Getting your sleep route right!

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Evidence suggests that two thirds of us will experience insomnia at some point in their lifetime. Sleep deprivation has been known to lead to long term health problems and can be disastrous for general wellbeing. Continued lack of sleep can lead to both physical and psychological problems including obesity, depression and type 2 diabetes. Consequently we should do everything we can to maintain a sleep cycle that is fulfilling,restful and restorative.

Are changes in sleeping patterns normal?

As we move between stages of our lives, the amount of sleep required varies. Adults should aim for between 6-9 hours sleep a night, although this may vary person to person. Many people worry if they don’t achieve an undisturbed stretch of 7 or 8 hours, however there is now evidence to suggest that it is normal to sleep for four hours, be awake for an hour or two and then go back to sleep. The best way to ensure that you get the sleep that is right for you is to establish a good routine.

Winding down

Your body needs to understand when it should start preparing to wind down; therefore it is important that despite competing demands, you keep to regular going to bed and waking up times. Winding down is essential for starting off your sleep period in a positive way. There are several ways to achieve this state:

Put thoughts down on paper. People often have trouble falling asleep because they worry about all the things they have to do. Making a to-do list can help to put the mind at ease, bringing some order to your thoughts. It is also a good idea
to de-clutter your bedroom. An untidy bedroom can leave you feeling anxious and inadequate, reminding you of the things you haven’t got round to doing.

It’s not always physical

Although you may have had a physically gruelling day, this does not necessarily mean a good nights sleep. So consider some light stretching or yoga moves to push the body into a relaxed state.

It’s also important to get the temperature in your bedroom right. Research suggests that between 18c and 24c is about right. Keep your hands and feet warm – cold extremities can wake you up or prevent you from falling asleep in the
first place. Try to avoid wearing socks, opt for a hot water bottle instead. Experts also recommend taking a warm bath – this will help your body reach a comfortable temperature for sleeping.

Try not to use any gadgets or electronic devices at least 2 hours before bed. Use of such items affects the levels of melatonin, a hormone which signals the body that it is time to sleep. Some people may benefit from a relaxation
CD that plays soothing sounds or a radio to distract them from chaotic thoughts, but these should not be left on as they may rouse you during the lighter parts of your sleep cycle.

Lighting is a key factor in getting a restful sleep. Melatonin is extremely sensitive to light so make sure your bedroom is completely dark before you get into bed. If needed try blackout curtains or an eye mask would be just as effective.

Avoid alcohol before you sleep. Not only is this counter productive to achieving ‘good’ sleep but it is also likely to wake you up to use the toilet! Emptying your bladder before going to bed is definitely good practice.

Sleep is totally in your control and it can be improved by adopting good habits. If you continuously experience problems with insomnia you should see your GP; he or she may ask you to keep a sleep diary to help identify any habits or lifestyle experiences that may be having an impact on your sleeping routine. Alternatively, one Australian mattress company, OZ Mattress, runs an active and interesting sleep academy blog looking at all things sleep.

African Mango At Chemmart

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Irvingia gabonensisor as it is more commonly known, African Mango, is a new all- natural weight loss supplement product designed to help with weight loss. It was originally discovered in West Africa and is now available in supplement form to aid in weight loss.Irvingia gabonensisis a mango-like fruit found on deciduous forest trees in the Cameroons.

Studies performed on the effectiveness of African Mango have suggested that it works by inhibiting the formation of fatty tissue by
down-regulating the systems responsible for the storage and transformation of energy into fat. Another benefit that has been suggested is the increase of adiponectin in the body. Adiponectin is a hormone secreted by adipose tissue that is thought to be
involved in energy homeostasis. This hormone increases sensitivity to insulin and glucose tolerance, as well as aiding in the oxidation of fatty acids in muscle. The presence of adiponectin is lower in obese people and people with type II diabetes. African Mango helps to increase the presence of adiponectin in the blood, which will help in weight loss.


African Mango also works todecrease the presence of leptin in the body, a peptide hormone neurotransmitter thought to regulate appetite. In people suffering from obesity and overweight problems, there is an excess of leptin coming from an inability to respond to normal bodily cues about appetite. As African Mango reduces the presence of leptin it will become possible for the body to begin regulating appetite and
even decreasing it. Other studies have started to research African Mango as a possible aid to reducing high blood cholesterol problems. This exciting new product will benefit from more research proving its effectiveness in other areas, but the results already shown are sensational just for weight loss on its own.


study performed in the Cameroon was able to directly examine the effect of African Mango using a control group and a placebo group. At the end of a 4-week trial, the experimental group who had been taking African Mango saw a significantly decreased body weight, waist circumference and hip circumference as compared to the placebo group. Another study produced very similar results with a larger study group. The only side effects that have been reported for African Mango are minor and include headaches, flatulence and some difficulty sleeping. This is only for a very small portion of the population and, as with all medication and supplements, if a product causes discomfort it is advisable to seek medical advice before proceeding with treatment.

By using African Mango in conjunction with the consumption of a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will see rapid results. African Mango will accelerate any weight loss program by helping to regulate and decrease appetite and improve overall health. African Mango doesn’t just rely on the product for results, instead believing that a lifestyle should reflect an overall attitude to weight loss. It’s also always advisable to drink plenty of water (iced if possible) to
aid in your weight loss. The combination of African Mango, a sensible and healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of water will produce fast and visible results for you.


Another great benefit of African Mango is the availability and affordability of the product. You can buy African Mango from  Chemmart Pharmacy online and have it shipped to your door in the comfort of your own home.

This all-natural product will give you the energy and the drive to stick to a diet that you never thought you had. African Mango can form part of your new lifestyle and will enforce this by demonstrating results – fast!


It’s a new product that will change how you think about weight loss and dieting and one that you’re going to be glad you tried.

Recovering From Being In A War Would Have Been Pretty Crappy

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We’re pretty damn lucky, us dwellers of the naughties – especially if we happen to live in one of the first world ‘lucky’ countries. But wait, what do I mean by naughties?

You know, the people and generation who live in the 2000s. The naughts are zeros… geddit? Anyway, we were born after any significant famine, war, major upset or real problem in our lives. We get our iPhone updates regularly, can get pretty much anything delivered direct to our door from online and haven’t ever had to want for or deal with anything largely significant or risky if we live in one of the entitled first world countries.

Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong, there is a
of really messed up stuff that is happening in other countries – and to be honest even in our own, Australia, in terms of things like asylum seekers, mandatory detention centres; not to mention all of the things that affect humanity day in, day out… But this is not a piece detailing the horrible stuff that happens in life, much as it is a relevant topic for discussion. No, this is a decidedly, deliberately upbeat and more light-hearted look at some of the more interesting elements of the fall out from being in a war! Whether that’s a light hearted topic or not is another issue, but let’s take a tongue in cheek
look at things and see how we go. Actually to make things interesting, let’s have a look at what would happen if you were in a war today, and how it would affect you, the middle class dwelling entitled person of Australia.


You would have missed all of your
ridiculous breakfasts

That’s right, all the poached eggs and
corn fritters that you usually ingest after a big night on the tiles would have gone begging as you fronted up to face Charlie with some sophisticated musket-type thing over your shoulder. You probably would have had to manage to scrape by nutrition-wise on some kind of scram bar or dehydrated snack of some kind… Oh the humanity.
Doubtless your ingenuity would have allowed you make some kind of interesting riff on the theme of your army breakfast, and you might have even managed something interesting with your powdered scrambled eggs. Who knows?


You would finally have lost some of that excess weight from your university days

There’s really nothing like months and months of ongoing walking and fighting to help you to shed those final 5 kilograms that have been lingering ever since you decided to take up drinking beer as a professional endeavour in your days in the halls at uni.If you got totally stuck you could always have done as your mates did and buy ultimate nutrition products from Supps R Us to help you to bulk up if you lost too much weight post-war. But then, that’s probably not an issue now, is it?


You would have so much Game Of Thrones to catch up on

Yep. You think George RR Martin would be out fighting for Tony Abbot and country? Hell the shit no. He would
be sitting atop some kind of sofa arrangement tapping away at his
keyboard thinking up the next adventures for Khaleesi and her dragons to go gallivanting around on, while you slogged it out in the mud.

Well, the bonus is at least if you didn’t lose your hearing or sight in the flak filled battle fields that you were wandering around on you’d be in for the biggest binge of Game Of Thrones ever recorded in the whole of history. Well heck, maybe this war business
ain’t so bad after all…