Operation S-curve: Its More Than Just The Squat

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Happy new year FitBuzzers!!!!

I do truly hope that you all had fun over this holiday season (It’s still not completely over… yet). It doesn’t matter if you partied away or chilled indoors with good company and a glass of wine. The main thing is that you had fun!

If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you would already know that this day was coming. Where I gave away tons of useful tips, as usual.

If you have been waiting, then you can go straight to the page.


>>> Operation S-curve 2013: Its More Than Just The Squat

Now, I was going to wait until the 7th of January. But I thought,

”Hey, why not kick start the new year ON the first day of the year”. So here we are.


But what is Operation S-Curve: Its More Than Just The Squat?


Well, as you may know, I never launch anything just for the sake of ‘launching’. Every program that you know FitBuzz for has been requested by YOU. Heck, last year saw the release of just 2 programs (Which of course have been upgraded since).

That of course gave us all a lot of time to find out what you want to help YOU on YOUR fitness journey in order to build that strong, lean and sexy Fit Buzz body.

So Operation S-Curve: Its More Than Just The Squat is a program created based on your feedback from 2012.

  • Less pain and injury
  • More butt progression
  • A better S-curve
  • More simple meals/foods
  • How to easily work out calorie intake for YOU


(There were others but those were the top 5)

And I’ve done that by upgrading all of the Operation S-Curve programs, setting a plan of action and by introducing a much needed ‘partner in crime’ program to No Nonsense Butt Building.


The official Fit Buzz Butt Activator.

This is probably going to be the biggest update for the next few months and there is of course a ton of new things to check out. All in aid to truly help you reach your fitness goals, based on the blueprint that you set in 2011-12.


Because you can’t know where you are going until you have understood where your butt has been!


The action plan is DONE-FOR-YOU and Januarys 28 day plan is ready to go before we throw your body a curve ball by doing something COMPLETELY different in Februarys plan.

Anyway, there’s a ton of stuff to learn on the following page, so I’ll see you there.

>>> Operation S-curve 2013: Its More Than Just The Squat






There’ll be a 3% price increase everyday after the next few days (I’m just waiting for you to sober up :-D).



Remember, 2012 was not a throw away year. 2011 was not a throw away year. Those years are your blueprints. Slowgress is progress. (In fact, no it’s not. JUST GET RESULTS!!).


2013 will make for your best blueprint yet!

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