The 20 Most Influential Fitness People On The Web

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Ok.. back to text.

There are some people here that I have communicated with personally. But there are also many that I have not. But being in this industry, it’s probably inevitable that I’ll stumble across these folks in person soon enough. On or offline.

This network truly is worldwide, thanks to the world wide web, and every individual I name stands for something in this fitness and bodybuilding game.

Without further a do…

The 20 Most Influential Fitness People On The Web

(In no particular order)

#1 Zuzana Light (

Image credit:

I stumbled across Zuzana’s website shortly after starting Stay-Fit Bug last July and I have used her physique as an example to ladies that I have helped in fitness. Ladies that wanted to get into shape but still maintain their femininity. (Although that should be far from your worries, as women’s testosterone levels aren’t high enough to pack on muscle mass like men do).

But if there is one thing that stands out about it’s the pure comedy factor.


… OK, clever comedy

  • Good old fashioned workout routines
  • Deliberate display of cleavage (LOL moment)
  • Sexual noises disguised as gym grunts (Another LOL moment)

How the hell can I not laugh!

I might be known for entertaining the audience here on Stay-Fit Bug. But you can bet that I too, the entertainer, likes to be entertained as well. And I sure do get that from watching Zuzana’s workouts, and that of course resulted in ending up on this top 20 list.

#2 Bedros Keuilian (

Image credit:

Bedros’ place in the online fitness world is a little different than everyone else’s, as he has actually transformed a non-scalable business model (Consulting) into a fully scalable one.

Fitness marketing information products ‘in-a-box’, for offline personal trainer businesses

Which goes to show, there is more than one way to skin a cat eh. But what is more important to realize is that this became his ‘calling’. A place where he would thrive. A sweet spot as such. And like most things, it wasn’t an overnight success affair. Finding something where you can be fully ‘in the zone’ is something I talk about constantly to all those I help.

Fitness lifestyle example

Finding a sport or activity that you ‘enjoy’ along side your workout and gym activities.

Nevertheless, whether you are an online or offline fitness pro, his fitness marketing tips have been proven to be affective for many. Myself included.

#3 Pauline Nordin (

Image credit:

I actually got introduced to Paulines website from a friend. In fact, it was the lady that wrote this post…

The benefits of boxing training for fitness

Since then, I have jumped on to her Facebook page a few times. Spoken with Pauline and others, at which sometimes ends up being a fun filled and entertaining Facebook event. Any how, the Fighter diet concept is an interesting one for sure.

Is it just for women?

Not necessarily, but of course a lot more women will relate to a concept that has been designed by a woman.

#4 Obi Obadike


Image credit:


Obi is another who I’ve yet to meet on or offline, but his contribution, passion and drive in the industry is clearly evident. Winning the WBFF last month along  side Stay-Fit Bug interviewee Miryah Jade Scott is probably a strong result of that drive.

If there is one physique that stands for what muscle definition should look like for the ultimate muscle and strength Stay-fit bug body in the upcoming program. Then this is it.

#5 Jedd Johnson (


Image credit:


I stumbled across about a year ago, and it was obvious from the get-go what the website was all about.

Strength training for athletes

Or to be a bit more specific, one of the, of not ‘the best’ website for grip strength training, which of course is essential if your goal is to take your muscles to the next level.

Any how, it didn’t take long for Jedd Johnson of Diesel crew to notice a comment I left on one particular post, which then lead to us sharing a guest spot on each others websites.

  • Jedd on – Killer Compound Exercises
  • Shaun on – Balancing Cardio Exercises for Weight Training

I may focus on innovative ways to build muscle on Stay-Fit Bug, which of course includes grip strength training techniques. But not to the level which Jedd and crew take it, which is evident in some of their products such as…

>>>The Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

Nevertheless, Jedd and crew certainly deserve a spot in the top 20.

#6 Rusty Moore (

Image credit:

>>>Rusty’s E-Course

This is a website that was started by experienced fitness enthusiast Rusty Moore, whose goal is to help people build the lean ‘Hollywood’ look as he likes to call  it.

Why is in the top 20?

  • Only posts articles to the website several times a month (Yet they are very detailed)
  • Simple design (An example of how less is more can work)

He’s a guy that’s an example of someone who is still into fitness in his 40’s and will most likely be better off because of it. Read my 10 reasons post to see why. Or better yet, this post…

5 reasons why the bodybuilding lifestyle will make your life better

#7 Jennifer Nicole Lee

Image credit:

OK, I haven’t been following Jennifer Nicole Lee for that long, but there were two things that caught my attention from the get-go.

1) Her Youtube channel

2) Her drive and motivation in her workouts

This fitness game is all about high energy and uber motivation. Two things that have been said about myself over the years and which you’ll notice around the site.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a great example of both. Add an infectious personality into the mix and it’s not hard to see why she makes for a great role model to women around the globe.

She also has a great back story to match (Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the before and after hero’s of the fitness world?). A Jennifer Lopez of the fitness world FTW.

Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fitness Program

#8 Mehdi (

Image credit:

There are many approaches and techniques that one can choose from when it comes to building a better body. And Mehdi of has chosen to help people do that with his 5 x 5 program.

The focus is on strength training and building muscle for men. Which too is a core part of the Stay-Fit Bug goal. However, I do get quite a few female readers here too). Nevertheless, another clean website from an individual who wants to spread the good message of the fitness and bodybuilding industry, which often gets looked down upon (Let those that do die a miserable and un-fit death)!

#9 Pavel Ythjall

Image credit:

Pavel is a freelance director and ‘still photographer’ who is based in Venice, California.

I caught wind of Pavel’s photography efforts because of the ‘network effect’, namely via Facebook. His photography credentials include individuals such as…

  • Kai Greene
  • Phil Heath
  • Daryl Gee
  • Dexter Jackson
  • Jay Cutler
  • And others

Regardless of who he has snapped, nothing bad can be said about his ability to make us fitness pros look good in print.

#10 Craig Ballantyne (


Image credit:


Why he makes the list?

A fat loss expert

Fat loss, building muscle, dieting, lifestyle. They are all pieces of the puzzle in this fitness and bodybuilding game. And which part you focus on will obviously depend on your personal fitness goals.

Craig focuses on fat loss and has written articles and routines for Mens Health, Mens Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers and others.

I also happen to agree with many of the concepts in his very own Turbulence training program. Nevertheless, a fitness pro that deserves a place in the top 20.

>>>Craigs Turbulence Training Program

#11 Ava Cowan (


Image credit:


Why she makes the top 20?

Because she has fans everywhere…..

OK, OK… one does have to have a solid reason to be in this list, and Ava surely does have that. Other than looking great and passing for the Kylie Minogue of the fitness and bodybuilding industry, Ava has…

  • Won figure competitions 5 x over
  • Graced the covers of endless fitness magazines
  • And has a killer photo of her self performing my favorite weight assisted bodyweight exercise…

The weight assisted dip

Guys like the way she looks and girls want to look the way she ‘looks’. Having the best of both worlds is a bonus for sure. I haven’t met Ava in person to understand if there are other reasons for her wild like-a-bility, but a deserved place in the top 20 she has won for sure.

#12 Vince Delmonte (

Image credit:

I haven’t met Vince Delmonte, but like most people who are influential on the web, they would have a painful back story and a present rise to glory. And that’s how I’ve been able to connect and relate and now place Vince Delmonte on this list.

Vince helps skinny guys mimic his success to overcoming chicken leg syndrome and other aspects of the hardgainer trauma. Kind of what I do here on Stay Fit Bug, but obviously in Stay-Fit Bug fashion. All current subscribers will know what that is by now. If you haven’t then join the party already. 🙂

Either way, Vince is clearly playing his part in making the world a fitter place via the WWW.

>>>Vinces No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

#13 Belinda Benn (

Why Belinda made the top 20?

Because she’s a lady in her 40’s who doesn’t look like she’s in her 40’s and is living proof of what the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle can do for you if you take action and start today!

P.S If you’re in your teens, don’t wait up. Read this post if you are confused about my push for urgency on this matter.

Once again, we have an individual here who has a back story to which many can relate to.

A painful back story and present rise to glory.

The glory in this case is getting lean in which she created a program by the same name. The Get Lean Program

I really didn’t think about Belindas age when I first connected with her on Facebook this year, and shortly after that I ended up on camera with her on this site in a video interview hosted by yours truly, which you can watch here.

#14 Jamie Eason (

Image credit:

I didn’t know too much about Jamie before writing this list, but once again, the ‘network effect’ has played it’s part again, and it has become very clear to me that Jamie is a clear role model for many upcoming athletes in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

Pictures speak 1000 words yes (obviously she looks good). But video speaks a whole lot more and after watching videos of Jamie (especially after this years Olympia event) it’s not hard to see why she’s an influence to so many.

Key credentials

  • Spokes model for
  • Writes a column for Oxygen womens fitness magazine.
  • Professional and highly energetic (From what I can tell)

#15 Laura Harris

Aka (Chicken Tuna – Bodyspace)

Image credit:

Ok, I’m not going to talk much here. I’m going to rely on stats and facts instead.

  • Inspiring: 3271 people on Bodyspace
  • A pain to successful gain back story ( Corporate drone to fitness pro)

Comments from those she inspires

– I ran into this amazing person just fumbling thru the net and she changed my prospective on life for myself and my family GO CTUNA!

– She is beautiful while busting ass to keep fit!!

– For the dedication and the drive to keep going even when you went off track a little here and there. showed me if you keep going in the right direction it will pay off. Great Job Thanks>JOE

#16 Bar-Barians (

‘I don’t like to talk much, I like to show and prove’

A quote taken from the bar-barians official trailer above.

So who exactly are the Bar-barians, and why have they made this list?

Well, you know about my very own unique bodyweight exercise ebook… right? Of course you do 🙂

Well, these guys must have been reading it because they perform the most advanced exercises from the ebook and execute them with frightening ease.

(Don’t worry, The ebook is about to get even sexier soon)

They made this list based on the simple fact that they,

1) Show features of true strength (The best I’ve ever seen)

2) Show a true display of what training insane is.

#17 Joel Marion

Image credit:

Joel Marion is a fitness coach who has taken his operations online and launched products such as,

The cheat your way to thin

Xtreme fat loss diet

He mainly focuses on fat loss and his recent program was launched last week.

Either way, Joel is an individual that deserves a place in the top 20.

#18 Scooby

Scooby makes the list because of,

1) His concept (Which is the core of the Stay-Fit Bug Concept… kinda)

2) His down to earth video explanations of exercise and bodybuilding tips

#19 Israel Lagares (

‘Israel Lagares‘ is fighting the battle of losing weight, unlike myself, who is fighting the battle of gaining weight. He definitely presents what i value the most, ‘real life experience’ in regards to losing weight, and he has a great looking site to go with it. One of the great things on the site is the how-to videos. The videos are real, performed in real environments and average around 7-8 minutes per watch. That’s a short enough time to give the Wii Fit a break.. surely :) . Video is always a great medium to get a message across to an audience, and it is much easier to communicate than a written article, especially for how-to articles ( I do video myself here on Stay-Fit Bug, so I know). Either way, he deserves a place in the top 20.

#20 Shaun Sinclair ( 🙂

Why Shaun Sinclair makes the list?

Because of everyone’s awesome feedback (THANK YOU)!

People from everywhere having been coming out of their way to tell me that is the s***. And has it’s own unique edge. That let’s me know that I’m doing something right, which in turn motivates me even more to put finger to keyboard. stands for…

  • Innovative ways to build muscle
  • Create ways to live the lifestyle

And will soon have a new program in place to help build the ultimate strength/ Mass/ ‘ripped’ physique (Don’t worry, become a reader and you’ll get the subscriber insider low down over the coming weeks.


Tom Venuto

He indeed has influenced many, and it is indeed wrong to leave him out on this list (Also due to popular demand to include him). And he is of course famous for quite a few books including…

>>> Burn Fat Feed The Muscle Program

>>> The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program

But like I said, there may be another list in the future, but for now, enjoy what we have here.

To conclude

There are of course many people that aren’t listed here, and if I’ve forgotten anyone that I connect with personally… my bad! You’ll get mentioned elsewhere 🙂

Either way, everyone here deserves a spot on the top 20. This is your top 20.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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A New Body Type… The Hardgainer Mesomorph

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  • Analysis of the hardgainer
  • In defense of the hardgainer

The phenotypes in question…

Typical Ectomorph

•    Definitive “Hard Gainer”
•    Delicate built body
•    Flat chest
•    Fragile
•    Lean
•    Lightly muscled
•    Small shouldered
•    Takes longer to build muscle mass
•    Slim

Typical Mesomorph

•    Athletic
•    A strong hard body
•    Hourglass figure (Female)
•    Rectangular figure (Male)
•    Mature muscle mass
•    Muscular body
•    Good posture
•    Builds muscle mass easily
•    Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs
•    Thick skin

Now, I have kind of mentioned one key point before (On this post)

But I’ll re-quote

People are neither ‘just tall’ nor ‘just short’, there are many variations of body types!

•    Long legs vs. short legs
•    Long arms vs. short arms
•    Long torso vs. short torso

And all kinds of other variation’s

This is where we introduce one of the many variations of body types.

The hardgainer mesomorph

A body type that shares traits of both an ectomorph and mesomorph body type. In fact, I would place a strong bet that this is the body type of those who call themselves ‘hardgainers’


Well… hardgainers are individuals that struggle to build muscle mass, yes. But a core reason for that is because they simply don’t eat enough food. So quite frankly, they would still put on weight if they follow a good nutrition plan and without any weightlifting workout activity.

However, the results won’t come nowhere near as fast as a typical mesomorphs body type. Hence the body type hardgainer mesomorph.
But if you are an extreme ectomporph ‘hardgainer…

  • 6′ 6″
  • Super long limbs
  • 3/4’s of your body is legs

There is still hope. Just be consistent and follow the advice I gave in this post

The Top 8 Reasons Why You’re Scrawny And The Other Dude Is Not!

But what other traits does the hardgainer mesomorph have compared to your common hardgainer?

Let the analysis begin…

#1 Tends to suffer from chicken leg syndrome

(Because legs are naturally long)

Regardless of what kind of hardgainer you are, the first piece of evidence that you look at to determine whether you call yourself a hardgainer or not will be by looking at your legs. And in most if not all cases, the hardgainer will suffer from chicken leg syndrome to some degree. Unfortunate as this is, you’re just going to have to get those legs into action and work those drum sticks.

  • Resistance training
  • Sprinting

To keep it simple. But read these posts for more on that…

Chicken Legs Syndrome (part 2) How to beat it?

How Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Can Save The World!

#2 Shoulders Are Big And Wide

Typical hardgainers have droopy shoulders, which adds to their ‘puny’ appearance. Hardgainer mesomorphs don’t. Which is sometimes why they get confusing looks from outsiders. ‘Is that guy ripped underneath those clothes or not’?

Either way, the big shoulders are a bonus as they are arguably the most important muscle group that will determine how others will perceive you… when fully clothed.

#3 Has to work twice as hard

Ok, hardgainers are just under eaters, that we do know. However, the hardgainer mesomporh still has to work twice as hard as a typical mesomorph to get the same results.

  • Nutrition x 2
  • Resistance training time period for the same results x 2 (However, this is body part specific)


  • Easy to build = Chest, shoulders, abs.
  • Hard = Calves, Quads

… In general

So I guess that is the true definition of a ‘hardgainer’.

#4 Has to work twice as hard to bounce back

Now, a hardgainer mesomorph has it quite good, as long as they…

Eat well

Train insane


They get to build supreme strength to muscle mass ratio while achieving the ultimate goal of developing supreme muscle definition (Which is why I call being a hardgainer a gift rather than a curse).

However, when the tables are turned and when life goes on a downward spiral…

– Relationship break ups
– Stress from work
– long term injury
The curse then comes into play, because once you lose your core muscle mass (Unless you have developed solid mature muscle over time, in which case you will lose less), it becomes twice as hard to get back to the place that you were once at. (PAINFUL!)

As we know, we all struggle from time to time to maintain the body of our dreams. But the above scenario is a prime example of why most hardgainers get called (And call themselves) hardgainers. Because they will face the same ups and downs as everyone else, but everyone else has the advantage of recovering much quicker from non weightlifting activity. Therefore, they will look slim and lean for most of their bodybuilding life.


However, I am putting some things into place in the upcoming program that will help with that.

OK, where is your proof.

Myself… and even hardcore ectomorphs who worked their asses off and eventually became ‘huge’. Because to this day, they will still struggle with many of the points that I’ve mentioned above.

My tip

  • Place a strong focus on building your bodies weak areas
  • Get a tailor made wardrobe… it helps. Read these posts to learn more about that.

Why Hardgainer Bodybuilders Need Tailor-made Wardrobes
Why Hardgainer Bodybuilders Need Tailor-made Wardrobes (Part 2)

#5 Hardgainer mesomorphs are strong

Most definitive hardgainers aren’t naturally strong. They are weak as ****. This is not the case with the hardgainer mesomorph. The hardgainer mesomorph is naturally strong. Arguably stronger than most common mesomorphs/endomorphs.

This is where some people make the mistake of associating size with strength. Which of course is far from the common truth. A LOT of lifters that are ‘huge’ are functionally weak. So in a comparison of true strength, the hardgainer mesomorph has an advantage over his/her meso/endomorph peers.


#6 They don’t have to worry about fat

Of course, we all have to worry about our body fat % to some degree. But the hardgainer mesomorph has to worry about this the least. Of course, the ultimate winners are definitive ectomorphs, but who wants to be one of those? :S this is the game of building the ultimate body and feeling and looking like 1 million dollars.

Any how, unlike the common mesomorph, the hardgainer mesomorph really doesn’t have to worry about putting on fat, as the struggle and emphasis will mostly be to put on muscle mass. In my view, that is the perfect  situation to be in. After all…

Building Muscle For Bulk Is Un-sexy/ Build ‘Ripped’ Muscles Instead

To Conclude

So there you have it. The human body is much more complex than just your common three body types.

  • Ectomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Endomorpth

The variations are many, and the hardgainer mesomorph is a clear example of that. I’ll probably analyze some other body types in the future, but for now, understand that in regards to human body types, it’s not just black ink and white paper. It’s a colorful affair.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Build it... Wear it right

Build it… Wear it right

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A Shoulder Workout For You To Add

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a workout routine on the site.


Well, the past few months I’ve been testing new routines, one of which I included in the unique bodyweight exercise ebook. Nevertheless, you all deserve to have different routines that you can try out, courtesy of myself.

The routine below places a focus on building strength and muscle mass. Remember the rule…

  1. Training for strength = 2 – 4 reps
  2. Training for strength and mass = 8 – 10 reps
  3. Training for endurance = 16 – 20 reps

And this one is to help you build a pair of powerful looking shoulders.

#1 Standing over grip dumbbell presses

Sets: 3
Reps: 8-12 (Increase the weight after each set)

3 minute rest periods between each set

#2 Smith machine deltoid press

Image credit:

Sets: 3
Reps: 8-12 (Increase the weight after each set)

3 minute rest periods between each set

#3 Reverse flyes

Sets: 3
Reps: 8-12 (Increase the weight after each set)

3 minute rest periods between each set

Nothing to fancy here. But train intense, for 25 minutes max and boosted strength and mass you will receive (Well… help you achieve. After all, this is just one workout)

Never the less, a workout worthy of your time.


There are a few important things happening behind the scenes here, so make sure you keep an eye on your emails.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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It’s Time To Burn 1’000 Calories

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Your reservation…

For your FREE unique bodyweight exercise ebook bundle for everyone that purchases Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca’s brand new RAPID fat loss program The 1,000 calorie challenge which has launched today with an exclusive $50 OFF pre-sale on the ENTIRE system until midnight on Thursday Oct. 21.

Your exclusive save $50 OFF invitation <——- Click here to learn more

Of course, if you have been following the email updates since the first email I sent you 10-12 days ago, you would have received several FREE updates and goodies from Joel and Arnel and today’s launch will not be new news to you.

Not subscribed yet? then you can do so here…

>>> newsletter

Either way, when you do purchase the 1,000 calorie challenge, make sure you do it here, because you’ll also receive my entire unique bodyweight exercise ebook bundle as a bonus.

The 1’000 calorie challenge <——- Get started here

Why am I doing this?

Because I know that the unique bodyweight exercise bundle makes for a great complimentary product to the 1,000 calorie challenge, and is a product that will help you for months or even years to come. And of course, you, my dedicated subscriber deserves the BEST.

The 1’000 calorie challenge + ebook bundle BONUS <———– Get instant access

What to do?

1) Go here —–> 1,000 calorie challenge
2) When you purchase the 1,000 calorie challenge program, email the receipt to myself at [email protected] and I’ll personally email you the instructions on how to download your free bonus ebook bundle.


This is a pretty clever ‘fat loss’ program which is entirely in favor of my own train insane concept. Because that is how you get results. So yes, once you get this program you will be challenged and you will see results at the end of it. That I am quite confident of.
Just make sure you do this now because once the doors close on Thursday it’s gonna cost you a lot more than the early bird price you’ll pay now.

Click here now <—————

To all our bodybuilding successes.

See you in the comments.

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22 of The Funniest Fitness & Bodybuilding Videos (Via

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It seems like I haven’t yet recovered after the events of 10/10/10. Because I still have fun on my brain. Which has lead me to compile this list of funny (in some cases hilarious) list of fitness and bodybuilding videos. I won’t say much else other than watch and enjoy. Just leave your thoughts in the comments.

#1 Farting in the Gym

#2 Saran Wrap Teacher Race Faceplant

#3 Little Kids Face vs Large Exercise Ball

#4 Crazy Fitness Chick

#5 Kitten Can’t Lift Dumbbell

#6 Hilarious Shake Weight Exercise for Women

#7 Dude Deadlifts 329 Pounds Then Passes Out

#8 Acrobat’s Handstand Faceplant

#9 Treadmill Handstand Attempt

#10 Treadmill Sick of Annoying Girl

#11 Don’t C-Walk Onto a Treadmill

#12 Cute Chick Fails At Pullups

#13 Best Workout Ever

#14 Medicine Ball To Face

#15 Dog Squats

#16 365 Days Of Exercise

#17 Exercise Machine Falls on MMA Fighter

#18 The Trainer

#19 Skinny Kid Fails Squatting 600lbs

#20 Hot Chick Boobs Workout Prank

#21 Sucking It In

#22 Kid Loses Fight To Speed Bag

Kid Loses Fight To Speed Bag – Watch more Funny Videos

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A Pitch For A New Kind Of Gym Experience (Let The Fun Begin)

October 11, 2010 by  
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That was the special date of Sunday just gone, and in China number 10 is a lucky number, or a number that represents good things. So everyone from everywhere was cheering for happy Sunday. This could be the reason why I had extra happy thoughts, which lead me to wake up and post this status update over on Facebook (Add me if you like).

Now this idea wasn’t exactly new, as myself and other Facebook community members spoke about this before.

Now, fitness fun is the name of the game on this site, so I thought to myself… what if we can have these new kinds of gym experiences. A day where we plan workouts in the same way that we plan parties. A day where we all anticipate…

1) Intense workouts

2) Fantabulous post workout social sessions (The equivalent of the bar drink before hitting the club)

3) Even more fantabulous post workout meals (The equivalent of hitting the dance floor)

4) Something fun – You decide (After all, we don’t predict what happens towards the end of the night… right?)

Obviously, the ideal set up would have to be a mighty sized gym, or even a private gym, so that everyone can workout together. And the bar would probably have to be hired out for the night too. But let’s elaborate a little more on those points stated above.

#1 Fashion parade gym – Actually make an effort to look extra good (Although some people do this on the daily :O)

Image credits:

Yes, the one thing that I despise the most, the crime that deserves no form of justice what so ever (dressing up to go to the gym), is now a priority on this day. Yes, doing this is actually quite ridiculous, no matter how you look at it. But treat dressing up on this day the same way you would as if it were a fancy dress party.

Remember, it’s all in the name of fun. So for all the ladies, pull out your 1980’s leotards or whatever else you wear that would usually get the ”What the hell is she wearing” reaction. And for the fellas out there, show it off. You’re allowed to on this day. And no one will question you either 🙂 .

Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, just make sure you bring a 2nd set of clothes. You can’t be stinking and smelling for the special post workout meal bar night now!

#2 Post workout shake after party – Hit the bar. Stylish gym gear only. Who wants to be the bartender? Serving post workout shakes only.

Image credit:

OK, after a hard gym session you would usually go straight home. But not on this day. On this day you will shower, jump in the sauna and relax those muscles. And then… prepare for a post workout shake ONLY night out on the binge. Now, we know that whey protein is the best kind of protein to have at this time, due to it’s fast digesting nature. But this is all about fun, and it’s time to experiment and break the rules (Read this post for an idea). Heck, I’d say everyone should guzzle back quite a few of these flavoury shakes.

The first thing that needs to be done here, is to designate a bartneder. Preferably someone who’s experienced mixing up a few of these shakes. Better yet, everyone should bring their experiences to the night and feed the bartender their protein shake recipes. Shake swapping. 🙂

To make things even more ridiculous, we should add these guys drinks to the roaster, seeing as the say Casein infused vodka is good for you :S

Obviously, Devotions unique concept of drinking alcohol with health on the mind will not work. Work is work, play is play. And yes… most things that are fun are going to be bad. So let’s have fun with it. Casein infused vodka FTW on this day 🙂
To top things off, why not throw in a pool into the mix. Sipping on protein shakes in style 🙂

Nevertheless, you can’t argue that this would make for a very interesting evening out instead of heading back home after a workout. But let’s only make this once a month. A day like this with a host such as myself really would make me super duper bad influence of a fitness trainer XD.

#3 Bar shenanigans done – Super duper Post workout meal.

Image credit:

What… even after all the fun from #2?


We are fitness freaks. We live the fitness lifestyle. Our stamina and pain threshold levels are much higher than the average joe.

Consider this part of the evening ‘ROUND 2’ … FIGHT! (Sorry, I’m a Street Fighter fanatic)

The post workout meal is what you have to refeed your body after a tough workout. Here will be no different. Well actually… it will. On this day, how about we reaaaally stuff our faces? I won’t list the foods here. Read this post for that. We just make it a mix of all the foods list in that post.

  • Good people
  • Good food
  • Good chit chat
  • Good relaxation
  • Over the top refeed!

How good would that be. I know you don’t get THAT to often. This is 2010 after all. The century where I will attempt to create the modern day Caveman 🙂

#4 Some ideas for after – You decide

We all know what happens after a wild night out on the town… right? Well actually… we don’t know. That’s what makes the event fun. Here will be no different. I’ve actually got writers (and mind) block now, so I’ll leave this part up to you.

After all is said and done in this post, it’s all in the name of fun. That is what we all need living the fitness lifestyle that we do. So why not try this crazy attempt at a pitch for a ‘new’ kind of gym experience?

Am I crazy? Most likely. It must be the after effects of 10/10/10.

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life….. for me ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

See you in the comments.

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7 Reasons Why Gym Workouts Beat Home Workouts (Building Muscle Mass)

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Every once in a while, I take it upon myself to step away from everyday life and just reflect (You should do it some time too). But in regards to the fitness industry, I like to take a ‘step back’ there too, and just reflect. To look at what’s going on from an outsiders point of view.

This is actually something I have done recently, and one thing that I have noticed about the ‘workout’ is the  rising popularity of the home workout.

Could it be because of a bad economy and people deciding not to pay for a gym membership to save money? (Maybe)

Could it be because people don’t have the time? (Possibly – If so, this article may help)

Could it be the simple fact that home workouts are convenient (I’d say most likely)

It’s probably a mix of all the above. In fact, I know it is. That’s why I created the Unique Bodyweight Exercise ebook (v3.0 was just released btw). But the argument still stands…

Can you ‘effectively’ build real muscle mass performing home workouts?

After all, with the latest version of the ebook, I included a strength and mass workout. And of course, plenty of weight assisted bodyweight exercises to go around.

But is that enough when building muscle mass is the goal?

Well, I’d say it’s a mix of both. You have to include at least some gym workouts into your fitness lifestyle if you want a real body changer.

In short…

Gym = Speed

And that’s why I’ve decided to give you all of the ‘pro’s’ when it comes to deciding whether you should attend the gym or not. Because there’s more to this fitness and bodybuilding game than just lugging a few weights around.

#1 Attending the Gym Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Image credit:

The number one concern that you should have when you start to lift weights to build muscle mass, is to make sure you are always giving your muscles a shock to take your muscles out of their comfort zone, as that’s the only way they will continue to grow. This means that you will need to focus your mindset on that.

The easiest way to begin adapting that mindset is to get yourself out of your comfort zone first. Taking yourself from one room to another in your home still means you will face distractions from activities, people or events that happen in your home. This will lead you to get side tracked at times. What usually happens then is that you are no longer ‘in the zone’ of your workout. Once that happens it’s very hard to adapt that train insane mentality again. So the first step you need to take before taking your muscles out of their comfort zone, is to take yourself out first.

Which leads me to my next point.

#2 Focus On One Thing Only

Image credit: Howard Sokol

You are more likely to succeed if you focus on one task at a time, instead of everything at the same time. Which is what will happen when you workout from home. Picture this…

  • You eat a good meal (No problem)
  • You relax and let that meal digest (No problem)
  • You prepare for your work (No problem)
  • You begin your workout

Possible problems

  • Phone rings
  • People within your household demanding your attention (Wife/ Husband/ Sister/ Brother/ Mother)
  • Those same people come to join and watch you workout
  • Your favorite TV program comes on
  • Your instant messenger starts ringing in the other room, which draws you away to have an online conversation (5 minutes will turn into 30 minutes)
  • You remember an important task that needs to be completed. You run off and do it.

This list could go on and on AND ON!

The point I’m making here is that there is no way you can continuously focus on taking your muscles to the next level, workout after workout, operating in an environment such as this. Actually, you can. But just know it will take you twice the time to get the same results, had you decided to go to the gym.

Which again, leads me to my next point.

#3 The Gym Has The Tools For The Job

Image credit:

Builders, Web developers, Fire men, Plumbers. It doesn’t really matter which profession I talk about. If you take one of those professionals tools away, they will do a s****y job. And the same rules apply when the goal is to ‘effectively’ build muscle. Now let’s put things into a visual perspective for one moment and make a hardcore comparison between the tools you have availble at home compared to the tools you have availble at the gym.


  • Spare room/ Garage
  • 100kg Cast iron weights set, dumbbells, Barbell
  • A ‘decent’ weights bench
  • Chin up bar
  • Exercise ball, stability ball, Powerblocks

The gym

  • Locker room and shower (Hygiene)
  • Gym staff (Maintain the order of the gym, replacing weights, save you time from doing tasks that sap your energy)
  • Cafeteria (Relax before a workout)
  • Other gym goers (People to network with)

Now for the tools you get physical with.

  • Spacious workout area (Allows you to scream, curse, release bursts of energy)
  • A complete weights set (Variations of weights, barbells – The most important aspect… because to grow you will eventually need to increase the weight)
  • Floor mats
  • Variations of weights bench (Which will allow you to perform all types of exercises)
  • Other gym goers (Ask for help when needed)
  • Dipping belts, dip bars, a complete chin up bar with all ranges of handles for exercise variation
  • Weights machines (Practice good form or certain weightlifting exercises. This is also important when considering a full body workout)
  • Decent sized mirrors (Essential for practicing good form. But not for tracking your progress. Confused? Read this post)
  • Loud music (Probably not important, as you can use an ipod. But nothing beats a solid base line when you are taking your muscles to the next level. Besides, you have no neighbors to complain about you here).
  • Air conditioning (Plenty of fresh air and water at your disposal. Do I even need to say more!)
  • People to network and relax with after a workout (Not entirely important. But it’s always nice to chill and just hang out while snacking or sipping on that post workout meal)

This list really could go on and on. But I think I’ve included most of the important things.

As you can see. If you have the right tools for the job you will…

1) Get the job done more efficienctly

2) Get the job done in half the time

3) Feel happy about what you are doing

Because if you don’t feel good about what you are doing in this lifestyle, you’re going to quit. Which is why the core of what I talk about on this site is how to improve and live a good fitness lifestyle. Now come on over and build my home gym (ironic). Just make sure you have the right tools for the job ;).

#4 Get motivation from like minded people

Aka Networking

But what I also like to call

1 +1 = 11

This will make sense to those of you who train with a gym partner. Because the key to building a successful body and fitness lifestyle is to draw motivation from somewhere. And one of the best ways to do that is by training with someone who has the same goals as you do. It also makes for some good friendly banter and competition too.

But if you don’t have a training partner, then the gym is a perfect place to train instead of training alone at home.

1) You can ask for help (Spotters)

2) If you’re in a ‘homely’ gym where everyone trains for similar goals, you’ll get plenty of training tips (Learning from other peoples mistakes). Which is essential if you want to avoid injury. Which of course you will.

3) You can make new friends and connections

This actually leads me on to my next point.

#5 You Treat Your Workout Like A Real Event

A real event is something that you prepare for, get up and go to. You freshen up, put on fresh clothes and leave the house. You’re going somewhere to make something happen. And whenever you go out to make something happen, you usually try to make the most of it. No one likes to waste time.

If you workout at home, you are already at the event. Which kind of takes away the urge to get some real work done. This is why you are better off going to the gym if you want some real muscle building results.

If you want keep your urgency to perform well, then build a real home gym. Yes, it will set you back quite a bit of money, but if you do it right, you may never need to attend a public gym ever again (Unless you really like to. For the same reasons discussed in this post).

#6 You Can Find Love At The Gym

I touched upon this topic once before, in these two posts…

Is the gym a good place to find love?

Finding Love at the gym – The Do’s and Don’ts

But if you attend the gym, it’s inevitable that you’re going to see some eye candy. But more importantly, you’re probably going to meet people that have similar interests to you. Yes, the fitness lifestyle is like that. There’s more to it than just pumping weights here and there.

Nevertheless, if you are a single free spirit with ready to spread love seeping through your veins, then you might as well go to the gym. It’s better than going to a night club. Those dates never amount to anything.

A tip from the Bugmeister

Don’t go out looking for love… or even a date. Just go with the flow. It will come to you naturally. 🙂

#7 You Can Get A lot More Done

Earlier (Point #2) I created a list of all the tools the gym gives you, that will allow you to build muscle mass quickly and efficiently, while feeling happy throughout the process. But I want to add a little more to that list.

Now, we already know that treating your workout day as an event will improve your urgency to perform well and get the most out of your workout. But it’s even better to treat this day as an event, so that you get the most out of your day. Meaning instead of going to the gym just to workout, do it all!

  • Workout
  • Spa, Sauna
  • Yoga
  • Spin
  • Boxing

Or whatever it is you like to do. Most ‘good’ gyms will offer these extra amenities. Either way, it’s a better alternative than pumping weights at home to just lounge around straight after. Get out of your box.

To conclude

I actually like to perform both home and gym workouts throughout my workout week. Mainly because I’m a homely person at heart. I like my space and I love being a geek (PS3, Macbook and all that techy stuff. Nerd!). But if you really want to get your muscles pumping quickly and efficiently, then you need to go and get yourself a gym membership. Doing so will help you stick to your program (Because you’re paying for the damn thing). And most importantly, you really will feel better about yourself once you start seeing rapid changes to your body within the first 4- 6 weeks. After that time, you’ll notice all of the benfits I’ve mentioned above. After that, it’s pure bliss.

Where do you perform most of your workouts?m At home or at the gym?

See you in the comments.

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How To Burn 1000 Calories In One Workout?

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Two day’s ago, I send out an email to all newsletter subscribers, where I talked about a new concept that will  help you do just as the headline of this post states

How to burn 1000 calories in one workout

If you haven’t yet joined the newsletter you can do so here Newsletter

Any how, the new concept is from two fitness buddies of mine, Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca. Who have released a new report called “4 Keys to 4xs FASTER Fat Loss”, and for the next few days it’s 100% free to download:

4 Keys to 4xs FASTER Fat Loss <——- Click Here to download

In the report, they reveal 4 extremely unique “under the radar” methods to have you legitimately burning 1,000+ calories in a SINGLE workout, and WITHOUT having to work out for hours on end, either.

Burn a THOUSAND calories in a SINGLE Workout <——- *FREE* download, Click here

After reviewing the report I was actually surprised that they were giving it all away for FREE. That is why I sent an email out to all newsletter subscribers, because the report is jam packed with information, with concepts that relate to what I talk about on this website. However, I didn’t think it was fair fir you, the dedicated blog reader to miss out, seeing as the download will be taken down before the end of the week.

So here it is again

Burn a THOUSAND calories in a SINGLE Workout <——- *FREE* download, Click here

There is no doubt that I’ll be providing even more goodness overtime,and I make it a promise to myself that I over deliver AND improve with what I deliver. So if you haven’t already done so, make sure you sign up to the newsletter.

Any how… enjoy!

See you in the comments.

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The Mirror Is Not Your Friend (Bodybuilding Progression)

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Yesterday, while hanging out in the Facebook community, I brought up a topic that truly can make a difference between being happy with your progression results, or just being down right sad and unhappy about it. What I spoke about was a concept. The concept that…

The mirror is your enemy!

You see, an addiction to constantly looking into a mirror to check your daily/weekly progress will cloud your vision to determine if you are truly growing in size… or not.


Well for the simple reason that you see yourself every single day.

Picture these two scenarios

#1 Think about when you are in a relationship with someone

  1. You get together.
  2. Have a uber fantastic 3 month honeymoon period.
  3. It wears off a little.
  4. You start noticing that persons bad habits.
  5. You get used to each others company… a little too much.
  6. You give each other space.
  7. You come back and everything is refreshed.
  8. You view that person in a new perspective.

#2 Think about when you go overseas on vacation

  1. You go away
  2. Experience life in new surroundings
  3. You come back home
  4. Things look a bit different.
  5. You start noticing things that you didn’t notice before because you were in those surroundings day-in-day out.
  6. You see things in a new perspective

Both scenarios relate to the concept that the mirror is your enemy when it comes to gauging your physical progress in bodybuilding. Because like the scenarios above, starring at something for too long will put a strain on your visual progress, because you are not allowing yourself to breathe. Suffocationg your vision as such. Now, I’m not an eye sight specialist of any kind, but I’m quite sure there are plently of examples and theories out there that back this up based on similar scenarios.

Any how… what’s the solution?

The solution is simple

Get some feedback from those who don’t see you too often. If they say you’ve grown… YOU’VE GROWN. If they say you’ve shrunk… YOU’VE SHRUNK!

Because the fact of the matter is, their vision/perception of you ‘before’ will be fixed in their memory. If you some how look different from that past vision, they will be the first to notice.

So instead of watching the mirror 24/7 to see how your body is changing, stay away from it. Go undercover and hibernate by wearing non revealing clothes. After a month or so, strip! Do it in front of others too. And no, I don’t mean to say you should show off. Just wear more revealing clothes. The reactions you get from those within your network will let you know if you’ve made progress or not.

Of course, not everyone out there has friends 😐

If so, just take before and after pictures and compare them. Just make sure there is at least a 4 week time period in between your shots.

Now, the mirror isn’t all bad, as you will obviously notice the small changes every other week. The only bad thing about that, is that you won’t get those big ‘Wow… I’ve progressed!’ moments. Those moments are vital for self made inspiration, which then leads uber amounts of motivation, which of course helps you to achieve the goals you set. Heck, you’ll probably smash your goal setting targets if the motivational drive is really strong.

The other positive about using a mirror is when weight loss is concerned. The mirror is actually your friend when you are trying to lose weight. The enemy here is the scales.


Because with weight loss, the scales tend not to change much, even though you actually are changing with your physical appearance. Looking down at a scale that doesn’t change (sometime for months) can be a HUGE de-motivator. This can sometimes have devastating effects. It varies from person to person. With that being the case, it would be a good idea to use a mirror instead of a scale to track your physical progress. In fact use both. At least that way you can understand how your body works, which is actually a part of the tweak and repeat concept.

After all is said and done, I hope you can now see how and why the mirror is your enemy when it comes to tracking your visual progress. So do yourself a favour and stop being so vain. ‘Addicted starrer’ 😉

It really is killing your BIG motivational moments. And we already know that motivation doesn’t last. So again, quit it with the starring already.

Do you stare at the mirror 24/7/365?

Do you get demotivated because of a lack of visual progress?

See you in the comments.

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8 Crucial Bodybuilding Mistakes To Avoid

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In the past few weekends, I really have taken time out to reflect on things. Life, the good times, the bad times, the ups, the downs and all of that usual ‘life’ stuff. Fitness and everything else that I have done in this lifestyle came up too. In a big way in fact.

You see, I became an athlete at aged 16, almost fresh out of high school and that was indeed a great time in my life. And one of the goals I set for myself at age 17 was to bulk up in size, by at least 3 stone (11.5 stone – 14.5 stone).

What really happened?

I reached that goal a few times in the past 10-12 years. Many ups and downs (Relationship dramas, stress from work and other things).

But the main reason why that goal didn’t go according to plan when I first set it, was because of bodybuilding mistake number one.

#1 Not Training For Your Sport

At age 16, I was still finding myself and part of that was getting my groove on with the opposite sex. So building a body of my dreams was a core goal of mine, as I of course knew, that could increase the attraction that I receive from women.

My trainer at the time knew this, and he smiled some what too, probably because he had been there and done that. But he did tell me specifically.

‘Shaun, stay away from weight training during this current phase of your athletic training. If you don’t, you may cause an imbalance which may lead to injury’

Now, I was a pretty dedicated athlete, but I was still a 16 year old youth who wanted to get into all the things that young men do. So yes I listened, but I failed to act on his words.

What happened next?

INJURY! – Dislocated shoulder (You can read the full story here)

Now, there is no real proof that my continuation of performing resistance based exercises whilst training for athletics was the cause of the injury, but the chances are… it was!

The worst part about this is that this injury still affected me years after it initially happened. And I can tell you now, if you are not strong minded, it can destroy you mentally… forever in some cases


S*** will happen to you in this life. How you deal with that s*** will determine the outcome of who you become.

However, all of what I went through can be avoided if you simply train for your sport. Even if you are not a pro and you just do that sport for fun (YFOW – Your fun off-day workout). Terminology from the workout routines in the unique bodyweight exercise ebook.

You should at least train based on

The movement patterns of that sport

This is especially the case during the pre-season of that sport, where the training you do strongly becomes tailored to the sport at hand.

The physical demands of that sport

For example

  • Long distance runners – Require endurance training
  • 100m Athlete – Explosive fast twitch focused training
  • Hockey player – Explosive strength/power and endurance

So as you can see, my dilemma is quite obvious. I was focusing on the above training for an athlete, yes. But I was also trying to build muscle mass at the same time and in the wrong season of my training. Don’t make that mistake.

Choose your sport specific training, commit to it, and try not to stray. Otherwise you’ll be like the Shaun Sinclair of 12 years ago!

Here’s an example of what most training programs should look like

Priority Training goal

Off season High Hypertrophy and maximal strength

Pre-season High/Medium Sport specific power and strength endurance

In-season Medium/Low Maintenance of power and strength endurance

Transition Low REST!

#2 Lifting Too Heavy A Weight For Your Current Strength

OK, we all know the rules for building muscle mass.

Lower the reps and increase the weight.


However, the mistake I see many people make (especially newbies), is that they go too heavy too soon.


I’m quite sure some of you reading this have made that mistake too. Now, I know you have probably heard this before, but I’ll remind you again.


Well, not the safe Stay-Fit Bug way.

Now get a pen, bookmark or print paper ready, because I’m going to show you how you should be lifting.

Warm up your muscles (Read this post to learn how)

  1. You choose a weight
  2. Make sure that you can lift and perform a single rep of that exercise WITH GOOD FORM.
  3. Use the same technique to determine your one rep max (Mainly for powerlifters)
  4. If you are training for strength or mass then yes, you should be training till failure. Although there are routines that do not require this, yet can give similar results. (Read the latest newsletter).
  5. The goal is to choose a weight where you will fail after performing a certain number of reps.
  6. Training for strength = 2 – 4 reps
  7. Training for strength and mass = 8 – 10 reps
  8. Training for endurance = 16 – 20 reps
  9. If the weight is too much, regardless of what the weight is… lower it! You probably aren’t ready for it yet. The change won’t come over night, so do yourself a favour and work towards consistency while steadily increasing the weight.
  10. Consume plenty of glutamine and green veggies

The Ultimate Shock Bodybuilding Supplement

The Caveman (No supplements) vs The 21st Century Man (Takes supplements)

Obviously how and what you lift will be goal specific and there are many variations to the above. But follow these rules and there should be no reason for you to face injury.


I have trained individuals for 5+ years after becoming a pro athlete and this is what has worked for many body types. Yes, there will be some variation around this, but it will mainly be goal specific.

#3 Neglecting Your Legs (Causes chicken leg syndrome)

Let’s start with some key facts

Your muscles are in use everyday. They move your body around… everyday. Which means the electric shock you are giving them won’t be high in voltage. We’ll have to crank it up.

We all know that the only way to do this is by adding resistance (Yes, primary school stuff). But for some reason guys just have a habit of neglecting their legs.

Now, the obvious reason is because your legs are a large muscle group and take a lot longer for one to start seeing ‘visible’ results. So… this leads to people giving up on building their leg muscles, which causes chicken leg syndrome and…

  • Muscle imbalance
  • Can affect flexibility, balance and performance in sports

And it just looks awful!

Oh and these individuals are also missing out on the opportunity to increase their metabolism. How?

Well it’s simply really…

Leg muscles = Large = More muscle mass = Muscle burns fat even when stationary

So make sure you don’t give up on your legs. Get into train insane mode and increase the voltage on your leg workouts.

Some starters…

The Only Way To Train Is To Train Insane

Chicken Legs Syndrome (part 2) How to beat it?

#4 Not Asking For Help In The Gym

I’m not sure how much of a problem this is on a global scale, but in some gyms, there is no ‘culture’ at all. Everyone’s a stranger in some cases. Now, the gym staff are there to help yes, but they can’t help everyone. No one knows it all when it comes to fitness and exercise and even the pros may get things wrong from time to time. We are human after all. So when you are in the gym, make sure you ask if in doubt about performing a certain exercise or about using a certain piece of gym equipment. I know this is cliché, but you really are better safe than sorry.

#5 Not Being Consistent

There are two scenarios I relate to when lack of consistency is concerned as a bodybuilding mistake.

1) Now that I’ve got result’s… it’s time to ease back

If you have not committed this bodybuilding crime then you are a liar!

There really is no better feeling than to wake up one day and realize that after all your months of hard work you are finally a chiseled beast…. really!

But once you get to that point, you naturally ease off on the triggers a little, just like the team who scores the first goal in the first half of a football game.

You start going out more, wearing clothes that show off your physique, showing off and all that other fun stuff. The problem then arises when you realize you’ve been doing too much of it! You head back to the gym, look in the mirror and scream :O

In shock of how much muscle mass you have lost. Now, this has happened to me a couple of times throughout my time in bodybuilding, so I know how much that feeling sucks. However, my reasons for slacking has always been down to stressful periods in my life and NOT because of showing off. Nevertheless, don’t make the mistake of slipping into this mind frame. If you do… BODYBUILDING FAIL!

2) This is hard and results are taking too long to come

OK, first…. let me give you a little frightening tip.

Your muscles start wasting away at the start of your twenties. In fact, slow twitch muscles don’t even account for half of the entire muscle mass of your body. That means most of you. Which also means you are all stuffed!! Life over.

Once your muscles have faded, it’s over.

Well, not quite.

A tip taken from this article..

How Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Can Save The World!

So if you have decided to take the plunge and start working out, good on you. But if the above statement is anything to go by, you better just put some glue on your shoes and stick at it.

But seriously, giving up because results are taking too long is just a huge FAIL! You probably just need to make some changes to your current routine or diet. Read these posts

The Top 8 Reasons Why You’re Scrawny And The Other Dude Is Not!

The 4 Crucial Steps To Shred ‘Core’ Fat And Build Lean Muscle

And grab the Build a 6 pac : From flab to flat ebook to guide you along the way.

Consistency is what you need to succeed, and making fitness a lifestyle choice is the key to that consistency.


Plenty of YFOW (Your Fun Off-day Workouts)

I’ve included an advanced bodyweight workout routine in the latest update (version 3.0) of the Unique Bodyweight Exercise ebook.

30 day routine which includes YFOWs

#6 Training With An Injury

This is probably one of the worst things you can do… EVER!

The main reason why people carry on working out after sustaining an injury is probably because they don’t want to lose what they’ve built. This is understandable but not necessary, as it will take at least 4 weeks of doing absolutely no working out what so ever before you even start to lose any real muscle mass. 4 weeks… which could be plenty of time to rest those injured muscles.

If anything, just focus on isolation exercises (exercises that work one muscle group). But if the injury really is that bad, just rest. You only have one body. If you damage one part of it, it may be damaged for good. Living with regrets is not cool. Trust me… I’ve seen guys that were complete muscle heads face injuries that lead them to have no choice but to quit bodybuilding for good!

#7 Not Following Core Bodybuilding Diet Principles

I’m not going to go into to much detail here. You can read these two posts for that

The Caveman (No supplements) vs The 21st Century Man (Takes supplements)

The ‘DONE-FOR-YOU’ Hardgainers Workout Routine Plan/ Meal Plan

But one of the mistakes I see some people make is deciding to break the common bodybuilding diet rules one time too many!

Such as, not eating before a workout or not feeding their muscles after a workout. These antics can break you down faster than the time it took too build you up. And like my point about consistency (1) in #5, you will look in the mirror and literally kick yourself once you realize you have shrunk!

Break the rules, live your life, but moderate your rule breaking… otherwise you will cry.

#8 The Xmas Indulge

This point doesn’t have to be based on the Christmas season, which is right around the corner. It could be any festive season event.

  • Easter
  • Diwali
  • Eid
  • Thanks giving

When these special occasions do come around, you should do as you please. In fact, I encourage you too, because unlike most people, who treat fitness as an activity, you will be treating fitness as a lifestyle choice. Which means you are already accustomed to the mindset, the consistency, the built in habits etc.

Which means putting on a few pounds here and there over a few weeks really won’t do any real damage to your levels of fitness or goals you’ve set.

So if you aren’t already doing so, make fitness and bodybuilding a lifestyle choice. Sundays newsletter gives a fine example of exactly what I’m taking about here..

There are probably plenty of other mistakes that I could have listed here, but I think these are some of the most important ones to note. If you do have any other bodybuilding mistakes you would like to share, feel free to air them out in the comments. No one is perfect… myself included. And this website is a place that is designed to help all readers improve the quality of their fitness lifestyle. So air them out!

See you in the comments.

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