Your butt tier x 3 (New buttgress pics)

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We have new S-curve shred to smexy pics from an S-curve member that started

in February.

The story is almost the same every time ‘today’ @ 1 – 3 months to good results

(Hall of fame below via ‘Morebuzz’).


The 30 day S-curve Bikini Challenge is super active right now.

It’s the month where we get to do all kinda crazy things to speed up results that

you’ll then get to keep in the long run… Just like the challenge Fridays that we’ve

been having in the past few weeks.

Because of that, it’s now time to make the longer term plan options crystal clear,

so that you know exactly what’s happening for the 6 months that you’re on.

Introducing the…

3 tier bikini butt 6 month plan <

**That’s now the default page for the current program(s) here on the 

buttletter and throughout the @fitbuzz-universe.**

Everything has been super simplified.

However, the individual program pages can still be found via Morebuzz.


#1 They make for good reading/learning

#2 There’s a lot of ‘extra’ examples of S-curve member results

You don’t need to look at any other program on Morebuzz if starting the NOW

official plans. Because everything you see there is now tailored into YOUR

6 month plan option (And some…).

Remember… Morebuzz is where you’ll find…

> Daily S-curve meals via the @fitbuzz kitchen & fellow FitBuzzers

> All things ‘S-curve workout’ via video

> Pre/post workout shenanigans

> @fitbuzz apparel & supplement stuff

> Daily highlights

And remember… This daily buttletter is a part of the S-curve formula, so do not

stop reading once/if you end up on the S-curve Bikini Challenge.

Happy Monday, reply to chat.


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Best Fat Burner for 2015?

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Thermakor, by Kor Nutrition, is one of
the most exciting weight loss supplements to hit the market in the
past couple of years. With all the excitement surrounding it,
especially with the competitive nature of the fat burner industry, we
decided that it was time to test Thermakor ourselves, to give all of
our readers a thorough review.

We reached out to the guys over at
Thermakor to let them know that we were interested in reviewing their
product, and they were more than happy to send some over for our due
diligence. After all, the only way to see if this stuff really lives
up to the hype is the try it ourselves.

Before we get into our experience,
though, we want to provide some background insights for the product.
After all, we feel it would be a disservice to recommend a product to
our loyal readers without taking the time to thoroughly educate you
about what’s going on “behind the scenes” of Thermakor.

Benefits Claim – Does this Stuff Work?

To properly gauge Thermakor’s
effectiveness as a fat loss stimulator, we felt it necessary to first
take a deeper look into what the product actually claims to do for
its users. With this in mind, we have a firm foundation as to what to
expect from the product. Their claim is simple and can be found on
their website:

Simply put,
Thermakor is fat-burning weight loss supplement that, at its core, is
powered by the science of thermogenesis. Combined with proper
nutrition and exercise, Thermakor can dramatically accelerate your
fat-burning efforts and shatter your weight loss goals.”

We decided to focus on a couple of key
points in their claime:

  • Powered by the “science of
    which is defined as “the production of heat; specifically, the
    physiologic process of heat production in the body”. This is
    intrigued because of the inherent necessity to include ingredients
    that induce thermogenesis, which Thermakor actually does.

  • Thermakor also claims to be most
    effective when combined with proper nutrition and exercise. This is
    interested to us, mostly because most fat burners never mention the
    requirement of other elements for optimal results. We love this
    part of their claim because it sheds a realistic light to all those
    pursuing not only weight loss, but fat loss and that you’re not
    able to literally “burn the fat away”. It takes a healthy
    lifestyle change, including a proper nutrition and fitness regimen,
    for real weight loss to occur. So, again, we love that they explain
    the Thermakor is used to complement those changes.

Thermakor’s Key

One of the major pain points in the
supplement industry, as it relates consumer interests, is the use of
“proprietary blends”. Simply put, proprietary blends allow
supplement companies to hide specific per-serving ingredient amounts
on their labels. Why do they do this? Well, most claim that it’s to
protect “trade secrets” so that other supplement brands don’t
attempt to knock off their product. But, another more common reason
is for marketing purposes…

Allow us to explain. You’ve all seen
the labels, “Best Fat Burner Ever XXX includes epic
ingredient 1, crazy awesome ingredient 2, and gnarly fat burning
ingredient 3!”
And while these products may, in fact, contain
these ingredients, they quite possibly could be in amounts that are
so insignificant that consumers never realize any benefits from them.
But, because they’re included (even at 1 micro/milligram), they can
publish it on their supplement facts panel, which provides better
marketing, more consumer interest, and ultimately, higher profits.
You get it.

What we love about Thermakor is that
they fully disclose the amounts of their key ingredients on their
website for the whole world to see, but most importantly, their

Let’s dive into a few of them:

  • Green Tea Extract: Also
    known as “Epigallocatechin Gallate”, or EGCG, is a molecule
    known as a “catechin”. Research shows catehins aid in weight
    loss by blocking an enzyme known as catechol-O-methyltransferase
    and actually focuses on abdominal fat, in particular.

effective dosages of Green Tea Extract range largely between 50 and
1,000 mg per serving.

contains 300 mg of Green Tea per serving.

  • Synephrine: Found in
    certain bitter fruits, Synephrine is chemically similar to ephedrine
    (remember the old Hydroxycut of the early 2000’s?), and though
    it’s less potent, research shows that supplementing with
    synephrine helps to increase basal metabolic rate, lipolysis, and
    actually inhibits the activity of certain types of fat cell
    receptors that prevent fat mobilization. Also, synephrine helps to
    increase the thermic
    effect of food, which is known as the “energy cost” of
    metabolizing food.

Clinically effective dosages of
synephrine have been found to range from 25 – 50 mg per serving.

Thermakor contains 50 mg of
synephrine per serving.

  • Hordenine: Found naturally
    in the body, Hordenine is also found in various foods like barley,
    sorghum, and even various cacti. Popular research has shown that
    Hordenine actually helps to inhibit the activity of monoamine
    , an enzyme that breaks down various neurotransmitters,
    helping to stimulate lipolysis. This, consequently, allows the
    compound to remain active in the blood stream longer, helping to
    activate more fat cells.

recommended dosages have been found effective between 25 – 75 mg
per serving.

Thermakor uses
25 mg of Hordenine.

We recommend reading about all of the
ingredients on Thermakor’s
Ingredient page.

Thermakor Directions
and Recommended Use

“As a dietary
supplement, take 1 capsule with 8-10 ounces of water, two times
daily, 30-60 minutes before meals. Start with only 1 capsule twice
daily to assess tolerance and response for the first three days, and
then gradually increase dosage. Never consume more than 2 capsules in
a 4-hour period and/or consume more than 4 capsules in 24 hours. Do
not take within 4 hours of bedtime.”

Simply enough. See our personal
experience with Thermakor below.

Personal Experience
with Thermakor

Thermakor was tested, per the
recommended directions above, for a 30-day period (May 1st

– May 30th, 2015).

During the first couple of days there
were pretty insignificant changes, as I didn’t notice much of an
immediate change in my energy, suppression of appetite, or
“thermogenesis”. After the 5th day, however, I began
to feel the effects of Thermakor in a far more noticeable fashion,
with quicker spouts of clean-feeling energy that didn’t come with
the all-too-common “jittery” feeling or “crash” that
traditional fat burners cause. After week 1, I’d lost 2.2 pounds
and about .5% body fat. Not bad!

Over the next couple of weeks, I
continued to feel the effects of Thermakor within 20 minutes of
taking it with my protein shake. After seeing results in the form of
fat loss, I found that I had more motivation to kick ass in the gym,
wanting to get as much out of this 1-month “review” as possible.
The amount of appetite suppression was also great in that it didn’t
eliminate my hunger cravings for extended periods of time (4-6
hours), but was highly effective for times in between meals when I
was tempted to grab a handful of my favorite sweets.

After 30 days, I had lost a total of
8.2 pounds and 2.4% of body fat. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed
with my experience with Thermakor. Whether you’re looking to lose a
few stubborn pounds in your mid section or starting a larger weight
loss journey, Thermakor is the perfect supplement. It’s quick,
convenient, and provides the perfect punch for someone looking to get
motivated to stick to his or her nutrition, workouts, and weight loss

Thermakor’s Money
Back Guarantee

As consumers, this is our favorite part
of Thermakor’s “offer”:

“We take great
pride in the quality of our product and we’re confident that
Thermakor is the most effective and powerful weight loss supplement
on the market. We are so confident in its efficacy that we proud
offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This way, you have nothing to
lose except those excess pounds!”

Best Place to Buy

Thermakor is currently available on
their official website, where
they offer significant discounts for multiple-bottle package.

  • $59 for 1 bottle

  • $99 for 2 bottles (save

  • $139 for 3 bottles (save

Each bottles contains 60 capsules –
perfect for 30 days of use. They also deliver worldwide.

Final Recommendation
for Thermakor

With all thing considered for this
product, social proof in the form of user testimonials, our personal
experiences, their money back guarantee, and hard facts – we rank
Thermakor as the #1 best fat burner for men and women alike.
Everything about their ingredient profile is perfectly aligned to
help you lose fat, maintain lean muscle, and create the physique that
you’re looking to achieve.

Clearly we recommended putting
Thermakor to the test for yourself and using our complimentary
discount code stayfitbug for 10% off a 2 of 3-month supply.
This comes out to the most cost effective option ($42 per bottle for
3-month supply) with the potential to make the most noticeable
changes to your waistline.


  • All-Natural Ingredients

  • Clinically Effective Dosages

  • Key Ingredients

  • Tested and Reviewed: Works
    Exceedingly Well

  • Substantial Price Breaks for 2 and
    3-Bottle Orders

  • 10% off
    Using “stayfitbug” at

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