Do What Makes You Happy (Screw What ANYONE Else Thinks)

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OK… It’s Rant time!!!!

Ok, Ok… it’s not really rant time. But it’s time to re-enforce the saying…

‘Screw what anyone else thinks’

What exactly am I on about? I’m not talking about what your friends, family, or whoever thinks about what you do in fitness. By now, they’ve realized you’re going to be an almighty fitbugger for life, while they rot in the pits of Hades. Dying fast twitch muscle fibers and the like.

What I am talking about however, is those gym rats that strike a conversation with you, just to drain energy from your positive successful muscle building and fitness self. Here’s what I mean…


‘Hey, man, do you mind if I jump in with the sets with you on bench press?’

‘Ya, sure dude’

‘Thanks man, I’m just getting back into the groove. I’ve been away from the gym for 18 months while suffering from an injury, so I’ll be starting light’

‘Sure, no problem’

‘So what are you lifting’

‘Well, right now, I do 1 x 5 reps, 1 x 5 reps, 1 x max reps progressive weight’

‘Ah ok, cool. But dude, you need to be doing more reps man, for your height you should be bigger’ <— Errr assumption (And dude is actually in no position to question anyone with his current physique)

‘Well, I like my size, and my goal is strength progression. Besides, I’m just ‘maintaining right now” <—Looks at physique again

‘Ok cool, but you need to be getting in more reps man, and what you currently bench for your height is not enough. How much can you squat? If you master the squat, your bench will increase’ <— Err, did you not hear the last sentence?

‘Yes, compound exercises can work hand in hand with each other. But right now, I’m cool with everything I have going on’ <— (Guy is still currently physically weaker and visually crap in comparison at this time)

Bench pressing commences, while the argument instigator continues to push less (The Irony).

Now, I’m pretty sure many of you have struck up conversations with individuals like these at some point or another. And I’m here to tell you, when this kind of conversation happens, screw what ANYONE else thinks, and do what makes YOU happy. In the above scenario, there was probably also an element of ‘hate’ in the air too. Think about it, someone who had previously had fitness success, who now has a failing body, speaking to someone who is on the ‘right’ side of having a uber fitness body and lifestyle. That’s classic hate mentality right there. Yes, we can’t all control the things that happen to us in life. Sometimes putting a halt on our efforts to stay fit. But being on the ‘downer’ is no excuse to try and draw away the positive energy from someone who is high on the fitness lifestyle.

I won’t talk much more about this, as I think I’ve made my point here. Just do me a favor and screw what anyone else thinks. The Fit Bug cannot be eradicated 😛


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4 Pillars To The Fitness Lifestyle

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Let’s go back in time for a moment. to the moment where I wrote the ‘about me’ section of this website. It is on this page where I dive into my ‘still’ very recent past. Say from 2007-2009. Now, I won’t talk too much about the events that occurred during this time. But let’s just say, they weren’t the most pleasant years in terms of being happy, in comparison to many previous ‘happy’ years. And of course, it was that unhappiness that lead to the creation of the ‘now’ Stay-Fit Bug you see before your eyes.

Nearly two years on since inception, guess what? Happiness has been found again.


I still wouldn’t consider my self to be completely happy. In fact, I don’t think any of us really do ever reach a state of complete happiness. If we do, then it’s usually seasonal. Because happiness = life balance. Life, as it happens is like a yo-yo. It’s up and down, never constant. In fact, the only guaranteed constant is change. So it’s no surprise that life balance and total happiness is hard to achieve.

Where am I going with this?

Well, as you may know by now, I constantly ‘shout’ to everyone in the fitness world to live it as a lifestyle, as that is the only true way to achieve long term results, especially when you’re trying to get ripped or build 14lbs or more of fresh lean muscle mass. But let’s stop for a minute. The first part of the word ‘lifestyle’ contains the word ‘life’.

As mentioned earlier, life is very up and down, and many things that happen in our lives will have a direct impact on what we set out to do in the fitness world. Like…

1) Your lady stresses you out for some reason or another (Yes, relationships are great, but we all know they can be stressful).

2) Your boss stresses you out with their personal problems.

And many others.

With that being said, living the fitness lifestyle is obviously more than just about becoming physically fit. In fact, there are 3 other key elements to add to being physically fit in order to truly be fit and happy. And so, I introduce you to the 4 pillars of the fitness lifestyle.

Pillar #1 ‘Physical’

Now, it has been stated time and time again that you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone. And I felt the brute force of this between 2007-2009 when I was part of a new internet start up business. You see, I had always been physically fit, coming from an athletic background. And the longest I’d stayed away from the gym was 12 months max. So I’d always have some kind of muscle mass and more often than not, be physically fit and healthy. So to be away from fitness for 2 years, not only turned me into a walking zombie. It also shattered my health, which in turn melted my mental state (Because a healthy body = A healthy mind and vice versa) and my confidence to go with it! Which is a vicious cycle to be in, because you can’t be happy if you aren’t healthy, let alone ripped or shredded.

This will have a direct effect on your relationships or potential dates too. If you have a life partner, you better just hope they are supportive, because if they aren’t, they’re probably a bag of negative or ‘wrong’ energy. THAT… you don’t need! And if you’re dating, what new date potential wants to get with some one whose nuts and bolts are all over the place? But more on this shortly.

The main point here, whether you have taken up fitness or not, is that you need to (First and foremost) get your physical health sorted out to begin living the fitness lifestyle.

A few quick starter points

  • Wake up early, between 5.00am – 7.00 am (We are super mind and body fresh at this time of the day)
  • Go to bed early (9.00pm is ideal. But let’s be honest, you won’t hit the sack until 11.00pm. Which still isn’t bad)

Pillar #2 ‘Emotional’

OK, earlier I talked about relationships and dating. I’ve spoken briefly on this topic before, in terms of how this can have an effect on your fitness lifestyle. But the emotional pillar is more than life partner relationships. It’s about the relationships that you have with anyone in your close circle. But to point it out again. You simply can’t fulfill pillar #2 without sorting out pillar #1 first. It won’t be fair on you, your partner or potential partner. You have to take care of no.1 first before even attempting to take care of anyone else.

Now, in terms of relationships with other people, you just need to follow a few simple rules if you want to fulfill pillar #2 and be emotionally fit and happy.

  1. If some one drags you down, verbally, physically or any kind of ‘…ally’, Cut them loose! (Friends, family or whoever. It doesn’t matter. They’re the wrong people. Cut them loose!)
  2. If someone continuously lifts you up. Bring them close. Reeeal close. They may not be that way to you forever. But they will indeed be the right person(s) to have around at the time.
  3. This may sound cliche. But follow your gut, always. Because it’s always right. Not doing so will lead you down a wrong path = emotional pillar fail.

Having great emotional balance with those you associate with is not always an easy thing to accomplish. But I can almost guarantee that following the above can get you there. Once you get this part of your being right, pillar #3 should become much easier to conquer.

Pillar #3 ‘Mental’

OK, so now you’re physically fit.

You look good…

You feel good…

Strangers now react to you differently in a new and positive way….

You’re attracting the opposite sex…

You’re getting laid (The opposite sex some how sense that too)…

You’re happily taken or happily dating…

You’re in the zone!

But you only got to this place because you conquered pillar #1 and #2. You see, fitness really is more than just being physically fit. Yes, once you become physically fit, pillar #3 becomes much easier, but you still have to work on getting mentally fit if you are mentally ‘ill’. Because if you are in the wrong place mentally, you’ll eventually back down on the fit and happy scale.

Being mentally fit interms of the lifestyle is more of a case of having things in working order.


– Do you have a daily planner?

– Do you have a plan for your fitness regime?

– Do you have a set plan for your short term/long term goal?

That list could go on and on. But if you currently don’t have that kind of structure in place, then the 4 pillars are in danger of crumbling one by one… back to square one! Of course, in reality, all 4 pillars won’t be equal at all times in your life. They’ll move up and down as time goes on. But having that structure in place will allow you to achieve success in the 3rd mental pillar.

Everything will seem ‘in flow’ and you’ll find your creative sweet spot.

  • Switching up your routines and taking on new fitness challenges becomes a breeze
  • Being creatively romantic to your partner becomes a breeze
  • You can become instantaneously spontaneous, regardless of how much responsibility you have

But to achieve and succeed at pillar #3, you have to work at it. It will take months, sometimes years to get it completely right. Once you do, you really will be in a sweet spot.

Pillar #4 ‘Spiritual’

This is my favorite pillar of all


Because if you have reached this point, you truly will be one of a kind ‘fit’. Seriously. Life in 2011 and beyond is busy. Life in 2011 has internet + mobile internet + internet on airplanes = super duper noise for your brain. With all that mess, I can bet that most people don’t reach a true spiritual place. I’m talking about being thankful, meditating, being grateful, forgiving, studying (Most people don’t reach this place because of surrounding negativity). 90% of the time, the most spiritual place I find is the gym.

  • Working out opens up and clears my sweat glands
  • Big open spaces in the gym (It’s just me and the gym – when it’s quiet – mostly day time – It’s just me and the bar)

I would love to meditate, but I’m also a born westerner. So even if I manage to travel to places such as India, like mentioned in this post (Where real meditation happens). I still have a thing for the fast life, being a young guy and all. So my next best friend is the gym. Or simply a quiet park.

I’ve talked about living the fitness lifestyle before. But THIS… is how you live rthe fitness lifestyle successfully. It’s more than just getting physical and throwing a few dumbbells around.

If you ever feel like you at rock bottom, follow these pillars in the said order (although it probably won’t happen that way) and you will truly live a happy fitness lifestyle.

The key = Daily persistence = Magic

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