The #1 Reason People Suck At Pull-ups

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Hello Fitbuggers!

After last weeks strong response (over on our Facebook page) with the need to learn how to become better at performing pull ups. We’ve decided that  we’re going to do just that… Show those in question just how to become better at performing pull ups. After all, they are arguably the best exercise for helping you build a truly superior back! Amongst other things…

I guess this coincides with what we notice in various gyms that we have trained in over the years, where we always see a lack of attention to the pull up bar. And this just should not be!

So… if you too are one of those individuals that currently suck at performing pull ups, or simply want to improve your current performance to levels that you may have previously thought not possible, then be sure to head over to our pull ups guide page.

Here ===>

It doesn’t really matter what stage you are currently at. We’ve been to the top of the chain (In terms of pull up strength progression), back to the bottom, and to the top again throughout our time in this fitness game. So if you’re a beginner or even a pro, we know what life is like at any stage in the pull ups journey. (I personally can perform 30 pull ups in one set!)

Here’s the page again ===>

To all of our continued motivation and fitness success

Talk soon



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