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I’ve been having quite a lot of personal interactions with a lot of you recently and it has come to my attention that many of you wish to do great things with your lives and ‘become somebody’.

Not to just build a great body and look like a million dollars.

But to build a great body, look like a million dollars and make a million dollars!

And my answer to that…

If you believe it, follow and read it, you deserve it! The bodybuilding lifestyle

I guess that solidifies the points I made in this post,

15 Things Successful Bodybuilders And Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

And now I’m going to give you a kick start that will set you on that path.

#1 Building A Great Body

We already know that building a great body will make you look like a million dollars and there is definitely no shortage of information on how to do that on Stay-Fit Bug. But you already knew that I’m sure 😉

However, looking great is just one bonus of the lifestyle. There are so many more benefits than just looking great in order to attract some ass from the opposite sex…

1.  People will perceive and respond to you like you are worth a million dollars.

That will sometimes attract those that are already adopting the million dollar mindset – Successful people ( I didn’t say rich… I said successful. There is a difference!) The Law of attraction is at work here. I’ll explain shortly.

2.  You will inevitably become an inspiration to others in your personal network.

This can build wealth. Not money, but wealth. In simple terms you create valuable favour for a favour relationships.


” I’m currently taking a trip to L.A to attend a very rare and golden opportunity. I have money Mr successful business man/ woman… friend. But it won’t come to fruition for the next 4 months. Care to sponsor me?

What do you think the answer will be If you’ve inspired or brought value to that persons life, which all stemmed from building a rocking body???

3.  Better Sex

Ok, there is are benefits to attracting the opposite sex…

Exercise increases circulation, which helps with muscle endurance, strength and flexibility. It also helps prevent erectile dysfunction and impotence.

4.  Less Stress

Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel happier and more relaxed.

5.  Helps Fight Disease

Exercise helps fight cholesterol, heart disease and osteoporosis.

6.  Helps Lose Weight

Exercising increases your metabolism, which helps you lose weight and keep it off!

7.  Better Immune System

Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs and slows down decay of the immune system, making for a healthier body.

8.  Better Sleep

Exercise creates a natural dip in body temperature 5-6 hours after working out, helping you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep.

9. Reduces Blood Pressure

Exercise not only reduces high blood pressure, it helps prevent it.

10.  Prevents Cancer

Exercising could regularly help prevent colon and breast cancer.

11.  Prevents Diabetes

Exercise reduces the risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

12.  Longer Life Expectancy

Exercise prolongs life. People who exercise regularly live longer.

13.  And of course, it can lead to career opportunities.

  • Info on current events
  • Modeling
  • Acting
  • And others

#2 Build Your Bodybuilding Network

– Because you become what you think about.

– You become who you socialize with.

You can do this via this site, social networks, networking events or wherever like minded people are present. Just know that those in your chosen network need to have the same mind set as you. This will help you greatly, and this has a lot to do the laws of attraction.

If you want to know more on that, read this book.

(Which ‘I’ believe is about a 50/50 split… in the world of reality)

– You now look like a million dollars

– You are now on the path to making a million dollars (How long it takes is not an issue)


#3 Make sure you look out for No.1!

I already know that many of you aspire to do great things, regardless of your age and background, and you really should strive to do what you love and go big with it where you can and where the opportunity arises.

And why the hell not!

It is your life after all. It is a great thing to be making a difference on this planet we call earth, whether that be helping others or any other thing that is deemed great. But the ultimate rule still stands

Look out for number 1

For a couple of reasons

1) You can’t plan to help anyone unless you have some solid foundation or backbone to your entirety. You don’t have to be the complete person that you wish to be, no. But some part of your being needs to be solid. Usually in the form of knowledge or Personal wealth.

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

— Bob Marley

2) Change is a guaranteed constant in this world and the life you see before your eyes today may not be the life you see tomorrow. People come and go, circumstances change and many other things. Because of this you need to be ready. You need to do you and adjust when these things happen. Nobody likes it and there’s not much we can do about it, but this is another reason why you need to look out for no.1, because the only ones that will be left standing will be those that are true to YOU when that change does come.

There are loads of books out there that you can read that can guide you on this path, and I’ve mentioned one of the good ones here too (@ Law of Attraction). But everything mentioned here is what I would consider the ‘core’ start of what you need to do if your goal is to improve yourself for wealth and riches… not just a rocking body. Or you could just simply go with the flow, not take yourself ‘too’ seriously and live a great and happy bodybuilding lifestyle, which in the end is all that really matters.

… FTW (For The Win – For those not up-to-date with today’s slang ;))

See you in the comments.

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The ‘DONE-FOR-YOU’ Hardgainers Workout Routine Plan/ Meal Plan

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It’s been a while since I wrote the article,

How to maintain muscle mass doing cardio…and look like a Pro?

And that still is the way a hardgainer should workout in order to build muscle mass. However, I don’t think that article was very useful. Well… not useful in the way that I’d like it to be.

You see. This bodybuilding lifestyle is a part of YOUR life and life itself never is written in black and white. There are many ups and downs, things will often become quite colourful and the journey will be different for all of you.

Below are some factors that come to mind which will all impact how you workout to achieve the universal goal of…

Building muscle!

  • Location
  • Profession
  • Personal Wealth
  • Your body type and genes

All but one of the above probably can’t be changed over night and they will all have an impact on your journey to build muscle. But the one thing you can work around is your career/ lifestyle, which will obviously be different for all of you, which will affect the time of day you workout.

But rest assured…

Today I am unveiling,

  • How to structure your meals
  • Food types for each meal interval
  • Food choices for each interval

Which will help you effectively build muscle regardless of your,

  • Body type
  • Location
  • Personal Wealth

Also known as ‘Done-For-You’

The Basics

  • 6-7 meals a day

Core Meals

Breakfast (Carbs and Protein)

Protein – Tuna, Chicken, Egg whites.

Carbs – Fruit to restore glycogen stores, oatmeal, all bran cereal, grits, sweet potatoes and pancakes with no syrup.

Post Workout Shake (Carbs and Protein)

The shake described here. Then add a plate of rice to make up for the carbs needed.

Post Workout Meal (Carbs and Protein – 2 hours after your workout)

Protein – Chicken, fish, shrimp, lean meats.

Carbs – Sweet potatoes, brown rice, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, grits.

Remaining Meals (Protein and Fat)

Protein – Meat, turkey, tuna, fish, chicken, eggs, ham and cottage cheese.

Fat – Protein foods as previously listed, flax seeds and fish oil.

Green vegetables: 100-200 grams

Note: Make sure you divide each amount of each nutrient equally across all meals.

Typical Morning Workout (10.00-12.00am)

Meal #1 (Breakfast) CORE MEAL

  • Carbs meal
  • Protein meal


Meal #2 (Post-workout shake right after your workout) CORE MEAL

Meal #3 (12:30) (Post workout meal) CORE MEAL

  • Carbs meal
  • Protein meal

Remaining Meals

Meal #4 (15:30)

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Green vegetables

Meal #5 (18:00)

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Green vegetables

Meal #6 (21:00)

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Green vegetables

Early Evening Workout (5.00 – 7.00pm)

Meal #1 (Breakfast) CORE MEAL

  • Carbs
  • Protein meal

Remaining Meals

Meal #2 (10:00)

  • Carbs
  • Protein
  • Green vegetables

Meal #3 (12:30)

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Green vegetables

Meal #4 (15:30)

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Green vegetables


Meal #5 (Post-workout shake right after your workout) CORE MEAL

Meal #6 (21:00) (Post Workout Meal) CORE MEAL

  • Carbs meal
  • Protein meal

Very Early Morning Workout (7.00am – 8.00am)

Meal #1 (Breakfast)

  • Carbs meal
  • Protein meal drink (For quick digestion, unless you wake up really early of course. If so stick to the meal) CORE MEAL


Meal #2 (Post-workout shake right after your workout) CORE MEAL

Meal #3 (12:30) (Post Workout Meal) CORE MEAL

  • Carbs meal
  • Protein meal

Remaining Meals

Meal 4 (15:30)

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Green vegetables

Meal 5 (18:00)

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Green Vegetables

Meal 6 (21:00)

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Green vegetables

This is exactly how I will be working out in the coming months and how you should workout too, if you are a hardgainer. I will obviously make some adjustments, as I am currently focusing on bulking while retaining deep cuts. Either way, that is the Done-For-You way to workout. If you don’t build any muscle mass using this structure feel free to leave a comment and I’ll gladly assist with finding out where you could be going wrong.

See you in the comments.

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Why You Need To Shred Your Abs And Not Your ‘Other’ Muscles To Get Noticed

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Your abs are a part of your core muscles and there are solid reasons to why you need to build a strong core, which I’ll discuss shortly. But first

The Visual Advantage Of Having Great Looking Abs

You see, it’s very easy to pass off average looking muscles as ‘great’ looking muscles when you wear tank tops, loose vests or even wife beaters. But once you take that shirt off, that muscle man image may just disappear!

What was once your stand out point (Bulky arms, shoulders) will now become less of a focus point to outsiders.

It will now be a weak excuse of what you have been calling ‘muscle’ because your non existent 6 pac will catch the eyes of many, taking the attention away from your so call ‘great’ looking muscles… when fully clothed. 😉

How do I know this?

Because I come from the school of the opposite scenario.

  • A naturally strong core and abs but weaker looking tri’s/ bi’s and back.

Yes, I would get looks from people when I wear a vest, because my unique selling point was and still is from being cut/ deep soft cuts. But I always have and probably always will get most of my attention from the abs that I have built. And I can tell you now…

= Constant stares.

And constant stares is what you want when you strip down on the beach… right?

And it’s because of this why I would now say to place a strong focus on building your core muscles, not just your abs.

Now, don’t misinterpret the point I’m trying to make here. There is more to having strong abs than just many eyes from gals and guys on the beach!

The Body Benefit Of Building A Strong Core

Now, the core isn’t just made up of abdominal muscles, better known as Rectus Abdominis. It is made of,

  • Erector Spinae
  • Multifidus
  • External Obliques
  • Internal Obliques
  • Transverse Abdominals
  • Hip Flexors

And the benefits of having a strong core

  1. It is the foundation of your bodies strength as all powerful movements are performed from the center of the body outwards.
  2. Will improve your posture and prevent injuries (It will save your back dammit)
  3. Helps develop functional strength (Yes, that mighty strength I religiously speak about and what your fat bodybuilder buddies probably lack)

Remember To Dispel The Myth

This summer you will have to perform an endless amount of crunches and sit ups in order to build a 6 pac.

……….. NONSENSE!!


The reason why I have been able to maintain my 6 Pac without even doing a single sit up again, is because I have incorporated exercises into my workout routine, which recruit all of the muscle fibers of the body that hit deep within the muscle tissue. And this also vital for removing that annoying layer of fat that sits in the lower part of your stomach.

Read these posts for the exercises:

6 Non-crunch Bodybuilding Six Pack Exercises

The Best Exercises To Work Lower Abs

And even more in the ebook


The second important thing you will need to do is to focus on a low caloric diet. Even someone like myself (Born hardgainer) has to watch their diet if building a 6 pac is the goal (Something that I’m currently doing. Check out the new goal 8 pac progress picture here and here.


Because the fat will just build up, keep coming back and just sit there.

Now I don’t expect you to scale back on building your muscles, just in order to rip your abs to shreds. No, no, no! But what you should do is focus on eating the right foods for your abs.

And here is that super list again

1. Almonds and nuts (Eat the skins too)

2. Beans and legumes

3. Spinach and green vegetables

4. Dairy products (Fat-free/ Low fat milk, yogurt and cheese)

5. Instant Oatmeal (No sugar and no flavours)

6. Eggs

7. Turkey and other lean meats

8. Peanut butter

9. Olive oil

10. Whole-grain bread and cereals

11. Whey Powder

12. Berries

Click here for the detailed version.

So as you can see, there is more to building great abs than meets the eye. A lot more I should say. But do the above and great things will follow. Especially in that lower part of your stomach!

See you in the comments.

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The Complete Guide To Unique Outdoor Exercises Part 2

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Yesterdays post has got many of you out there pushing yourselves to the max, outdoors!

GOOD… that was the whole idea behind it. But I haven’t quite finished yet. The sunshine is beaming and I am in the mood. And yes, I have been showing off too. So should you!

Anyhow, here is more ammo for your outdoor workout routine arsenal.

Suicide Bear Runs

This exercise is actually made up of two exercises.

#1 Suicide Runs

You basically set a starting point, set several horizontal lines ahead of you  and run from the starting point to a each line… say, about 20 feet away. Then you run back to the starting point and then run to the 2nd line. Say a further 15 feet away. Carry on until you’ve run and touched each and every line.

So that is…

  • A to B
  • Run back
  • A to C
  • Run back
  • A to D
  • Run back


#2 Bear Crawls

Now this is where we add a challenge to the above exercise.

What’s a bear crawl?

This is where you run around on all fours (hands and feet) just like a bear. Doing so will work your core, chest, triceps, shoulders and lower back.

How do we add the challenge?

Like this…

  • A to B
  • Run back with a bear crawl
  • A to C
  • Run back with a bear crawl
  • A to D
  • Run back with a bear crawl

The gym won’t work you like this will. I can assure you of that!

The Dragon Flag Exercise

Rip your abs and core in the outdoors, to keep it simple.

How it looks and how to do it
  • Find a weights bench
  • Lie flat on your back
  • Place your arms behind your head and your hands gripping the edge of the bench (As in the photo).
  • Then bring your knees in to your waist so that your thighs are at 90 degrees
  • Then use all of your strength and pull up with your hands, keeping your whole body rigid until it rises up so that your torso is pointing directly towards the ceiling.
  • Hold that position for a few seconds and then lower your body back down ‘under control’ until your butt is just a few inches from the bench.
  • As your body rises to begin the rep, slowly breath out and keep your whole body tensed. As you begin to lower your body, slowly breath in with the abdomen and repeat the sequence.
  • If you find that even with your legs bent you cannot lift yourself off of the bench ‘under control’ you can simply perform partial negatives by lowering yourself down from the end of the movement until you reach as low as you can safely go, and then pulling your body back up.
The Sequence

Then you lower yourself back down to the bench using the bent knee method (As reduced leverage for progression)

Then you progress to the straight legged version. There is no time limit on how long it will take you to reach this level. Just make sure you listen to YOUR body. Your body will tell you when to progress. Not me or anyone else!

I know you want to go out and try this exercise straight away, which is great. But please, do take it easy. Injury prevention is key. If you want to know more about injury prevention for bodyweight exercises, be sure to grab the Unique Bodyweight Exercises Ebook.

Bungee Runs

This really is where you attach a strong bungee cord to yourself. A partner will build tension with the other end, and at the height of it, they will let go, causing you to fly. This is something that I picked up in athletics training, and it really is a sight to behold. You’ll look like a super hero for a brief moment.

Anyhow, this will help build up your explosive strength.


I would not recommend that you perform this exercise unless you can at least perform cardio exercises or sports at high intensity level.

There are more variations of exercises that involve a bungee cord. Many of which I have experienced first hand during and after my life as an athlete. Many of which prove to be perfect for working out outdoors or on vacation. Just make sure you stay tuned, because it’s going to be action packed!

See you in the comments.

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The Complete Guide To Unique Outdoor Exercises (Warning! Designed For The Insane)

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As we all know, we are now in the heart of the summer months (except for those who live in Australia) and the bulk of your summer activity gym/ non gym should take place outside of the gym. For most of you summer will only be a 3 month affair, so you better lap it up while it lasts. But while it is here, you may want to include some outdoor exercises into your summer workout routine, and in true Stay-Fit Bug fashion… exercises that prove to be both challenging and FUN!

That’s why today, I am introducing exercises that will prove to be just that. Challenging and fun.  Some of you may be familiar with many of these if you happen to have taken up any related sports in your time, and for the rest of you… not so. Nevertheless, these exercises will work your body to the ground and will probably put you to sleep for days. You’ve been warned!

The Body Bonus

  • Increased functional strength
  • Increased Endurance
  • Get ripped!

#1 Indian Runs With A Medicine Ball (Group Exercise)

All participants need to run in single file at a medium pace; the person at the end of the line must sprint to the front. Adding a medicine ball to the mix will add to the intensity.

Perform this exercise for 20-25 minutes

#2 Bows and Toes

Lying face down on the ground, prop your body up on your elbows and toes, with your back forming a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. Maintain this position for as long as you can. Just try to stay awake 😉

#3 Piggy Back Run

  • Get a friend to jump on your back (piggyback) and run to the middle of a field.
  • Stop and perform 10 squats (with your friend on the back),
  • Then piggyback them to the end of the field.

#4 The Firemans Carry

This is exactly the same as above, but instead you use the fireman’s carry technique as pictured below.

Source: Wikipedia

#5 Bride Over The Threshhold

Same thing again. But these are tough and will really and truly test your might. If you want a real challenge just carry a really fat friend! At least you won’t have to marry them 😮 My advice? Leave out the squats! You have been warned.

#6 Squat jumps

Do these all the way down the field

#7 Burpee To Pull  up

This is exactly as you read it. You perform a burpee and then perform a pull up on a wall or pull up bar the moment you jump up in a burpee.

#8 Sand Bag Sledge

You remember the sand bag posts I wrote several months back… right?

If not check them out…

Unique Backyard Exercises For Building Muscle Fast

How To Build A Sandbag For Your Weightlifting Routine

Now all you need to do is,

  • Buy a cheap sled

  • Tie two ropes to it (one for each hand)
  • Load it up with sandbags/weight plates
  • Then drag it through the grass, and up and down hills in a park/ beach.

That should be plenty of exercises for you to perform today. But I am not finished yet! No, no, no. Stay tuned for part 2 coming up tomorrow for even more outdoor exercise fun. until then…

Bugs out!

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The Ultimate Hardgainers Guide To A Summer Workout

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It’s summer time folks!

And all of you hardgainers should be flaunting what you’ve been building up for all these months (Those muscles will eventually fade with age one day).

But what you don’t want to do is risk losing those muscles from having ‘too much’ fun and forgetting that you still need to look after that chiseled frame in the process. That is why today, I will show you how to do both.

How to have fun and build muscle effectively throughout the summer months.

#1 Out Of The Gym And On To The Beach

What I mean here is that you need to be working out less inside the gym and more outside of the gym!

You’ve lived in a cave for most of the year. It’s now time to come out of your shell. Less is more here.

”But Shaun, I’m going to lose muscle mass if I don’t stick to my weightlifting routine goals!”


I’ve been building muscle as a hardgainer for the best part of 12 years now, and I can tell you now… it will take at least 4 weeks of no activity WHAT SO EVER before you begin to lose any real muscle mass.

So unless you decide to laze around on a beach all day for 3-4 weeks, losing muscle mass or strength will be the least of your worries.

In fact I know it will, because,

  1. You will be spending this time either playing sports on the beach (fun) or performing bodyweight exercises in an out door recreational centre or sports ground. Don’t have those where you live? Workout in your garden.
  2. There’s no way you would allow yourself to become that lazy. Come on, who is that one person you’ve been leeching motivation off for the best part of the past year ‘hint, hint’ 😉

Make it quick if you have to!

If you do need to hit the gym make it short. Like… 15-20 minutes short. Make it a summer full of super-set workouts. Super-sets is where you perform two exercises with a set each with no rest in-between. All you need to do is choose exercises that work different muscle groups. This will give you similar results to what you achieve in your current workouts.

All jokes aside, it really is about living a great bodybuilding lifestyle. Life is all about living. Don’t let yourself become a slave to the gym.

#2 Eat Well, Eat Early, Eat Frequent

If you happen to live in a country where you get a ‘great’ summer, you will be fortunate enough to have the sun wake you up early in the morning. This is good for 2 reasons,

1. It gets your lazy ass out of bed and you can actually get more tasks done.
2. This is the time of day when you will have the most energy, which is perfect to ready yourself for a great workout. Besides, you probably won’t have time to workout in the evening, because that’s when all the fun begins. Hail to summer nights!

Another thing you will need to do in these summer months is to eat well and eat frequent.


You are a hardgainer, so you already suffer from rapid weight loss, even when stationary. Adding summer heat and longer days to the equation just makes the situation worse.

= More sweat – possible weight loss – mass consumption of water (Read this post for the best water to drink)

Leading to more meals being consumed.

And you will probably see your weight rocket high and then stoop super low at times.


Because life is not black and white. Everything I mention here won’t happen how I say it will. Especially in summer, where good moods cause last minute meet ups and where hormones will be running wild. Which usually result crazy hedonistic activity. We all know what that does to a hardgainers muscle building efforts… don’t we!

Anyhow, you need to be eating well every few hours, because you will literally sweat your weight off if you don’t. You’ll almost feel like a transformer during this time.

You will maintain the bulk of your muscles mass as long as you do the above.

#3 Cut The Cardio

I know you will all be at different stages in your muscle building endeavors. But the fact still remains that you are a hardgainer, and doing less cardio will always be at the back of your mind as you will want to maintain those muscles you have built.

When it comes to the summer months, I’d say cut it back even further, because the chances are that you will be participating in many other outdoor activities over the summer months that may act as cardiovascular activity.



Because you are doing as I say, by doing activities that are both fun and beneficial to your health.

  • Swimming
  • Jet-skiing
  • Surfing
  • Volley ball
  • Diving
  • Deep sea diving

And others…

Do them all!

Life is for living and summer only comes once a year for most of you, so lap it up and live up… the hardgainer way.

See you in the comments.

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Ultimate Forearm Training Guide


I was recently introduced to a video by a strength coach in Pennsylvania named Jedd Johnson, and the information literally blew me away!

Just in case you forgot, or are a newer subscriber/reader, Jedd Johnson is the one who did a guest post over on the site back in late 2009.

Killer Compound Exercises

Stay-Fit Bugs focus is based on innovative ways to build muscle and how to have fun while doing it. But Jedds focus over at Dieselcrew.com is much more focused on grip strength. I mean, I’ve touched on grip strength quite a few times over on the site in articles such as,

Unique Hand Grip Exercises

And you really do need to up the ante on your grip strength if you intend to increase and improve your performance in your workouts. That is in both weightlifting AND bodyweight exercises. Because that is where you lay the foundation for your strength gaining efforts for months or even years to come.

Jedd loves baseball!

In fact, he played throughout his childhood and even played for two years at college before injuries halted his career. Ever since then he has devoted himself as a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has been studying how to build grip and forearm strength.

The lower arms are a huge part of the game of baseball and today, Jedd has released his Ultimate Forearm Training Guide,

which runs at 400 pages deep full of exercises and techniques to help you build up your forearm and grip strength in your workouts.. This guide is huge and packed with a ton of information, yet Jedd still does not think that’s enough. He’s decided to throw in double and extra beyond that. Goodies that compliment the activities performed within the original guide.

That sounds great Shaun… but this is Baseball. I don’t want to learn how to play Baseball. Why send this to ME?

Well, that’s the whole point. There are many very effective exercises and techniques performed in many various sports. Those of which you can benefit from greatly. Just like the gymnast examples I have used in past articles for bodyweight exercises.

I am no expert at baseball, but Jedd is. And his knowledge on building grip strength far surpasses mine. Stay-Fit Bug is all about providing unique ways to build muscle, and if I can provide that knowledge with a product other than my own, a product where I find true value, then I will do so, for the benefit of yourselves.

The stand outs:

  • Includes detailed information on how to keep the lower arms healthy, methods for injury recovery, how to make several pieces of home made grip equipment, as well as reviews of Grip Training equipment available on the market today.
  • 5 other manuals on Grip Training that make this the perfect package for any baseball player. How to make and use two pieces of home made equipment, 20 Grip Training Workouts, Essential Forearm Stretches, and how to get started designing your own year-long strength training programs.
  • PLUS 3 other huge bonuses in the package – Grip Considerations for the Bench Press (video), his 8-week Grip Training Program Video and PDF, and Smitty’s awesome Explosive Med Ball Conditioning.

Plus two solid workouts which you can download right NOW!

Here: Ultimate Forearm Training Workouts (2 workouts)

If you’re looking for a secret weapon that can give you an edge on the diamond, then you need to checkout all of the above.

Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball < = Pick it up right now for the introductory price of just $77

(Note: All of the extra bonuses listed here are available for ONE WEEK ONLY)

So make sure you don’t miss out!!

And now some words from the man himself…


This guide may have a core focus for helping baseball players, but this guide is pure gold since stayfitbug.com is all about ‘innovative’ ways to build muscle. A guide that I would have loved to provide myself, yet lack the knowledge to do so.

No one has the understanding of grip and forearm training like Jedd has, and this introductory price won’t be available forever, so here’s the link again to go get it.

Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

See you in the comments.

Bugs out!

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How to Balance Your Work And Bodybuilding Lifestyle

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And your immediate response will be…

Easier said than done!

And I agree… to a certain degree.

This is a problem that I, and many others that I have been networking with face on the daily. As you all I know, I run this site Stay-Fit Bug. But I also have other things going on around it.

  • The Ebooks
  • Creation of future products/ services (Created with the help of some of you)
  • And a now more serious affiliate marketer

That’s Mr. Shaun Sinclair at present day. But the fact is, any path you take into adult hood in this day and age will likely be a demanding and busy one. Unless you place some structure and order into it.

  1. Raising kids and building a family
  2. Climbing the corporate ladder
  3. Becoming a great musician, recording artist, actor, athlete, entrepreneur

And if you have stumbled upon this article today, it is very likely that your goal is to build a better body. If so, you too will need some structure in your life to do so. Here’s how you can start to do just that:

#1 Eliminate Stress (It is a figment of your imagination)

Many will argue for and against me with the above statement. But I truly believe that stress is a made up thing by us humans. Most things in life are simple, we just tend to make them more difficult. Stupid human race!

If you live in the western world, you don’t know the meaning of stress. Stress is being out at war in the middle east!

I’m going to steal a quote from one of my recent interviewees Natalie Minh

There are no problems, only solutions!

Once you begin to adopt that mind set, things just magically become easier. We humans tend to over hype the most simplest of challenges.

It doesn’t really matter what the challenge is. The fact is, it can probably be solved… unless it’s a life/ death situation.

– Learning to say ‘no’ when people ask extra of you

– Handing tasks to others when extra is asked of you (Sometimes you have no choice in the workload dropped on you)

Those are simple problems that can be easily solved.

#2 Make Your Work Your Workout

Trying to manage an effective weightlifting workout while working full time is hard because,

– Work isn’t just work, it puts stress on your brain, which effects how motivated you will be (we are not robots)

– It’s hard to find balance and find time for every one (girlfriend, family or whoever)

– It’s easier to be lazy and hit the night club or chill out with friends.

– It’s always easier said than done.

That was a previous quote from yours truly in the article,

How To Workout While Working Full-time

Most of that I do still agree with. But today, I’d rather take the no problems only solutions approach.

What is the solution to making your work, your workout?


Get really organized!

  • Write down everything you do on a note pad.
  • Use post it notes.
  • Stick quotes of your personal goals on your wall, computer monitor, fridge, pin up board, car dash board or what ever you have at your disposal in your daily surroundings.
  • Also write down the things that are getting in your way of achieving your goals. Fake friends, Nagging or annoying girl friend.

In terms of your job, don’t let a stressful job get in the way of achieving results in your weightlifting routine.

Does your job require manual labour?

Any job type that requires manual labour is going to be physically demanding. No escaping that. So what you do is get creative. Make your work a part of your weightlifting workout.

Again you will need to get organized. If your goal is weight loss then write down how many calories you`ve burnt throughout the day working and replenish your glycogen stores during and after work.

If your goal is weight gain, then analyze the type of work you do and look at the specifics.

How much…

  • Lifting
  • Pulling
  • Pushing

Do you do at your job?

If it’s a lot then that can be a part of your functional strength training. If so, structure your weightlifting workout around those specifics and be sure to hit those muscle groups that you don’t exercise in your gym workouts.

#3 Structure Your Days

There are two things I’ll touch upon here.

  1. Structuring your workout plan around your work
  2. Get your work done early. That’s home tasks and work tasks.

Living life spontaneously can be a fun thing. I should know, I’ve been living that way for the best part of the past 10 years. But like I mentioned earlier, more responsibilities seem to creep your way the older you get. Now, the spontaneous action doesn’t need to stop completely. But you will need to structure your time for it a little more.

The first way to do that is by structuring your bodybuilding map/ plan. If working out in the mornings is something you wish to do, then stick to it. If you’re going to workout on Mon/Wed/Fri with a weekend break to recover, then stick to that too. It doesn’t need to stay that way forever… no. But having that structure will allow you to slip other things into your schedule.

The second way to build some structure into your life is by getting your tasks done before schedule. Some of you may turn around and say that this is easier said than done. But it’s actually easier than you may think. You see, I know that most of you waste hours watching stupid shows on TV, poking around on wastebook (Also known as Facebook) and other things. If you take those things away for just one day, you will see how much ‘productive’ activities can get done in that time.

Doing so will give you plenty of time to squeeze in some workouts, heavy meals or any other activity that you love to do.

#4 Do Your Hard Work Early

Now, this will be different for everyone. But the whole point of getting the hard tasks out of the way early on is due to the fact that, that is the time of day when you will have the most energy. It’s the same reason why it’s sometimes better to perform your workouts at the crack of dawn.

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it to the best of your ability.

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it to the best of your ability!

The after lunchtime slow down is common amongst all of us. You might not be a sleeping duck just yet, but I can guarantee that you will be less efficient at anything you put your mind to after this time.

So do yourself a favor and go all out in the first several hours of the day. Not the last several!

#5 Relax

Last week I wrote about the ways that you can relax your muscles on your non-workout days. This is highly essential if you intend to solve your work life/ bodybuilding life balance. The common dilemma here is that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. The older you get, the harder it seems to be.

Something you might tend to do is list all of your daily tasks, take a hard look at it (what seems to be mission impossible) and then stress out.

Chill dudes and dudets. Chiiiillll!!

What you really need to do is,

  1. Separate the important from the least important tasks. That is, what needs to be done now, what needs to be done later.
  2. Delegate those tasks where possible.
  3. End each day with one of those relaxation methods listed.

The modern day life style in any modern day city will be a busy and fast paced one. Slowing it down every now and again is a key element to balancing a good work and bodybuilding lifestyle. There will be many days where the day ahead will look like one big fat elephant that you cannot possibly digest.

When this mindset creeps in…


Chop up those tasks into incy wincy little pieces and move along gracefully. Practice this long term and your life will start to become GREAT!

#6 Make time for play time

Too much hard work will make you a very unhappy bunny (Not good for a happy bodybuilding lifestyle)

That’s why even I (being the animal workaholic that I am) took a 2 day break away from everything a couple of weeks back. I just sat back, relaxed in one of those Shisha bars (that seem to be rising in popularity) and chilled while the sun shined. Doing so allowed me to refocus, reflect, but most importantly, have fun. Even if for a brief moment.

You can work your ass off all you like, but without play you might as well be a slave. You’ll know when it’s the right time to take a break

Your body will talk to you and tell you. When it does, make sure you STOP!

If it means taking a whole week off, then do it. That includes a week off from bodybuilding too. You’ll come back a newer, fresher and better YOU!

I network with quite a few people on and offline in the bodybuilding world, and the dilemma in the title is something I come across almost on the daily. There’s a good chance that dilemma affects you to. If so, follow the above and start living a fun and great bodybuilding lifestyle.

See you in the comments.

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11 Of The Best World Cup 2010 Footballer Bodies

June 10, 2010 by  
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It’s that time folks

That one event that comes just ONCE every four years.

That one sport that is universally accepted across the globe that sends the entire male species completely bonkers, which often leads to violence.

The one sport where the wives and girlfriends simply have no choice but to watch back in awe.

The world cup 2010!

Hosted in South Africa

Starting June 11th (This Friday)

I didn’t get the chance to visit South Africa for this wonderful spectacle of an event this time, but I’m pretty certain that it’s buzzing out there right about now.

Since football/ soccer is a physical sport, there will naturally be some physiques in there that many of you would like to aspire to ( Men only – sorry ladies, I don’t follow female football)

After all, these guys do train at performance level. So it’s expected.

Now, every sport out there will create very different body types for the athletes involved, and the athletes involved usually have to have a certain body type to stand a chance at being the best in that sport.

That’s what inspired me to write the article,

8 Great Famous Bodybuilding Bodies From 8 of Your Favorite Sports (Unisex)

As I know that most of you at some point could have been, or may still be training to be great athletes. And all of you will obviously have different body-types.

Today is a celebration of the best footballer bodies from the upcoming World Cup 2010.

That is,

  • Super sized Hamstrings/ Quads
  • Big butt muscles
  • Toned/Ripped/Cut less bulkier upper bodies

That is a body type that many of you would like to have. Personally I’d just take the super sized quads. They can keep the rest. I prefer the wide shoulder V-shape look. But hey, that’s me.

Enough talk, time for some inspiration!

In no specific order.

# 1

  • Name: Christiano Ronaldo
  • Club: Real Madrid
  • Home team: Portugal


Mr Ronaldo is arguably the most ripped and bulkiest footballer of the current game. He has the perfect body that most hardgainers would like to aspire to. Not only does he have the trademark footballer quads, he also has the upper body to go with it. And he’s probably got your girlfriend talking too.

# 2

  • Name: David Beckham
  • Club: Milan/ L.A Galaxy
  • Home team: England


Ok, he might not actually be taking part in the world cup this year, but he will be assisting the team along side manager Fabio Capello. Either way, Mr. Becks is still in great shape and still maintains the more natural/ model look that many of you may want to have. That is, powerful legs and toned upper body.

# 3

  • Name: Didier Drogba
  • Club: Chelsea
  • Home team: Ivory Coast


This is the kind of body that you will develop when you perform ‘bodyweight-only‘ exercises in your workouts. You see, most footballers are naturall skinny, or they don’t necessarily have any stand out bodily features that will make you go ‘ooh.. ahh’. However, it is the sheer intensity of their aerobic training that will help them to develop natural/ toned looking muscles and of course, strong and powerful legs.

The result = The body of Didier Drogba

Nothing wrong with that at all!

# 4

  • Name: Gennaro Gattuso
  • Club: AC Milan
  • Home team: Italy


Mr Gattuso has one of those rock solid type of bodies. It’s one of those bodies to have if you want to look good in anything that you wear. Nothing too ‘stand outish’ here, but if you just want a strong healthy body, then this is the way to go.

# 5

  • Name: Fabio Cannavaro
  • Club: Juventus
  • Home team: Italy


I’m not going to say anything about this one. I think the picture speaks for itself for why I included Mr. Cannavaro in this list. Ladies… Gents… thoughts and comments please.

# 6

  • Name: Carles Poyul
  • Club: Barcelona
  • Home team: Spain


This is another bodyweight-only exercise type of body. Not too muscular, but definitely more ripped than your average footballer. Not a bad body to have if you want to look good this summer. Look out for him in the coming weeks.

# 7

  • Name: Sergio Ramos
  • Club: Real Madrid
  • Home team: Spain


This could be the body to go for if you’re a hardgainer who doesn’t aspire to grow huge muscles from working out. Besides, the ladies seem to like this type of body in the year 2010. It’s not skinny, it’s not bulky. It’s just natural. Besides, you’ll find that you’ll probably be a lot stronger than your bulky friends, as maintaining a body like this involves cardio and strength gaining bodyweight exercises.

# 8

  • Name: Thierry Henry
  • Club: Barcelona
  • Home team: France


It feels like Thierry Henry has been around like… forever. Nevertheless, he is still fighting fit and for me, he was one of the first athletes to inspire me to fight off chicken leg syndrome.


Because Mr.Henry has a typical hardgainer frame, yet I wouldn’t call him a hardgainer anymore.

1. Hes now ripped

2. Look at his quads. Complete awesomeness.

If you need to overcome chicken leg syndrome, then let this be your inspiration. Build legs like Mr. Henry!

# 9

  • Name: Freddie Ljungberg
  • Club: Seattle Sounders FC
  • Home team: Sweden


Ok, Sweden may not be present in this years world cup and Freddie is no longer playing football at the international level. However, that was still only a recent decision and for the purpose of this article, it was only right that I included Mr.Ljungberg in this list and it really is not hard to see why.

He is ripped, has model looks and is what you could call Sweden’s version of David Beckham. If you are a budding sportsman and just happen to have model looks, then following in this mans foot steps is not a bad thing.

# 10

  • Name: Tim Cahill
  • Club: Everton
  • Home team: Australia


Ok. The only reason why I included Tim in this list is because I know that there are some of you out there who really are trying to hold onto your pre-teen baby body. You know, the type where a pre-teen is forcing the fact that they are developing muscles but are not quite there yet. If so, then Tim is the man to aspire to. Clean, baby cuts and far from menacing. Hopefully his top comes off in the coming weeks for you to take a closer look.

# 11

  • Name: Diego Forlan
  • Club: Aletico Madrid
  • Home team: Uruguay


Last but definitely not least!

Mr. Forlan is ripped! Just the way that I know many of you would like to be. I don’t know much about his back story, but I do know that this is a gym body, and one that I will definitely recommend. Keep an eye out for this one, as his top my just decide to fly off of his body.

The world cup is only several hours away now and I can’t wait. I love it every time it comes around. Nevertheless, it’s an event where you’ll will find a body that you can aspire to have.

See you in the comments.

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6 Great Ways To Relax Your Muscles

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Really relax!

I’m talking, no iPhones / blackberries, no kids present and no nagging girlfriends/ boyfriends.

Proper relaxation!

When I first began to workout, the biggest criticism I got was that I always felt tense, even long after I had worked out. Like… days after.

That wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I wore a wife beater 24/7. However, I am no robot. Neither should you be.

Variety is a good thing, and too much of any one thing can be bad for you. You should never do anything full-time ALL of the time!

I know you’ve all suffered or still suffer from being too tense like I was, so the question still remains…

What is the best way to relax your muscles?

There are many ways to relax your mind and body from all that pumping of iron, and I’ve stumbled upon this topic before . But these are what I consider the best ways to relax.

REALLY relax!

In order of enjoyment and pleasure

#1 The Thai Body To Body Massage

The Thai body to body message is… well… fun, entertaining, pleasing and probably one of the best ways to ‘really’ relax. Now, this is no ordinary run of the mill type of massage as you can see from the title. And you’ll probably have to get a seal of approval from your girlfriend (Good luck!).


Because it involves ‘another’ girl rubbing her entire body all over yours. And that is the key trigger for true relaxation in this scenario. I mean… the massage itself is good. But it’s the whole environment and anticipation of this massage that will relax your mind, long before it happens.

Shaun, can’t you show me a real life example?

Of course I can, we are in the heart of the internet where broadband speeds allow us to watch ‘video’

Here’s one I found earlier.

WARNING: Might not be safe for work

Full body massage video

I don’t yet have a solution for you lady readers as yet. Maybe one you fabulous readers can suggest something for the 46% of lady readers here. In the meantime, I’ll be on the search. I have my sources 🙂

#2 Hanging Upside Down

This is actually something that I do after every workout, and I find that it helps me completely slow down after an intense workout. It really does make that journey back home a relaxing one.

All you need is a chin up bar.

You simply lift both legs over the bar (one at a time) and let yourself hang from your knees.

That’s it!

Sure, you might look a bit loopy to your fellow gym goers, but forget about what they think. You need to be relaxing those muscles.

If the gym staff start thinking you are loopy, then take it outside and find an outside chin up bar. I don’t want to be the one responsible for getting you banned from your gym because they thought you have mental health issues.

In fact, that’s another important thing to take note of!

Make sure you only hang for 1 minute. Any longer and you really could develop some mental health issues.

#3 Plan Your Periods

I’m not talking about that monthly cycle either (Yea… some men actually have them too!)

It wasn’t too long ago when I wrote the article

‘How to find your bodybuilding map and route’

And I didn’t write it just to feed your brain full of meaningless information that would be of no use to you at all for the long term. In fact, I try to provide uber amounts of value any time that I put finger to keyboard.

Any how, the whole point of that article was to show you how to plan your workout routines… YOUR WAY!


Because a routine without a plan will make you fail in the long run. You won’t recover properly from workouts, you’ll always be tense and your body will start talking back to you in a language you don’t want to hear.

No muscle growth for you dude/ dudet

And that same article became a key part of the white/ orange e-book you see up there on the top right >>>

Planning Periods

There are many workout programs you can take part in, in today’s world, but the same rules apply, which ever one you decide to go for…

Take your breaks!

Like I said, you need to find your own bodybuilding map and route, as it’s your life… no one else’s.

The things to consider,

  1. One day a week for ‘total’ rest
  2. One day rest in-between workouts (At least 48 hours)
  3. Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout weeks (Gives you a whole weekend rest)
  4. Take a one week break from weight training. Say, several times a year. Don’t worry about losing muscle mass. There’s no way you will lose all your muscles from having a week off. That takes about 3-4 weeks.

The one week break is needed so that your body can fully recover. Go on a holiday and take part in the other 5 activities listed here.


The goal is to live a fun and great bodybuilding lifestyle.

#4 Sauna and Steam Room

These are both cliché, yes. However, I know that most of you will either have a shower at the gym or just head straight back home to shower. Those will be the only options for many of you, as only the good gyms have proper saunas and steam rooms.

However, you might want to think twice about completely ruling out the idea.


Jumping into a sauna or steam room will increase your body temperature which in turn will increase your blood circulation and equals…

A better flow of oxygen/ nutrients that will heal your muscles.

Like I said earlier, you’ll probably only find one of these in a good gym. If that is not a regular thing for you then do how I do and treat those sessions as a day out.

  • Morning breakfast in the cafe
  • Chill time
  • 11.00am – 01.00 pm workout session
  • Sauna/ Steam room
  • Then whatever afterwords. Just make sure it’s fun.

Pampering yourself is not a bad thing at all.


Stay in the sauna/ steam room for about 10 to 15 minutes and then perform some stretches as you exit the room, as your muscles will be very warm and flexible at this time.

#5 Dietary Supplements

Green tea/ Magnesium

Green tea is known for it’s ability to repair the damage to your muscles, which means it’s a no brainer dietary supplement to take on the daily.

Make sure you check out killer foods for fitness: super food combination’s for the best green tea available. But for you lazy types out there,

1. Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

2. Higher Power Green Tea Extract, 100 Capsules

Magnesium is another dietary supplement that you can take as it helps with the relaxation and contracting of your muscles. You’ll find it in foods, such as brown rice, spinach, almonds, and peanuts. All of which can be found in killer foods for fitness.

Last but not least (Yet most boring)


This is something that everyone should at least try to take up. A bit hard these days as the late night hours tend to be consumed by Facebook and the like. Meditating right before bed time is a great way to end the day on a high, which will also leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead as you awake.

Checkout this post to find out how and why meditating is a great way to relax your muscles.

5 Reasons Why Training Insane Bodybuilding Will Help You Sleep

There are other ways to relax your muscles, but I consider these the best. Just make sure you no longer live in the world of a tensed bodybuilder. Relaxed is the way forward and a natural way of healthy living and also prevents hair loss in women.

See you in the comments.

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