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It’s a new week folks. It’s getting colder, darker and Christmas is right around the corner. And… I’ve always got some presents on the way to give to you all. Will you get them early? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see.

Any how, today marks the release of the first ebook, of a series of ebooks. All of which focus on a specific aspect of the fitness lifestyle.

The Guide To Necessary supplementation

I won’t bore you with any more text blurb. Watch the video instead. British accent and all 🙂


119 Page Cookbook

100’s of recipes to take advantage of

Note: $9.99 for the next 72 hours ONLY!

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Picture Preview #5

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Test Your Might While Bodybuilding

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I hope all of you muscle heads are staying true to the Stay-Fit Bug mantra and maintaining those muscle building results from your workouts. And if you are, you might just want to take a break from your workouts, and just like in the video above, you will need to ‘TEST YOUR MIGHT’.


Well, for the same reasons people conduct performance reviews in the work place.

Every few months it would be a good idea to test your strength gains to see where you have improved, where you are lacking and how you can fix that. After all… it’s all about progression… right?

There are many tests you can take, and I’ll go over most if not all of them at some point, but to begin with, I’ll start with Just Three.

Lower body, Upper body and Core strength tests

These are 3 key areas of your body that you will need to know for sure if you are improving or failing. Here are the basic tests for each.

  • Lower Body – One rep max squat
  • Upper body – One rep max bench press
  • Core – Sit ups test (Performing the most number of sit-ups you can in 30 seconds straight)

All of these are essential if you intend to build real strength in your workouts, and if you aren’t testing your strength, you could well be training blind. But fear not, I will soon provide you with a detailed post on how to perform these, along with some other vital strength tests. And now to portray my flying strength like Raiden from Mortal Kombat.


See you in the comments

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6 Reasons You Don’t Workout

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Back when I first started this site. The first thing that you would have read, is this,

” Part of why i like to share my experiences and knowledge is due to the fact that most of the information people read is just that….FACTS! The thing about facts is that they often neglect the things that affect us in our everyday lives…sometimes unavoidable things such as unexpected injuries, illnesses, stress from work, stress from girlfriends, boyfriends…the list goes on.”

This is the statement that will hold some truth in all of our lives at some point, but I have yet to talk about any of these in specific detail… until now. Yes, I have given you many tips regarding weightlifting routines, protein supplements, gym equipment to to use and other things. But I haven’t yet given you any pointers to overcome the hurdles which you will inevitably face regarding the things quoted in the above statement.

And i begin.

New relationships

We all know about that 3 month honeymoon period, and a great time it will be in any new relationship. However, after that time things may become a little stale and your relationship may face ups and downs with some challenges to face. All of which could stress you out. The key to maintaining a healthy relationship while maintaining muscle mass, is to keep things adventurous. The ‘adventure’ part of the activity will keep you fit. The ‘together ‘ part of it will keep your relationship alive.

My recommendation

Go mountain biking

The speed, sweat, and rhythm of the ride will function as foreplay to the day’s second workout.

You Face Injury

It is very easy to get into a negative mind set once you have faced a major injury. The initial thoughts you will have in your mind are pain and recovery. Once those thoughts take over, going back to your workout becomes an instant no go area.

My solution

Set a 6 month goal

Give yourself a goal to reach within 6 months, such as a mile swim that will take place in 6 months time. That way, when you do get injured, that goal will be a key reminder of why you need to recover, get back up and push ahead with your workout routine.

New Job

We all know what it’s like when starting a new job. That 10 week trial period is usually quite intense and will require complete focus, which means that you sacrifice most of the fun things in your life until you have settled in. That means you may have to sacrifice your workout time for a short period.

My solution

Identify the office athlete

By doing so, you can mimic their workout routine, see what works for them, then structure your own. The same routine but different. Then find ways to make it better

New Born Baby

Any new born baby in a family will require your utmost attention, and you shouldn’t sacrifice that. However, you will be doing yourself a favor if you manage to keep some sort of workout routine going, as you will need to be fighting fit once the real baby dramas kick in.

My solution

Cut your workout routine in half by doing shorter, more intense exercises. Or stick to supersets.

Moving house

I’ve done this a few times and I still say that this is one of the hardest and most stressful things a person can do. This will, without a doubt, put a strain on your weightlifting routine.

My Solution

Stay one step ahead. Checkout all of the running routes around the new area and sign up at one of the local gyms… before you move into your new place. Doing so will alert your subconcious mind, and your brain will stay in workout mode, regardless of your location.

You Take A Vacation

Going on holiday is actually a very good thing to do at least once or twice a year. This will allow you and your muscles to relax. You can stack up all of those meals you may have been missing back in the hustle/ bustle lifestyle, while cheating a little too :). However, when you get back home from vacation, you will not want to jump right back into your workout. Besides, you won’t have that hunger since you’ve slowed yourself right down.

My Solution

Ease yourself back into it. Cut your number of sets and reduce the weight you lift by 20 percent for a week before blasting back into your routine.

These are the key dilemmas I have faced during my time of working out in the gym over the years, and overcoming the challenges mentioned above aren’t always easy. But if you use my solution for each as a first step, you’ll be well on your way to living a less-stress free life… while maintaining a fit and healthy one too.

See you in the comments.

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Kandace Hudspeth Video Interview with

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Learn how she solves the common problem of how to stay motivated in fitness while balancing the corporate lifestyle.


Like many of you who will read this, fitness professional Kandace Hudspeth faces the same challenge of how to stay active in fitness while balancing the corporate lifestyle. And today she explains how she does it effectively, while teaching others to do the same.

The Full Program


About Kandace Hudspeth

Kandace Hudspeth is a Fitlife coach, Athlete and strategist from New York.


Got a question?

Got a question about the topics covered in this interview?

Then be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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