Taking your butt on tour

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+ Butt-shaping buttgress pic (Morebuzz > Social highlights)



>> The new epic butt/tiny waist 30 day trial 2016

It’s up, in preparation for our continued S-curve goals, which officially kick started in September 2014.

There’s also a chance to win a free month on the bronze SLC.

I’ll talk about that a little later.

Remember: This is the best time of the year to start building your S-curve. Which

means WE benefit from the holiday season munchies (If you’re celebrating).

Now let’s take your butt on tour

A lot of new FitBuzzers have stepped into @fitbuzz world recently. So it’s time for

an official tour of everything you see here.

The S-curve

– Muffin top

– Upper and lower back fat

– Zero or no shaped butt

– Lower belly fat

That’s making you look like an oblong shaped female. We fix that to turn your

body into the letter ‘S’. See Morebuzz > Hall of fame for examples.


This is where’ll you’ll find all of the best social media daily updates, along with

other necessary S-curve related stuff.

Social highlights (Via @fitbuzz Pinterest)

– T-shirts/Tanks

– S-curvish peers, associates, FitBuzzers and S-curve members

Hall of fame

All of the S-curve member results that you desire.

Shaun Sinclair FB profile

Just add! (Link below).

S-curve Lifestyle Challenge

The official program(s) to start becoming S-curvish.


We’re going to do a kick starter plan for a very high BF% FitBuzzer (There’s

a funny related video from last week btw).


Because you’ll be able to jump on a longer term plan and become S-curvish

quicker, since you’ll have a lower BF%. Or at least be on the way to having less.

That’s not you? Just reply and tell me what your issues are.



>> Become the Next Hall of Fame Butt Legend/30 day trial

> Morebuzz: Today’s buttletter continued

> S-curve extras: Updated

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