 90-100% S-curvish. Physically and mentally.

So ya… Understand you’re entering a ‘winners world’ here.

To have the ‘above’ attitude… Walking into every life situation that you face. The good and the bad!


Let’s have some #TGIF actionable blueprint tips

#1 A statement more than tip… I’ve temporary switched the T-shirt ‘stuff’ over to Cafepress. Since there’s more attention with the designs there. And because there’s more ‘inventory’ options for you.

#2 Your weakest looking body part…

Do 2 sets of one effective exercise on that body part, every single day without fail for 6 weeks. ‘Selfie’ before you do it too. And again at week 6. Just reply and tell me the body part. I’ll reply back with an effective exercise.

#3 We’ve covered a lot of important topics this week. So go back and > read over them!


About that announcement

Ha… I’m teasing you. I’ll probably mention this on Monday… Since you’re probably getting ready to ease up for the weekend.

But it’s something interesting that I might try, to spice up the S-curve experience even more.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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NEWSFLASH: An awesome breakthrough just happened

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That headline is real. And it’s the most important headline ever… When it comes down to why you’re here.

Yes… You’re now here for an ‘experience’.

But ultimately… You came here to find some kind of solution for a problem (Which is why you need to jump

on a 121 chat… Like I tell you to do so every damn day).

And I’m here to tell you…

That you are here, for a big breakthrough!


This @fitbuzz stat is what I’m talking about ‘ere…

**2016… The year where the most breakthroughs occurred (Which you saw ‘happen’)**

But still… We have FitBuzzers who follow. Find the courage to reach out about ‘starting’. But then struggle to

actually start.

There are emotional issues holding them (Possibly YOU) back.

So you need to get on a 121 FB Messenger chat. It’s the only way to truly help you. It’s a sad sight to see. But I ‘get it’. Because…

#1 I’ve had to go through many personal breakthroughs every year to get all of this @fitbuzz stuff to the stage

it’s currently at… @ Everything you can see on More buzz.

#2 I’ve been hands on with ALL of the S-curve member breakthroughs to-date! I didn’t hand members over

to some other person to do. ‘I’ dealt with everyone. Just scan the chat screenshots on the results pages.
It can take time for you to get to a mental place, to make breakthrough changes to your life. But… Remember
when I recently said that we’ve been speeding up the process to see physical results?

Well… We’ve been doing the same thing, with getting you to that ‘breakthrough point’ to officially start. Much


Because the S-curve experience (It must be called something) is all about an improved ‘feeling’.

The breakthrough shenanigans happen through the chats on FB Messenger. And there are many invisible ‘breakthrough triggers’ going on there, on my own profile. So add… Or just use Messenger ONLY… If you hate

the News feed, time wasting and stalking aspects of Facebook.

And you NEED to get to that ‘breakthrough point’ quicker. Because today is the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again!!!

Which leads me to…


You know… Travel-curvish isn’t just about experiencing great destinations. That’s all lifestyle stuff.

It’s also about fixing the personal stuff (Like the beginning stages of the S-curve process highlighted this week).

You see… We are all busy. And the Travel-curvish trips provide a solid ‘come up for air’ moment. And the

benefits from doing so… For the professional and personal YOU are…

– Get a new perspective on things going on in your life – Move to a new country for a ‘lengthy’ period of time, to get a ‘super’ new perspective. Which is what I’ve done a few times.

– A recharge – You get to analyse all of the things that was going on in your life, whilst you was busy putting
out fires. You can go back to your daily life, knowing who or what put fuel on those fires. And easily stay away
from them.

– Go back to old interests that you had (I’d love to be a gamer again) – Or use the time to find new ones.

A Travel-curvish trip is perfect for this of course.

We take care of our own…

There are FitBuzzers who have been here for 5+ years.


That might be you. But that has happened, because we have always taken care of our own.

Which has now progressed into the S-curve member stories, that go back several years! (We’re aiming for

10-15 year stories).

It’s also the reason why we have stage 4 now. Which is mostly for advanced members. Who need to return

for a refresh.

But the fact is… You are never forgotten about. Regardless of what happens along the way. OK.

And remember… Your long term plan isn’t static. And it’s far from just physical. So some months might only consist of mental coaching moments and daily life fixes.

Because if that’s not solid… You can’t push forward anyway.

Everything I referred to above, can be found on > More buzz. So go there.


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This is so fudged up… @ your butt

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

It’s a new day… And everyday I’m learning new things about your current daily life shenanigans. It’s a priority ‘thing’ that happens on here. So that YOUR best program, can be put in front of you at all times @ live member page updates.Now let’s remind you of what the S-curve experience is @ verbally explained.

#1 Become S-curvish

The beginning, is all about physical and mental fixes. Usually around your work hours. Which was explained in > yesterday’s newsletter.

Tools required =

– A mobile device (For chats and videos)
– A workout mat at home

#2 Continue living this new lifestyle, within the way that you already live (The small changes and tweaks lead to big results all around).

#3 Embrace Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Here’s > one place, if you live in southern parts of North America/Northern parts of South America @ a few hours away. Take a Friday and Monday off and make it a 4 day trip.

A simple verbal explanation that was. But > visually explained is better though. Just scroll through.

It’s kinda fudged up that it can be that simple right?

Well, thats what the S-curve formula is.

Which is a combo of…

– Software
– Using new technology
– Content, which is a direct result of ‘real world’ experience (And some ‘science’ that you cannot see)

I’m using it everyday. In fact… More guys/husbands are getting involved now too. Since we’ve been evolving into an ‘experience’ @ an awesome way to live your life.

– No more getting your body ready for events
– Happier people within your close network
– Better relationship with your other half

If you need help right now…

There’s a good chance that YOU are causing the problems. And you might not even realise it. As it sometimes takes ‘outside eyes’ for you to open your eyes to this fact.

Which is why I personally surround myself with different types of people on a weekly basis.

Give that a try @ the first blueprint tip of the day. Now let’s have some more…

S-curve Blueprint tips

#2 Cheat snacks… Don’t bulk buy and stack them in your kitchen. You’ll just end up eating them all in a day.

If you’re going to bulk buy sweet stuff. Make it fruits @ just don’t eat them 4-5 hours before going to sleep.

#3 Again… Have you looked and felt like s*** all year (Even though you’ve followed this newsletter?  Shame on you if so).

And if so… You need to be put through a ‘higher end’ experience. That’s what everyone has done before you. Especially in the past 12 months. And you’ve all seen it happen LIVE @ stage 3.

#4 On the flip side to that last tip… If you’re experienced, but are struggling to get back on track AND to surpass that. Then jump on stage 4. That was created for YOU.

#Fruits… There’s actually two types to eat on the new official foods list (On your member page).

The first type is apples, oranges, bananas, pears.
The second type is apricots, raisins, peaches and prunes.

#6 Your workouts… We all know that the Aphrodite Butt Building program is the best routine to be on to see ‘super’ growth.

But it’s a tough routine to go through, it’s not fun at all… And is best to be done on a results phase, with daily 121 coaching chats @ boosted motivation + injury prevention (No joke).

But… A temporary routine to go through, if times are busy. Is to simply do high reps and heavy

weight on the exercises that you do in your own standard workouts.

Which is what we did with the short splits routine this year (Which I’m personally still using everyday). Which is an alternative for doing the standard S-curve split routine(s) from the official routines.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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