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Hello Hello Fitbuzzers,

Last week, while on our Facebook page, we asked everyone if they would like us to build a butt building guide for Fitbuzzers.

The overall response via all of our communication channels was quite positive. So, that’s what we decided to do. To build an E-course on how to build a solid, firm and tight rounded butt! So without further ado, introducing….

No Nonsense Butt Building

You can check out the full program HERE

Below is a sample taken from the program, which teaches you how to squat properly. However, there is more to building a truly great butt than simply trying to standard squat your way to one. However, it’s very important to know how to squat properly, as the squat is one of the only moves that works up to 75% of your muscles in just one movement.

The Squat

Most people will associate the squat exercise as primary muscle builders for the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Which is entirely correct. However, the squat exercise is also the king of all exercises, working a massive 250+ muscles throughout the movement. Which is why the phrase squats and milk is all you need’ became such a popular term. As milk is one of the best combo food sources around (high in proteins and carbs). Combo food sources are the king foods of any diet. And if you’ve ready any of the Stay Fit Buzz Lifestyle diet, you will know, that we encourage all Lifestyle dieters to consume both proteins and carbs in every meal.

Back to squats…

The main thing you need to know is

  • How to perform squats properly

  • The common mistakes to avoid

  • The tweaks

Remember, getting the basic movement correct will force all of your muscles to grow when you learn how to hit them hard in stage 2. The tweaks are the icing on the cake.

The squat

The first thing you need to know about the squat is that it’s an entirely safe exercises to do. In fact, most exercises are. The only reason that you should face an injury due to exercise would be from performing it incorrectly for a long period of time. Squats have been criticized for the damage they could cause to your knees. Again, only if you perform them incorrectly.

No half squats (A butt targeting tweak)

However, properly performed deep free squats are actually essential for your knee joints’ health and mobility. When people hear that squats are bad, what they really are referring to (whether they know it or not) is that full squats on your toes, (the knee extending way in front of the toes) is bad, as most peoples bodies can’t handle that kind of pressure. But it is a totally different if you bring your shins back to a vertical position where the weight is shifted to your heels. We’ll talk more about this is stage 2. But first, let’s discuss how to go about performing a squat properly and in a way that targets your butt.


First of all, avoid doing squats on a machine. Always do perform them free form from a power rack.

The power rack

  • Step backwards before un-racking the bar

  • Keep the bar at shoulder level on the rack. This way you won’t have to use to much energy lifting the bar from the rack in the stationary position.

  • Position your feet under the bar and squat under it with the bar on your back

  • Just like every other exercise, tense up for the first lift and un-racking of the bar.

  • Take 2 steps back with the bar on your back. First the left leg and then the right or vice versa.

Getting ready to squat

The first thing you need to do is focus on rule #1 of any exercise. Practice form first and master it, even before trying to add any heavier weight. Because you’ll get much better results from performing an exercise with a lower weight and good form than you will from performing an exercise with a heavier weight and bad form. Which for many will lead to injury. So go back to the preparation stage and ensure that your bar is empty, with no weight plates present on either side, at this time.

Gripping the bar

The main goal is to get the best bang for your buck when doing an exercise. One of the ways to do that is to tighten your muscles up. The bar will be resting on your upper back, so you’ll want to keep those upper back muscles as tight as possible. You can do this by focusing on a narrow ‘thumbless’ grip and bringing your shoulder blades as close together as you can. It may feel odd at first. But keep everything as tight as you can and you shouldn’t notice it too much.

Keep your eyes focused

Different exercises will require you to keep your eyes focused in a certain direction to get the most out of the exercise. For example. In the, Fit Buzz pull ups program, we teach you to always look up. Because looking up psychologically makes you want to move more into that direction, resulting in more pull ups. Looking down would have the same, yet negative effect. Which is why you are told to never look down when in a higher place than ground level.

The same rule apples to the squat

The best place to keep your eyes focused when squatting is directly in front of you and parallel to torso and thighs. Looking down may throw you off your balance. And looking up may result in neck pain. So look forward.

How to position your wrists

One part of good exercise form is to ensure you are placing a strong emphasis on the muscles that you are supposed to be working with that said exercise. In regards to the squat and the bar, it is your back that is supposed to support the weight. Not your wrists. Keep your wrists inline with your for arms and use them for gripping the bar. The thumbless grip with your thumbs on top of the bar will help you with this.

Positioning the bar

This part is critical, especially if you’re going to start increasing the weights. Which is why you need to focus on slow progression and good firm FIRST. Now, make sure you rest the bar at the top of your tight shoulder blades, near the low end of the bone where your spine is. But NEVER on your spine!

Positioning your feet

The key to avoiding injuries (especially in your knees) when squatting is by getting your feet positioned correctly. Will you blow your knees when squatting? Yes, but only by not doing the following

  • Keep your heels shoulder width apart

  • Keep your toes pointed outwards by around 30 degrees

  • Make sure your toes are always inline with your knees

That last point is important. Get that wrong by not making it a habit in the early days of squatting and you WILL blow your knees when squatting with a heavier weight.

Performing a squat (A butt targeting tweak)

Squatting is all about going low, low enough that your thighs are parallel to the ground and low enough that your hips pass your knee joint, but without your back rounding out at the bottom of the movement. If that starts to happen, just position your feet wider apart. When you reach the bottom of the squat you should have built up tension in your hips and hamstrings. At this point you will be ready to squat up. And you’ll do that more effectively by using that tension as bouncing up power.

On the way up…

Squeeze your glutes (A butt targeting tweak)

This is a technique where you let your mind target and activate your muscles. You must squeeze,

  • Every time you push up from a squat
  • Every time you stretch with your bodyweight
  • Every time you do any leg exercises

Doing this will make your butt work harder.

In fact, do this with EVERY lower body lift. Tighten your abs, glutes and the bar. Doing so will allow you do get stronger by increasing the weight. An increase in strength will help you tone up your butt, which is what we cover in the ‘get it tight’ section of stage 2.

Also, just like when you bench press, use the floor as leverage by digging your feet into the ground, flat footed, heels all the way in.

Push with your heels (A butt targeting tweak)

Instead of doing your exercises flat footed, stand on your heels. What this will do is send more tension towards your butt, making it work harder. Do be careful when doing this, as there will be a decrease in balance. Practice this with the lighter weights. You will feel the difference when you awake the next day.

And last but not least. Always keep your knees out and inline with your toes throughout the entire movement.

Adding the squat exercise to your workout

Most would associate the squat exercise with being a leg exercise. But as you know, being the king of all exercises, it is more of a full body exercise.

In general, it would be a good idea to perform just one compound exercise for each day that you workout. Stay tuned for stage 2 where we cover the entire plan.

You can check out the full program HERE

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