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The summer fitness buzz is slowly tailing off as the air turns that little bit more crisp, but the truth is there’s loads of time left to take your workout outdoors. The dark nights aren’t quite here yet and there’s speculation that we’re in for an Indian summer, so what’s your excuse?
There really is no reason why we shouldn’t be stretching the summer season. Parks and pavements are free to use after all and are open 24/7. Despite the obvious money saving aspect, taking your workout outdoors has multiple health benefits that we should be reaching for with both hands.

For example, it has been scientifically proven that a mere 5 minutes of exercise outdoors can have a positive effect on someone’s mental outlook. Not only are you reaping the physical benefits by embracing the outdoors, you’re also rewarded with feel good endorphins.

Brace yourself for the cooler temperatures with a long sleeved running top and thermal leggings, but remember you’ll warm up soon enough when you get going.

There’s nothing a gym can offer that the outside can’t, besides a roof over your head of course! If you’re the type of athlete that meticulously records every statistic of their run, there are plenty of smartphone apps that can accurately record your speed, burnt calories, heart rate and every other component of your workout. They’re easy to use and you don’t need an induction, simply download and get going!

When you strip back to basics and pummel the pavement, you take back control of your workout. You’re your own personal trainer, coach, cheerleader, DJ and competition. No longer do you fear the lingering sense that you’re not quite working as hard as the person on the treadmill next to you.

If you’re still reluctant to say hello to Mother Nature and take your workout outdoors, this informative infographic from HFE may be all you need to change your mind.



Why You Should Be Taking Your Workout Outdoors

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